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xpuppykickerx's page

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Job well done! Congrats Dom, you've earned it.




Welcome aboard!

Under the free downloads section, there is a missing link for the pre-gen characters.

I believe one heading is for characters by class and the other is for characters by level.


I play PFS because it's a different dynamic than my home games. I've met a lot of really good friends because of PFS and as a store organizer and VO, I'm able to better promote a game I love playing.


Huge congrats to Dom! This is a very well deserved appointment. For those of you who don't know, Dominick is one of the main organizers in the Florida convention scene and has had a major part in increasing the gameplay of PFS in the Tampa Bay area.


Two more weeks left for sign ups! We have about 25 players signed up currently. Sign up and join the fun!

This Kickstarter is getting out of control. It's so much bang for the buck. I've always put off unpainted minis, but this is a pretty time to learn how to paint and assemble a custom mini army.

These are great for combat. They also have a critical hit deck as well.

Most items can be damaged and/or destroyed if targeted by sundering. I cannot recall if combat maneuvers are included in the beginner box rules.

The rules for sunder and other combat maneuvers can be found here: or starting on pg. 198 of the Core Rulebook.

More information about damaging items, their hardness, and HP can be found here: or pg. 175 of the Core Rulebook.

Paz wrote:

As John states above, the musket master gets rapid reload (muskets) as his bonus feat; he must get rapid reload (double hackbut) separately. If he has those, as well as point blank shot, precise shot, and rapid shot, he has one feat too many.

At 4th level I imagine his total wealth will be around 7000 gp. His +1 double hackbut will have cost him 6300gp, plus there's the amount he's spent on ammo. He can't have much else...


You bring up a good point about getting RR(DH) for his character. I know he's been playing in adventures that are above his tier to get as much GP as he could. He did not have all his chronicle sheets with him, so next time he comes to a PFS session, I'm going to audit his sheets to make sure all the gold and items match up.

I had a player show up recently with the following (seemingly broken) build, but there has be something wrong with this one that I missed - it was early. I am also admittedly not as up on my Gunslinger rules as I should be. Please help me break down what is incorrect about this build. RAW answers only.

Human Gunslinger (Musket Master), Level 4

+1 Double Hackbut as the primary weapon, using primarily Alchemical Ammunition
Feats: Point Blank, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Rapid Reload

With the Rapid Reload, alchemical ammo and the Fast Musket deed at 3rd level, reloading is reduced from a full-round action per barrel to a FREE ACTION.
With Rapid Shot, that's two attacks per round doing 2d12 damage and hitting TOUCH AC within 50'.

The description of the hackbut clearly states that it is on a two-wheeled carriage. There is no indication given of whether or not it can be set up early and pulled along like a little red wagon weapons platform, nor whether or not it would slow or inconvenience its wielder in any way if moved in this manner (it only weighs 18 pounds - not that hard to pick up and set down somewhere else). Does the assembled weapon occupy the same space or take up its own 5' square on the battlegrid? What is to prevent a PC from pre-assembling this and popping it into and out of a bag of holding to get around the full-round action set up time?

With 4d12 damage to touch AC every round at 4th level, not much of anyone else gets to participate other than to heal and soak up damage for the gunslinger. I know there has to be some key thing that I'm missing (other than GM fiat - please let everyone at the table play), but I am too tired to find it now. Help from those with many levels in Rules Lawyer is much appreciated.

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