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whaarg's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. 29 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Star Voter 2013

Krell44 wrote:

Updated Character Profile

Mad Dog Barbarian-Level 1


Can someone review my 20 point stats, for some reason they don't look correct to me, but, its very early in the morning. PFS-20 Point Buy System. Racial Bonus to Strength.

Looks correct to me

Point buy calculator

Star Voter 2013

If you just want to replace the Archer with another Archer, then go Zen Archer.
It doesn't fight like a monk, and with your house rule on dex to dam with ranged weapons isn't as MAD as a normal Zen Archer.

An Inquisitor could be a good choice as well, and if you find it interesting then go for it, build him up an se what you think.

Star Voter 2013

Magda Luckbender wrote:
Bard seems the obvious fit. At least three allies will benefit from Inspire Courage. You have all sorts of nifty options with a bard.

I'm with Magda. Maybe take the archetype that lets you be a trapfinder.

Star Voter 2013

Regarding Q2: No SR applies

PRD wrote:
...If the spell acts on anything else and the creature is affected as a consequence, no roll is required. Spell-resistant creatures can be harmed by a spell when they are not being directly affected.

In this instant I would rule that the spell "acts on anything else"

Star Voter 2013

Locke: Garuda-blooded Aasimar - Zen Archer - LN

Elf Evoker wizard/Fighter - CG

Tazaar: Human Arcane duelist bard/Fighter - N

Star Voter 2013

If this character is for Pathfinder Society, then you need to reconsider him, because there is no crafting for characters in PFS

Star Voter 2013

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
I see. Well, based on that, it looks to me like that still places special favor on (in the case of Wizards) Diviners, Enchanters, and Conjurers since they're the ones who get subschools that feature spell-like abilities that duplicate 3rd-level or higher spells. If we want to take such classes as something else, are we really just SOL, or is there a workaround?
I never got an answer to this - is there one out there? *emits SETI signals*

A race with that can cast a 3. lvl arcane spell. Aasimar with Daylight should work

Star Voter 2013

You pick up the archetype the first time you take a level in the class. So no a 9th level Zen Archer monk can't pick up the Quiggong Monk archetype.

You can't have 2 archetypes that replaces the same class ability.

See page 72 of the APG

Star Voter 2013

Texasterminator wrote:

So im having difficulty trying to figure out what weapon i want to use. I was using a Dwarven Longhammer just to find out im not proficient with it as a lvl 2 Lion Shaman. so i am wondering what would be the best 2H weapon to go with or should i go with a 1H and sheild i have a AC of 17. the only reason i want a weapon is because my natural attacks are uselss with the demons we are fighting right now. 5DR and heals 2 from ever attack.

And since my Natural attacks are D4 eachi would do maybe 2pts of dmg each round

Druids are proficient with Scythes (2d4 x4 P or S and it has trip). If you are a Dwarf you are also proficient with Battleaxe and Warhammer.

Star Voter 2013

Turgan wrote:
Isn't Arcane Strike a swift action? Arcane Duelist recieves this as a bonus feat at first level I think.

Arcane Strike is indeed a swift action

Star Voter 2013

Of the 3 presented, I´d go with the (Mighty) composite longbow becaue of the range increment. Thematicaly the Starknife might fit better but at the ranges that it's effective you should be in meelee.

The sling as suggested is also a viable option.

I wouln't spend any feats on archery, especially not Deadly aim ad your to hit chance is already slim

Star Voter 2013

HaraldKlak wrote:
The magus or fighter levels are worth it, as far as I see it. When you hit lvl 15 and get spell perfection, you are going to double the bonus from those feats, including Deadly Aim.

Deadly Aim doesn't work with Touch Attacks

Star Voter 2013

I think that it would be, since you already are medium encumbered, you can't carry very much with a 6 in strength, I would also consider Dodge. It could mitigate the loss of the shield.

I don't think that it would work with a buckler.

Are you dead set on the distribution of your ability score? If you lower Charisma with 1 point I think you can up the strength by 2 and almost every other score by 1.

Star Voter 2013

You don't list which books are allowed but here is a feat called Dervish Dance from The inner Sea World Guide that allows you to use a scimitar one-handed (no shield in off hand) and add your dex modifier to damage instead of strength. You could always fluff it as the Paladin that trained you was worshipping Saranrae as the scimitar and dervish dance is associated with her.

The feat can be found here:

Star Voter 2013

Ruleswise I agree with Dudemeister, but maybe let the final acrobatics check decide if he takes the slashing damage. The climb check could also be an acrobatics check. if that is easier for the rogue

I would somehow try to give him an advantage due to the sheer awesomeness of the plan - perhaps giving the magus a penalty on initiative on the first turn due to the sudden awekening, him getting tangled in his blanket and such.

Star Voter 2013

Love the guide

Why hasn't anyone added this to the Guide to the Guides yet?

Star Voter 2013

Don't forget the Inquisitor. He gets most of the healing spells, including Heal, and can cast restoration. He can't raise the dead though

Star Voter 2013

I just created an Inquisitor of Desna, who, as a child, was the only survivor of an attack on a caravan, an was adopted by a priest of D. The rage he felt in him led him to be an enemy of those who prey on travellers, both bandits and monsters. He also strongly dislikes people who hinders the free movement of others (slavers). He's goodnatured and sociable when he's in town, but the total opposite when he's confronting his enemies.

Star Voter 2013

Kingdom: Aquitaine - named after the historic french region, but fit well with all the water in the area
Capital: Lakeview - Located at the Staglords fort

Other cities: Olegstadt, Tazltford, Rivercross and Varnhold

Star Voter 2013

Razo of Worms wrote:

8 wis for a paladin? I guess youll be spending your points on wis as you get them if you want to cast your spells.

Paladins use Charisma for spell casting now

Star Voter 2013

My vote goes to Jessica as the gray maiden, I like that helmet.

The iconiv which was a very close second

Star Voter 2013

KrispyXIV wrote:
Catharsis wrote:
That said, Ultimate Combat offers a few jewels as well. I love the sap feats, for instance, or Vicious Stomp, or Clustered Shots...

What, exactly, is wrong with Vicious Stomp?

Its not only easier to get than Greater Trip, it stacks with it. Trip an opponent (as a monk, or an unarmed fighter), and they provoke both for falling prone, and for the special AOO granted by Greater Trip. Thats comparable to Medusa's Wrath, except it doesn't require the target to fail a save. And you get benefits partway through the chain instead of having to wait forever.

I think you'll find that the op likes Vicious Stomp, hence the line "... offers FEW JEWELS AS WELL."

Star Voter 2013

IMHO the reason for so many threads of "is X evil?"is the fact that we are modern people playing in a medieval fantasy setting, so we bring modern ethics in to the game.
Try reading about crime and punishment in the medieval period. Public flogging, hanging and humiliation were the norm, there were no prisons to speak of, as we know them. The punishment were made so that people could see what would happen to you, if you broke the social contract.

With that in mind, it is not necesarily evil to put a dead man up on a cross, it could be seen as showing concern and constraint to wait until he's dead.

Star Voter 2013

Sloppycrane wrote:
Starglim wrote:
Red-Assassin wrote:

A player asked me in a game going one this question.

He is trying to start a PrC and needs a requirement of 5 to a certain skill. He already meets the rest of the PrC requirements. Does he have to wait till level 6 or can he start at level 5. Does skill points go up once you level up or after you declare the class to level in?

You must meet the prerequisites for a prestige class before you take a level in that class - not from anything you get for that level.

To answer your question more generally, the number of skill points depends on which class you choose, so you have to pick a class before you can get skill points.

No class awards 0 skills points.

You can declare 2 skills points before declaring the class that you level into.

If you read the section called "Advancing Your Character" (p30 in the core rulebook) it says "...make sure you take the folowing steps in order. First, select your new class level. You must be able to qualify for this level before any of the following adjustments are made. [...]. Finally, add new skills and feats."

To me that states very clearly that you can't declare any skill points before choosing your class.

Star Voter 2013

Think of it this way:

Skill points are based of your class (and int. modifier), so you have to select a class before you get the skill points. This means that you only can have 4 ranks in a skill when you choose your class at lvl 5

Star Voter 2013

Lets try:
Str 3d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 3) = 11
Dex 3d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 1) = 7
Con 3d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 6) = 9
Int 3d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 3) = 11
Wis 3d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 3) = 11
Cha 3d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 4) = 13

Halfling Sorcerer maybe

Star Voter 2013

One thing that seems to be missing is "Perception" under skills - but maybe I'm blind

Star Voter 2013

PJOsano wrote:

I'm confused about the use of the Dueling Sword. I have an Elven Rogue with Weapon Finesse, but without the exotic weapon feat nor heirloom trait, etc.

Since the rogue can use the weapon as Longsword, can the Weapon Finesse feat still be applied or is the Dueling Sword a plain Longsword?

Aldori, Dueling Sword

No, since the description you provided says that: "If you aren’t proficient with the Aldori dueling sword, you may treat it as a longsword."

I read that as saying with proficiency you cab can use WF and without it, No

Star Voter 2013

Does an Oracle of Life with the Channel revelation qualify for the Holy Vindicator PrC?

Pro: Has the Channel Energy feature

Cons: The PrC doesn't say that it does, unlike the PrC Nature Warden(APG 272) that specifies that an Oracle of Nature's Bonded Mount ability qualifies it for the PrC

This is for a Oracle (of Life)4/fighter 2/ Holy Vindicator, a critique of the viability wpould also be appreciated, meant as a fighter who can selfbuff. Ideas for feats and the like would be appreciated

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