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Cobalt Dragon

twells's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 116 posts (121 including aliases). No reviews. 6 lists. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have played a few casters in PFS. I stated them all out a 1st level. None of them died. None of them ha anything special at frist level to survive other than the normal full-caster stuff. This was all before re-training was allowed at second level.

Survivability is about putting yourself in the right position and not having some bad luck - not about stacking a first level character with a bunch of tools just to survive first level. Besides, any close calls are good character-builders in developing background and attitude.

Just make sure to get some healing in terms of a potion after the first adventure, and/or a wand of CLW after the second. Everything else is gravy.

Lantern Lodge

Just my $0.02, having played with familiars .... Diplomacy IS an often used skill check in PFS. Behind Perception, diplomacy is the most used skill, so keep that in mind. And a talking familiar is handy for delivering messages.

However, a squirrel sock puppet would be something to behold ....

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I wold rule that it would work, because of this statement:

"Swarms made up of Diminutive or Fine creatures are susceptible to high winds, such as those created by a gust of wind spell. For purposes of determining the effects of wind on a swarm, treat the swarm as a creature of the same size as its constituent creatures."

I do not see why cloudkill would not work (AOE that can easily kill most diminutive/fine creatures in 6 secs), while gust of wind would, other than the fact that RAW, that is what it says.

Again, my $0.02.

Lantern Lodge ***

Wow, I am late in the ovation, but no less enthusiastic. You GM style and storytelling has been thoroughly enjoyable. Well played.

Lantern Lodge ***


Research Specialist
Extra Hours


Mounted Tradition
A few more available ... let me know what you need!

Lantern Lodge

I would concur .. you can only force perspective when you can completely control where they view the image from.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.
anthonydido wrote:

For a while I was curious where everyone was getting the "12" maximum number from but after a few more posts I think I know where the confusion comes from for those thinking the cap can be raised.

The parenthesis is placed after the part that says +1 per 3 caster levels so you are thinking that the maximum is a figure of the caster level. In other words you think it is 1d4 + (1 per 3 CL (maximum 8)).

I would say that is a valid argument except for one word that they have that you are missing. It says "maximum 8 images total". Total means it is the sum of something. The only things that are added together within the spell are the dice result and the bonus images based on caster level.

So, the equation would be 1d4 + (1 per 3 CL) = X. X is the total and that total cannot exceed 8. Therefore you can never have more than 8 images.

Empowered equation would be (1d4 + 50%)+(1 per 3 CL)= X. X is still a maximum of 8.

That is not how empower works. The spell effect subject to Empower is (1d4 + 1 per 3 CL) x 1.5. What we are saying is that the MAX function is inside the parenthesis in the previous example, therefore it is subject to the Empower function.

This is supported by the structure of the sentence of the spell description, where the maximum is in parenthesis right after the equation. This would imply that it is a maximum cap of the variable function. A separate clause or sentence stating the maximum by itself would strongly support that there can never be more than 8 images - ever.

As it is written, it supports a reading wither way. I just happen to think, and I am not alone, that there is a stronger argument that empower applies to the entire variable, with the max cap included in the multiplying by a half.

Until someone of game authority steps in to clarify otherwise, you can expect table variation.

Lantern Lodge

seebs wrote:

There are two readings on the table.

Reading #1: The number of images created is a variable effect of the spell. It is "1d4 + L/3, to a maximum of 8".
Reading #2: The maximum is a non-variable, and the effect which is variable is a number which is not actually an effect, but rather, which is computed and then shoved through a filter to produce an effect. So the numeric variable is "1d4 + L/3", which would then be subject to effects like maximize or empower, and then the result of that subjected to a maximum of 8.

I think it's easier to say "1d4+L/3, maximum of 8" is the variable numeric effect, in which case you compute this value (producing a value which is at most 8), then multiply it by 1.5.

I would concur that Reading #2 is the correct interpretation. The MAX function is a property of the variable & bonus effects of the spell, which is then multiplied by the Empower feat.

Lantern Lodge

Remy Balster has it correct .. the 8 max. is intrinsic to the original spell effect, which is then multiplied by the Empowered feat.

Lantern Lodge ***

Wow, that 150th kinds snuck up on me. Way to go! SD is better off with you in the mix!

Lantern Lodge ***

Want: Research Specialist

Have: A lot available ... let me know what you need!

Lantern Lodge

Sorcerers are much more scary to a party. Just because you saved last time vs. the glitterdust doesn't mean you will be able to do it again. A sorcerer can spam a lot more nastier stuff than a wizard and make it stick.

Lantern Lodge

Quick search found the following:

James Jacobs on Pits

There might be a better FAQ, but my search foo needs work.

Lantern Lodge

How did a huge creature (scarlet worms) fit in a large pit?

Lantern Lodge

As a player who prefers magic-users (both sorcerers and wizards), here is my $0.02 on metamagic and the arcanist.

Sorcerer’s still have one advantage in metamagic in that metamagic takes spells slots – your highest ones usually. Sorcerer’s have more of these, and will continue to have more of these. I do not think that the designers will allow a double-dip on the slot-reducing metamagic traits (Magical Lineage and Wayjang Spellhunter) – it will be an overall reduction of the final spell level cast.

Being able to prep them beforehand is handy, but applying metamagic on the fly will still be a full-round action. Also, you still have to spend the feats to get the metamagic, so there is no bonus to either class on that front.

So there you go.

Lantern Lodge

If you are talking about the Bloodline Arcana ability, then no .. not without a dip. The bloodline powers are available (as mentioned by Towerfall) through the Eldritch Heritage Feats.

Lantern Lodge

Back on OP point: I would never drop illusion. Mirror Image is the single best defensive buff for a fighter at almost any level.

Lantern Lodge ***

I wish I were better at names, but I am not.

My favorite names from others to date are:

Mewanna Snusnu - Female Barbarian from Miwangi
Dunderklumpen - Name is just too kool.

Lantern Lodge ***

Lamontius wrote:

elixir of spirit sight

probably saved my party from a tpk in redacted due to redacted
but while my party was going 'awesome job bro dude' I did not respond with 'yeah okay now give me gold for my 1k elixir i just drank'


wait sorry this is about wands

ugh my head hurts

I believe I played -redacted- and used the Elixir of Spirit Sight for the exact same reason to prevent the exact same consequence.

Lantern Lodge ***

SCPRedMage wrote:
redward wrote:

In case it isn't actually clear to people, the point isn't to make sure that every expense is split evenly down to the last copper piece.

The point isn't to make sure that each HP restored is paid in full by the person that lost it.

The point is to have enough respect for your fellow players to not show up intentionally un- or under-prepared.

The point is to not expect your party to provide resources that you could easily have brought yourself.

And you can any of the above with some arbitrary "value" system where your contributions or role are somehow worth more than another player's, such that they should be paying for your services (with healing, etc.). But to me, it comes off as a pretty flimsy excuse to have others pay for stuff because you can't be bothered.

I'm sorry wands of CLW aren't as fun as potions of Enlarge Person or Fly. You should probably still consider getting one.

Dear lord, a thousand times THIS.

I would concur. THIS is the essence of what is being said.

Lantern Lodge ***

Congrats Athurva,

Your tables are always enjoyable.

I do not know why everyone thinks your tables are so deadly - you have yet to even put a character of mine in the dirt (well, maybe once, but that was an un-tiered dream-fight, so it doesn't count!)

Well done, mugs held high, Trevor

Lantern Lodge ***

As a primary melee combatant, Elixir of Spirit Sight (1,000 gp) is a MUST at any middle to higher tier. This item single-handedly prevented a TPK at high tier in a recently released scenario. Gives see invisibility, as well as ghost touch on both your weapons and armor vs. incorporeal. At that moment, was worth 10 times the price.

Lantern Lodge ***

I had completely overlooked the fact that you have dented his soul ... well played sir.

Lantern Lodge ***

Congrats on both the 4th star and the VL position ... well earned on both parts.

Maybe the extra star and new position will mean you can actually put a dent in my Dragon Disciple.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I sounded like an encounter that would be formative in the development of a character. Having your behind handed to you every so often keeps the thrill relevant.

I had a character who was beaten up so bad in his early adventuring days by a huge earth elemental that even at level twelve, I fear them as a player. Every time they are summoned, I panic a little until they actually hit me ... then I see that my memory of that beating was much harsher than the actual beating.

Dragons can be tough, especially if they either have terrain advantages (think black dragon in a swamp or bog where all movements is restricted except his) or ability to use their aerial mobility. The last is especially true for huge or larger dragons with their fly-by attacks. It sounds like you put yours in a cave where they are confined and at their weakest. A challenging encounter, but not too tough.

Since you gave them an out, I would say you have done everything a good GM does for his players.

Lantern Lodge ***

Some of the BEST faction missions, in terms of fluff and fun, have been Cheliax.

Some of the HARDEST faction missions to accomplish have been Taldor.

I would hate to see either of these go.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

While battlefield control spells can be good, a poorly placed one REALLY will frustrate your primary damage dealers and unnecessarily extend combat time. Just keep this in mind.

Lantern Lodge

Further clarification from James Jacobs on the Oracle of appropriate level using UMD for a Revelation outside his / her mystery.

James' additional response to a similar question about the Ring of Revelation.


James Jacobs wrote: wrote:

Ring of Revelation: No. This ring grants access to a revelation. It does not allow the wearer to choose what revelation it grants, though; that's hardcoded into the ring. You can't Use Magic Device to change this any more than you can to change a wand of fireball into a wand of gaseous form.

Soothsayer's Raiment: Same thing.

PolydactylPolymath wrote: wrote:

Sorry, I didn't phrase that properly. What I meant was: can an Oracle of a given mystery use UMD to emulate a different mystery in order to access the revelation coded into the ring?

For example: Suppose a Nature oracle who finds a ring of revelation containing "Sacred Council" from the Ancestor mystery. Can s/he use UMD to emulate the Ancestor mystery class feature and thereby access the "Sacred Council" revelation from the ring (assuming s/he continues to make the requisite UMD checks every hour to continue emulating the Ancestor mystery)?

James Jacobs wrote: wrote:

Yes. That's using the "emulate a class feature," in this case, the class feature of having the Ancestor mystery. I guess, in theory, you could do that if you were ANY class, though. Which may not be the way I've interpreted the ability before.

As always, though, your GM has the last say.

Lantern Lodge

redward wrote:

I'm mostly going by James' response to a similar question about the Ring of Revelation. I know he's not an official rules guy, but his read is the same as mine. It's pretty clearly worded that you have to be an Oracle and you have to have the right Mystery.

Especially this:

James wrote:
Furthermore, the ring specifically says that it has no effect if worn by a non-oracle.
It also specifically says you have to have the right mystery.

Normally, I would agree with you. But James' ruling did not rule out an oracle of appropriate level using revelation outside his mystery.

Lantern Lodge

Artanthos: Interesting point. The turning your back kind of goes against the "there is no facing" part of Pathfinder.

Also, if one were to don a blindfold, one is making it impossible (for the moment) to see. I would rule that according to the Blinded condition definition, they are effectively blinded.

Per the PRD : (highlight is mine)

Blinded: The creature cannot see. It takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class, loses its Dexterity bonus to AC (if any), and takes a –4 penalty on most Strength- and Dexterity-based skill checks and on opposed Perception skill checks. All checks and activities that rely on vision (such as reading and Perception checks based on sight) automatically fail. All opponents are considered to have total concealment (50% miss chance) against the blinded character. Blind creatures must make a DC 10 Acrobatics skill check to move faster than half speed. Creatures that fail this check fall prone. Characters who remain blinded for a long time grow accustomed to these drawbacks and can overcome some of them.

Lantern Lodge

@Ganymede: You are making the assumption that closing your eyes for 1 sec is sufficient to negate the illusionary effects. Avoiding the gaze attack scenario is a good analogy to trying to accomplish bypassing the mirror image - it takes longer than blinking you eyes to avoid a gaze attack. If you are not going to be fooled by the illusion, you have to use the force Luke - don't trust your eyes, they can deceive you.

All kidding aside, I think a good portion of the advise is that if you want to get the benefits of negating the most annoying part of Mirror Image, you have to take the penalties. The hardcore answer is that there is no way to do it unless you are really blinded or the target has total concealment from you.

You could also invest in some Dust of Appearance as suggested by Treesmasha, although I do not think the Glitterdust spell would work by itself, as the spell description explicitly says it works on revealing invisible things.

Lantern Lodge

I would argue that closing your eyes, or giving yourself the "blinded" condition, would have to be more than a blink or two in order not to be fooled by the Mirror Image spell. Hence, it would have to be long enough to suffer the consequences of that condition until your nest turn.

As it has been stated before, actions which happen simultaneously have been segregated into turns in order to facilitate game play. This would mean that the rogue behind you would be attacking while you were closing your eyes to all other dangers in order to not be tricked by the Mirror Image spell.

Having played in the Pathfinder Society now for 5 years, which takes the more stringent rule interpretations, I have not seen this tactic ruled in any other way.

If your GM buys the argument that you can get all of the benefits of being blind without any of the penalties, good for you. I would not expect that take to be universal.

Lantern Lodge

Closing eyes helps .. but remember you must suffer all the penalties for being blind.

Blinded: The creature cannot see. It takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class, loses its Dexterity bonus to AC (if any), and takes a –4 penalty on most Strength- and Dexterity-based skill checks and on opposed Perception skill checks. All checks and activities that rely on vision (such as reading and Perception checks based on sight) automatically fail. All opponents are considered to have total concealment (50% miss chance) against the blinded character. Blind creatures must make a DC 10 Acrobatics skill check to move faster than half speed. Creatures that fail this check fall prone. Characters who remain blinded for a long time grow accustomed to these drawbacks and can overcome some of them.

Just don't let the mirror-imaged arcanist's rogue friend catch you with your eyes closed.

Lantern Lodge ***

From my PC's point of view, it would be best to just ignore these newcomers to the Pathfinder Society. Goblins by their very nature are pretty much self-extinguishing :) Of course, everything around them gores up in smoke ...

Lantern Lodge

The cracked Orange Ioun stone adds one cantrip or orison spell to user’s spells known or prepared.

Didn't see anyone mention it earlier.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd say ignore the haters and play what you want. I have a Barb/Monk/DD that I love to play and could care less if someone calls cheese.

One man's cheese is another's sandwich garnish.

Lantern Lodge

james maissen wrote:
Artanthos wrote:
james maissen wrote:
Two words: True Seeing.
By the time True Seeing comes into play, I would hope the party has other resources available.

Obscuring mist never goes out of style.

It is always wonderful for dealing with mindless enemies triggered by sight. In 3.5 there were the spell turret traps and this was always their Achilles' heel.

Having ways to block line of sight and obfuscates without save or divination solutions is very nice. Tiny hut is also a nice spell for that reason.


Mindless enemies are confounded just as easily by Silent Image and would have no reason to "interact" with it.

Not saying it is better the Obscuring Mist, but definitely an underused spell.

I also find Obscuring Mist hampers my own party just as significantly as the enemy, and slows down combat a lot. So unless we are getting pwned by archers, I do not normally use it unless the situation is dire.

Lantern Lodge ***

I play up always when it is available (with the exception to Season 4 scenarios) because I like the challenge, and the players in my area are good with respect to teamwork, party roles, etc. It is usually more and I feel like we actually accomplish great things.

I would rather have a character take a memorable dirt nap than to walk through a scenario with little to no risk.

Lantern Lodge

fictionfan wrote:

Given that most people here agree that wizards are better in a longer time frame (day to prepare). I would say that at the higher levels wizards are better because of all the very good escape spells and other spells that allow you to dictate the pace of the campaign.

I always find it funny when I see threads where DM's complain that their players never run. My DM complained that I always ran (usually teleported) when I was at the slightest disadvantage or even if it looked like if would be a fair fight. Then I would sry and died (or other tactics) with overwhelming advantage the next day.

While it is true that you can run, you can also fail your objective if you do. Needed to rescue the Princess before they sacrificed here in the ritual? The gate to the demiplane is only open for a few hours?

Maybe that is why I see so many more sorcerers is PFS - there is a time limit.

Lantern Lodge ***

nosig wrote:

Here's an odd tactic.

Fighting a creature with a bunch of Mirror Images up...
Close your eyes before you swing. You now have a 50% miss chance, rather than a 1 in X of hitting.

A useful tactic, but be prepared for a judge to rule that you are effectively blind for the rounds that you are "closing your eyes".

Lantern Lodge ***

For my .002 ... the save feats are WAY more useful than Reactionary. Can't tell you how many times the +1 (+5%) has saved my character from a save or die (suck) situation which could have ended in a TPK. Going 1 or two places before the bad guys has rarely seemed to make that much of a difference, when placed in this perspective.

Lantern Lodge ***

This post seems to have gone dormant, but I have the following I would like to trade for if anyone is interested:


Triple Race Option (Nagaji, Wayang, Kitsune)
Trained Eye (+2 Perception)
Unexpected Inheritance x2
Free Vanity x2


Other interesting stuff.

PM me if you are interested.

Lantern Lodge

Love the discussion!

My intent was indeed "Gandalf" ... stupid fat fingers hit the wrong key and you can't edit the title after it has been submitted.

Lantern Lodge

Late night thought ...

If one was to reproduce Gandalf in Pathfinder, what would your build look like?

Yes, I know that it is a hard because Gandalf did things that no single class really encompasses ... but within the PF rule-set, how would you accomplish a build as close to the core of Gandlaf as you could get?

He looks human, but is much more closer to a aasimar if you delve into the books. He is listed as a "wizard" frequently, but seems to cast spells more like a sorcerer. Then again, that staff looks an awful lot like and arcane bond. And he obviously has a lot on skills in the knowledge areas ...

Specialist Wizard? Sage Sorcerer? Magus? ('cuz of the whole sword thing)


Lantern Lodge

IMHO, Silent Image and its ilk have always been able to be animated. You can create creatures per the text, and it says you can move the object within the limits of the spell.

The weakness of silent image is its lack of any other sensations other than visual.

Lantern Lodge ***

Robert is right ... but you do have to come with basic preparations.

Darkest Vengeance is one of those and is very tough for a party which does not have the basic counters to situations accounted for.

Lantern Lodge ***

Congrats Bruce ... and will all those mods, you haven't killed me yet!

Lantern Lodge ***

My 0.02,

1st Level

If you choose not carry a Wand of Cure Light Wounds, you should not expect others to heal you. This should be you first expenditure of 2 pp. This is central to the whole combat system folks, and the way the current scenarios are stacking up, if you play at tier, you will need them.

Lantern Lodge ***

I have to throw my 0.02 in for our local GM extraordinaire Eric Brittan. As a GM, one of a kind. As a man, one of the kindest.

And, has been the only one to put my DD down for a dirt nap in the last 12 scenarios.

Lantern Lodge

Since magic items are typically a standard action to activate, and given that you can "teach" a ring a version being cast or active, it would seem, barring clarification or FAQ, that it is a standard action to teach this ring a spell.


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