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tony gent's page

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I quite enjoy low magic games as it often forces the players to be more creative in there game play.
As I've often found players become very dependant on there magic user having just the spell for this occasion , to often have i witnessed interesting and well thought out encounters bypassed or walked over because one of the casters in the group pulls out a wired spell which he's never cast before and probably will never cast again.
Im not say that magic should never be the answer to the problem just it shouldn't be the answer all the time.
And also if magic is a little more rare then it can keep some of its sense of mystery and not become just another thing that players do because they can

My god where did you dig this thread up from

What a truly sad thing to do
How about you sit the guy down and talk to him about his character . As a DM you are ment to remain neutral in ALL things game related not kill someone's character just because YOU didn't like


Captains in the Royal Navy are still taught how to use a sextun (i know that's probably spelt wrong )
British nuclear submarines spend there entire 6 week patrol underwater submurgeing and surfacing with in there covered docks

Hi Mark sorry to hear your having a few problems with your game.
I remember you talking about it on another thread and i thought it sounded like a great idea
Most of the guys i game with are old friends , and we hang out when we can ( which isn't often any more due to work and kids ) but we meet up at birthday parties and the like plus a load of us are going away for a mini games convention which is always a blast.
If you ever want to bounce any ideas about the pm me i love to talk about gaming and ideas for games
Can't wait for my boys to be old enough to play

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Are you guys serious about being worried about there being legal problems because your refusing to let a guy play in your group !!!!!!
Sorry but coming from England that seems like one f*#%ed up legal system

I think piano should consider printing more one off adventures which are not part of any ap or area specific
As i like there ap's a lot but dont alwayswant to play or run 6 linked adventures

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Hi all ok firstly I've just scanned this thread quickly but to my way of thinking the game is not a competition between players there is no winning as an individual just as a group .
If the party defeats the bad guys , solves the mystery , saves the realm whatever then they win as a group.
sure mages are powerful in a battle but they need support from others to stay safe especially when there getting sack time.
And remember what ever tricks and tactics players can come up with so can the DM

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This really sucks a very funny a talented man prayers for his family

Tell them that your not pulling punches and they need to know there limits
And if that don't work kill them
In character of course

Treat him like any other character if he dies then he dies don't sweat it none

Man you hit the nail right on the head there my friend could not agree more with EVERYTHING you said

Pacing is always tricky it just takes experience but remember you don't have to finish an adventure each session let the players set the pace
Sometimes players will spend ages on something that you thought would only take 5 minutes just go with the flow

I got to meet Gary once at a gencon in Manchester in the UK by total chance he was staying in the same hotel as me
I can down one morning to see him sitting in the lobby drinking and reading a paper so i went over just to say thanks for all the fun times i had had playing D&D i didn't want to disturb him to much but he invited me to sit and we chatted for about 20 minutes or so tell his car arrived yo take him to the con it was a great experience from a true gentleman
I will always remember his last words as he got up "play the game how you want and have fun if it stops being fun then stop playing"
Well 34 years and counting and im still having fun
Here's to you Gary god bless you

You could allow him to drop points from other stats to raise his charisma
He's got the stats to do it but would say can't raise it above say 6 which is still pretty crap

A very cool thing to do well done all at paizo
Things like this show peoples true character (no pun intended )

Very cool always been a fan

There free to do what they please but I've put a plot hook in early on they get there as the unwelcome passenger on a ship which is carrying a powerful lich who is seeking certain powerful and ancient magic items
So the can try to get out or just stay and start fresh or try to foil the bad guy
I've also got some different types of magic items a common one will be spell tiles instead of scrolls or potions you have to break the tile to use them
So they can go off by accident or cam by used as traps .
I've also got lots of clues as to what's happened and where they are so should be good

Thank you only player in group who has played it before is my brother but that was about 20 years ago

Yep number ones on the money

No it has the same gods they are just inside the planet like a dyson sphere the curve of the planet is going upwards from the players point of view

That which does not kill me will wish it had by the time I'm finished with it .
We are the mosh we are here sniff that coke smoke that gear , We are the mosh we don't need luck we fight dirty them run like f&#~ .

I tell all my players at the start you can play what ever you like but remember its an adventurewho knows where you will end up don't complain when your wilderness expert ranger ends up in a dungeon or your urban spy master spends weeks treaking through a desert .
Be ready for anything

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All systems have this problem the more they release the more chance that people find fault with things i think the best way is if you don't like something don't use it all the rules are optional as long as every one playing knows what you are and are not using there should be no problems

Hi all i'm starting a new campaign and im going to throw a big curve ball at the party.
The games going to start normal enough but very quickly the party is going to end up in the oldhollow world setting from basic D&D (with a few changes) the idea behind it is the characters will be in a totally diffrent enviroment the whole world is filled with monsters and cultures from anichent history but twisted as it has evoled very differently from there world.
Things like it is always noon and the sun is red not real sunlight there are floating islands miles over there heads and the lands between citys is truly wild
Your thoughts please
Ps forgive the poor spelling but my smart phones is not being to smart

Come on guys would like a little feed back on my idea what are your thoughts

Well im starting a campaign soon going to use the old known world of basic D&D to start then very quickly dump them into the hollow world settling
And as only one player in group (my brother ) has ever played in hollow world before it will all be new to them
I've told them it will be an adventure in even sense of the word

Also the sheer amount of spells that are available now means that there is magic for all occasions there is very little a high lvl magic user can't do
So maybe the answer is to have fewer spells

Hi all when using the feat vital strike in a full attack do i have to use my first attack as it has my full attack bonus or can i use any attack
Also i assume i can use power attack at the same time also can i use vital strike with a ranged weapon

I took a lot of crap at school before they found out about me playing D&D so i just got more hassle and bullying
That all stopped when in the course of one week i punched the lights out of one of the main bullys then a couple of days later i flattened one of the biggest guys in the school while playing rugby

DR is taken off the TOTAL damage done for each attack regardless of how many dice are rolled

Firstly never seen that style before so i was impressed im sure there are better demos but im not bothered about that
Secondly a having done medieval reinactmts a large shield is about one and a half to two times the size of those shields a tower shield is more than three times that size
Thirdly they are modified as some of the moves are clearly slashing attacks so the edge would need to be sharpened to have any real effect
Lastly true martial arts means fighting style but as the monk in pathfinder is very much based on the Asian monk and there knowledge of fighting styles i stand by my idea that it would make more sense if it was one of the monks combat styles we have monks here in the UK but they are men of god who have no knowledge of any fighting style
As for the metagaming thing lets agree to disagree

Having watched the link above about the guy wielding two shields i was impressed .
But the shields are of a special design and they don't strap to the arm in the normal way they are also smaller than a standard heavy shield .
Also the guy is clearly a martial artist so would suggest that duel shield wielding could be a monk style of combat ( something that might make monks more appealing )
Also one question to the op did you choose this style of fighting based on story fluff or rules crunch if it was purely the latter then that's metagaming

I agree with Wheldrake i read the post i understand the math i just can't agree with the concept how would dual wielding of shields come about when in the characters life did he say" i know instead of having a sword or axe or mace in my hand to fight with I'll use another shield " it makes no sense in character .
I understand that shield bashing make sense and through out history warriors have used that tactic but when you can do more damage with a shield (ment to protect you ) than you can with a sword (which is designed to kill ) its just doesn't make sense

Personally i prefer a low to moderate magic lvl where minor magic items like scrolls and potions are fairly common as are low power weapons and armour ( read +1/+2 ) but anything else is rare and powerful items are only ever found on adventures

Well its only polite to ask but thanks guys its the little things like this that i have trouble with

JoeJ i like what your trying to do i also feel that magic is abused by a lot of players
Which is fine if that's how they like to play
But what sort of feel are you going for a lord of the rings type game ( which is very low magic when you think about it ) or a more conan the barbarian type of game where magicians also rare and feared
Low magic can be done but you need to be careful when you get to higher lvls things like DR/magic can cause real problems also monsters with spell like abilities can be very powerful

Merchants are not above price fixing
Even today with super markets boasting how they have so many products cheaper than there competitor and here in the UK at least the most common price difference is just one penny
So merchants are not above price fixing why compete with each other when all can over charge

I know that there are clear rules for the cost of magic items but I've been thinking that items that would be in high demand like healing potions and wands of healing would demand a higher price as adventures have money to burn they could afford to pay more and merchants being merchants are going to try to pump the price a little
Your thoughts please

Unless the treasure is something they may want to use like potions or magic weapons then it should be somewhere safe like there lair
As for coins it depends how much treasure you roll up and how many of them there are
So if you roll up say 200 gp then ten orcs could have that between them but one bugbear may well have it stashed
But they should have something even if just gear

In the rules it states creatures adjacent to the skeleton takes 1d6 fire damage so i would say yes if they are adjacent to several skeletons at once so in theory you could surround a pc and roast him

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England was been to war with every country in Europe except Portugal
Australia is moving north about 5 cm a year
One of Jupiter's moons (can't recall which one) has so many active volcanoes that it turns it self inside out every 1000 years or so
The Chinese discovered America before Christopher Columbus

Your grand pa sounds like one tough dude but no where does it say lawful good has to use minimum force to protect what they believe or who they love

Ok op the target number is based on the minimum number of feet you would need to jump to cross the gap
So for A its DC 10 twice the distance to be crossed a little common sense say that someone trying to jump a gap is not going to stand 2.5 feet from the edge they'll be as close As they can be , why make it harder for your self
And B is DC 20 for the same reason

End of the day a high lvl magic user will always out gun a high lvl warrior one on one
But when faced with enough low lvl opponents they can be over run and beaten unless he bugs out which is not always an option

Because you will run out or spells after a set number of rounds a fighter can swing his sword all day

Tactics should depend on a few things
Firstly how smart the monster is are they quick witted and adapted to changes in the battlefield or are they dim and easily fooled
Second are they experienced in combat are they steady under fire or will they panic and run
Thirdly are they well led or motivated to fight , bandits may cut and run when things get tough mercenaries might hold the line for longer but what's the good of money if you can't spend it someone defending home and family will give it there all as failing means death
All these things will effect what tactics are used
Also as players & DM's with have a much better overview of a battle than our characters would so it often hard to not use that info in our decisions , as a DM i don't allow players to have long conversations about tactics once a fight has started they can talk in character yo each other but it must be kept short and to the point
So sorry for the ramble but i think tactics is fine in the planning stage but once you start rolling dice then it needs to be fast and dirty like real life

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I love coming home to see the look on my two boys faces and the hugs i get off them both

Or are they just strong muscle weighs three times more than fat ?

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