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vanceb's page

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Thanks for the quick answer.

Will this site be selling this comic, and if so when will you start a suacription line for the comics?

I tried adding the the new Plot twist cards Flashbacks. I took the Staggered condition from Liebdaga and added a spell like ability to cast cone of fire. He still died in 5 rounds thanks to 1 player rolling 4 nat 20s that all confirmed. He then used a card fron from the plot twist decks that gave him a nat 20 anyway and low and behold they had killed liebdaga twice in 8 rounds. I knocked a cohort into negs once but I hurt them all badly. If I had 3 more rounds I would have had my first party deaths. I am fairly positive that the Alchemist his cohort and the Wizard would have died, but the Ranger may have been toasted or deep fried but would have lived, and the Barbarian could have lived but no gauranteee. I had a great time with this one and I believe most of the players did as well. Thank you Paizo for publishing this and thank you Clinton Boomer and James Jacobs for writing this.

Have a great day my fellow forum members and many great games in your future.

Thank you for explaining. My wallet will weep but it will get over it. Thanks again and I wish you health and a great deal of patience with folks like me.

I am not quite to the point of the wanting blurring my vision but I do second the DR's plea. Please do not leave the missed shipments release date back up until July and ten we have to sell the childrens legs and kidney's to pay for this rpg monkey on my back. If there is no help for it fine Vance Jr will have to learn to make do with crutches. Have a great day.

Well written but this guy sounds more developed than 4th level?

Good luck to you and your character. You 2 will need a lot of it. Iomadaes blessings be with your party as well. Have fun storming the castle.

No I want it all and I thank you for exp;aining this thoroughly. Have a grreat day.

i would like to drop the backordered item so that my shipment will ship as soon as possible. Thank you all, you folks are doing a great job.

Have you thought about healing belts? This item gives 2d8 healing for the first charge and has 3 charges per day. The players can use 2 or 3 charges but the healing only goes up by a d8 each charge. Charge them 500 gp each or you could give it to them as a freebie. To use this item is a free action. Have a good day. By the way my group did something similar but they had a meelee ranger with a great sword.

pink dental floss that tastes like tomatoes
a scarf that when worn looks like a small dragon wrapped around your neck
a flask of what looks like a flaming tornado
a small codpiece that allows dimension door thrice a day
slippers with an extremely pointed toe
a desk with frogs carved into the feet looking like atlas holding up the world
a large pompador wig
moustache wax with a pineapple smell
a carving of a squirel riding an elephant
ants dueling with properly sized longswords
rollerskates and hackysacks

Well done. I am running this for my group and I have to warn you it is very hard on Pall O Dines in this AP. If you travelled to this town from another country then your likeness and description would be semi handy for the Dottari to get. Coming into town all clergy of differing faiths are encouraged to visit the local Dottari office and register. If you are not registered and you are caught trying to convert others"Very loose definitions apply" you will have fines and maybe jail or stocks time. This is how I run my Westcrown. Your DM will do it as he or she sees fit.

On pages 180 to page 189 in the Dungeon Mater's Guide 2 for 3.5 ed has alot of what you are asking for. Not all of it but a great start.

Excellent work. My group has passed the point where introducing this guy would be appropriate but if I run this again I will definately use this side character. a Truly good idea.

Thank you much Joanna.

Please let me know if this has 2 different levels on both sides or if one side is blank?. I hate those blank sides.

Thank you tech carebear. I do appreciate the help.

If I wait too long then I have to sign in again and start from scratch. I do appreciate all of the help though.

I have just downloaded a different file and it worked quickly with no hassle. I also tried this one again and got nowhere. Any hints you would care to float my way.

Note: The Personalizer is experiencing heavy loads.
Personalization may take a few minutes to complete. Please be patient.
This is at the top of the page about half of the time. This I have let stand on my screen for about a half hour before I went to something else. Hopefully this all helps you figure out what is wrong.

This is the first time that I have had this much trouble downloading anything. This is a brand new computer though pretty much less than a month in my possession. Yep fully covered by warranty and anti virus software.

Okay. I get the wait for 10 seconds and hit the link again bit, then I hit it and I go to the wait 5 seconds and then hit it at the top of the page, I do that and then I wait 1 or 2 minutes and try again by hitting the button tat says if you are having trouble please hit this and I start all over. I did have another pdf in the order and it worked fairly easily. I had to do that one 2 or 3 times to get it to work correctly. That did work though.

I have tried for days to downlod the Return of the Tome of Horrors! I have had no luck. This has never happened to me on this site and I am wondering what to do.? thank you for your help and patience.

Evil Lincoln wrote:

What about a calendar book with the Golarion calendar for the year? As I GM I have wished for such a thing. It would have the holidays all marked, and room to jot down notes. Something smallish for a calendar (A4) on a tear-away pad for game notes shrinkwrapped to Campaign-Setting Booklet about the months and such would not go amiss. I would include 3 copies of each month on the pad for multiple campaigns/extra space/value added.... so, 36 pages in the pad? Maybe round it out to 40 or 50 or whatever's cheapest by adding individual event sheets.

I'd pay $20 (or nineteen ninety whatever).

This is an excellent idea. Please Paizo folk make this soonest. I would love to have the PDF so that I could customise it easily and cheaply.Have a great day.

If the rule is to help the PC's then role behind the screen for their saves. If this rule is for the big bad guy then maybe. It is your game after all.

Madquest wrote:

Am I missing something?

Aren't the cabins and such already visible on the ship, if all the decks are showing? (As with the previous Ship Flip mat?)

These are more than likely different cabins. I am asking if these cabins are interchangable with the pirate ship cabins or not. I hope you have a great day.

Kalraan wrote:
As a side note (and totally unrelated), how does one become a SUPERSCRIBER as I have noted some of the people posting here are.

First there is a bikini contest, then you may put your best talent forwad"you do get extra points for this". Mine was chicken dancing. Oh your asking about something different. Sorry. Have a great day.

Will these be usable or interchangable with the Ships map pack already released? Thanks for your response.

I have needed this map since I first started the Council of Thieves AP 6 months ago. Great idea, and please keep up your great work.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thank you very much tech team. You folks do not get enough applause from the public. Good job and Huzzah to you all.

Yep I noticed that when I checked my subscriptions that it says all of late Julys shipment is folded into mid September's shipment. It does still say on some of the articles that I can pick them up at Gen Con. I hope these will be shipped in July and that this is just a little hiccup in the ether. Have a great day.

Thanks Robert. I do appreciate the help.

Simcha I agree with you. I truly wanted this box set for my nieces Birthday. She loves to read. So I decided to get her into something that I enjoy and hopefully she will too.

Thanks for the reply and the map packs. A great product all around. The clear plastic layover of track would be fun but probably a pain to use. Easily folded hard to mold to little curves in tunnel. It would look cool though.

There is a compleat encounter in the game mastery line called The Liberation of Prince Thorgrim. This is a good well thought and written vignette. Enjoy it and I wish you well.

In my game you would need 2 weapon fighting to use this set of feats to lob 2 or more bullets a round.

This description says something about customizable tracks? Please tell us a bit more about this if possible. Are they cut or pop out sections? Are they on transparent sheets that you can lay on tunnel pieces? If you choose not to answer these questions no problem. I am just wondering because both solutions sound cool and I will love to see how you have made these customizable. Thanks and have a great day.

You said something about kobolds. I think of Hydras when I hear kobolds. Of course the hydras are charmed minions of a young adult bard Dragon probably red, could be blue. I like running desert campaigns.

Good luck.

Maybe they could lose 1 spell per point of damage caused to them by their spell misfiring on them. This could be dangerous if your magic user likes damage spells. It could be really funny if the summonses turn and attack the caster.

Is this sortof what you were asking for?

He is asking for a magnetic map pack of the Kingmaker hex\terrain map.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Then please add a number to your map names, like dungeon 2 and so on. I know it is cliche and rather boring but at stores that may have a backlog of merchandise a customer will not be confused and end up with multiple copies.

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