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Somebody that has a copy of Adobe Acrobat can tranfer it back to Word, I believe.

If you start in the early morning, you might have it ready for that night.

It will eat up a full color cartride on a bubble jet printer.

Your definatley an old gamer if -

You played a 1st-edition bard (legititmately) and have the character sheets to back it up.

Not a stertch at all. Building one (nevermind two) takes a while, although the the final product is worth it.

One thing I found when building - DO buy foamboard for the decking. It's more solid (and forgiving) than straight-up cardboard backing.

You can also manipulate the colrs of the printing (usually in the printer settings) to produce two (three, four, even five) different versions of the ship, and that's before you kitbash.

There are also a number of kitbashes available on the WorldWorks site (minimal charges apply), as well as a buttload of ideas in the forum area of their site.

On the other side of Paizo, I just had a "concern" with Issue 353 of Dragon - I never received it. I got Issues 252 and 254, but there was a gap in my reading schedule.

I e-mailed customer service at Paizo and had another shipped out within a week. Actually pretty good shipping time for a magazine.

Just to let everyone know, I've been subcribing to Dragon since around Issue 83, and this is the first time that ANYTHING has gone wrong with one of my magazines - including multiple moves and the publisher changing hands twice.

So, all in all, I can wait a little longer for my "fix".

A second thought has come to me after perusing this thread again......

The PERFECT D&D movie is one that has no novels in the setting.

Therefore, DL, Eberron, FR, and parts of Greyhawk are out.

Leaving the Scarred lands, Freeport, Kalamar and others from small companies without a big budget.

Doing a movie from a "non-novelized" setting will make it fresh for everyone (and give a secret rush to those that support and play in that particular setting).

savagedave22 wrote:

So has anyone on my side of the globe gotten the new issue yet? I am In the U.S.A. Connecticut. Just curious as to when I'll recieve It. Sounds like a good Issue and I love the cover art that I have seen.



Got mine 3/10. (Derby, CT)
It's good. Not as good as "Here There be Monsters", but good, all the same.

Sexi Golem wrote:
I typically introduce myself as either a "heathen" or "self damned". Just cause they make for better conversation. I love arguing about religious beliefs with those that worship, and stirring up those who do not, but thats because I like to debate things. And the easiest way to find the dunces from a flock of believers or non belivers is to throw up a firery religious point then step back and watch the fun.

Usually I just hand out the calling card I had made up introducing myself as the God of Slaughter.

Everybody gets really quiet for a time after that.

I'm a small-engine mechanic.

I'm the guy that fixes your lawn mower, tractor, tiller, snowthrower and go-karts.
Good tips during the holiday season go a long way towards feeding the gaming monkey on my back.

Hmn. I personally LIKE the watermarks.

After reading Dungeon (and Dragon) for the past 20 years, the magazine has "grown up" and become something to look forward to every month.

The inclusion of (nearly) unobtrusive art in the background adds a mark of professionalism that seems complementary to the adventure.

Or, we could go back to the "Nostalgia Days" of issues below #50. Just seems like a step backward, in my opinion.

Well, If you are playing an Adventure Path, they need those levels to make it (to the endgame).

If it's a home game with multiple adventures, go with whatever works for you. Just be certain to give them an adventure that works, and not one that's "next in line", because they won't be able to handle it.

Oh. And yeah, 3.x advancement is too fast (player since 1982).

If you don't mind a few nights of paper folding and glue (mmmm...glue), try the Maiden of the High Seas from World Works Games.

It's a $15.00 (USD) download.

Well, I just fount out about it anyway.


Story over at

Another good one for horror is the soundtrack from Event Horizon.
The "heartbeat" that the ship made really gave me the creeps.

Someone already mentiond my other staple - Excalibur.

Some sound advice from ExquisiteDeadGuy - TAKE IT!
You'll be glad you did.

As an aside, my core group of friends were my gaming group in high school. After graduation, we all went our separate ways (a 13 year hiatus).

Now, we are all happily living within 1 town of each other (there are 4 of us, which is pretty amazing), and we get our game on once a month.

Don't give up those old books. Lots of nostalgia that can only be replaced with the outlay of more cash.

If you can't get a group, stay active in the online community, or get a subcription to Dragon and Dungeon. (Or if you want a more humerous look at gaming, go with Knights of the Dinner Table.)
Sure keeps reality at bay for me*

* - Got to go now. The nice men in the white coats are coming to give me my meds. (j/k)

I (for one) am willing to bet the PBM games are making a comeback because us "old timers" have a bit of nostalgia for them.

And by the way, you have seen that art style before, if you're old enough to remember the Grimtooth's Traps line of acessories. (nostalgic humor!)

Anyone looking for classics to be updated should start at ENWorld...

They have an area where you can dowload and upload conversions.

There are no text and graphics, however, as that would be a copyright violation. Just a bunch of statblocks listed for such-and-such pages.

There are quite a few conversions listed - most of the faves that were mentioned in this thread.

Others are showing their age - why not me?

Akalabeth - Apple II - monochrome


I agree mostly what was said in these posts.
Here is my list for you, as it sounds as though you're on a limited budget...

1) PHB
2) DMG
3) MM
4) Dungeon magazine subscription.
5) Any books you feel you absolutely have to have.

Get these as money allows...
5) MM2
6) MM3
7) FF
8) National Geographic Subscription

Get people to get you these as gifts...
9) Complete xxxxxxxx series
10) Subscription to Realms of Fantasy
11) any other books you want to have, but are low on your list.

I suggest you prioritze by going to Borders, B&N, or Walden, and sitting down in one of their comfy chairs and browsing through (more than) a few books, checking them out for content, and prioritizing your personal list into something you can distribute to your friends and family.

If you plan on being a collector, and not just a player, I would suggest buying from ebay, as it will stretch your dollars.

And for god's sake, get duplicates of the first three core rulebooks - you will wear them out.

I almost forgot. I agree with what has been said on these boards about Dragon Magazine. It has some useful background info on the current Age of Worms arc, but is not strictly Necessary. (although I personally have been a subscriber since issue #80, or thereabouts....the memory fades.) I'm a collector. I will continue my subs until they stop printing them.

While I would love to see my personal favorite (Kalamar - realistic, and works best as a low-magic setting) get some movie visuals, I don't think I could ever forgive myself if the movie didn't live up to my personal internal vision for the campaign setting.

(As I'm sure that everyone feels the same about their personal favorites.)

Darklands - 1992 MicroProse (11 5.25" floppys)

First game (to my knowledge) to have RT combat. Consistently goes upwards to $50 USD on Ebay for cd-rom version.

Actually, I'd like to see an AP go beyond 20th level - possibly even up to 30th (there are certainly enough monsters and whatnot to support it.)

Maybe for AP4 - even if it is a pipe dream.

Are the PDFs compatable (or can they be made compatable with) the Dragon Magazine CD collection?

.....Just hoping to have all my stuff in one place.

Yep. I'll put my vote in for slipcases.
Just don't forget the ones for Dragon, too.

$40k as a small engine mechanic (mowers, chainsaws, etc)

Paying a mortgage and just bought a new Wrangler Unlimited.

luckily, wifey makes just a little more than me.

QXL99 wrote:
I have a Masters of Divinity. No time to play since seminary, but I still like to keep up...

Yes, I've been meaning to talk to you about that....

I really need that heal spell for after the party this weekend.

** ducks thrown debris **

Fake Healer wrote:

Wow, looks like you guys scared off most of the lesser schooled posters. I'm a high school grad, took a few sem. at The Art Institute, dropped out, went to a tech school for computer ops. thats it. Hope more HS grads post.


Yep. Graduated HS. Never even thought about college. Coulda (woulda shoulda) studied computer science in college. Might have been retired now (age 38).

Age - 38
Gender - Male
Started Playing - 1982
Subscribed to Dungeon W/# - 125 (currently # 131)
Subscribed to Dragon W/# - 66 (currently # 340)

Although the number of my Dragon Magazines is almost as heavy as the U.s. Tax Code, I'm having a blast trying to collect all the back issues of Dungeon on E-Bay.

Yep. Started w/ Red Box. Played a few classics (never survived any, though). Almost lost the whole deal when the right-wingers scared the bejeesus out of everyone's parents in the '80s. Got back into playing just before the release of 3.x.
My group and myself are having a blast (although I can't get my DM to run any of the adventures in the magazine).

Nicolas Logue wrote:

Out of curiosity, what issue # is this going to be?

If I have calculated correctly - # 138

Are we going to see anything special for this breakthrough issue?

Specifically, what I had in mind was an update of one of the adventures in the Premire Issue, and an editorial sidebar to show just how far the game (and the writers, staff, printing processes, and everyone else involved) has come.

icequeen wrote:
I am looking for the Dragon Magazine issue number 20. I have searched everywhere i can think of for it. Does anyone know where i can find it?

Also, try

Usually, they have some on hand (don't expect to get away cheap, though) in varying stages of collectability.

Yeah, but not for 3.x.

IIRC, it was waaaaaaay back in the double digits somewhere.

Age: 37
Started playing: 1981 (age 12)

We really gave the G-D-Q series a run for its money, with all of us 5-8th level characters carrying around Frost Brands and Flame Brand swords.

We even kicked the bejeezus out of Lolth, too.

After graduating high school (1986), the game pool was quite dry until 1998, when three of my buddies from school moved back into the area. We have been meeting once a month in the same campaign ever since (we're all married).

Thank God our games are more mature and believeable now.

The current clack is that he drives a cab on the night shift - and wants nothing to do with gaming or gamers again (reread wormy with an anti-gamer slant if you don't believe me), and that he left TSR without picking up his last check.

It really too bad. I really liked his artistry.
Here's to adding my voice to the shout to return Dave to us!

hewhorocks wrote:

There is so much great material that has been published in Dungeon and Dragon but It's difficult to incorporate into my game because it means lugging around 20+ issues. Then flipping around searching for this article or that one. Is there any thought to issuing "best of" issues like in the old days? I know many of these ideas find their way in to official releases but an annual reference or compendium filled with the new feats, spells, flaws, clerical domains, you know what I'm talking about. Hey, make it availabe to subscribers only (if you were afraid it would hurt subscription sales) .... huh.... huh.... wow am I an idea man or what?

Alternativly, I would love to see updates to the Dragon archives cd-roms and dare I say on for Dungeon as well. I'll even print what I need up and put in a binder on my own if I have to!

Yeah...Not to be negative but....Don't hold your breath.

Paizo is going all-out creating a plethora of wonderful magazines for us (understaffed to boot). So much so that if they tried to do another "annual" issue, it would hold up production of the monthly mag.

As for updates on the CD-Rom - Copyright Issues. When the CD was released, there was no legalese covering electronic distribution. That is what allowed TSR to release the CD in the first place. Then the artists and authors had a big [REALLY BIG] uproar (can't say I blame them, though). Now everyone has a clause that states they reserve the rights to their contributions (not sure about submissions to Paizo, though).

As for making a database - sure you could, but don't post it anywhere, or you may just find yourself in court - see the copyright issues thingie above. Personal copies are not consridered "pirating" or "for profit". If unsure, or if you really want to post it somewhere, get permission from Paizo and TSR/WoTC/Hasbro (if your copies go back that far).

Or if you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat (full version), then you can add to your own CDs yourself. Definately not postable and will get you into a courtroom.

Maveric28 wrote:

Brand new to this post, and am having some problems with Paizo's delivery of my subscription, so I'm a little behind on this "flaws for feats" trick. Bear with me, please...

With these flaws, or traits, or whathaveyou, what are the rules of exchange? For example, what are the limits? Could a player conceivably take several flaws in exchange for several extra feats? ...if so, I can easily understand a DM's trepidation in allowing them in an ongoing campaign. While there are good role-players out there who play just for the challenge of it, and there are those purists who prefer to "let-the-dice-fall-where-they-may," there are and likely always will be Rules Rapists: those who want to squeeze the absolute maximum benefit out of each and every rule to get something for nothing, or at least much for little, at the expense of game balance. With such players (and DMs, we've ALL known some of them, I know), the possibilities for Player Abuse is staggering!

Don't remember how the article went, but here's another thing: Anti-feats.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you are probably not familliar with Kingdoms of Kalamar. From the same people who brought you Hackmaster and Knights of the Dinner Table.

Basically, you can choose 1 random feat per level (d1,000) and after you get your second anti-feat, you can choose another feat. They work the opposite of regular feats. For instance, the Weapon Focus feat gives you certain bonuses, while the Weapon Focus anti-feat gives you just the opposite, forcing a game rule enforcement, not just a role-play enforcement for the munchkinizers in your group.

One note: If you lose a prerequisite feat to an anti-feat, you lose access to that whole feat tree until you re-select the feat you lost when you took the random anti-feat.

Anti-feats can be found in the Kingdoms of Kalamar Villain Design Handbook, Ver. 3.0 (hardcover) or Ver. 3.5 (softcover) for $ 19.99 (IIRC).

Another good thing about this book, is that they give examples of Good villains; not the guys you love to hate, but actual good-aligned villains, and the reasons they might be villains to your group and their motivations.

As an alternative to flaws, there is also a little-known thing called the Anti-feat. (Detailed in the Kingdoms of Kalamar Villain Design Handbook.)

Essentailly, you can take one anti-feat at each level (randomly determined - d1000) to receive an extra feat.
A caveat - if you lose a prerequiste feat from a feat tree, you lose all access to that feat tree until you retake the feat that you lost.

P.S. - There are two versions of the Villain Design Handbook. Version 3.0 is hardcover, while the reprint (Ver 3.5) is softcover. I THINK that both versions retail for $ 19.99 U.S.D.

Irate Grizzly Bear wrote:


Why spend all that money on Adobe Acrobat when there's free "open source" software that does the same thing?


I was not aware of that. Please let me know what it is.


If you download the Maiden of the High Seas, be careful, because it took a BRAND NEW set of my color ink cartiges (HP deskjet) to print out the sucker.

Frickin' awesome ship, though. Great for waterborne/pirate adventuring.

If you go to the Worldworks site and download stuff, their messageboards are a great source of discussion for upgrades, tutorials, and other web friendliness.

See the Magazines on CD-ROM thread.

The short answer is ...Copyright issues.
When the CD came out, reproductions in electronic form wern't covered, so TSR got away with it.

Doesn't look hopeful for the rest of us collectors, though.

**As an aside, you could purchase a copy of Adobe Acrobat and create PDFs for your own personal use, but believe me, it's a lot of work (and da**ed expensive, too). **

I'm sorry. You actually cleared up what I had trouble putting into words (Dragon being the mouthpiece).

I'm not denying that they (Paizo) should continue to support and reinforce D&D and TSR/WOTC/Hasbro, but also to give support to worlds they don't own the rights to.

Kinda like it was in the old days.

Content for everything they own would still be 100% offical, right?

To go along with the thread I did for non-WOTC/TSR worlds, I think that every once in a while, an article supporting or updating an old world would be nice.

Say, updating Al-Quadim to 3.5e would be nice, or an article updating the Dark-Sun world.

Not as a full-issue update, but articles over time that update an old world would be nice (I think there was one for Dark-Sun recently).

I know I'm not going to be the only one on this, so I'll just throw it out there.

Dragon needs to do some support for Scarred Lands, Kalamar, (and now that Ebberon is going to be the default setting) and Greyhawk stuff. I know there will probably need to be some releases signed, but it will probably bring in more readers.
Other articles for other settings should be discussed also, so Paizo doesn't seem like the mouthpiece for a large corporation.


Issue # 66. First isuue I ever purchased.

As I was playing a thief at the time, I needed the Thieve's Cant Dictionary that was inside.

Got the CD-Rom, and I love it, but there's no substitute for holding the magazine in your hands.

By the way, the CD is great for looking up articles in the old mags...All you have to do is type in a keyword.

Need to complete my (actual) collection.

Need just about all the copies before #45.
Cash is about all I have to offer.

For anyone who wants the issues of Dragon # 1-250 (plus The Strategic Review) on CD, I would suggest at leats a weekly visit to e-bay or

Also, try for anything & everything D&D (1E)with descriptions.