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tony gent's page

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Because it's not all about game mechanics

If the pc's didn't know the drow where there then i rule yes the first round of combat they would get sneak attacks

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In my games i still enforce the lose a level which can't be got back with magic of less than a wish .
It forces players to be more careful in combat as death has a real cost to players , and they can't get round it by bringing in a new character as all new characters start one leven below average party level

No been here a while the question is simple
But I'm sure the answer is complex

How much do you trust your DM ?
On a few threads I've seen that a number of players seem to have trust issues with there DM's .
So i was thinking how common is this problem

And one for original jokes would be good

Does anyone else think that there are just to meny spells these days ?
I mean there seems to he a spell for everything from flying to mind reading to being able to scratch your right knee with your left ear .
Your thoughts please

Ashiel that's a classic example of player assuming that they can kill anything they meet.
I've seen that a few times over the years and it always amazes me how dumb some players can be
Also makes me laugh at the look on there faces when there characters take on something which is so obviously stronger than them gets killed by the first hit

I also don't like it where players think that if its an encounter then they must be able to win.
There are going be times when the only way to survive is to run !
I still recall in one game where our party of high level characters (16+) got caught in a magic dead zone where no magic worked not spells items anything
We where then set upon by swarms of goblins and orcs .
At this point myself and my friend Dave ( both of us playing mages) took to our toes and ran for the hills and i saw no shame in doing so

Its odd that in all the years I've been gaming (which is 30+ ) I've only ever seen two characters with mega stats as we've always insisted that they are rolled in front of the DM .
Strange that

I would say yes you can as the rules state you can fight defensively and do a full attack which is a full round action
Edit as explained more thoroughly in the post above thank you Diego Rossi

How can a coat ( which needs to be flexible ) be made out of mithral ?
It could be reinforced with mithral but would that give it the property's of mithral as per the rules

my god where did you fig this thread up from !
Must admit liked dungeon bastard i still roll stats just think its more fun having a bit of chance in character gen

My thoughts exactly deanar he could have 20 strength which is still a great stat and not totally kneecap himself mentally and ice no problem with someone wanting to play a character with low stats if they make the character interesting
But when someone gives themselves low stats just to pump one stat to its max seems pointless

Even a gladiator needs enough common sense to know when his apoinent is trying to trick him
A slave who's that strong and dumb would never be let go
A smart friend maybe but he would still be a liability in anything except combat and even then he would be unable to grasp anything but the simplest of tactics
But mostly i think stat dumping that much is bad form at best and powergaming at worst

He wouldn't have 22 str until an adult where as his mental abilities would prevent him ever getting that old as he would be to dumb realise when he's in danger it's Darwin 101 90% of the time brains trump strength

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So you have an int,wis and chr of 5
How would a character that dumb and socially backward survive childhood especially among orcs he would be so easy to trick he would never live long enough to become an adventurer

All of the above x2 and most if all have fun

Its always nice when that kind of thing happens it was just so much cooler that it happened after the paliadin got pounded and the giant was heading straight for him .
That story will make it in to your party's list of "Do you remember when" moments

It is mainly for flavor having said that i had one gm who ruled that if you didn't have a bedroll to sleep on you had yo male a save to see if you got a good nights sleep.
All my characters have one it just makes sense to me

Also magic user of that level are ment to be fairly rare and would probably not be interested in becoming a petty cargo hauler

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Having just skimmed over this thread I've seen a lot of people who don't trust there DM's to play fair and think that they will abuse there position of power .
And if this is so why the F&~+ are they the DM if they can't be trusted to run an honest game don't let them run
I think that's what you had in AD&D you trusted the DM to run an honest game

Never understood why people have a problem with the royal family just leave them be.
I wouldn't want to spend my entire life under the microscope of the media

But how does green slime reproduce ?
Is it by spores or does it reach a certain size and them divide (my favorite choice) or do little slimes just drop off as it eats enough
Any thoughts

Maybe the question should be is pounce to powerful ?

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Just tell them that as your the DM then they play by your rules and if they don't like it then there's the door close it after you leave

Im proud of being an old school gamer the same way im proud of my past as a member of the armed forces
Our history makes us who we are

At the op by normal i think you mean old school and if that's the case then I'm normal and proud to say so

In my game magic items only tend to be sold through rich merchants or various guilds most of which have either a mage on hand or a wand to aid in identifying magic items .
They also offer this service at a fee of course

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Im with you on this one Karl to me guns and fantasy just don't sit right if you take my meaning
I think you should got worry to much and try yo enjoy the game .
It's still D&D at the heart

Hi all just a quick question does mage armour still count against a touch attack as its a force effect ?
I know that it effects incoporal attacks where normal armour doesn't

Ditch the armour and use the spell as it effects incorporal monsters attacks as well .
Scribe a few scrolls or buy a wand if you can afford it

Hi all just need some advice on how to go about convincing a bunch of 2ed players to give pathfinder a try .
Any thoughts ?

Fair enough if that's what your after then i would go ranger .
Rogues are not ment to out do fighter types in combat they just can't do it in the same way you wouldn't pick a fighter to be a skill monkey

It all depends on what you want , if you want to build an archer that can rain down damage and hold his own in melee then i say go ranger all the way
But if you want a stealthy skill monkey that can back up the party with well placed shot in support of the party then a rouge will do just fine
You just need to decide what sort of character you want to play if you want max damage then go ranger or fighter if you want stealth shed loads of skills and being able to do the odd mega damage with sneak attack then rouge its up to you

They do stack but shield is the less useful of the two as it has a much shorter duration but it does stop magic missiles cast at you so would probably be hood to keep on scroll as back up

Yep in the first game we got our arse handed to us on a plate
The second game where still playing and are doing ok but its early days

Just a quick question are there any weapons that you think are over the top as reguards to damage or crit range/multiplyer

I've had this problem before just change a few key items and add the odd trap where there's not ment to be one and he'll soon get the message

Just wondering if other players have had this problem as most builds I've seen for characters seem to be very similar to each other in there choice of feats magic etc
Anyone else found this problem?

Sounds like a good character i would go the axe javelin route myself and grab a sling for longer range missile fire there cheap and light also you add your strength bonus to damage

The OP's got my vote i also hate optimizing but lucky the group i play in all feel the same.
In fact in one game my rouge is out damaging both the mage and the cleric

In my experience most party's use a device called a barbarian to find traps

Personality its the reload times for guns that do it for me
In history firing 3 rounds a minute was considered a good rate of fire

Part of the problem is in the spells description it states that if you can't see the images you are unaffected by the spell.
But at the start of the same description it states that the images copy your movements and sounds.
So that as most of the skill in blind fighting is using your hearing to compensate for your lack of sight you would still be affected by the spell
Think we need a ruling from paizo as to weather the spell makes images only or images and sounds

The character knows it an illusion unless he's encountered it before he can't be sure that it won't effect his other senses
And also closing his eyes leaves him more vulnerable to his enemy's attacks

To me this sounds like a totally cheesy way to get round a spell effect
What reason did the player give in character for his actions how would he know that he was more likely to hit with his eyes shut.
No sorry its just s case of a player exploiting a loophole in the rules and i wouldn't allow it he's being a munchkin and he probably knows it

They are boring if you lack imagination

In my experience most problems in a group arise from one of two things
Firstly players playing a character who is anti social with regards to the group, and there is little reason for the group to want or like having this person around.
I've witnessed several characters being asked to leave in character because the other characters do not like or trust the character ( this has nothing to do with them liking the actual player)
Second i always ask would i want to spend time with someone if we wern't role playing if the answer is no then that could lead to problems in game.
I've been lucky as most of the people i game with are good friends and i would quite happily spend spare time with
Just my two copper's worth

Rules are not the be all and end all of the game they are the frame work around which you create your game
The story and the telling of it are the most important part of any game someone can know the rules to the letter it doesn't mean they make a good DM

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