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The Green Faith

x93edwards's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter, 2014 Marathon Voter. 149 posts (207 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.


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Updated with all d20pfsrd's current Paizo and 3rd-party traits.

Check it out here.

Laying Waste: A Guide to Critical Combat, is a fantastic system for generating amazing critical hit and fumbles.

You can sample the system through the web app over at

Laying Waste Critical App on d20pfsrd

I'd search on the Section 15 info, that's usually on all the pages.

"Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide © 2014, Paizo Inc.; Authors: James Jacobs and Russ Taylor."

Elorebaen wrote:
Loving this product! Any word on the iOS app?

You can check out the Laying Waste IOS app here!

x93edwards wrote:

Latest version:

  • Added Fumbles, because life is just so much more interesting with them!
  • Fixed a bug with the sound option.

Pick it up at:

  • The Google Play store.
  • The store (update available later this evening

  • Now available for iOS in the Apple App store via iTunes.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Latest version:

    • Added Fumbles, because life is just so much more interesting with them!
    • Fixed a bug with the sound option.

    Pick it up at:

  • The Google Play store.
  • The store (update available later this evening)

  • @YuenglingDragon - The app doesn't currently support fumbles, but I'll likely have an update in the near-future to add that functionality. Thanks for the feedback.

    Heine Stick wrote:

    EDIT 2: A possible bug. Whenever I exit and reopen the app, the sound effects are on, even though I've put the sound effects option to off.

    @Heine Stick - Thanks for working through that example. I think you may be right on the sound preference bug. I'll debug it tonight and roll out an update if necessary.

    Now available at the Store!

    THe iOS version should be available next week--assuming it passes the App Store review process. Thanks for the interest!

    On the heels of TPK Games' release of "Laying Waste: A Guide to Critical Combat" is the official app for your Android phone or tablet!

    This app puts all the fantastic and well-balanced critical effects from "Laying Waste" at your fingertips. It even allows you to optionally roll the various associated effects' durations, subtables and saving throws as well.

    Special thanks to TPK Games for developing a quick, fun and versatile new critical system and for providing support throughout the development process.

    Now available in the Google Play Store.

    To steal a line from a commercial, "This is the future of awesome!"

    I'm versed in both the full core Pathfinder as well as the Beginner version and have played in a couple of APs and several modules/scenarios. I likely wouldn't run too many core modules/AP with Beginner rules, but as you said, it can be done with modification.

    For instance, I don't think it would be too hard to tweak the core Crypt of the Everflame module for the Begginer Box.

    Thanks for the response.

    I agree, I have found memories of the "Pick you Path" books too.

    I have to give all the credit to Paizo, not only for the adventure but for the Beginner Box itself--it really is a great product that has helped me share my love of the game with my kids.

    While it may not seem that Paizo supports the "basic" version of the game, the fact that they release the rules under OGL and CUP allows others, such as myself, to carry the torch and give back to the community.

    Also, I can't fault them for having other priorities and areas of focus--not, that I wouldn't mind a little more "official" support.

    Lord Lupus the Grey wrote:

    How many hands do I need to...

    1) Cast a spell from a scroll
    2) Cast a spell from a wand
    3) Cast a spell from a rod

    Since you said "cast" in the cases above, I won't address retrieving the items.

    Pretty much in all cases you can do 1-3 with one hand. In some cases, you may be able to attach the scroll to the inside of the buckler and not need any hands, though you may still need a free hand to designate or touch targets.

    Lord Lupus the Grey wrote:

    How many hands do I need to...

    And what penalties will I have trying to cast it with my character's left hand with strapped buckler holding a weapon in other hand?

    How does it actually work?

    No penalties--unless you used the rod as a mace or club, in which case you take a -1 penalty to attack (along with penalty for fighting with two weapons) and lose the buckler's AC until the start of you next turn.

    A case can be made that you lose the buckler's AC when casting from a scroll because of the "final gestures" requirement, which might be considered the same as the somatic components of actually casting a spell (see buckler).

    Lord Lupus the Grey wrote:

    How many hands do I need to...

    P. S. In other hand the character wield's an Arcane Duelist's bnded weapon, so he can use it fo somatic components.

    That would address the case of losing the buckler's AC bonus when using a scroll.

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    For you can also check the site health status at:

    Swarms do "automatic damage" from a "Swarm Attack".

    Nauseated:" ... Nauseated creatures are unable to attack ..."

    So, the swarm can't attack -- regardless of the action type.

    Someone else answered the way I would, "yes" and "no".

    I had a necromancer who had a pocket full of shrunken skeletons and corpses. He would toss them out and after they hit the ground they would regrow so that he could animate them. Good times.

    Hello. You will get a better response posting to the Advice or Rules Questions sub-forums. This sub-forum is generally for questions regarding the Beginner Box (which doesn't have Monk without houserules).

    However, since you asked...

    Thinking about a sparring system is a bit more than I would want to come with as a GM, I think I would abstract it and have your PC make a Perform check.

    It's based on Cha, which would represent your PC's ability to sell his training. Then there might be a matter (i.e. percent chance) or finding an interested student, though you could actively seek one.

    I might play with the bonus on the preform check and throw in Monk level and maybe a situational +2 if you have a specific feat the trainee was interested in.

    The Perform skill has a set of DCs that give a good indication of what training might be worth based on the check result.

    Good luck!

    Not to take anything away from Paizo's great products, but I'm not sure there is enough demand for them to invest in a PC version of their apps.

    I own the Critical Fumble and Critical Hit decks as well as the mobile apps (iCrit and iFumble). I agreed with some other folks that thoses apps should be combined so I created my own app, CritGen! for iOS and Android.

    I also had a few request for a PC version of CritGen!, so here's a link if you're interested.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    Feros wrote:
    Shears of the Hairless Hag

    Thank you for the review Feros. You (and others) certainly raised great questions that I hadn't considered. Good advice to take into next year.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    Saint Caleth wrote:

    Shears of the Hairless Hag
    This one was just weird. It does so much that it strays into SAK territory, but to your credit it stays remarkably tight in terms of theme for a SAK. I’m not sure how the scar hex ability is useful since you would usually be using it on yourself to take advantage of the grapple ability. Also is there a limit to the number of creature’s whose hair you can take advantage of having collected? If there is not there needs to be, since the scar hex has a hard limit of INT mod for a reason.
    Verdict: Lots of mechanical holes and although the theme is pretty good it does not quite make up for those problems.

    Thanks for taking the time to review my item. I can't say I disagree with anything you've said, but I can provide a little insight as to what I was thinking.

    • SAK? - Yep. However, if I'f I've learned anything in the past several RPG Superstar contests, the judges always seem to vote for what the community would call SAK (see Death Mask this year).

      I always hope to overcome that with a creative idea and a little mojo--though I've yet to find the magic formula.

    • Scar Hex - This is most useful for witches and other characters that can use hexes (magus?) through the connection. I've played witches, this ability is useful (cure wounds at distance, scry on villains you've let go, generally make life hell for a creature whose hair you possess.

    • Scar Hex Limit - I always overwrite mechanics (or so my friends tell me) to cover as many questions as possible. In the draft I made it clear that the scar ability of the item had the same limit as the scar hex. Absent that text, I hoped a reasonable GM would see the limit in the scar hex text and limit it the same. Clearly, I just made it harder by omitting it, but I was already at 300 words. My item for next year will only have 150 words! :)

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    Thanks for taking the time to review my item and offer your insight. I also appreciate your dedication to review all of the items. Great work.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    Fantastic. Thank you.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    Bryan Bloomer wrote:
    Provocateur’s Pamphlet

    I appreciated the premise of this item and I could see using it as a GM as part of a plot, I felt the execution was off on several points.

    As soon as I saw the name, I thought of the spell illusory script , but I suppose suggestion works too. However, suggestion is 3rd level which should put the caster level of the item at least at 5th. Also, the durations of the numerous abilities seemed long and I somehow felt there should be three Will saves for: follow the words of the pamphlet, show it to a friend, charm person.

    While the 7 day expiration merits a cost reduction, I think the item was still priced too low.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    Jacob Kellogg wrote:
    Bracelet of the Peaceful Dove

    Overall, I think this item was well balanced and cost-appropriate. I like the imagery of the dove and its effects, though I wasn’t entirely sure that the -5 penalty on Bluff checks was really a hindrance as I'd just have my PC take the bracelet off before attempting to bluff. Otherwise, well done, I voted for this one quite a bit.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    Robot_nachos wrote:
    Shawl, Spell-Mirror

    I would absolutely want this, but the price and the mythic tier were just things I didn’t' have enough experience with to know if it was balanced. On first glance I thought it was an artifact and during voting more times than not a cheaper item with just a couple of well-focused abilities won out.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    Thrashling wrote:
    Manservant Mannequin

    Wildly imaginative and creative; I liked it. I don't know if it needed the alarm aspect, but I can see how that fits in. Seems like the number of uses for the swapping should be limited. An at-will dimension door, even with the limitation of needing the mannequin and the reduced range might cost out at about 100,000 gp in my estimates.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Shears of the Hairless Hag
    Aura moderate necromancy and transmutation; CL 11th
    Slot none; Price 20,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.


    These 8 inch, cold iron shears are made of a single piece of curved metal; two sharp blades joined by a taut half-ring that allows the blades to spring open after being squeezed together. Etchings in the blades depict the face of a hideous hag.

    Once per day, as a standard action, the bearer can use the shears to cut a lock of her hair and have it regrow on a living creature within 100 feet not already under this effect (DC 16 Will save negates).

    When cutting her hair, the bearer may take 1d3 points of Charisma damage to use the shears an additional time per day (up to a total of five uses per day).

    By concentrating (up to 11 rounds), as long as the target remains within 100 feet and line of sight, the hair can be manipulated as dexterously as a human hand allowing it to manipulate items on the target or to attack the target (only) as strangling hair, but using the bearer's character level and Intelligence modifier (regardless of class). Additionally, when the hair succeeds on a grapple check, it can blind, deafen or strangle the target for 1 round; a strangled target cannot speak or cast spells with verbal components.

    If the bearer has some of the target's hair, the target takes a -2 penalty on its Will save to resist the shears. If the hair was cut with the shears, the penalty is doubled.

    Finally, a witch has a supernatural link to creatures whose hair she possesses and collected with the shears, gaining the benefits of the scar hex.

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, bestow curse, strangling hair; Cost 10,000 gp

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    4 people marked this as a favorite.

    I'll settle for a picture of the list hand-written on a napkin and posted to Flikr.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    Hmmm. I'm in IT and rarely is a DB snag a 10 minute deal. <fingers crossed>

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    James Risner wrote:
    Erick Wilson wrote: what does it mean if the date by your item is recent or earlier?

    The dates I put up in the right column is the most recent date I've seen the item.

    Looks like 2 pre-cull or miss spelled items remain. So the total now seems to be 502. I don't suppose a programmer can come along and confirm?

    I can't say if there are more than 502 items, but assuming that each item had an equal (or near equal) chance to appear since the cull, 502 is the minimum. I have independently validated the 502 list more than once from my own list of votes.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    I may not make Champion Voter, but at least I made a solid 3000+ run at it!

    Today I added one more item that wasn't on the current list. Hopefully, that gives someone renewed hope.

    Also, I'm pretty sure based on probability that a couple of the items in the list are either pre-Cull or an error and that the final list is (or is only slightly above) 502 items items. I had close to this number last week, but then we had a dump of pre-cull items that made things fun :)

    Finally, just to verify the list, I've gathered the full text of each item since this weekend--well, at least 498 of them. Hopefully, I can get the last few before voting closes today or else I'll pick them up when they appear in the "Critique my Item" thread in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks again to Scarletrose for getting the DB started and to everyone who put in their time to make it better.

    Less than 7 hours to go!

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    200 more votes today and I didn't come across one that wasn't already in the DB. Maybe I'll find the missing diamonds in the rough on my way to Champion voter!

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    After another 300 votes since first adding to the DB I only added 7 new items. We may be narrowing in on the total list.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    Ok, I added my share from my Marathon adventures. Taking out the duplicates that were already there, it amounted to about 50-60 new items.

    Star Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

    Thanks for the effort. I considered doing something like this, but I somehow felt that it might run afoul of DQ. Plus I just assumed Paizo owned all these item names as part of the submission to the contest.

    It seems to me that part of the voting mechanism is to have entrants keep voting until they see their item ;) At least that's how I made Marathon voter!

    I'll tell you a secret. You can adjust on the fly. Start out with 2-3 goblins and if your party plows through them, have 1 or 2 more spring out. If things go rough for the party forget the addition.

    No matter how any designer or DM tries, no encounter plan is going to be "perfect". Eventually you'll get an idea of what your players and their PCs can and can't handle. You'll also have a sense of dramatic flow. I mean, do you really want the party to be wiped out in their first session, in the first 10 minutes because of encounter design or bad dice rolls. While some people may say that

    Rarely, I mean rarely, you may have the PCs be dramatically rescued by the arrival of an NPC or an unexpected retreat by the bad guys, but if the PCs were the ones who got themselves into trouble (maybe by calling the Prince a loud-mouth) and not just ambushed by surprised, don't pull any punches!

    I'm not saying to always do this, just keep it mind.

    Orthos wrote:


    Thanks again for the opportunity Creighton. =D

    A little surprised to see I'm the only one that tackled the highest end of the encounter range, but hey I'm okay with that =)

    Looks like a nice mix in here.

    Congrats Orthos. I think the limiting factor for me was that most of my higher level ideas, perhaps due to the creatures having more abilities, used up more of the word count. Nice job on pulling a higher level encounter off.

    Question wrote:

    Lets say you cast a spell (or use a SLA/Supernatural ability) on someone. He doesnt spot or hear you casting it (distance too far away, silent/still spell, etc). He succeeds at the spell save and there is no effect.

    1.Does he know someone used a spell on him?

    2.Is he able to identify the person who did it?

    1) mkenner is correct

    2) A target with Knowledge: Arcana can attempt a check with a DC equal to 25 + Spell Level to identify the spell that just targeted it.

    However, this may not identify the source, unless the spell came from a spellcaster who was near enough thtat the target may have seen movement from a Somatic component or heard the Verbal components of the spell being cast.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Check out treasure info here.

    In summary..

    Depending on the creatures involved, there may or may not be any treasure.

    Each creature has a Treasure rating, something like: None, Half, Standard, Double, Triple, etc. This typically refers to the Medium progression column of the Treasure Values per Encounter Table.

    Example: If your group fought a CR 5 troll which has "Treasure: Standard", you would look up an Average Party Level of 5 and find 1,550 gp.

    So as a DM, you could build a reward worth rougly 1,550 gp. Since some of your encounters might have no treasure, you can decide to put a little more (or less) in a given encounter.

    Also, as a DM, if the creature is intelligent and some of the treasure is magic gear, I make sure that the creature uses it.

    If the Troll's treasure rating was Double, then the treasure amount would be 2 x 1,550 gp = 3,100 gp.

    The table, "Wealth by Level", provides a guideline for an approximate total of wealth an individual PC should have when they reach a certain level. So for instance, it is recommended that a 2nd level PC have about 1,000gp of wealth--however, this is wholly within your control as DM.

    - Masterwork Tools
    - Google Hangouts
    - Dicebox
    - Critical Hit and Fumble Generator for Android - CritGen!*

    * I'm the developer

    I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

    Does their ability to create magical darkness at will allow them to make Sneak Attacks with impunity against those who can't see them?

    Barring other factors, "yes".

    You can get a good idea of what's covered in the Beginner Box (including levels) here.

    For kids, it more important to have fun and use their imaginations, so don't worry too much about the rules--make them up as you go along.

    You can get a lot of variety out of the Beginner Box, even through 5th level by mixing up the challenges and rewards.

    Then as Rot Grub suggested there are ways to expand the BB by bringing in the freely available Core components.

    Good luck!

    Isuru wrote:

    Left mine in an untidy state of in-completion yesterday morning thinking I would never make the deadline. Discovered the extension too late to fire the monster forge back up for a timely finish.

    It's amazing how the last 10% takes the majority of the time. My hats off to developers and editors everywhere that have these kind of deadlines as a regular part of the jobs!

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    Wolfgang Baur wrote:
    Nope, ends in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Quite a good spread of entries so far, but there's room for more!

    The extension made the difference for me, "thank you".

    Wolfgang Baur wrote:

    About 10 hours left before the contest ends.

    The Kobold Press website lists the deadline as Friday Noon PST, November 29th.

    Is there an extension?

    Read Minds from the Cleric Knowledge-Thought Subdomain?

    Read Minds (Su): At 8th level, you can broaden your mental spectrum to encompass those around you. Doing so allows you to read the mind of every creature within 30 feet as if you had cast detect thoughts. This ability allows you to read the surface thoughts of any creature that you are aware of after only 1 round of concentration. Creatures in this area are allowed a Will save to negate the effect. The DC of this Will save is 10 + 1/2 your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier. You can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

    I have both apps and they are great, but I was also fortunate enough to pick up the physical decks from my local hobby store, which I also recommend if you can find them.

    Once or twice I found myself without my cards or my phone so I put together a free online tool that combines the Critical Hit and Critical Fumble decks.

    You can check CritGen! out here.

    From the "Aiming a Spell" section of the Magic rules...

    Magic: Aiming a Spell wrote:

    Some spells restrict you to willing targets only. Declaring yourself as a willing target is something that can be done at any time (even if you're flat-footed or it isn't your turn).

    Unconscious creatures are automatically considered willing, but a character who is conscious but immobile or helpless (such as one who is bound, cowering, grappling, paralyzed, pinned, or stunned) is not automatically willing.

    This still doesn't necessarily answer your questions, but it should form the basis.

    Since telepathic bond requires verbal and somatic components, unless the casting is somehow hidden or its intent somehow made clear before it is cast--as you pointed out, it may result in the situation getting worse.

    I would allow my players to attempt Diplomacy at a -5 to attempt to communicate the intention of the spell through non-verbal clues--though in the case of certain creatures, they may not be receptive to magic of any kind.

    Courtney D wrote:
    How do I make this have 10 players?

    First off, let me say "thank you" to CICMGD for the Site Template.

    1) Add a New Player Page:

    Click the icon that has a page with a plus sign in it or, alternately, just press "c" on your keyboard
    a. On the Create Page form:

    • i. For "Name your Page", enter the new player (e.g. "Player 8")
    • ii. For "Select a template to use", select "Character Sheet" (there are two in the list, pick the first one)
    • iii. For "Select Location", select "Choose a different location"[list]
      ......1) Then select "The Party"
    • iv. Click the "CREATE" button at the top of the page
    • v. Click on the "SAVE" button at the top right

    2) Add a New Backstory Page for a Player:

    Click the icon that has a page with a plus sign in it or, alternately, just press "c" on your keyboard
    a. On the Create Page form:

    • i. For "Name your Page", enter the new player number plus "Backstory" (e.g. "Player 8 Backstory")
    • ii. For "Select a template to use", select "Backstory"
    • iii. For "Select Location", select the New Player page you just created
    • iv. Click the "CREATE" button at the top of the page
    • v. On the newly created Backstory page, edit the title to remove the Player and number so you just have "Backstory"
    • vi. Click on the "SAVE" button at the top right

    3) Add a New Inventory Page for a Player:

    Click the icon that has a page with a plus sign in it or, alternately, just press "c" on your keyboard
    a. On the Create Page form:

    • i. For "Name your Page", enter the new player number plus "Inventory" (e.g. "Player 8 Inventory")
    • ii. For "Select a template to use", select "Inventory"
    • iii. For "Select Location", select "Choose a different location" and then select the New Player page you recently created
    • iv. Click the "CREATE" button at the top of the page
    • v. Click the "pencil" icon in the top right of the screen to edit the newly created Inventory page.
      ......1) Edit the title to remove the player info so it just leaves "Inventory"
    • vi. Click on the "SAVE" button at the top right.

    4) Add the New Players to the Site's Sidebar:

    From the top right of the screen in the Google Sites Template, select More>Edit Site
    a. Move your mouse to the sidebar on the left hand side over "Player 1" until you see "Navigation" appear. Click on it to edit the sidebar.
    b. From the Configure Navigation form:

    • i. Click the blue "Add page" link
      ......1) Select the new Player page that you wish to add (e.g. "Player 8") from under "The Party"
      ......2) Click "OK"
    • ii. Click the blue "Add Page" link again
      ......1) Select the player's Backstory Page
      ......2) Click "OK"
    • iii. Select the new Backstory page and then click the icon of a gray arrow pointing right to make the Backstory page a subpage of the new player
    • iv. Click the blue "Add page" link
      ......1) Select the player's Inventory Page
      ......2) Click "OK"
    • v. Click "OK"
      c. Click the "CLOSE" button in the top right of the screen

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