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wicked cool's page

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Looks like the original story is barely followed based on trailers.Not saying it doesnt look good but i'm so glad im not a purist.

There are a lot of key villians not seen in trailers (current/future). Are they not in story at all?

Its to bad there aren't more books with zombies fighting things other than humans

I would love books that have vampires and zombies or vampires/ zombies vs humans and robots etc.

Same with video games. Mix it up a little bit. Resident evil 1 had zombies but other critters. More variety please.

How about the movie aliens (from aliens franchise) wipe out earth and the survivors battle on earth to survive. That would be great television.

was jealous a new character?

Mtv has a new trailer. Should be out on web by now. Based on the trailer i'm more optimistic they can make this work.

Without spoiling i loved the old movie reference given by one of the characters

were there 2 swords in the book? I really have to go back and re-read that book

Another great episode. Anyone know the exact timeline when Jaime/Robert etc took the throne and when the story takes place now. I dont remember Jaime's age coming up in the books but i would have to assume its been 20 years?

who creates splinter and is he old or young?

Not seeing any spoilers there?

I hope Splinter is not removed. If this movie is good i would be ok with him showing up in the end as a mentor. Maybe Shredder is tied to a company like Oscorp that makes other mutants.

Ok quick question on the latest trailer. Looks like they have changed things from the comic. There appears to be a possible enemy i cant identify? Any idea if this is from the comics. I think its in several scenes from the trailer and doesnt look friendly

Wow. No offense but for me that takes away a lot of fun. Would be the same if it were a board game. Total dealbreaker even it was a great campaign.

I love the jumping over part and it appears it is just for the one character. i hope this comes out for consoles

Isnt it Cody that says Sorry before he shoots?

There really needs to be a book that wraps up the Rex storyline. The clone books were ok but once the 2nd and 3rd movie came out didnt line up with canon. Would love it if Vader orders a hunt for Asoka and it stars some clones/Rex and maybe she gets some of the bounty hunters in the tv series to help her.

anyone played a D&D game where the DM roled all the dice?

My players have used similiar tactics against goblins before

No word on console play? I love the look of the wizard. Would have loved my wizrd from Diablo 3 to have looked like that. Remake of Gauntlet on PS2 was awful and this looks 10x better than that

you would be waiting a long time. As of now it 17 years since he wrote the first book. It took Tolkien 12 to finish his series and that was during the war. In between we are all free to read other things.

I truly believe he wont finish the series. He doesnt seem to be in the best of health, hes constantly traveling and he has many other hobbies. I'm just glad there will be closure one way or another.

For a trilogy i would think a 5-7 year window wouldnt be unreasonable. If i were the publisher i would require updates throughout the year, place limits on other activitys and extend if needed. Sure theres creativity involved but at the same time publisher has deadlines as well.

I would argue that the last book in the series were not as good as the first books (my opinion). It feels like its lost momementum and even without time constraints the writing has not improved. If you disagreee i would be happy to be reminded of the great moments of the last book.

I'm glad they have the ending and i doubt it will be much different than the books. GRRM Martin just needs to finish it. Based on his Blog it seems he always has some new project or is traveling somewhere or has a giant Ape for an excuse for not finishing. Maybe this will light a fire under him and that way we get very similiar plotlines/added characters.

Patrick Rothfuss needs to do the same thing. Publishers in the future really need to put more pressure on authors to finish series in a timely manner.

music (inkspots) was from fallout 1. Inkspots also had a song in fallout 3.

Wow what a great episode! never saw Y doing that to X. I thought Y would do it to Y. Yes the bundle on the back is the baby. This show has me on the edge of my seat every week!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm glad that at least he told them how it should end. Worse case scenario and the tv show could give closure if he is not able to finish it

Its funny its a kids show that many kids will probably find out accidentally on Net flix. Probably the mystery is a cheap ploy for a possible book series that really only young adults/adults will search for and even then only die hard fans at best?

anyone else disapointed with season 6. I wanted more answers. There were some good episodes and i have slim hopes we get any answered in rebels as i havent seen anything on returning characters from clone wars.

will we see vader hunting down rebels? that would be must see tv especially if they get James Earl Jones

any chance Kenobi or Yoda will guest star in Rebels?

how are they wrong?

Ukraine does have have large mineral resources? Not a prized asset? When i google Ukraine thats what i come up with.

Petroluem industry in Russia not the largest in the world? 12% of global output? Doesnt the U.S purchase from them?

The US and nato was not played?

Please enlighten

THE U.S and Nato got out maneuvered and this invasion will have no consequences for Russia.The Ukraine was a huge prize for its mineral deposits and is a desireable asset for both sides.

Prior to the invasion how quickly could the Ukraine been added to Nato and now that this has happened what other countries should be added to Nato immediatly?

Would Putin have tried this with Bush as president?

How much oil does the U.S import from Russia? If its significant would it be prudent to make alternate deals with other counties such as Canada? Wouldnt it make sense to increase fracking or add the pipeline from canada.

I'm also getting a Farscape vibe but expecting lots of crazy super heroe type battles based on the villian lineup.

I know very little about the Guardians but based on the limited research i'm pumped for this movie. I think the studio is as well based on contracts for the stars of the movie.

Could the human in guardians be this generations Han Solo?

I'm going to be really curious on a side by side comparison of the 2 products. Will they be the same scale,plastic,paint etc.

suprised at the lack of recent talkback. I loved Sundays episode and had no idea pudding came in a big can

Im hearing a lot of negative review so far especially crafting system and how combat doesnt feel like you are actually taking/giving blows. Game trailers had a semi review and my impressions is that it's just ok. I'm a Skyrim junkie so i have high hopes!

Everything is awesome :)

I went in expecting to take a nap and didnt.I went in with low expectations and it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.

Does Skyrim do anything better than ESO? What elements/game mechanics from ESO would you add to the next TES single player game? Magic improved over Skyrim especially destruction magic?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I feel bad for the kids he left behind. I dont feel bad for him. He made a choice and clearly his kids were a second priority.

So quest mobs just show up while in dungeons? Sounds like everquest? What things did u like about the beta

Can this game be played with only 2 players all the way through? I fnot what is the minium for the toughest dungeons and can those be played with only a select group? What were the changes that you didnt like compared to skyrim?

Watched it last night. Its good but at the same time it feels fake.For a pirate show i expected to feel the atmosphere like i did for shows like Boardwalk, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc but its not there yet. For pirates the tavern seemed to clean and even friendly compared to say the tavern in Hell on wheels. Hopefully it gets better as the show goes along. The lesbian thing seemed forced and would have been a better fit for another character.

Can i ask how you are handling adventures? More puzzle and less combat. Is the tardis just a place to randomly place the PC's

The idea is a good one but the execution isnt great. It does look like syfy put some money into it which shocked me but the acting is just ok, the plot has a million holes in it. I cant see this lasting more than a year

Who is flower girl and we does she keep getting promoted?

Maybe it will be like yugio and the actors use cards for spells

hey John Snow. I hope your spoiler theorys come true though maybe book 7 as he keeps introducing new characters.

My theory is 3 people are key based on 3 dragons

Ok thats what i thought. I pictured Sam being more of a possible scholar and eventually getting his chains to become a maester but theres no evidence of that. If i was comparing him to a D&D character i would say he is level 0 fighter/mage with no spells but has strong skills in knowledge especially history

Are there wizards in the lore? I've always thought the people with magic abilities as evil clerics?

Necroscope and the rest of the series-Has awesome vampires, vampire created monsters, really cool powers such as mind reading/teleportation, zombies, ghosts, secret agent types. Not sure why this movie has been stuck in development hell.

Big fan of the original Alien/Aliens 2 movie along with other movies such as T1,T2, Predator along with tv shows like DR who.I wonder why after 20+ years that the studios cant see most fans want the sequels to have certain elements

For example

Aliens 2 had space marines and yet it has never been revisited in all of the sequels but yet many videogames focus on the space marine part so it seems theres an audience for it. Instead we get isolated modern earth scenarios but it appears if we got a modern earth people would rather have a wasteland setting?

Predator-Might just be me but my favorite was the first 1 and yet for the most part they have stayed away from the jungle/soldiers.

Dr Who-Show is huge right now. I would think a Dalek revised movie based on the first invasion earth story or Peter Cushing story would have a huge market. Even if some of you are sick of them they are still popular and demand for a really good war movie with the DR on earth with possible Unit troops would be a huge success.

I'm sure there are others you guys can think of.

When do the talking ravens appear? I must be getting old (been a long time). I thought the ravens were on the bad side? Of note i liked how Jackson handled the spiders talking and leaving in the butterflies was a nice touch. Do the dwarves ever get their original weapons back? If not are they mentioned again in the books

I wonder if/when Jackson pulls a Lucas and we get a revised edition of the LOTR if they replace Gimili's father with Hobbit actors and they shoot some moria scenes with the Balin actor etc?

Also if/when they do another movie based on other books how they would pull it off. I've never finished the Similarion but doesnt it cover hundreds of years ? Wouldnt mind a bridge movie between LOTR and Hobbit. Maybe a younger Aragorn Story and the Balin Moria story fleshed out. Wow the purists would just scream

for some of those that have read the unfished tales what should we expect from Gandolf in the next movie and should we expect Christopher Lee?

Saw it Sunday with my daughter who had not read the book. We both loved it but wow the purists are going to explode once the see this movie. They changed so much!!I would say almost 1/4 of the movie is not in the book/changed.

Purists are going to hate

1.New characters are introduced and the have more than a cameo. These new character will in my opinion change the ending of the book and probably try and influence the begining of LOTR (cant spoil but it seems obvious)

2.Lots of scenes changed- Action scenes are resolved differently

3. TONS of stuff not in book and not in other source material.

If you are going to see this with the expectation to see dialogue/scenes the way its done in the book and cant handle small changes then dont go. If you go in with a open mind and can handle big changes then go see it. I thought it was a great fantasy movie and better than any action movie i've seen in the last few years

Wasnt big fan of the naked jokes and what was the joke about the wig?.

I hate human/dalek hybrids (but i'm old school on dalek slaves/servants).

At times felt like i was in the dark on the cyberman head and Tash Lem (would love to know more about the cyberman and was Tasha ageless?).

I did love Clars reaction to the transformation and cant wait for more Who in 2014

I had no problem with the Sontarans (wouldnt mind the old school dark uniforms though but i didnt see silurians

So confused on how many regenerations the Dr has left?Will Clara stay as the old/new companion or will the new version get his new companion as well. Mini webisodes had Strax field reports so i hope we see that crew again and we get a darker tone to the series

Confused on the crack in the universe as well. Didnt a previous episode deal with escaped snakelike prisoner and wasnt it sealed? The master brought back the timelords so i'm confused on where they are now.

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