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tony gent's page

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I think Kthulhu makes a good point in older systems there where less rule options so to make your character different you had to use good role playing to make them unique
Where as now you just go down a list of options in the rule books to get the character you want to play it requires less imagination as there are rules for almost everything.
Now I'm not totally against have plenty of choices for characters and I think that the feat system is one of the best parts of 3.x and PF
But they need to be used as an aid in role playing to develop your character not just a list of bonuses to add more math to the character
I'm sure we all know players who pick strange Feats and extra classes JUST for the mechanical bonuses they give and not because they make for a fun and unique character
This of course is all just my opinion

Hi all just wondering what you think the name old school gaming means to you ?
Is it just a reference to how long someone's been gaming or do you think it describes a style of play.
Your thoughts please

I love that my new son will get to be christened by our vicar before she retires in October .
As she married my wife and I christened my other two sons and sadly buried our daughter

I love that this threads been going for over 4 years

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I love that my older two son's love there baby brother so much that they argue over who gets to cuddle him first in the morning

I'm not talking about my table .
I noticed the gung ho attitude when I was at a convention a few months ago this was confirmed to me by conversations I had with some of the ref's who where running a lot of pfs games

Well still lots of good stuff being posted
But I still feel that raising characters is to easy and cheap let's be real most pc's have 7k going spare by the time there able to have casters of a level high enough to cast raise dead.
And death needs to be something to fear otherwise players just act recklessly never fearing the consequences of their actions.
So how about the players lose a % of there total xp when they die enough to be a pain but not so much that they are forever a lvl behind the party
Or they could just not receive any xp for the fight they died in , or just have a limit on how meny times you can be brought back to life
It's just that I've seen to meny players who's characters just charge at anything they meet safe in the knowledge that so long as someone survives the fight they'll be brought back.

No fair I thought I was the zombie coffee and mints course

Hi all a lot of interesting stuff here maybe I should have made my postion clear.
I'm not against players bringing back dead characters with magic in whatever form
, I just feel that it should be more difficult than just spending a few grand and spending a few days in bed.
There needs to be a lasting cost to being brought back to life be it lvl loss or a stat loss
I also feel that it should take time to do as in hours of preparation for the casting of the spell.
I think the best example in movies of how I feel raise dead should be is in the original conan movie, the scene where they have covered him in runes and still have to fight of the spirits to keep his soul in his body.
This is of course just my opinion but I think it could make for some dramatic gaming as the party have to all help the prist to save there friends
It could almost be a mini adventure
You could even say that the more holy the place the easier it is for healer to cast the spells needed, and so going to a major temple or church would benefit the process

Following on from another thread I posted just a quick question how afraid are your players of character death ?
I ask because it appears from these boards that most view it as a speed bump on the road of adventure rather than the cliff it should be

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Maybe I should clarify that as a DM I'm not into killing players if there just unlucky bad s%$~ happens in game (as in real life) but I would rather leave a player unconscious and bleeding out giving there comrades a chance to save them than just finish them off.
But I've also seen players acting dumb because they wrongly believe that I won't just kill characters.
In fact in a recent game a second lvl character picked a fight with a much higher lvl npc and for 7 or 8 rounds the npc just toyed with him doing 1 or 2 points of damage each round
The player then got a lucky crit which took about a third of the npc's hit points and he made a smug remark in character to annoy the npc so next round the npc did a full attack which left him on minus 30+ hit points .
The player then kicked off that it wasn't a fair fight and he had no chance when several of the other players all said "but you started it you f%*#wit"

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I would be more interested in new campaign settings than a 2nd edition
Or even just generic sanarios that you put anywhere you want in a game world

@ Anzyr what if the party is unable to cast those spells because they don't have them or are to low level
then how do they feel

Hello everyone I just wondered how your players react to sudden character death ?
Are they ok with a bad dice roll wasting there character or do they kick of big time and birch no end about how it's unfair

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I love that my new baby boy is back at home with his brothers
Despite being born 4 weeks early due to complexations

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I love that tomorrow I'll get to hold my new son for the first time being a father is the greatest thing to ever happen to me

I like pathfinder a lot it's core system is good and robust.
But I'm finding that all the extra options unnecessary and are just as likely to detract from the game as to add anything.
Also it seems to me that a lot of people on these boards demand that there be rules for everything that could possibly happen, instead of just abiding by there DM'S rulings as they don't trust them to be fair.
It just seems to me that maybe pathfinder and it's developers are maybe worrying to much about bringing out more rules options and should maybe think about producing more one off adventures or source books that deal with the setting rather than the rules
Well that's just my opinion (I know if I don't say that some people will go ballistic at my post )

I love trying new ales

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I love that my son would sooner go for a walk in the woods .
Than go to the movies

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I love spending sunny days with my family at a fun amusement park

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I love spending sunny afternoons at the beach with my family

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Oh we want to learn how to defend ourselves from knives do we !
Well when some homercidel manic comes at you with a bunch of logan berry's don't come crying to me

I love sitting in the garden on a sunny afternoon watching my two boys play while I drink ice cold cider and read my latest book for "the one ring" rpg

I love the fact that I'm play other games than pathfinder and as such spend less time on the boards arguing with power gaming munchkins
Sorry I mean optermizers

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My advice for what it's worth take a few days off with you lady just pack your car draw up a list of interesting places that our at least a couple of hours away and pick one drive there find a motel and spend a few days looking at the local sights doing nothing but enjoying each others company and do nothing to do with your normal life's
As they say a change is as good as a rest

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I love having family movie afternoons with my wife and two boys all eating hot popcorn

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I love taking my boys to feed the ducks in the park and having lunch by the lake

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I love having a sunny day for my son's third birthday

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I love the fact that while out shopping with my son he buys his brother a gift with his birthday money

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I love going shopping with my son so he can spend his birthday money

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I love spending the day with my wife and boy's at the park followed by a lovely Sunday roast at my parents house

You did fine gave them plenty of chances to reconsider there actions.
Sounds like they are assuming that you won't kill them at first level
And you know what they say about assumption?
It's the mother of all f@!% ups

a t-rex as an animal companion guess he wont be going to many cities or towns or villages or hamlets or thorps or even farms every commoner who sees that will run a mile

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I love knowing that my wife and I are expecting our third son

Yeah we are but the main problem maker can be a cock sometimes and he's managed to piss us all off at one time or another

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I love that tomorrow I'll find out the sex of my unborn chilid

Cheating plain and simple.
Recently a player dropped out of our group but left his character for us to run till we can find a new player, I was running the character and had fairly good luck on my dice rolls I still did nothing like the damage that this character normal kicks out.
So had quick break to reread character and see if I was missing something but no had allowed for all bonuses etc but was still falling very short of his norm.
Then we realised he always used to roll all his to hit and damage rolls at once into a shallow tray which none of us could easily see into .
So mystery solved biggest thing was he was the loudest complainer about cheating power gaming etc

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I love helping my boys make a mothers day card

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Are you still arguing the toss about this ?
Just agree to disagree

Paladins have to be held to a higher standard he should take the guy as a kind of servant and explain that he will give him a chance to redeem himself under the Paladins guidance
Failing to meet the standards the paladin sets by example will result in his execution .
This way the wrong doer has a chance to redeem himself

The kind of thing I'm talking about is not just about how powerful there characters are on paper.
But how they did more damage than the other characters and killed the most monsters in the game and even putting other players down for not being able to keep up with there damage output .
to me it doesn't matter who kills what in combat so long as the party is victorious
I can't see soldiers in the real world keeping score , to me what matters is everybody plays there part and supports each other so the party wins the fight

I'm not talking about how well players build there characters but how much they feel the need to brag about it

This is a question that's been bothering me for a while now and was made more apperant after I was at a con where pfs run about 120+ games .
I spent a fair amount of time chatting to the refs and listening in on the games now everyone seemed to be having fun and getting into the games but I did notice that there was a lot of "one up manship" going on between players and what appeared to be an over riding concern with being the most powerful character at the table.
Now I have nothing against players wanting there character to do well but I've always played that the party doing well is more important

The main question is are you using a "quarter"staff or a "buck and a quarter" staff

And this is why to many options can be a bad thing

I've read on a number of posts that player's seem to have trouble trusting there D.M to be fair and consistent in his running of the game.
And I was just wondering how meny players do trust there D.M,s to play fair as I've only ever had one D.M that I didn't trust and I've been a player for 34 years.
Is this problem as widespread as it seems or is it just a vocal minority

Power creep occurs when players make choices Purley for the effect it has on the game mechanics.
This leads to some odd characters with strange class choices taken Purely because having a level in A will give you access to X.Y.Z
And the more options you have gives players more ways to achieve this and the Internet allows for people to share this with a larger audience of people
And sadly when one person does it in a group others will copy it's what I call the
"Gamer see Gamer do" Mentality

In my games I seldom pull punches and have killed of a few players.
I have fudged a few rolls over the years but only when the players are doing everything right but the dice gods have been against them but I won't make it easy for them and they have to work for every xp

Picking up on an earlier point there has to be trust between DM and players
Players need to trust the DM to be fair and impartial in all things game related
And the DM needs to trust the players to be honest about there characters

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