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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
knightnday wrote:
Hitdice wrote:

Knight, this is an honest question, not snark*: is Generica, the Land of I Don't Care synonymous with Golarion, or does it also include 3pp?

I'm just curious because RDM42 mentioned published settings being treated as sacrosanct as compared to homebrew settings, but I think that sort of gets it wrong, no insult to RDM. Published settings are required to include all of said publisher's material, so I see them as a lot less sacrosanct, actually. Just using Paizo material, you can play a Clint Eastwood Man with No Name type from Alkenstar who ends up adventuring alongside an Inuyasha type party in Tian Xia, but no GM should be required to do that in a homebrew setting.

*I suppose the snark would have been directed at Paizo, not you, in any case. ;)

Ah, no, not at all. Generica -- it doesn't actually have a name -- is basically a world that I don't care about, that I've invested little if any time creating backstory for and so on.

In contrast, some of my homebrew worlds have existed for going on thirty years, with ongoing stories and plots and the like, fleshed out NPCs and family trees and all that jazz.

Generica, for lack of a better name, includes none of that. I might use Greyhawk, or Golarion, or another created and published system but more often than not it would be a very generic fantasy setting world with little work put into it. The sort where the map might be drawn on a napkin with a scale that varies depending on the day.

I don't use Generica much because most of my players are looking to continue the threads they've started or heard about in the other worlds. I use Generica when people just want to bash things without worrying overly much about story, cannot agree what they want to do (half want pirates, two others want noble intrigue, and another wants to punt goblins), or for one or two off sessions where people want to create characters they don't have to care about, or introduce new people to the mechanics and general idea of the game without...

I love the name, Generica, I run tons of games like that with out a real term how to call it. I also have games where we have setting were there is history we've created.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Imbicatus wrote:
voska66 wrote:
Secret Wizard wrote:
Insain Dragoon wrote:
I didn't know Iron will gave a +6 bonus.
+2 from Iron Will and +1 from Indomitable Faith, because Monks need few feats to be good at their job. Higher WIS due to lower CON requirements than other classes - thanks to high AC and Improved Evasion - you are free to put more points into WIS too. This is the gist of the matter.
That's poor class design. You are saying that in order to be what the class should be you need spend a feat, trait and build you stats a particular way. If you have to do this it seem to me that is poor class design. You are right every umonk will be taking iron will and indomitable faith to make for this loss of good save. At that point shouldn't it just be a class feature?
My umonk didn't take Iron Will and won't be taking it. Of course, he is a Dwarf, and has a racial +2 against spells. If I take any save boosting feat it will be Steel Soul.

I might take Iron will but probably wouldn't. By saying the umonk doesn't have low will save because you can build it back in is saying the class is poorly designed. I don't think it is though. You can make perfectly fine monk with out the taking a trait and feat.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
werewolf435 wrote:

So, feel free to take this how you want, since I know it can be a rather unpopular option (for good reasons, covered in many places over many posts.)

But coming from a particular thread discussing caster/martial disparaty, one of the main complaints that I feel is being made, is that martial characters lack the ability to influence the over-arching plot in any meaningful way, since they have to specialize so heavily in smacking things in the face.

Given that, I was thinking of putting up using leadership as something of a way to make up for it.

In this way, the level 10 fighter can throw around the weight of his organization to get his party in to see the king, rather than standing around while the party sorcerer baps him/herself with a few +cha spells and sweet talks the guards into letting them in.

It gives the fighter (using fighter only as an example) an interesting way to interact with the world through attempting to build the relevance of his given organization (whatever that may be) and also gets him some levels of fame, and social clout.

What do you guys think?

I give out the leadership for free in my to Fighters and Rogue if they build a strong hold. It's something I remember from 2E and AD&D that I liked. Leadership allows for it but few take it. Other classes get couple of apprentices and that's it. Leadership can be still taken as feat. In the case of the fighter and rogue they get a second cohort.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Secret Wizard wrote:
Insain Dragoon wrote:
I didn't know Iron will gave a +6 bonus.
+2 from Iron Will and +1 from Indomitable Faith, because Monks need few feats to be good at their job. Higher WIS due to lower CON requirements than other classes - thanks to high AC and Improved Evasion - you are free to put more points into WIS too. This is the gist of the matter.

That's poor class design. You are saying that in order to be what the class should be you need spend a feat, trait and build you stats a particular way. If you have to do this it seem to me that is poor class design. You are right every umonk will be taking iron will and indomitable faith to make for this loss of good save. At that point shouldn't it just be a class feature?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The Barbarian did not take step down. When I first read the unchained Barbarian I was think it took a bit of nerf. Then I played. I play a lot Barbarians of different builds and archetypes before unchained Barbarian so I know how the Barbarian works. My first though was no bonus to Str, my damage decrease but not so. With the unchained Barb I was hitting lot better and could power attack more.

Have player trying out the Umonk, seems only little better. Not taking the -2 for TWF is good and can take TWF since flurry is no long TWF. The flurry gets way more attacks, not that I'd do that because the -2 hurts to much and the addition attacks are as off hand weapons.

Also AC is not be neglected but you don't want over invest in it unless you are a fighter that is tanking. If you neglect AC hit points won't save you. You will now get hit by full attacks using power attack. Those iterative attacks that would have missed will you hit and kill you.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I don't think this is about terribly built characters. Those are characters that just don't work. You know like wizard with 12 int. Sure you can do it but it's terrible. Playing a monk is not terrible. It's harder optimize but not impossible. You can make monk that just doesn't work though just like you can any other class.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Arachnofiend wrote:
Somewhat related note: is there anything a Rogue can do about an Alarm spell? I was certain that it was considered a trap that Rogues can detect and disable but it came up in a campaign recently and I found my Rogue's investment in stealth completely invalidated by this level 1 spell.

An alarm spell is a trap with DC 26 to detect and disable. It's no different than mechanical trap that rings bell alert the guards.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Make sure to use the Unchained Monk as it's Full BAB and the flurry of blows works differently.

I think the the Spell Combat and Flurry of Blows can work together. The only problem with this combo is it is MAD as gets. Looking at those stats and bonus of stats of the race you're going to end up with 8 CHR and CON unless you find a way to use DEX instead of strength.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Ffordesoon wrote:

I've looked at a bunch of these caster/martial disparity threads over the past couple of weeks, and I keep finding it odd that nobody mentions something that seems to me self-evident - why does no one talk about buffs to saves?

I mean, as someone who plays a lot of martials, I find that the vast majority of the gear I can buy buffs my AC. You know, the stat that casters do not give a crippled crab's crutch about? If my weaksauce Will save can't meet the DC, and it usually can't, I become that caster's buttmonkey until they decide otherwise. Never mind eating AoOs - if I'm a melee martial, I'm built to withstand those, and if I'm a ranged martial, I should never be in a threatened square to begin with. But if I've got a low Will save, my 100 AC means diddly-squat.

Meanwhile, guess who's got a killer Will save? Bocephus Bootylicious III, the wizard who's softer than Swiss Miss pudding. This is made worse by the fact that old Bocephus, should he manage to fail his save, is still a more efficient party-slaughtering machine than yours truly. A reasonably well-optimized PC can stand up to a few whacks from my greatsword, but Bocephus can shoot a couple of fireballs out his ass and inflict a TPK. Or he can just cast dominate person on another martial PC and watch us eviscerate the rest of the party, at which point the original caster can dump us both in a pit of acid while casually perusing his copy of Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Supreme Overlords.

So why can I buy items and gear that temporarily buff ability scores and stuff, but not my actual saves? Yes, I realize ability scores tie into saves, but that just forces me to waste a fortune on gear that shores up ability scores which have no bearing on my class or character concept, and I'm still not going to have the Will saves Bocephus gets just for drawing breath.

Maybe I'm missing some loophole in the rules or whatever - wouldn't be the first time, won't be the last. But it seems to me that...

I've don't have problem with saves. I can have a fighter with a +14 will save at level 11 when average save DCs are 14-22 and I get two rolls with Iron Will. We use hero points so I can add +8 if I really need to make the roll, +4 after roll. So DC 22 or be dominated, I need to roll 8 or high. If fail I get to roll again, due to greater iron will.

You just need to build with will save in mind. I generally find reflex saves are my lowest with my fighters. My average fighter usually has F:13 R: 10 W: 14. So it's more a build thing, in my case it cost me 2 feats and low chr score as I drop CHR to 8 to get Wis 12 and all 20 pts on physical stats.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The only real cm/d I see in the games I run and play in is that casters get to different things at high level than they did it at low level. The others tend to be the same at high level as the were at low level only you are dealing with dishing out more damage against high hit points and with a high attack bonus and higher AC. Skills are much the same but become irrelevant at some point in the high levels except for opposed tests. So if you struggle to acrobatics into position at level 2 you struggle at level 18 as well.

None of this breaks the game but if find it more fun to play casters even if they are only a bit of caster like a ranger. Fighters are fun at the low level but I get bored of them at the high levels. I have friends who love playing a fighter from high to low level though as they don't want options to think about, they just want beat on monsters like legendary heroes (think Hercules). Me I like having interesting tool kit to solve puzzles at high level. I find with Pathfinder there are enough class and options to give me what I want and enough classes and options to give my friends what they want. So cm/d mostly doesn't show in the games we play.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

What are killer hobos? I run a lot of games and my players always pay for at least 3 month poor life style or or month of average. So they definitely aren't hobos. The poor lifestyle comes into play only when they have established settlement.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I use them but give one out free to my players. No players ever take them otherwise.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I don't even require a perception check to search a room. It's something you can do. The perception check might come up in the search of room. It's on of those things where failure mean you just didn't notice it. I don't allow take 20 on those as the check is in passing. The players don't even know. I have them roll 40 rolls of D20 and give me the results. I use the rolls as I go down the list adding the appropriate skill that I have. So they search and if number come up they get it. If the specifically say they will search X then they can take 20.

For example they might be searching the and discover jewelry box that has secret compartment. The DC to notice it is 25, I secretly check. Perception +9 and a roll of 15. Not enough. But the player knows there is a necklace here, the informant told them as much so they search the jewelry box, taking 20 for 29 to notice the secret compartment where the necklace is.

Works good, doesn't slow the game down. I also make sure never have skill check failure halt the game. If perception needs to reveal something I have several methods of revealing besides the perception check. A successful perception check just might the easiest method to get the plot moving.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Claxon wrote:

This will make all the martial classes suck. Suck more than they already do.

Don't do it unless you're willing to substitute in Automatic Bonus Progression (which basically means the magic was in you the whole time instead of your items) but doesn't actually get rid of the permanent magic bonus.

Pathfinder is unplayable without the big six items or an equivalent, such as that provided by ABP.

I've run a game like this. Martial class did just fine if not even better because bad guys also lacked permanent magic items. Divine caster did the best though. Wizards and Sorcerers suffered greatly. Do not a caster who can not wear armor in game like this. If you really need to play a wizard get arcane armor training ASAP and accept some spell failure chance otherwise you will casting purely on defense. The ability to wear armor is what made divine casters king of this style of game.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I've never had problems with this spell. I can see some GMs letting players abuse it but that's because they let the players do so. That's more a problem with GM than the spell. If players want to Nova then Rope Trick after 1 fight they might get away with it once but the bad guys will catch on unless they fighting mindless undead and oozes.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm not sure if unchained variant multiclassing is valid in PFS but if it is then go with the Primal Untouchable Blood rager arcane bloodline with VMC Paladin. You'll have smite evil at level 11, you'll have spell resistance, disruption, spell breaker, spell sunder, witch hunter, superstitious. You don't have to be lawful good but NG would be best as you need to follow a paladin code of conduct.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Nazrelle wrote:

Hello there!

Sometimes, as a GM, you think about giving the PCs a litte boon.
I did that with extra starting gold, better point buy, (static) bonus feats/traits and so on.

Now, that there is Variant Multiclassing, what do you think about giving it away for free (so they don't loose the feats on Lvl 3, 7, 11, 15, 19).
Do I miss any consequences? I'm aware, that I won't let the players take this class as a regular multiclass.

To be honest, I don't feel like the Variant Multiclass options are balanced against each other.

Any experiences made with that way of a boon or Variant Multiclasses in general?

Thanks for your replies!

I'm thinking of doing that too. The big reason is a small group. On fix is to throw more gold at them. That's what I typically do but I'm tired of doing that. Higher stats help but only carry you so far and too high of stats breaks the game. I was thinking this might be good way to round out a 3 player party to fill the missing holes.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

In fantasy setting where gods grant miraculous powers that that was the case on this world then we'd probably see nothing but religious zealot presidents. I mean who wouldn't vote for guy who can resurrect you family members.

The only reason you don't see religious leaders running for president is they probably aren't eligible due not being a US citizen and why would they take lower job. President over some mortals or working for the big guy upstairs guaranteeing you as good spot in the afterlife. Seem to me the Pope or a bishop would not want to be the leader of a nation.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Seem basically the name that most people have issue with. The mechanic could be used to create a class that is identical to the Paladin but has different name, different alignment and different code.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

One way to do it is play a cleric with one step of the neutral God. Say the Abadar who is LN and you are LE. You won't detect as evil then till you are 5 HD. By the time you hit level 5 you should have access to thing to hide your alignment. A cleric of evil deity shows up evil at 1 HD so you're doomed if you go that route right off the start.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Had bard our group say "I wear chain-mail and carry a footman's fail, because it rhymes."

Another classic was the rogue in the party. "You never asked"

He always had the solution for everything. He was always picking pockets and the GM was note passer. So we never knew what the rogue had. Then between adventures the rogue offer to sell a scarab of golem bane to the fighter and he has 4 them. We just went through a meat grinder of dungeon with nothing but golems. So we are all like "Why didn't you tell us you had these." his response was "you never asked". He also didn't use them himself, though of them as nice trinkets he said. This was regular with him.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Here you go:

"Although invisibility provides total concealment, sighted opponents may still make Perception checks to notice the location of an invisible character. An invisible character gains a +20 bonus on Stealth checks if moving, or a +40 bonus on Stealth checks when not moving (even though opponents can't see you, they might be able to figure out where you are from other visual or auditory clues)."

It's in the combat section under concealment.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
FiddlersGreen wrote:

At level 10, there is one more significant trump card the ranger has over the fighter.

There is a 3rd level spell "instant enemy".

Instant enemy wrote:
With this spell you designate the target as your favored enemy for the remainder of its duration. Select one of your favored enemy types. For the duration of the spell, you treat the target as if it were that type of favored enemy for all purposes.

Swift action to cast, lasts minute per level. It is essentially the ranger's smite...except that the target need not be evil. No save, no spell resistance.

A ranger I played with bought 3 pearls of power just so he could have more uses of this spell. Anything he used this spell against...melted.

Only problem with instant enemy is you can't use it on monsters that are your favored enemy. So you do end up with 3 favored enemies at 10th. You can't use favored enemy on enemies that are already you favored enemy so you tend to get stuck with +2 on them. Still +2 is better the +0.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The way I see hit points is not in physically damaging but is avoiding damage. If you take 30 points of fire damage you don't get 3rd degree burns. You just burn you hit point to avoid getting burned. So taking 30 damage or being protected by energy would appear much the same because you can't tell how many hit points person has. That's why the spell death watch exist so you can.

A spell was cast the sorcerer should have tried to identify that spell then realized the Oracle was protected from fire. Hinting at this would be what I'd do.

That's just how I run it though.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Azullius Koujou wrote:

Looking a bit at the monsters to hit bonuses CR 20 seems to be around +30-35 area so i'm questioning if there's any point in getting more than 54 in AC at level 20.

Ofcause if monsters show up at CR 21+ there might be more of a reason.

So as the thread name says "Is it possible to have to much AC" ?

What do you think is the goal one should aim for in AC and other saves at level 20?

Remember a CR 20 fight for APL 20 party is easy fight. To hit bonuses are higher for CR 23 encounters. Also it should the attack on high CR monsters tends to last resort, they usually have all kinds abilities to debuff or harm you in other ways based on saves. So that high AC doesn't mean much when your will save is +15 and you need to save vs DC 30.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

How about Ultimate Mundane.

New classes and rule for running no magic games. Like the WOD Mortals book. This would work well with steam punk I think .

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I don't want all classed to balanced.

Having classes that are not balanced gives flexibility to the game and makes it a better game. I've played games where things perfectly balanced and it's not bad just not flexible at all and assumptions are everyone is the equal. Any tweaking breaks the game. I prefer no balanced by far.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
'Sani wrote:

Imagine if you will a dungeon room, that is actually made of butter.

Butter flagstones on the floor, huge slabs of butter for the walls, butter beams on the ceiling. Everything is butter.

Now go cut through the wall with your sword. Cuts like butter! Your sword cuts the butter wall easily. Now it is a butter wall with a slash in it. Wall still standing, because one slash isn't enough to compromise the structural integrity of a wall (butter stick to itself or melting back together notwithstanding). So you cut the wall again. Easy, it's butter! Still, wall standing.

So now you are hacking and thrusting and drilling into the wall with your sword, trying to make a hole. And while cutting the wall is easy, it's butter, man that sword is heavy and so is all this butter you're trying to move around. Eventually, you're just plum tuckered out.

Now, things would have been much easier if they had been using an adamantine spoon, adamantine shovel, or adamantine hot fresh loaf of bread, all of which are much better at getting through butter, but not one ever thinks to bring those.

I remember a 2nd edition module where I found a +5 butter knife once. It was the only thing that would kill the ginger bread man IRRC.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Aelryinth wrote:

exploits and cheese are not the same thing, although many exploits are indeed cheesy.

Cheesy is a 'gimme'. It's when you do something over the top and out of line that cuts the sense of immersion and breaks your view of something.

Dual wielding greatswords does that for a LOT of people. It's not an exploit, because there's no real mechanical advantage to it...unless you're so damn strong you're going to hit with them regardless.

It IS cheesy, because its so unrealistic and anime-ish.


So is throwing a fireball but people don't issue with that.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Stefan Hill wrote:

I also think bloat is personal era dependent. Back in the dim dark past there was really only the red books, and then Expert. From there I moved to 1st ed. and brought all the books (PHB, UA, DMG, MM, MM2, Fiend Folio, and Deities and Demigods). I guess you could class UA as 1st ed. bloat? Then moving onto 2nd ed. I brought EVERYTHING that TSR spat out, campaign settings, 'complete' books the works. That was bloat of the first order. Even the author of The Complete Book of Elves has an apology on YouTube video for that piece of crap. Still I was in my early twenties and bloat was good, more options, more rules, more, more, more!!!

Now in my mid-40's bracket I can't be bothered with all that b&!*~%!s, I want simple straight forward rules. If I was twenty again I would be begging Paizo to release more 'bloat'. As it is I care little for the splat books these days, interesting to read but I don't really care to learn the new rules. Back then I had no money but shed loads of time, now I have money but no time. Ironic...

20-25 years ago I had a completely different view of what I wanted out of an RPG. Great thing is with an RPG you can play the way you like and Paizo are unlikely to send out the police because you aren't playing the 'one true way'.

2 cents,

I loved the complete book of Elves. That book was game evolving. The author of that book should be view as visionary. When we got it we house rule the crap out the game based on the Complete Book of Elves. Those blade single weapon proficiencies became feats, though we didn't call them that. We made all kind of crazy bonus combat things using he rules for the Blade Singer as the bench mark. Worked great. Then 3rd edition came and feats were there.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

As a GM I never worry about too high of an AC. When you focus on AC you do at the expense of offense. That means less damage out put and more opportunities for the bad guys to hit the high AC as they last longer. If you have heavy hitter in the group that easier to hit the bad guys are best to deal with that threat first anyways and ignore the turtle.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

My only problem with book bloat is how heavy my backpacks(s) get. That's always been the problem in the past. But with PDFs and the PRD I this problem doesn't exist for Pathfinder. The PRD in particular is the most useful. PDFs for stuff not in the PRD that is referenced infrequently works great me. No more lugging a ton of books as game matures to a friends house.

I personally love more options. It's just more in my GM tool box that I can dig into and use creatively. Saves me a ton of time not having to come up with my own systems for downtime, armies, intrigue, and such.

The classes are great. There are enough classes to play all martial character, no spell casting, if I want. I can do all full casters or partial casters or martial with sprinkle of magic. It's all there to use and was severely lacking with just core rules.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Kirth Gersen wrote:

I like to look at things in terms of what challenges are appropriate at what levels, and then go back and look and see how PCs can deal with them, and what that says about the PCs. For example:

3rd Level - ** spoiler omitted **
5th Level - ** spoiler omitted **
9th Level - ** spoiler omitted **
17th Level - ** spoiler omitted **...

Wouldn't it be simpler just not play the fighter in those style of games?

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

You don't fix it, you accept it.

It's one of the things I like about pathfinder. I can run a game of pure martial, no magic. I have the Cavalier, Fighter, Rogue, Ninja, Samurai, Monk, Slayer, Kineticist and Barbarian to choose from. If I want a little magic I can introduce 4th level casters like the Paladin, Ranger, and Blood Rager. There you go no caster disparity with these mixes.

You could run a game of all casters again no martial disparity. Want to tone magic down a bit say no 9th level casters. Go with on 6th level casters. With no martial classes there is no caster disparity.

I mean those classes exist for people who want to play them. If you want fighter spitting fireball then play a magus. Don't try to fit a square peg through a round hole. That's how I see it.

You had this problem in other games. If you played mortal in Vampire you were out classed by the supernatural vampire and thought of as snack. Thing is you didn't play that mix very often.

Now I can understand how people don't like this but it seem the game is built this way.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Seeing as it took 10s of thousands of year maybe longer to get the point of the industrial revolution for us and we can clearly see our ancestors had great leaps in science only to be lost and rediscovered again and again. So why would a fantasy setting do any better? Sure magic but with magic it's like playing with nukes. For every good magic does magic would also undo. It's power and power corrupts. Slap a bunch of mythical monsters into the world and clearly that would be why progress is never really made.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I can't speak for Carion Crown but all the APs I've run and played have been tight on treasure in books 1 and 2 then dumps a load of treasure in book 3. So in first two books you really need to find any loot that you can.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Squirrel_Dude wrote:

I love the vastness of 3rd party content that allows GMs and players to effectively play an entirely different game.

I love the vastness of themes and setting and playstyles present in the adventure paths.

This is really good point. Not that I've gotten 3rd party stuff I've seen some interesting stuff. I might even run one some day. Like the Scifi one AP I saw last year. Haven't found anything steam punk but would love that, sure there is something out there.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I love the variety. I can make a Barbarian dozens of ways. Some optimized and some just interesting to play but far less powerful. I've played 3 different Inquisitors that are totally different in every way. I could play pathfinder for the next 5 years and do something different with it every time.

I like other games too but while fun seem to be more limited, not as big of tool kit. As well Pathfinder kind of encourages you to think out side the box and try new things. They give you lots of stuff in Unchained, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Campaign and even a bit in the Game Mastery Guide. Then you come to this site and the house rules section has all kind thing to get you creativity brewing.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

A party of Orc Untouchable Spell Eating Blood Ragers using Combat patrol and Stand Still. I'd sure hate to be caster in that arena. Between the good saves from rage and superstitious along with spell resistance and fast healing that's tough one considering the high amounts added to cast defensively and spell breaker going off constantly. Spell Sundering anything the cast through out and rage cycling. It would be interesting see if this theory craft would work.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

For 8 players I'd add 2 the APL. So if they are 4th level they would APL 6. I keep the CR between 3 and 6 and just add more to the encounter. I just use a XP budget of 1600 to 6400 per encounter.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Invest in Intelligence, I'd suggest human for the skill point. I'd go draconic bloodline as it gets you Perception as class skill. Take the Criminal Trait to get Disable Device as class skill and Highlander to get Stealth as class skill. There you have it, you are a rogue in description but not as in the class Rogue.

The Trapfinder trait isn't something I find most GMs won't allow as it's specific to an AP.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
The Mortonator wrote:
There's a lot of downsides to having Rage not grant Str. I'll admit, temporary hit points are nice. But there's just so many side benefits to ability scores that I kinda hate unchained.

I don't see a lot of downsides, there are a few minor ones though but I think worth the trade though as moral bonus now stack with rage as Unchained rage isn't a moral bonus like the str bonus was. It's not huge or anything you lose this you gain that. Now if you play a barbarian potions heroism are useful.

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Chess Pwn wrote:

This game is such that some mechanics are better than others. But it makes sense that people doing adventuring would use the best stuff and be trained in the most useful things.

Also, background and personality and stuff is whatever you want it to be and has little to no correlation to min-maxing. So because of that it's not discussed as much on the boards, especially the advice and the rules and general discussion at least.
Optimizers will often think of some story/character and find the mechanics that do the best for it. Some make an awesome character and figure out a backstory to fit.

I start with a back story. It's what directs me to my race, class, skills and feats. I'll min max the best I can with in my framework. This does mean taking some things that no optimal though but make for interesting character.

I've also made many min max mechanical characters for the exercise of it. They tend to be boring to play though but prove my theory crafting. Sometime it works out great other times it seem good on paper only fall flat in game play.

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You can't take outflank at level 3, you need a BAB of +4 and the Inquisitor must meet per-requisites for teamwork feats.

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I'd like a steam punk book. Not a specific to setting but tied into Glorian through a pathfinder campaign setting book and player's companion book.

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My Self wrote:
Archetypes can't do anything because Rogue doesn't have any features to give up.

They have sneak attack and advanced rogues talents to give up. But I think if you get rid of that are they still rogues?

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Ammon Knight of Ragathiel wrote:

Real talk,the spoony one vs Strahd

spoony being the paladin got tricked into helping an incredibly old and evil vampire because not helping him would result in the death of innocent people.

remember subtly and don't let him catch you being breaking the law, he can't legally do anything to you if he doesn't catch you, remind him of that.

As lawful evil one shouldn't be breaking the law but abusing the law to their own ends.

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I've played in several evil campaigns and healing isn't an issue except for once but that was a poor choice on my account. Who knew bard didn't have cause wounds, I just assumed they did because they have cure wounds spells. We had party of Damphirs and my bard was to be the healer. Yup I could heal just couldn't heal the party.

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justaworm wrote:

The PRD has a bestiary index that can be filtered 4 ways. I don't think bestiary 5 is there yet though.


I find that painful to use. It's incredibly slow. It would be nice it didn't refresh at every check box you modify. I think it should be set up as query that execute. Once you have criteria in place you click execute and list is generated.

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CampinCarl9127 wrote:

For those of you that deigned not to follow the link:

John Compton wrote:

Can I apply the aasimar or elf oracle's favored class bonus to a revelation I do not yet have? Can I do so for the aasimar bard’s favored class bonus?

No, when choosing which class feature’s effective level to increase, you can only select a feature that you already have. For example, an aasimar flame oracle cannot choose to improve the wings of fire revelation with her favored class bonus until she actually gains the revelation at 7th level or beyond; she could not start augmenting it at 1st level.

This isn’t actually a new rule. It’s just a clarification that I confirmed with the design team because it seemed that some folks were assuming otherwise.

I'd argue that you aren't choosing feature till 6th level. In this case you are not augmenting an ability you don't have. In the example about apply 1/6th a level for effect of revelation you don't won't work revelation you can only get 7th level or high as you get 1 level bonus at level 6. That's just common sense. But with War Priest bonus feat at 6th level you have bonus combat feats.

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