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questionbased on miniatures (such as giant being huge sized?) any other changes that will make it more difficult to use older miniatures

was more detail given about other races such as (duergar) as possible player races?Do drow enemies have more racial bonus spells than players, etc.

Any new creatures introduce that could be new fan favorites? Especially low level encounter

Abington is a little far for you 93-rt3 but check out battleground games.

wow i dont expect Batman to show up at all. I expect to see lesser villins get arrested and eventually Fish to be replaced by penguin or others. Im thinking more Boardwalk Empire than superheroes.

I liked it. Its not an A+ show such as something that would be on cable but i liked it better than the Shield/smallville/Green arrow. Was the pill guy someone?

Some of the dialogue was bad and some of the city shots looked a little fake

Penguin A+

Gordons wife A

Alfred A

Cops B (waiting on Gordon moustache and not 100% sold on actor as Gordon)

Falcone B (Not enough screen time yet but i like the actor)

Fish and gang B (better than i thought )

young Wayne- C- (Didnt like acting or actions)

Story- C (suprised at amount of violence but lots of cheese and confused on almost all bad guys motives. Did like Cameos and potential)

wow really hurts rogues. Thats what i thought. My DM as some would has adventures outdoors in daylight so making a drow low level rogue just went up in smoke.

how does sunlight affect a drow rogues sneak attack or a drow assassins advantage?

Thanks. Would have thought there would have been more undead spells.

Liked episode 4 but i really wanted more from the ending. I cant tell if they forgot about the middle when they created the ending or are saving the middle for down the line.

As of right now the chemistry between some characters seems so forced that i cant figure out why they keep connecting.

Can i assume that each monster has a lair with a map and could be setup for a mini adventure or tied to a larger dungeon/adventure. If so it could be perfect for what i need.

With the necromancer specialization im trying to make my wizard a necromancer. I'm not finding a lot of spells but maybe im missing them

My character is currently 5th level so i just got access to raise dead. What spells would you recomend?

so if you are an assassin and you win initiative you automatically have advantage? and if say level 5 you could attack and dart into shadows?

I volunteered last night to roll up a rogue for a game in 2 weeks but i have some questions.

1) how does advantage/disadvantage work for a rogue? What should my rogue do to best prepare for it.

2) Optimal weapons for a rogue?

3) Is there any real advantage for an assasin under level 10? Im torn between a trickster and an assassin.

4) Speed was a factor last night for my dwarf mage as i basically missed a turn due to enemys being 2 far away for spells. This allowed the rangers and barbarian to get into the action before me. What race are the fastest rogues?

5) Any tricks such as poison/traps for rogues to use?

Did i miss the part where the sheriff knows certain things. It felt like there was a puppetmaster that was never really introduced. The sheriff's look did remind me of the original masters and made me a little nostalgic.

wasnt she a rebel? i wonder if he will be consistent if the newly introduced ex soldier becomes a possible companion

question on last dalek episode? Why did he turn down the request?

Also after watching episode 1 i thought the possible "big Bad" was going to create a team to go after the Dr but now i'm not sure whats going on

First time ive ever felt sorry for a Dalek! I for one love Daleks so i hope we see them once more this season. would love a Davros reunion and a return trip to Skaro.

the dalek shield/damage resist thing is all over the place

sometimes i dont understand the complainging about Moffat. I loved the 50th anniversary episode. Somehow the convinced Tom Baker to come back to Dr Who and to see him in an episode again was beyond expectations!

The show is more popular than ever. Its not water cooler talk like Walking Dead or Game of thrones but im running into more and more people who have dr who merchandise and like the show. the other night there was a show after that interviewed some of cast etc similiar to Talking Dead (same host) and that was great!

Now dont love everything hes done but i understand why hes done it. Theres been less depth to the show as i believe they tried to appeal to casual fans/bandwagon fans. they need quick stories with lots of flash to boost ratings especially a younger audience. It does shock me though that they didnt go young this time

ok my thoughts with players handbook so far

rogues can use magic-called the trickster. If you want a rogue/magic user thats the way to go. Cant comment on difference between bard and rogue but will later this week. As an experienced gamer it was quick and painless to roll up a forest gnome rogue. finesse style weapons allow a dagger weilding rogue to be as accurate as a fighter in combat. Have not used backstab yet

Fighters level 1-you chose your playstyle right there. Want the benefit of 2 weapons then done as early as level one. Want to be a specialized archer (done) want to be a shield maiden (done). You done need multi feats to get what you want.

love the optional feats instead of ability increases.

quality of book is best yet of any (1st-5th)edition.

Was good to get group back to D&D after losing interest fast in 4th edition. We had moved onto Star wars for last 2 years and nobody wanted to invest time/money into pathfinder campaign (wasnt my decision to make).

still waiting to get my hands on players. Based on whats in the players how difficult will it be to play as a necromancer?

Season 2 of the Bridge (second episode). One of the characters is painting what appears to be Fantasy gaming miniatures. Anyone else see this or what company makes them

for those of you who live outside the US and in Europe do you believe most are waiting for action from United States? Are your leaders going to do anything such as speak up at UN? Do you think US sanctions will work? If the US believes in any way that Russia is behind this then why haven't we done things such as closed embassy's in Russia? Is there any outrage of what happened with the plane?

so how long before Steve Rogers become Captain America again and Thor becomes a man again? At one time wasnt Thor also a Shazam type character where a kid got to become thor?

Is this just a 6 month publicity stunt to add more characters to a bloated universe and both Steve/original Thor return before the next movie?

I havent read comics in years but is Peter Parker still spiderman and/or are there still clones with alternate spidermen? Same goes with Hulk. Arenet there a bunch of them now including a red she hulk and a blue hulk plus 2-3 other people with hulk like powers and some hulk kids from other planets? Same with multiple wolverines?

So the thread has gotten a little off topic

For those of you who are against this what are your thoughts on the First Amendment in regards to religion?

If you truly believe IUD is murder then why should you have to pay for it. Cant these same people just go to planned parenthood?

Rush Limbaugh: you want your boss out of your sex life but you want him/her to pay for it?

Its very good. Season 2 dragged at times but got really good at end.

Saw the movie this weekend and i give it a D+

Good things
Some special effects including better transformations
Kelsey Grammer-Decent villian. showing a good range as an actor

Action wasnt as crazy and i could tell who the good guys were

Mark Wahlberg-Like him as an actor and as a fellow Bostonian. Cant pull off the super inventor/engineer role.

the 17 is the new 18 was disturbing

the lack of classic transformers. Hound isnt the Hound from the old tv show and im not sure if the other 2 good guys (not named Bubblebee/Optimus) were transformers from classic cartoon?

the plot-Still confused on so many things

Dinobots-Glad to see them but what were they?


Acting/script-was awful. From the bad guys comebacks to the father/daghter fights to the high wire tension

There are times the show is good and then there are other times i cant stand it. Some decent special effects, good acting/back and forth with the older cast but the plot has some holes in it and it strays alot into the teen angle more than i want it to. its about a c-/c quality show but that just my opinion. I wished they had gone a little darker

any idea whats included in the players handbook/dm guide vs the basic set?

Is it easier to tell who the good and bad robots are while they are fighting? For some of the previous ones especially fallen i had a hard time teling who was who.

I like the Brienne character as she doesnt fit the mold and im usually fine with the mold. Pefectly cast in the tv series as many actors have been.

Theres a lot of fade to black moments in the last published book and im not buying any of them.

minor spoiler but not really. In the previous seasons/books (prior to last tv season) there was a shapechanger on the wildlings. They havent done much with him does anyone think he will have a very different role from the books?

Can we assume that the next season covers some/most of the last written book in the series? If so am i the only who feels that based on whats been revealed from this past season that the storyline will be dramatically different and that they could lose the viewing audience with too many new characters?

Abington has a really nice gameshop. Little bit of a hike but could be a good place to start. For a big city Quincy as far as i know doenst have a good game store. Its on same road as South shore hospital so its easy to get 2 with tons of parking.

specuation and not a spoiler-What are peoples thoughts on the Fire vs ice setup in the title. Assuming the dragons (fire) are the key to defeating the whitewalkers (ice)? Is the red lady part of the solution or the problem?

I think that 90% of the normal audience wont be looking for spoilers. I've done the same for Walking Dead. I could easily see who will die but i havent peaked. my guess is LS is the the last episode of next season otherwise you leave characters involved in that episode out of the rest of the season (unless you bypass the books).

Who else think the Hound lives?

is the 13 episodes just book 1?

Was it me or was that the best skeleton battle since Jason and the argonauts?

Gotta believe if you dont die on camera then you can come back. I still think theres plans for a certain character down the line. Not buying a story told by another later on.

minimal impact on movie

I think next year will have better ratings and will get more people hooked into GOT than before even though the books that cover next season in my opinion were not as good. More Romance and suffering!!

to Slaunyeh: I think many of the things on the list can be crammed into less than 60 minutes

1 combined with 2 is 15 minutes with 1 minute or less of insert character

3 Also 15 minutes

4 fate of X is a about 1 minute

5 your final moment wish is less than 1 minute and i agree it should be then last scene

6. Arya about 3 minutes

that leaves 20-25 minutes of other big scenes. Should cover all

I can remember when Austin Powers was getting better reviews and before i saw both i couldnt understand the Phantom Menance Criticism.

I expected the prequels to be similiar to how i view the LOTR movies.
I wanted the same desire for Extended editions.
I wanted to while channel surfing stopping on TNT or wherever to watch a few minutes.
I wanted my kids to embrace the prequels like i did the classics.

Cant speak for others but i waited a long time for those prequels and based my hopes that with new technology Lucas was ready. If Abrahms somehow delivers maybe some of the prequels faults will be forgiven.

Much bigger Star Wars fan than Trek but i would rather right now rewatch the star trek reboots over the prequels

What i like about the Star Trek/Star wars prequels and what i dislike.

Star Trek
1)acting-I think all cast members nailed the personalities of the originals. I could really care less that Kirk is a womanizer. thats who he is and i dont want that to change

2) Great special effects with tons of action and better than most of original movies

2) Second movie was not as good as first and would have had liked series go in a different direction. Maybe a new alien enemy like the Borg or something else

1) characters-Obiwan, All emperor scenes and how he rises to power. The clones , the idea of grievous, Boba Fett,
2) lightsaber fights and special effects.
3) answers on what happeneded to Jedi
4 the clone wars cartoon-Brought me back to the star wars universe and filled in some plot holes from movies
5)Christopher Lee-great actor ad glad he got the role

1)Jar Jar-truly ruins the phantom menace.
2) mido-chlorians
3) Darth Maul not talking. Great battle but lack of acting hurts
4) Grevious cough-just awful along with voice acting . much better in first cartoon introduction.
5) The lack of strong jedi.Strong order are just a bunch of grumps
6) Whiny Anakin-Hes the main character and yet does anyone feel bad for him.James Earl Jones hsould have had a much bigger part
7) We never get to see Vader in action. Was truly looking forward to that
8) Yoda should have won but then had to flee due to being outnumbered
9) What happens to clones etc.
10) order 66 explanation in cartoon was weak!
11) to much blue screen.

Related to prequels but somehow Lucas changing who shot who first. Why?

Isnt the kinect (assuming you need it for the tv voice feature?) one of the main features of the xbox1? Are the exclusives that much of a selling point? Doesnt the PS4 have better graphics etc and based on my needs the exclusive games that came out in 2013-14 for the PS3 were better than xbox360?

show has moved up into my top 3 favorites behind GOT and WD. Thortnon Freeman and rest have been brilliant. Didnt see movie so im not sure if they can keep the show going for more than a year?

someone just blinked. Currently playing 360 and biding my time waiting on Dragon Age Inquisition. Once that comes out and the librabries for both systems expand i will make my final decision but from everything ive heard PS4 is the better system for me

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Hes the president!. Stop making excuses for him. Minimum wage/war on women. History as of right now will show he's not up for the job. His polling numbers are awful. First quarter growth for this year was awful, he looks lost on international politics (why is he bowing to China!!). Most democrats campaigning dont want to be seen with/near him. People have been waiting with baited breath for Hillary/Warren to declare. The rose has lost its bloom. You democrats who will never eva vote for a democrat should have demanded a primary challenger to unseat him.

As for things being all great in the democratic state think again. Chicago is a mess! Anyone taken a look at the governor of Massachusetts and the scandals. Taxes/fees are skyrocketing. Cost of living in New york is out of sight. You may make more but you will be living in a closet.

The only reason the 10.10 has any life as there are no jobs. People over 55 who get laid off wont get rehired so those at Home depot/Mcdonalds/Walmart are the only jobs they can get and they realize its not enough. Has anyone been to a home depot/supermarket lately. Home depot in Massachusetts 90% of lanes are automated. I cant find a person to help me in a walmart and its not long before more and more jobs get automated. Where are the jobs coming from next. All this vote was a hope that Reid can get the base fired up

Where are the protests!! Wheres the Occupy movement! Wallstreet is doing better than ever and its mostly because of your president.

wonder if Boba will be in it. Id take a cameo or even a name drop by another character. There were rumors that they would give him his own film/series. Will they take any expanded universe ideas?

where is coldhands

Any prediction on Deathlok? Does he become a member of shield eventually?

can someone name whos who around the table?

anyone tell excaty what page we are at in the books (roughly)

Ok its been a while but did that whole scene with Bran happen in the book? I remember it very differently

wow going to disagree with the only decent actor comment. Sure theres some stinkers in there but theres a ton of talent in this latest movie.

Maguire was getting 2 old and Spiderman 3 was horrible. It was time for a reboot and clearly they have plans for this franchise's future. I think Sony has done a good job with these movies its just too bad theres no crossover's

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