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wellsmv's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 346 posts (348 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 9 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Cheliax ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

shop smart.. shop S mart....


pics ?

Cheliax ****

I sometimes give them away when a character has a valiant death at my table...

Cheliax ****

or trade someone for a gen con boon for suli...

Cheliax ****

i emailed you back...

if you didnt get it shoot me a email at dungeonmastermarkterrain

Cheliax ****

Disk Elemental wrote:
Michael Eshleman wrote:
Marian Rejewski Tarnshiav wrote:
Also, is there a master repository for the boons available? I can't really say what I desire if I don't know the options.
I put together this list of boons last week. Feel free to add what you know to the list.
I would kill for Spirit of the Shadow Lodge.

i think i have 2 of them in my stack of boons... wanna trade ?




Pirate Rob wrote:

Kuraishimo is my half-bearded devil sorcerer. He uses his tentacles (via aberrant bloodline) to touch foes far away with his touch spells.)

(He was originally going to be a Hex Magus with the Hair hex attacking with his tentacles, until that got ruled non-functional)

Do note that Mindflayers are intellectual property of WotC and thus don't exist in Golarion.

then i will be the first...muahahahah..LOL


Jiggy wrote:
Would any of your alterations be such that it strains credulity to maintain that your actual race/capabilities are no harder to correctly identify than anyone else's?

well it does say the following about tieflings...

No two tieflings look alike; the fiendish blood running through their veins manifests inconsistently, granting them an array of fiendish traits. One tiefling might appear as a human with small horns, a barbed tail, and oddly colored eyes, while another might manifest a mouth of fangs, tiny wings, and claws, and yet another might possess the perpetual smell of blood, foul incenses, and brimstone. Typically, these qualities hearken back in some way to the manner of fiend that spawned the tiefling's bloodline, but even then the admixture of human and fiendish blood is rarely ruled by sane, mortal laws, and the vast flexibility it produces in tieflings is a thing of wonder, running the gamut from oddly beautiful to utterly terrible.

i don't think - tentacles on face is that far of a stretch.

tail vs tentacle thing is kinds pushing the reskinning rule..


I am pondering starting a new gm credit baby

something i have wanted to roleplay for awhile.
not real sure if this would fall under skinning or not ?

So i am thinking to make a sorcerer with aberrant bloodline.
take tiefling (Rakshasa blooded)

so the idea is make him looks sorta like a mindflayer
since rakshasa can look like numerous creatures in face..

but roleplay idea is he is slowly becoming a mindflayer.
spell selection will reflect the mindlfayer heritage idea.

if i take the tiefling tail trait- could i say its my tentacles?
or is that to far into skinning territory?

thoughts? suggestions?

Cheliax ****

i make paper airplanes out of mine....

no really i have a stack... i hardly ever play(mostly gm)


I have a PFS player ask me yesterday about his alchemist buying a breastplate of Noqual ore

would the noqual interfere with extracts?

i would assume no since they act as potions- not as a cast spell


or does drinking the extract count as the " casting"?

Cheliax ****

hahahaha.... no

that will never happen

Cheliax ****

isnt skeleton summoner not allowed ?
or did it change again ?


Thanks for the input folks...


any tips on how to deal with a player with a druid character
that spams elemental and uses elemental shape to bypass traps and such
via earth glide ability.

i dont want to say he cheats... but good lord he abuses the rules.

I dont allow it but another gm was allowing him to use para-elemental (mud,ect)

this game he was wanting to scout ahead every room in elemental form(earth glide) in a dungeon. this theory is that he can peek out and no one can see/attack him b/c he is in the wall?

getting frustrated...


yes i know they stack....

quick question ...

i searched forums havent found it asked before

if fienedflayer uses fiendblade can they enchant the blackblade with the abilities ?

I have a player who thinks they can use this ability along with the blackblade energy ablity..

to me it reads the fliendblade summons a new weapon( poof) and thats what you have to use?

thoughts ?


anyone remember this gem from 1993?


i posted the video(vhs) on my you tube channel its hilarious to say the least.

Go to video link here.....


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Go to Video link here....

I had several folks ask how to make a slime effect for 3-d dungeon terrain / dwarven forge....

so here ya go

Cheliax ****


Cheliax ****

For those who missed it here is a quick video..

over 50 tables of PFS
lots of warhammer
flames of war
board games & more

Go to CincyCon 2014 video link....

Cheliax ****

Thadius Volcani wrote:

Want: Oread

Have: No boons, as I've not been to many cons or GMing, but I do have a slew of Pathfinder Battles Minis from these sets:

We Be Goblins
Shattered Star
Legends of Golarian
Wrath of the Righteous

If you have an Oread boon and want some minis, I'm sure we can work out a deal.

I have a oread boon i could be tempted to part wtih ( i rarely play..mostly gm) send me a pm

Cheliax ****

i have a extra undine boon.. pm me

Cheliax ****

So during CincyCon i finally hit my 4th star.. woohoo

but i have been tinkering with the idea off running bonekeep.
from what i have read i need to email mike brock and have him unlock it?

and it looks like its now ok to be ran ( for store games) ?

and pre-gens are allowed but not suggested correct ?

Cheliax ****

any idea on when are badges should be showing on gen cons site... that way i can go ahead and book a hotel and purchase a few tickets for my spare time

Cheliax ****

Lady Ophelia wrote:
I just want a Vishkanya boon. So I can finally retire from PFS as I have collected ALL the boons. :)

i have a gen con boon for Vishkanya.. but dont have any good ideas on what to make

thought the mounted tradition gives them a cool mount.

Cheliax ****

woohooo submitted my schedule request...

should have my 4th star by next month so soon to be 5th muahahah

Cheliax ****

email sent...

i had a blast running kids track stuff last year...

kids come up with the best ideas.

Cheliax ****

Sanctum of a lost age = module = 3xp

Cheliax ****


Cheliax ****

i applied...

almost at my 4th star...

Cheliax ****

pm sent

Cheliax ****

sure.. you can jump in.

most cons will have someone who can help build a character.

and welcome to the party....

Cheliax ****

I have a few trades in the works
a ifrit, dhampir, kitsune and a wayang boon....

if they go thru i will pm you..

i still gotta get rid of these 2 mounted tradition boons..LOL

Cheliax ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

its amazing how many people dont know how to use the search function...

Cheliax ****

Janzbane wrote:
What is the best way to get a goblin? Do they give them out at every con?

goblin boon was a one time thing... most of them are dead now anyway..LOL

Cheliax ****

cartmanbeck wrote:
wellsmv wrote:
Kanaric wrote:
Looking for a catfolk boon, pm me and i'll see if I have anything you want.
there isnt a boon for catfolk
Not technically true... there is ONE boon for catfolk out there... and someone paid something like $300 in a charity auction to get it. So you're not going to be convincing that person to trade it away any time soon, I'm sure.

OK i'll re-phrase it...

there are no trade-able catfolk boons

only one that sold for charity"Gen-Con" (450 dollars if memory serves?)

Cheliax ****

Kanaric wrote:
Looking for a catfolk boon, pm me and i'll see if I have anything you want.

there isnt a boon for catfolk

Cheliax ****

If needed I can run siege again sat night.. I gm,d it at gen con also

Cheliax ****

I am running fangwood keep on saturday 12-6 also... pfs table

Cheliax ****

i thought it was based on class it takes ability from..

Cheliax ****

for PFS I think you have to take a dragon bloodline...


DungeonCrawler_greyhaze wrote:
Just wanted to say that those are very awesome. :)

thank you sir...

Cheliax ****

Prethen wrote:

My new interest in looking for online PFS play has me checking out this forum daily. I had the opportunity to play a Roll20/G+ game and it basically went flawless. It was a very good experience.

With the 1000's (just a guess) of nation(world?)wide PFS players and a great mix of GM's, why are we not seeing dozens of opportunities for online play throughout the week? The current options get filled relatively quickly (at least all the ones that I've seen!).

Because you cant have awesome experiences like this online...

Go to Video link....


thats right I am selling some of my beta test pieces

Custom game tiles with led's..

the video is here..
Go to Youtube video.

and of course the ebay listing is active now

Go to Ebay link.

After these are sold I have a few ideas for new stuff...

Cheliax ****

my first was a tiefling soc

my gen con boon is now a grippli (musket master)

my son also has a gen con 2013 boon ( but hasnt made anything yet)

i also have dhampir,ifrit and 3 way boon.. just dont have any good ideas

Cheliax ****

i have the following

triple race boon ( kitsune,wayamg,nagaji) gm boon

dhampir boon( graveblooded)

mounted tradition

open to offers...

Cheliax ****

ran this scenario tonight...

the gunslingers sacrificed himself to save the party from the BBEG ....


Yes.. that's right its Fangwood keep in 3-d..

I've been playing with adding LED's to DF tiles and other bits

Go to the Video ....

Cheliax ****

all racial boons are for 1 character only...

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