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wellsmv's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 488 posts (497 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 12 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Dark Archive *****

did you say please first ?

Dark Archive

2 people marked this as a favorite.

bonus and special abilities granted by this raging song are determined when the song begins = the skald would determine or decide

that is my understanding of the description..

Dark Archive

Hey guys just wanted to let you all know I finally have some off my new tiles sculpted.

most of my new bits are up for sale on my ebay store

Go to Ebay store link.

I have the lava tiles all done.. now i am working on some new wood floor and stone ( cavern style) floors..

hopefully soon I can prep some molds to share with folks...

Dark Archive *****

this thread is so full of fail.....

Dark Archive *****

Dark Archive *****

Steven_Evil wrote:

I would be interested in painting Minis for someone in return for a boon or two. I used to paint warhammer 40k minis a few years ago so I have a lot of experience, (though not any pictures, I sold them all before it occurred to me to take any).

What would anyone on here be willing to trade for such a service?

I would also be willing to GM specific modules for boons as well.

you dont have pics of anything you've painted ?

Dark Archive *****

3 people marked this as a favorite.

i only use it on kittens and unicorns....

Dark Archive

Go to How to Video..

Dark Archive *****

i will give it a test

Dark Archive *****

I run PFS games normally at my home.. but sometimes stores..

And there are a few people i wont let at my table. Every GM may handle it a bit different ( some hate 7 player tables , some wont allow a certain person " trouble player"...

If running at a public venue i try to be as flexible as possible..

but if I am the GM.. then its my game...

Dark Archive *****

i say no..

no resource then its not allowed... no reason to encourage cheating.

you can hold a non pfs event for them to try these non legal builds though...

Dark Archive *****

It really depends on how much role-playing you do...

If you skip the city interactions they can def be ran like a scenario in 4 -5 hours.

If you are running them as a home game. I would say def work into your game the city politics and such ( lots of fun role-playing involved)

specifically the friendly goblins in town...

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Had a few folks ask for it.. so figure why not share with the group..

Go to Video link..

Dark Archive *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Dark Archive

whats a summor ?

Dark Archive *****

yeah thats rough for lvl 1-2

Dark Archive *****

No there is not a rule against it

but it is sometimes written as a tactic a bad guy will do ( but rarely)

I have had a bad guy threaten to kill ( downed player)tp party to escape..

Dark Archive *****

I'm waiting for my 5 star status to be appproved..

Dark Archive *****

As a GM ( pending my 5th star review)

i can tell you i prefer access to unique scenarios and such..

I dont play much anymore... but i GM a ton for friends and my son and his pals..

by the way when is the rest of bonekeep going to be ready for GM's to run at home for us 4th and 5th stars ?

Dark Archive *****

NO- you wont get to use the tiger session to session..

you have to find something in the session to raise.. and you have to pay for the material component ( $$$)

A nice GM may let you buy a tiger and component each session.. but wow what a waster of gold..

and expect alot of table variance....

Dark Archive *****

Codanous wrote:

Is there a Vanara racial boon out there? I've never heard of one or seen for trade on here so I am guessing they either a) don't exist or b) were from the first Paizo/Gen Con and aren't in circulation anymore.

But if there is one floating around, I'd be interested in trading my Ifrit boon for one.

there was one at the 2013 gen con pathfinder auction..

it sold for a few hundred dollars...

Dark Archive

thanks guys...

i wanted something really big and fun for my 150 th table..

Dark Archive

2 people marked this as a favorite.

That's right we ran Crypt of the Everflame in full 3d terrain..

this was my 150th table for PFS and we wanted something fun and in a grand scale so...

i give you..

Go to Video.

Dark Archive *****

I vote NO...

Id rather force those who built broken characters with cheese builds to retire the character

Dark Archive *****

In my area Myself and few other GM's will be running core only...

Myself..I am glad i did...

Dark Archive *****

I ran it as a home game ..

no gunslingers
no summoners

and it was a challenge with 4.. not impossible but challenging

Dark Archive *****

Michael Brock wrote:
Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Jeff is correct. If the boon does not come from playing a scenario, you can choose to apply it to a Core or Normal character. There is no way to actually earn a holiday boon in Core, so the restriction to do so does not apply. The only exception is convention boons that allow non-core races.
Since it appears thatmy clarification in an earlier post is not clear, Steven did a good job of clarifying it as well. Thanks Steven.

So we are allowing race boons in core campaign ? like those from gen con ?

or just non race boons ?

Dark Archive *****

nosig wrote:

from the anouncement of the Core Campaign....

At no time may any trait, feat, equipment, magic item, skill, animal companion, familiar, or any other character option come from a source beyond these three resources unless it appears on a Chronicle sheet. Race boons found on Chronicle sheets may not be used in the Core Campaign.
[b]If an item appears on a Chronicle sheet, a PC may purchase and use it regardless of the book it comes from, with the exception of a boon that opens up a different character race[/ib]

so I would guess that Boons such as:

Mounted Tradition
On-The-Job Training

mentioned above would be fine... right?
They appear on a Chronicle sheet (the Boon sheets are Chronicles aren't they?) and they are NOT "...Race boons found on Chronicles sheets...".

edit: I would like to swap Race Boons that I have, that aren't useable with Core PCs, for other boons that are usable on Core PCs.

I was just wondering if it was going to bother people - or is it like buying/selling boons for money (i.e. distasteful and shouldn't be done).


in core.. it has to come from a scenario chronicle ( from a core game)to be unlocked..

Dark Archive

if you reas elementalist listing they specialize in the school ( earth fire water or air)

so it is a school for them...

Dark Archive *****

the only boons you can use in core are ones that you get from core games...

so you cant use race boons in core..

Dark Archive

you would take
spell focus ( fire) which basically = elemental focus

since you are a elementalist fire is the spell school for you

Dark Archive *****

Yes its is...

Slots are being determined...

Also BattleCon in cincy is early april and will have many pfs slots...

Dark Archive *****

i vote... NO

Dark Archive *****

i thought it was from ultimate equipment... per the link shows

Dark Archive *****

oathbow isnt in core rulebook...

Dark Archive *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

i vote- NO.. lets keep it as simple as possible...

that being said i dont mind if thats something thats unlocked later..

Dark Archive *****

just teasing.. since last goblin boon was auctioned off not long ago..

hopefully soon.. we dont have to see posts about people looking for goblin feats/traits and such

Dark Archive *****

amd now that the last goblin boon is finally gone....

we dont have to hear people complain about them anymore right ?

Dark Archive *****

so double , triple super not allowed...

Dark Archive *****

did you check additional resources ?

Dark Archive *****

Yeah- that wont fly at my table either....

Dark Archive *****

well better just boot you to be safe...

Dark Archive *****

The Human Diversion wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
I think I'm going to sit this one out.

Please, I'd love to hear what you have to say about me, a fairly experienced PFS player and GM who has verified he has all the books and/or PDFs to back up every trait, feat, spell, etc on all his characters, using Hero Lab as the primary storage medium for his characters.

Would you deny me playing at your table simply because I used Hero Labs? Would you perform a lengthy audit of my character and if you didn't find anything wrong hold a grudge?

I'b boot you.... just cuz i dont like you.....

but hey i am a jerk...

but the OP poster i would allow... as long as he has scans of his chronicles... but in all honesty i would expect issues like this to have table variation.

Dark Archive *****

technically the rules say you have to have/keep your chronicle sheet yes...

per page 35 in PFS guide = "Chronicle sheets record everything that a Pathfinder
Society character does over the course of her career
and serves as the official record of each character in the

I am a pretty by the rules sorta guy.. but as long as you can pull up your info on tablet and can show them its would be ok with me.. you still need to keep them and keep record of gold spent,fame and all that good stuff... you could scan them into pdf and keep a folder of them on your tablet..

Dark Archive

if you dont take the lvl dips you get much better spells and you can makeup for the diving grace with a magic item to get better save..

take noble scion to get chat bonus to init and blast enemies before everyone else..

Dark Archive

its quite doable.. you will be losing out on alot of spellcasting ability though between lvl dips and the prestige class

but overall it should be a fun character..

Dark Archive *****

↑ best forum post ever

Dark Archive *****

it makes perfect sense.... to me.. that's why i dont allow them at my games..

it doesn't have to make sense to you.

my house...
my rules...
my table...

Dark Archive *****

here in cincinnati - we have so many bad gamers ( min maxers, cheaters, and just general douche bags)

thanks to these folks - i have people lined up to game at my table where i dont allow such non sense..

if everyone turned these fools away it would improve PFS for the masses....

Dark Archive *****

thejeff wrote:
wellsmv wrote:

As a Gm i reserve the right to deny a person at my table for whatever reason i deem reasonable....

if you dont want herolab at your table let people know ahead of time...they can print out a sheet and bring their resources if needed... or they can play a pre gen

Talk to your VO or event organizer about that.

They may not be happy with you keeping people from playing in the games they've set up or forcing them to shuffle people around at the last minute.

Its not really any of their business what i do within the confines of my home...

its only thru weeding out the bad players that we can truly enjoy ourselves... get rid of the min maxers and power gamers .. and your game becomes so much more fun...

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