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xanen's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 16 posts (170 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Pretty much what it says...

***( )( )

Great set dressing piece. It's a nice little chest, sized to fit in a square. Truthfully, if they had a non-random pack of just this sort of stuff, I'd buy tons of it. It's nothing fancy, but picking up a handful of these can really help spice up your maps.

Our Price: $10.00


Very cool indeed

****( )

I got this as my first Huge mini in this set, and it has me hooked. I might not be a 4E enthusiast, but I think WoTC has gotten their mojo back for the minis product line at least. This figure has a lot of originality to it -- you want to write an encounter with this guy right away. Good detail, no defects on my figure, highly recommended. Your players will freak out when they see this guy coming for them!

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Excellent adventure; be sure to read and tailor to your group!

****( )

This is a really good module with an engaging storyline, good use of Mythos themes, and well integrated into Golarion. It is also quite well suited to other game worlds or homebrew games -- just replace the god references, adapt the Dark Tapestry references to the Far Realm or whatever spooky area you use, and you're set.
There are many different ways for this adventure to play out, so be sure to read it all through before running this. I had issues with how much the starting point for the adventure was on rails, but you can easily add hooks that draw in your players, and once they are hooked it flows nicely. Encounters can be deceptively easy or tough here too -- be ready to tweak if the players seem to be missing that sweet spot. Again, a good read-through and some small customizing for your group is best, but the setting, flavor-text, and basic plot is all quite solid.

Overall, a great module with very engaging adversaries and good Lovecraftian flavor.

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Challenging to run and play -- but can work out OK with investment

***( )( )

This module is one of the classic ones where play balance and some map issues really skew what is otherwise a fairly creative and possibly fun adventure.

I've played this mod and seen it run (ran it myself once, seen it 2 other times) and I believe in every case we've had a player death or come darn close. This module has some very swingy encounters, that can go either way; it really depends on party composition.

Re-runs of this mod with conversions to the new rules and Bestiary can really fix it -- there are strong balance issues at Tiers 3-4 and 6-7, that a rework of a single monster (as pictured on the cover) can help with. I'd also suggest prospective GMs read the product discussion thread and clarifications on intent of the author. I'd also suggest re-drawing the contained maps and expanding the general area of the tower rooms -- the courtyard map in particular needs to be a bit larger if players are expected to have more than one course of action in a key encounter.

The fun portion of this mod comes from playing up a few encounters that could otherwise just be boring combats -- how they are presented can make a big difference, and you have to play up the descriptions and NPC interactions to maximum effect.

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