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The Fifth Archdaemon

wspatterson's page

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Print Edition Discontinued

A good product...


This is a good product, with a nice selection of monsters. They add a couple of choices to the animal companion list, which is always nice. I particularly like the tables containing the possible lore a character can get about a monster, based on their knowledge roll.


Print Edition Out of print

Pretty standard...

***( )( )

But not bad. No major plot major plot, in fact. For an introductory adventure for people new to Pathfinder, it's pretty good. It showcases a bunch of different rules well and shows off the shiny, new character classes as well. Veteran gamers might find it ho-hum, but I think it's good for new players.

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Print Edition Unavailable

I know how this adventure came about...

*( )( )( )( )

and the end result is kind of an incoherent mess. An admirable attempt was made to make it all make sense, but it's really just a bunch of strange rooms strung together for no real reason. I wish I'd put my money elsewhere.

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