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Nightmare Bat

zag01's page

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 70 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Do skinwalkers have alternate favored class bonuses? Did I just missed them somewhere?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

What if there was a single feat that let you not provoke when you attempted a (any) maneuver? Doesn't give a bonus like the 'improved' feats just took out the AoO.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Since #72 is in the mail please cancel my AP subscription. Thanks

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
BigDTBone wrote:
About the 10th time in 10 minutes that you tell a DM that you activate your cloak, that restriction is hand waved, and becomes an always on item. At that point it's just a d10 roll at the beginning of every combat to determine how many rounds you have left.

Do you let everyone with the Resistance cantrip/orison spam it like that too? If that's your GM style I don't see how you can really complain about a 'broken' anything.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

If your GM allows it, there's no reason you can't break the rules. However this would still be breaking the RAW.

Besides starting at 9th level your flurry BAB is higher than your normal BAB anyway (though still at the -2).

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Please cancel my Campaign Setting and Pathfinder Comics subscriptions.

I would like to keep my Adventure Path subscription though.


Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

I think the OP is talking about some of the discoveries that have an alchemist level prereq. If so, Mojorat is correct.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

What pushed me over the edge to back them was they said since they've raised far more than they'd dreamed they would be able to move their manufacturing from China to Texas where they're based.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Quicken Spell metamagic is what you're looking for. Also, Shield is a personal range spell so its typically self only.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
Darkholme wrote:
The rules dont cover it, they dont give any explanation as to what the drawback would be, there are no rules for penalties for having one foot, or rules for prosthetic limbs, etc.

The Skull and Shackles Players Guide does have a neat chart on page 4 titled Peg Legs & Eye Patches. Though the first thing it says is that its an optional rules system... it does give drawbacks for exactly those kind of things.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

So going a different route...Why not be a dwarven druid? You can be an earth elemental all the time by 8th level.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Sounds like a great concept for an NPC, GMPC or a cohort. Really dull PC concept.

As for options, I'd suggest the Restoration subdomain of the Healing domain. Remove certain conditions with a touch and the auto-Empowered cure spells is very nice.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Ah see Killsmith I see it the complete opposite. If you've got all that complexity going with wielding the two weapons and then on top of that complexity you see an opening and get a "free" swing (or 3 or 5 free swings) I don't see how MORE attacks in that 6 second round would be SIMPLER.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Ahorse, you're close to my point. What I'm trying to say is that on your turn you choose to attack with two weapons (ie full attack action), and have accepted the penalties that go with that. Therefore until your next turn when you can choose to only attack (single attack or full attack) with one weapon you're still taking those TWF penalties.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

So you're claiming its the exception that proves the rule? I think I see where you're coming from then, though I'm not quite sure I'm convinced.

Any sentence that starts with "I guess I'll humor you" is just dripping with snark, though I do now see what I missed. I agree 'apply the penalties to the first attack' and choosing to TWF at the beginning of his turn' are not the same thing. I guess what I meant and should have said is: When do you choose to TWF? When you start the attack action part of your turn. I still don’t see any written rules saying it ends when your full attack ends though.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

How are you humoring me? You didn't answer my question. And I'd appreciate you dropping your snark.

If you don't apply the penalty to the first attack and the player hits on the number or by 1 and drops the foe he doesn't need the second attack, but if he doesn't drop the enemy he wanted to swing again, but then retroactively his first attack actually didn't hit. Or maybe after 'dropping' the first guy he wants to then step and swing at a second foe instead of rushing to his buddy. But then again his first attack wouldn't have hit so you have a big headache retconning what should have, could have happened.

Its much easier to apply the penalties to the first attack (choosing to TWF at the beginning of his turn) and then letting the chips land where they may.

I'm not saying you can use TWF to get an extra attack without a full round action, I'm saying there's no concrete rules support saying that the penalty ends when the action does as opposed to lasting for the entire round.

Spring Attack and Whirlwind Attack aren't good comparisons because neither gives you a penalty while performing those actions/during your turn.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
Jiggy wrote:
In fact, the rules for a full-attack explicitly state that you can attack once, see how it turns out, and then decide whether to continue as a full-attack or to call it a standard action and then still have a move action to make.

Since you brought that up let me ask you how you would rule the following:

A player has a BAB less than 6 but has the TWF feat. They say I hit 'the enemy' and if he doesn't go down I'll hit him again otherwise I'll rush over to my fallen ally. Do you apply the TWF penalty to the first attack or not?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
Axl wrote:

You don't "choose to stop TWF". It automatically ends at the end of your full-attack sequence.

Ok, where is that stated in the rulebook?

You're right that you don't choose to stop TWF. On your next turn you choose to either continue to TWF or to do something else.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
Jiggy wrote:

• You take TWF penalties only "when you fight this way".
• "Fight this way" means gaining an extra attack via TWF.
• You can only gain an extra attack during a full-round action (a full attack).
Therefore, you only take TWF penalties during a full attack.

None of that is specifically spelled out that way in the TWF section. Granted the first two leaps of logic make perfect sense but that last part is where you make your interpretation. And I don't think that opinion is RAW. RAI maybe, but I disagree.

To me its a shorter leap that the penalty lasts the entire round.

When do you choose to TWF? At the start of your turn. When do you choose to stop TWF? On your next turn. It doesn't matter what else you do on your turn. That round you chose to TWF, therefore you chose to take those penalties for that (entire) round.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

This is interesting. I’ve always (and will continue to) rule it that “at your full normal attack bonus” to mean you use your full BAB, as opposed to an iterative attack bonus, and that any and all modifiers that you incur during a round last the entire round. That’s the benefit that using initiative based rounds gives us, a time for your previous choices/consequences to end and a start for your next choice/consequence.

There’s nothing in TWF that states that it takes a full round action. What it says is “When fighting in this way” you take these penalties. Why wouldn’t they last the entire round?

If your argument is that you use your ‘normal attack bonus’ for AoOs then what about if you’re flanking the enemy that provokes. Do you get your flanking bonus or not? You’re not normally flanking, just like you’re not normally TWF. What if you’re dazzled, shaken or sickened?

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

I think this has already been mentioned but I'd like to see potion belts, wand/rod sheaths and scroll organizers that offer the same draw advantage as weapons (move action or combined with move action if character is moving and has a BAB of +1 or more).

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Please cancel all my subscriptions. Thanks.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

I'm playing a halfling dawnflower dervish (str 6, dex 19) in our Jade Regent game we're just starting. At 1st (and now 2nd) level its been fun to make everyone else do all the 'heavy lifting' while at the same time being the main damage dealer for the party (at least for now).

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Thanks guys. I knew I wasn't crazy.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

A while back I remember reading somewhere that a cleric of Sarenrae (and I think Bard also) could prepare and cast Flame Blade as a 2nd level spell.

Does anyone else remember seeing that and where it was printed?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

So I have a similar questions:

Can you use a swift action during a suprise round? The rules specifically say you can take either a standard or move action...and free actions. No mention of swift actions.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Before I want high level 20+ player material (which I do), I'd like adventureS (capital S for plural) that take you all the way up to level 20, not just 15~18. Right now it's slim pick'ns.

Basically this:

Evil Lincoln wrote:

I want to see a 21st+ release IF and ONLY IF they manage to tighten up levels 13th-20th first. Those levels are the foundation of 21st+ play, and right now it is a pretty weak foundation.

What I would like to see most is a "High Level Play Guide" that covers 13th-20th for GMs and Players, makes those levels highly playable, and includes a sizable chapter on play beyond 20th. Then — if that chapter works well — a book of all 21st+ rules makes a logical followup. ...

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

The way I've always played it is that if the spell effect makes you roll dice you multiply the dice roll by 1.5 then add any other modifiers.

Doesn't matter if its damage, healing, the number of monsters summoned or something else. For +2 spell levels, you're already not casting a higher level, potentially more powerful spell.

My 2 cents.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

What age groups is this targeting? Is this intended to introduce kids (under age 10 or so) to gaming or more for the preteen/teenage crowd?
I started the Red Box with my Dad when I was 7~8 as my first exposure to gaming. This seems right along those lines but the game was a little simpler back then. Will the language be such that a kid can understand the concepts or will it take a broader understanding of things and/or someone to interpret it to their level of understanding?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

We've always just rolled a d10 with the attack roll. If its a 20% miss chance you need a 3 or higher, 50% a 6 or higher.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

I got my email about my AP shipping sometime this week and I then ordered the new condition cards. The AP says pending but the other says its in the sidecart. Is there any chance I can get the condition cards this month with AP #42 or has that one already been packaged?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
blackbloodtroll wrote:
for example the 3 Int Girrilon with a missing limb has: kukri/kukri/kukri/blade boot/blade boot/barbazu beard/unarmed strike/bite and his BAB need not even be 6+ nor does he even need the multiweapon fighting feat.

I don't know what makes you think a Girallon could do all that.

A Girallon
+7 BAB, 19 Str, Large Size, typically Bite +10, 4 Claws +10 ea

However say your gimped Girallon (missing limb) were to attack with kukris, blade boots and a barbazu beard (I wouldn't allow the unarmed strike as you're out of extremities, I also wouldn't allow the bite because the barbazu covers your face).

Without multi-weapon fighting he'd get 6 attacks:
Kukri +6,+2,+1 (primary, off-hand, primary); Claw +1, Bite +1
Remember multi-weapon penalties stack with secondary natural attack penalties.

With multi-weapon fighting - 7 attacks:
Kukri +8,+8,+8,+3 (p,o-h,o-h,p), Boot-Blade +8,+8 barbazu +8

Anything else is a sever bending of the RAW.
Also, personally I think its 5 natural attacks at +10 is more effective (though I'm no math wiz).

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

It sounds like what you're trying to do is get (or allow) more attacks per round and the rules just arn't going to back you up there.

If you're attacking with a manufactured weapon or unarmed strike (i.e. not a natural weapon) then your number of attacks per round is limited by your BAB. Your 'off-hand' attack is limited to 1 per round unless you have the improved and/or greater two-weapon fighting feats.

The only other way to get extra attacks per round is through magic.

I see where you're coming from but this is an instance where the game rules diverge from reality for ease of play and balance issues.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Well the way I rule it (and I believe RAW backs me up) is that your standard creature* can attack with any 2 given manufactured weapons (or unarmed strikes) in any given round, regardless of how many that they actually wield. One is your 'primary hand'** and one is your 'off-hand' and rules from BAB and two-weapon fighting (feats) affect the number of attacks you can make with either one.

Example you have a fighter with a longsword in his 'primary' hand a dagger in his 'off-hand' and a boot blade. The fighter can attack with his 'primary' weapon, the longsword, based on his BAB and can make 'off-hand' attacks with either his dagger OR his boot blade (not both).

*there are certain creatures that break this general rule by having more 'arms' than is normal and the multiweapon fighting feat is specifically for them. i.e. this is an exception to the general rule.

**this isn't to be confused with natural attacks in which some are 'primary' and some are 'secondary', to which the multiattack feat addresses.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
blackbloodtroll wrote:
Limbs do not add attacks, rather each weapon does, and when there is more than two, that you can effectively wield, you are multiweapon fighting. No matter the limbs.

Actually I think its neither limbs or weapons that add attacks. The number of attacks come from your BAB and feats such as two-weapon fighting. Just because you can equip yourself with 3 (or 30) weapons doesn't mean you have the capability to use them all in the same round. That comes from experience and training which is what BAB and feats (like TWF) represent.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Anyone know if/when Paizo will offer these as individuals rather than just the booster?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Another thing to look at is your PCs stats. The CR comparison thing not only assumes 4 PCs but also those built at around a 15 point buy. If you use more points (20 or 25) or roll stats you've got to account for that in your enemies as well.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

It appears you did. But no worries here.

And of course I've heard them all, I am an Aggie.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
The gig'em is given with the thumb and pinkie.

Actually the Gig'em is just a thumbs up.

-Aggie class of '01

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
Sara Marie wrote:

If you decide you would like to ship the items in your sidecart immediately, you can do so by using the "Ship As Soon As Possible" button.

Sara Marie

If I do that will the two items ship together? I'd rather not pay separate shipping.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Ok so I just signed up for the Adventure path subscription and RPG subscription. The first page I saw in my cart had a shipment but then once I finished my orders, now they don't show to ship until Sept?? Is that right?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
Golbez57 wrote:
Or, shouldn't you be able to just start your subscription with the new AP, order the GMG with the discount applied after your AP subscription is active, and then activate your RPG subscription?

True but then I miss out on the free PDF version. I'll probably end up doing something similar, like getting the PDF with the discount and then decide if I really want the hardcover later.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

It seems like everyone is dropping their subscriptions after Kingmaker ends. I'd like to do the opposite and start a subscription with the first Serpent's Skull.

I'd also like to start my RPG subscription back up (with the advantage discount) to get the GameMastery Guide.

It seems your current setup is to be able to sign up for either the 'current' or 'next' product of each line. Will I be able to sign up for both lines before the APG becomes the 'current' product for the RPG?

I'm not sure how to do this with all the Gen Con shipping wonkyness.


Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

I've been running an eberron game since the pathfinder rules came out. The PCs are currently 6th level and its going pretty smoothly.

My eberron specific house rules are:

Changelings gain a +2 bonus to Charisma and Linguistics is always a class skill.
Kalashtar gain a +2 bonus to Wisdom.
Shifters no longer have a penalty to Intelligence so their racial stat modifiers are: +2 Dex & –2 Cha; and they gain
a +2 bonus to Acrobatics & Climb. Also their shifting duration and number of times per day has changed. Shifting now works similar to a Barbarian’s rage or a Bard’s bardic performance.
– Starting at 1st level, a shifter can shift for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + her Constitution modifier. At each level after 1st, she can shift for 1 additional round. Additionally, every shifter feat a character takes adds 2 rounds to the number of rounds per day she can shift. Temporary increases to Constitution, such as those gained from shifting, raging and spells like bear’s endurance, do not increase the total number of rounds per day. Starting and ending shifting is a free action. The total number of rounds of shifting per day is renewed after resting for 8 hours, although these hours do not need to be consecutive
o Warforged gain an additional +2 bonus to any one ability score in addition to their listed racial stat modifiers. Also Warforged do not gain the Light Fortification ability.

I'm using the Artificier from Adamant's Tome of Secrets and the psionic playtest stuff from Dreamscarred.

I've also tweaked action points. I've got my own list of what they can be used for in addition to the book stuff and I've changed it so the PCs get so many per session instead of per level.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Is this book open content or does that only apply to the books in the RPG line?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
Wolfthulhu wrote:
Other than the Shield bonus and the weight, is there any real mechanical difference between the two?

With a light shield you can hold another item (torch, weapon while casting, etc) in your shield hand.

Since both shield descriptions say "You strap a shield to your forearm and grip it with your hand." and then the light shield goes on to clarify that its its weight that lets you hold other items, then I'd allow a mithral heavy shield to be treated as a light shield.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Hey guys,

The recession has finally hit my gaming budget. :( I need to cancel my Pathfinder RPG subscription. Hopefully I'll be able to start it back up in the fall.



Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber
Richard Weaver wrote:
How about letting them roll twice, taking the higher value? That would tend to lessen the chance of an extremely low hit point totals, but still retain the randomness of the die rolls.

Thats what I usually have my group do. Another way is to let them roll but you can't get less than half the die. That way they can roll to try and beat average but won't ever have crappy hp.

Right now my campaign uses max HP per die + Con SCORE at first level and then best of two rolls plus Con Mod after.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Multiattack works the same as 3.5 in that it lessens the secondary attack penalty from -5 to -2.

What Pathfinder did was changed which attacks were considered primary and secondary. Now a monster can have more than one 'primary' attack.

Its all covered on Pg 302 of the Bestiary.

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