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Crystal Cat

tomcatmemow's page

20 posts (35 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 aliases.


Set wrote:

Here's the tweaked 20th century 150 pp version of Papercut, but she's only a first notion. I've got, literally, hundreds of supers ideas floating around that I'd like to play.

Papercut, the Folding Girl
** spoiler omitted **...

Set, I like it, I realize it's not going to be an immediate thing, Joining the Freedom League, but it is to happen by the 3rd issue or so, The League has an "18+" policy. If Papercut is younger than that, she'd likely be directed towards the Claremont Academy by the league(if she follows this advise or strikes out on her own is up to her ultimately, but I figured i would make you aware of this if you'd prefer to avoid any complication).

Also, if you'd like to propose any other supers, feel free

Nice to see some more ideas coming. Umbral Reaver, as well as a note for everyone else, While I wont outright say no to anti-heroes, your characters should very much be heroic. Freedom City is a lot like DC's Metroplis, it has a large rogue's gallery of it's own and it's own heroes, The Freedom League, this league is soon to be moving to the Citadel( think DC's Watchtower), but they won't be making an appearance in the game right away. You'll all be relatively new heroes, whether it is to the area of Freedom City or to the whole super hero business thing(Perhaps you arent even a "hero" yet, there will be an inciting incident of course), Eventually, you'll make enough of a name for yourself to be invited into the Freedom League, and become Freedom City's primary defenders once the Classic league move into the low earth orbit Citadel to keep a view to worldly/cosmic problems.

So again, this is a game of heroes, the freedom leaguers wouldn't deny a worthy hero on appearance alone, but it's probably as much about attitude and intangibles as anything. Heroes will be invited into the Freedom League if they prove themselves worthy, and that means being heroic.

sorry for the delay here guys, this weekend is looking pretty busy but I'll do my best to chime in with Nyla by monday at the veryyy latest. Expect something sooner though, thanks.

Alright guys awesome, loving the interest. My weekend's looking a little busy but I'll try to get some details up soon.

Freedom city is the setting, feel free to construct your PL 10 characters as you see fit. I'm looking for the build, a solid background with a good hook, and a nice description of your heroes personality and appearance.

It's a pretty general setting, Eventually you'll be forming a league of the earth's mightiest heroes, so construct as thus.

Let's make this one last past the recruitment thread, feel free to ask any questions or comments.

i'll check in with feedback and a few more details when i can, let's see what you can come up!


I understand good sir, but i appreciate your tentative interest none the less.

Interested, reading over the players guide once more to see what i can come up with

Anyone on these here boards interested in some PL 10 Freedom City M&M action?

I plan on running "The Heist" and "A league of Your Own" in real life for a few friends with the intention of forming a full fledged league by the time the third adventure(issue? mission?) rolled around and I think it'd be a fun one to run on here too.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please feel free to make yourself known and if i get enough interest I'll post some more details!.


Helaman wrote:
Take 10 may be best for the little/casual things... otherwise the dice can be a fickle fickle mistress

I really cannot tell you how long I debated on taking 10 on that, haha. I do believe it's arrogance, I tend to be so lucky with my real life dice I had nearly forgotten what it feels like to roll low. So this is how the other half lives : P haha oh well, chock it up to a slightly over-confident jedi trying to make a strong first impression on her new master

Also, if any of you fine folks are interested,

Trying to put together a 2nd edition mutants and masterminds game on the boards, if it's your cup of tea feel free to drop by and say
hello : )

hmm, let's hope Nyla's luck with dice improves, lol.

it's nearly Thursday on the east coast : 3

the applications all look great, this suspense is killing me, haha

Working on an Arkanian Jedi, specializing in lightsaber form II

Hmm, I have an idea for a Suli rake

any objections to Suli?

Uatu, in your original post you said you might take two, I wonder if i'm too late to try to get in on this? It sounds like a fun one.

If so, are you still looking for an arcanist?

Dotting, new to the boards and i'd love to get in on Star Wars

well i'm certainly still interested. Still having trouble creating a profile for my alias so I'll get the crunch up here for Rolof Vegason


Rolof Vegason
Male human(Ulfen/Kellid) Urban Barbarian
CG Medium humanoid (Human)
Init +3 Senses Perception +0

AC 17 , touch 13 , flat-footed 14
(+4 Armor, +3 Dex)
hp 15
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +0

Speed 30 ft.
TWF-- Longsword/ Throwing axe +1/+1 (1d8+2/1d6+2)
Spear +3( 1d8+2)
Javelin/Shortspear/Throwing axe +4 (1d6+2)
Spear +4(1d8+2)
Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 14
Base Atk +1; CMB +3; CMD 16
Abilities: Crowd Control, Controlled Rage
Feats : Extra Rage, Two-Weapon Fighting
Skills :Diplomacy 6, Linguistics 6, Knowledge(local) 6, Intimidate 6, Perception 5, Acrobatics 7,

Load 58 lbs./59–116 lbs./117–175 lbs.
97 lbs of gear, full load.
Gear:Chainshirt-25 lbs
2x shortspears-6 lbs
2x daggers-2 lbs
sap-2 lbs
throwing axe-2 lbs
Longsword-4 lbs
Combat Scabbard-1lb
2x Pilum- 8 lbs
3x Javelin-6 lbs
Spear-6 lbs
Backpack-2 lbs
Caltrops-2 lbs
Chalk- --
Cold Weather Clothing-7 lbs
Travelers Clothing-5 lbs
4 days trail rations-4 lbs
50 ft. Silk rope-5 lbs
Waterskin-4 lbs
Whetstone-1 lb
Signal whistle--
2x bottles fine wine-3 lbs
2x spring-loaded wrist sheaths-2 lbs

0 XP

cynarion wrote:

Only two real pieces of feedback for you. Firstly, being a Ravengro local is actually a negative for this AP. Having a local in the party actually invalidates the first half of the first chapter. So I'd strongly advise you to change that (which fortunately, due to the Professor's peripatetic lifestyle, shouldn't prove difficult).

Secondly, I've always struggled with the concept of an urban barbarian. You will want to sell me that concept well if you want to be selected. I realise that's not exactly 'fair', but the selection process is inevitably a subjective one.

My problem with the urban barbarian is primarily that it takes an established class and neuters its flavour for a handful of lines of (to me) ill-conceived and ill-supported fluff about civilisation softening "the mind and the body".

I'm absolutely not saying no, but you'll have to work that bit harder, especially with so many other excellent submissions for me to choose from.

Lastly, while an Ulfen/Kellid union wouldn't be unheard of, it would be uncommon in Ustalav, and Rolof would not be treated well in the monocultural, suspicious, settled-Varisian-supremacist, insular society of Ustalav. That's not a problem, but you should prepare for the character to be dismissed as irrelevant by well-to-do Ustalavic society.

Okay, not from Ravengro, easy enough. I've considered the repercussions of an Ulfen/Kellid union and i'm alright with it. If anything it contributes to his barbarism running thick in his veins from his Kellid father and his Ulfen berserker mother. My thinking is that Rolof learned to fight under this combined tutelage while his traveling parents made their livings as sellswords. The professor ,traveling abroad and being in need of protection, employed Rolof's parents before him and Rolof once he was old enough to swing his sword . This blend of old world fighting styles combined with the need to be a successful diplomat in order to make a living as a mercenary lends itself naturally to the urban barbarian in my opinion. I understand your doubts about the archtype but i dont't get very hung up on the whole barbarism angle, Rolof will likely multiclass into a rouge in later levels, to reflect more skilled growth.

well i'm having some technical difficulties, but once paizo lets me edit my aliases and choose avatars i'll submit my idea. Right now, breifly what i have is an urban barbarian named Rolof Vegason, born of a Kellid father and an Ulfen mother. I'll be taking the "on the payroll" campaign trait. Rolof will be something of a sellsword, just like his parents before him( who were likely employed by the professor in decades past) Living in Ravengro since his early teens, he'll be a fearsome warrior but well adjusted to city life

Any feedback on this early information would be appreciated

I'll see what I can whip up!

Dotting the thread for interest, new to the boards and i'd love to get in on the game, I'll see what I can whip up

New to the boards, dotting for interest!

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