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whuggins's page

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From sure, to see!


This is a great module with some very interesting concepts of ancient magic and technology. It works well in conjunction with a sea or coastal campaign, anything in Varisia or Cheliax, or as an interlude between other adventures.

The module is very unique with some complex encounters, and gamemasters should read the module thoroughly more than once to ensure they set the scene properly.

My players loved this module immensely and it is one of the best I have ever seen from any company, and I have been gamemastering for a long time. It is a must have!

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Low-down in the Lowlands

****( )

The Feast of Ravenmoor is a great adventure for the party looking for an interlude to the dungeon crawl or as a go-between adventure in a larger campaign. As a gamemaster I had fun role-playing the NPCs as simple "swamp people" often using cajun accents for flavor.

The investigative flair of the module can be quite entertaining and was a good change up for my group. My players were both overly suspicious and perplexed until the final battle which was quite deadly. Gamemasters should prepare the final battle in separate waves or events to prevent a TPK. Otherwise a very solid module for a low-level party.

Ravenmoor does seem out of place in Varisia, so it worked for me to use it as an immigrant town of Andorans and Taldorans which helped to link continuity.

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