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yellowdingo's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 8,579 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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The Exchange

By guys, its been entertaining.

The Exchange

good by y'all.

Edit By Moderation Staff: Warning: Link Contains Medically Graphic Imagery.

The Exchange

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Belle and Sebastian

The Exchange

41. Orangutan recognized as person

magistrate baelford looked down at his scroll.
"...and I herein declare Sunni the orangutan to be a person, with the right to freedom guaranteed under the law." parakti the high cleric got to his feet and walked from the courtroom. He had never heard anything so stupid in his ape animal equal to a man. Outrageous.

DM briefing: a magistrate declares an orangutan held in a zoo to be a person.

Source: eedom-argentine-court-rules-2014-12

The Exchange

40. Desert graveyard discovered with a million mummies

"rise! Rise! Rise! And march forth from this desert grave on the lands of the living!" fathil the necromancer watched as the sands of the desert trembled around him and an army of a million ancient dead rose from their forgotten slumber.

DM briefing: a necromancer discovers a massive graveyard in the desert containing a million mummified corpses.

Source: -a-million-mummies-in-ancient-cemetery/story-fnjwl0dp-1227161295699

The Exchange

39. Mountain lion loose in residential district

"shhh! I thought I heard something." tolbert pulled his rapier loose thinking they were about to finally catch up to the muggers they had pursued into the narrow alleys of little thyatis.
A mountain lion emerged emerged from the darkness.
"oh hells..." gregor looked at his unarmored companion and pulled his own daggers. This was going to get ugly.

DM briefing: wandering around the streets of a city residential district at night, the adventurers are confronted by a mountain lion.

source: -suburb-released

The Exchange

Krensky wrote:
lucky7 wrote:
They sell refrigerators?
Sony sells almost everything.

Branching out into selling souls some time in the next decade.

The Exchange


The Exchange

wait for it...poop hitting fan

The Exchange

ASEAN states are getting billion dollar infrastructure loans from china to raise their people out of poverty.

The Exchange

Irontruth wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
I dunno... what would you Americans think of some podunk country you never liked making a comedy about how two of their soldiers get the job of assassinating your current president? I could see "some" steam rising about it, to be perfectly honest.

Death of a President

I don't remember it even getting any press here.

Hillary Clinton called it despicable.

The Exchange

just need to strap a few on and learn to fly

The Exchange

The staple of the old scifi, some artefact remnant of a spacefaring civilization, but what will ours look like?

1. A three dee printed Borg cube built of a maze of three dee printed pipes set adrift in interstellar space like an abandoned engine part.

2. a planet sized three dee printed barbie doll bent backwards around the moon with a single arm pointing at the earth

The Exchange

get the popcorn

The Exchange

Scythia wrote:

In the arms of my true love.

Given how little luck I've had finding them, I'll be effectively immortal.

Another immortal...and I thought i'd be alone. :)

The Exchange

the problem with trek 3 is Paramount. They want their own rocket Racoon.

Feed them to the tribbles!

The Exchange

Robert Rodriguez to make live action fire and ice!!!

You are thinking shouldnt that be in the movies section? Phuttt! To you. Maybe next he can do mountains of madness.

The Exchange

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Bravo! I bought my first ones tonight from

They increased their subscription charge to ninety-nine dollars so watch out.

The Exchange

The guy selling you your armour is designing them with weak points exploited by the first unarmed goblin you encounter.

The Exchange

whalberg signed on for a couple more films...hihiheeewwww!

The Exchange

celebs not as popular as they thought

Kk looses 1.3 million folowers in instagram purge of spambots...

The Exchange

yellowdingo wraps that first gift for 2014

The Exchange

the woz jumps ship

The Exchange

new protective suit because...plastic apron, dust mask, and splash goggles were...a lie.

The Exchange

hyperloop has a hundred engineers working on it

The Exchange

Sony has basically surrendered to hacker terrorism by never ever releasing the interview and
those theaters who were going to show team america world police in reprisal just had it pulled by paramount

Are these the dominos for the collapse of American film? Was the red dawn remake a prediction?

I'd suggest australia bashing but we have this global alliance with countries like new Zealand, Canada, Britain, Jamaica, India, Pakistan and a lot of others called the commonwealth and at least three members have we have you surrounded and outnumbered.

The Exchange

The 8th Dwarf wrote:

Are you talking about the Fermi Paradox? There are lots of variables that Drake did not include in his equation.

Do you know how insignificant a portion of our own galaxy we have searched is? Take a tea spoon to a sandpit dig out some sand... That's it on that spoon - we know the size and shape of the sand pit and that there are billions of others out there, but we haven't finished looking through ours.

Life is out there and beyond microbial I would say it's very very rare.

Thats okay. Black holes are a sign that civilization reached a certain tech level and then went 'oops!' how many black holes are there in that spoonfull of sand?

The Exchange

Chris Mortika wrote:
I have a large collection of comics, mostly Marvel and DC, dating back to the early 1970s. It's about time I sold the collection, because my mom wants her basement back. How should I go about doing that to get the best prices for these? E-bay? Sell on Amazon?

I bundled my twenty to thirty year old collection in ziplock bags (27 medium sized random marvel/DC/image/darkhorse comics + 3 large savage sword of Conan + random inserted collector cards per bag) selling them at twenty dollars a bag (fifty dollars if you want them posted). Given I would need to shell out five dollars a comic to buy them on eBay I though descent offer. Think again.

The Exchange

Vod Canockers wrote:
Alex G St-Amand wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
After decades of dormancy, violent sports will make a comeback due to advances in medical technology making injuries like concussions and severed spines no more problematic than a broken arm is today.
Coliseum Gladiatorial matches?

Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Rollerball.

Red rover.

The Exchange

author of Clifford dead

The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Grand Magus wrote:

It's going to happen.

Where would you like to be when you die?

I plan to live forever. Or die trying.

If you want poetry:

In the arms of another,
Down by the sea,
The ocean my mother,
She calls to me.

The Exchange

Farael the Fallen wrote:
Maybe Federation Earth had no money, but definitely many other societies like the Ferengi had money.

May not of had money, but decision making and resource deployment was very uneven.

The Exchange

SAMAS wrote:
He's talking about Clone Wars, not Rebels

Oh thats right...waxer and rex were clones. :)

The Exchange

our adventure continues...

The Exchange

Shadowborn wrote:
Apparently, the "soccer droid" is a working prop, and not CGI.

Easy peasy...omnidirectional vehicle inside shell with magnet at top to keep head on.

The Exchange

phantom1592 wrote:
yellowdingo wrote:
CapeCodRPGer wrote:
yellowdingo wrote:

Why did the stormtrooper wake in the desert?

** spoiler omitted **
Tie pilots wear black.
They used to at least... I'm not taking anything for granted with a 20-30 year gap...

True. New management might believe in multiskilled troops.

The Exchange

Quark Blast wrote:

The teaser was good, not great.

Not enough lens-flares.
And I felt it had too few Gungans... it needed a whole planet of dead ones I think. That would've been great.

OOo! Storm troopers dragging dead Gungans to the edge of a mass grave...that would realy sell empire under new management.

The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.
CapeCodRPGer wrote:
yellowdingo wrote:

Why did the stormtrooper wake in the desert?

** spoiler omitted **

Tie pilots wear black.

The Exchange

Freehold DM wrote:
Dal Selpher wrote:

FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVES! [insert agonized scream of anguish and despair here]


Clone Wars was so good. I haven't had a chance to catch any of Rebels yet, but I heard it's been renewed for a 2nd season, so that's encouraging!

pours out a 40 for 5s, cutup, waxer and boil

Waxers death f%@~ing HURT. That entire episode was heart wrenching. The look on Rex' face was something I had never seen in computer animation.

Wait? What? The rare hairless wookie bought the farm? Noooooo!

The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.

psychological blackmail: when mommy and/or daddy take you to see Santa and you sit on santa's knee, do so with a smile then pull his beard. If it comes off announce "you're not Santa!" and look at your parent(s) with an angry look. This makes them feel guilty. They buy more presents. This can be risky. If santa's beard is real you need to smile and give him a hug...but dont tell him what you want for Christmas. This means mommy/daddy must resort to the write a letter to Santa method of getting information.

prophaganda: when writing a letter to Santa never include what you want for Christmas. This is a ruthless parent trap that mommy/daddy resort to in order to discern what you want. By only writing about the gifts you want to give to others in your letter to Santa you undermine the ability of mommmy/daddy to use it as a method of interrogation. I recommend you start with:
Dear Santa, please make mommy and daddy happy this Christmas. This will make your mommy and daddy worry you are fixating on their wellbeing. Next you ask for big presents for your brother(s) and/or sister(s):
please also give (name all brothers/sisters) big presents and a hug.
Now end the letter with: I hope you are well, (your name)
This will undermine the willpower of mommy and daddy.

The Exchange

Saw the inquisitor's lightsabre on starwars:rebels (ep.3?) Got a circular metal guard which when lightsabre extended in both directions like darth maul becomes a propeller of light...

The Exchange

Vod Canockers wrote:
Did Yellow Dingo pass gas again?

druids on the roof of Paizo Headquarters are to blame for the populace being able to kayak down streets

The Exchange

Ep 2 repeated this week followed by ep. 3. Jedi have run in with inquisitor.

Ezra gets a lightsabre/blaster ripping off ulysees31 animated ip

The Exchange

Krensky wrote:

The basics of the tech have been around and working since the fifties, the problem has been the weight. If they've really got the intercooler the describe there's no reason it won't work.

Also, dingo:

A cue is a signal.
A queue is a line.

I know...just horribly embarassed for not getting the spelling right first time yet ironically it could be talking about the light above his seat telling him its his turn to use the toilet.

The Exchange

Xzaral wrote:

So we're going to be finishing up Mummy's Mask in a few weeks and are considering options on what to do next after it's done. There's been quite a bit of back and forth talk about what to do and a couple of us are wanting to do something a little more science fiction like. The problem is we've done so much D&D and Pathfinder over the years good science fiction settings have escaped us.

Now science fiction is of course a very broad category, and is one of the things we're discussing is what type of sci-fi to play. We're pretty open to any suggestions on any type right now.

I abandoned my ruul 6 scifi setting back in 2008:


A Bot infected with a sentient virus crashes a colonization vessel on an out of the way world and constructs a base (the black dome). It sets itself up at the heart of a colony where it uses cloning banks to knock out a small army of marines to secure planetary resources despite the indigenous population. The Style is designed to be miniatures oriented.

Marine units (unknowingly getting their orders for colonization from a super intelligent virus) must cross hundreds of miles of wilderness on foot to activate the seven halo-dropped mining modules that failed to activate on landing.

Once they get things running, the Marines get to secure the whole planet and battle an increasingly sophisticated resistance from the natives (as well as hostile wildlife).

The Clones get to expand the empire into space and battle Aliens and the Terran Empire.

Its pretty much an open setting...

black dome short story

The Exchange

MagusJanus wrote:
combined cycle air-breathing rocket engine
fly directly into Earth orbit
I admit the above makes me skeptical. I am curious to see how this project ends up. If they can pull it off, that would be amazing and would potentially mean a revolution in how we deal with technology in orbit.

If they can dock with the iss it will be a leap forward.

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of Bob, a particularly overweight accountant who took a trip to the international Space Station along with a bunch of other weirdos with more money than sense, flying from his local airport. Only in zero-g did he realize the cue for the only toilet was far to long...

The Exchange

38. Petty kingdom rounds up its dwarves

"bodur!" the young dwarf woke instantly at the voice of his brother. Dodur was looking out through the crack in the brick work.
"what is it?" dobur turned and came to his brother's side.
"kings soldiers gathering in the street outside.
"someone has tipped them off." bodur pulled back the sacks concealing the escape tunnel.

DM briefing: the isolated petty kingdom of dal-eu-er has rounded up its dwarf populace, castrated dwarf males, and is using children of dwarf parents for alchemical experiments.

Source: t-suffer-horrific-deaths-Defector-claims-North-Korea-purging-disabled-popul ation-humiliate-regime.html

The Exchange

looks like we might be able to fly to the iss from an airport come 2020

The Exchange

monster trucks used for evil

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