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toastwolf's page

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 352 posts (4,975 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 12 aliases.

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I'm not gonna pretend im good enough at excel to try my hand at this myself but was wondering if anyone else has?

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Come at me bro!!!

i went to purchase this and it said it would be in my downloads...and it doesn't seem to be.

Hi there I inadvertently purchased both the New beginnings bundle and the standalone softcover. I was wondering if you guys could take the softcover standalone off the order, as I don't need 2 hardcopies of the book.

as stated with the above title i would like to cancel all my preorders so as to switch over to a subscription basis.

Hey everyone, this a continuation of this thread and i decided that was starting to get a bit TOO long so here we are again. Typically this is a freethought place, but i often throw fun challenges to throw at people to have some fun thought exercises. Speaking of which...
first challenge of this new thread.
pick any one class, this is your "main". This would be the class you progress in as normal. Now for your second class instead of the typical, you instead pick a class template. So your second class has no bearing on your class framework at all. Lets Go!

Rogues Opportunity:
Rogues Opportunity: Fortune favors the rogue whose quick enough to seize it. As a swift action, a rogue can seize on fortune’s favor, giving him a +1 luck bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls. He can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + his Dexterity modifier. Maintaining this bonus is a free action, but it ends immediately if the rogue is killed, paralyzed, stunned, knocked unconscious, or otherwise prevented from taking a free action to maintain it each round. Rogue’s Opportunity is treated as bardic performance for the purposes of feats, abilities, effects, and the like that affect bardic performance. Like bardic performance, it cannot be maintained at the same time as other performance abilities. This bonus increases to +2 at 5th level, +3 at 11th level, and +4 at 17th level. A rogue may expend rounds of Rogues Opportunity to gain an additional use of a rogue talent that has limited uses per day.

basically its Archaeologists luck with the added benefit of being dex based and allowing additional uses of limited use rogue talents. this isn't the only changes im making(turnings rogues into a strong 5th wheel support class for homegames).

i would like to cancel my pending subscription

my girlfriend asked me what class yoko kurama was, and to be frank i was stumped. it doesn't help ive only seen the first season, so if someone has any idea...

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but for real though, lets avoid the 1000th iteration of scaling feats replacing chains, there are a thousand threads featuring those, plus they are in new paths compendium and kirthfinder. Not to say i don't love them of course. To keep it neater try to link to the original feat on a database to show where the differences lie.
ok i'll throw one down to start.
Crusaders Flurry
You learned to use your deity’s favored weapon as part of your martial arts form.
Prerequisites: flurry of blows class feature, Weapon Focus with your deity’s favored melee weapon, proficiency with your deity's favored weapon.
Benefit: You can use your deity’s favored weapon as if it were a monk weapon. A character cannot use Rapid Shot or Manyshot when making a flurry of blows with a ranged weapon.
special: A monk of at least 4th level and worships a deity can select crusaders flurry as a monk bonus feat.

edit: oh and link

link to what im talking about, is anyone else not seeing the pdf appear anymore?

so i've been on a theorycrafting kick pertaining to prereqs lately, starting with feats, and now I want to move on to prcs. So here it is, what would you build if the only prerequisite for prcs was skills and spell levels (yes, even dropping the dragon disciple spontaneous thing)?

Just for fun, what would you do if a gm let you substitute any mental ability for any other mental ability score, and the same for physical ones, for the purposes of prerequisites. For example allowing twf with strength and eldritch heritage with wisdom.

Just as the title says folks. 3.5 templates are ok, but lets stick to pathfinder creatures. Also no advanced template or templates that make you mindless.

I had an errant thought just now, what if re-applying permanency to an object or person who had that spell made permanent before (so this would come up in dispel situations) the cost to make that spell permanent is halved from the original cost.

I am referring to the rovagug trait that allows you add your strength again on a melee weapon with a 25% chance of it gaining the broken condition.

I am going to prefix by saying not one of these is going to be wisdom to hit. sorry, but I frankly don't see monks receiving that from paizo, and these are suggestions for a rewrite somewhere down the line (assuming paizo would want minimal changes. Would be cool if they did though...otherwise, assuming they wouldn't do that...
1. ki pool is now equal to wis+1/2level+2 additional point for every 4 levels of monk, and is burned as a free action. This is alot I know, but it makes sense when used with the other changes.
2.diamond soul only applies spell resistance to enemies. if a freaking eidolon can so should the monk.
3.When someone with levels in monk uses stunning fist has it activate off the attack roll and it lasts for 2 rounds plus 1 additional round for every 4 levels of monk they have. Opponents are allowed a fortitude every round AFTER the round they are stunned to end it at the begining of their next turn. Burning a ki point increases the save DC by +1 for every 4 monk levels the user possesses.
4. This one is kinda big. Subsume the quigong archetype into the primary class and simply grant the quigong powers at appropriate levels without replacing any class features. Spell-like quigong powers that specifically target the monk add the monks level in rounds to their duration. This only works specifically on monks (sorry sensei).

True strike is going to be popular, as well as barkskin. It's only 4 changes, and realistically (unless you are using core only) most monks have the quigong archetype. now you are just adding the abilities instead of replacing them. note that it may be necessary to scale a few of these abilities back some when applied to certain monk archetypes, (sohei maybe, zen archer certainly). will work on those later. thoughts?

Long title, but here are my thoughts. What if you allowed archetype swapped abilities to count as their replaced abilities for prereqs? A further stipulation is that abilities that replace multiple abilities only count as said abilities at the appropriate levels. For example, abilities that swap out still mind still count as such for prereqs.

This was an errant thought of mine, but what if you replace every instance of the word touch ac with flat footed? One thing to note before the discussion starts, because I can see this coming up immediately, is that firearms don't actually count as hitting Touch AC for effects. This means that they wouldn't count as hitting Flatfooted AC for effects in this instance as well, sorry rogues. Any other thoughts on this?

So I decided to come up with a partbreed eidolon player race. The issue of course is limiting the power of evolutions to the player race, though I think I made a good start to that at least.
This is what I have so far,
Born from an unnatural union of humanoid and eidolon, the Warped are forever marked by their planar heritage.
Warped Racial Traits:
Ability score modifiers

+2 to any ability score, and a -2 to any ability score. The warped are capable of significant racial variety, but are always marked by some kind of flaw.

Evolving Blood: At 1st level all Warped receive 2 evolution points, for which they may spend on Eidolon evolutions as if they were an Eidolon with the biped base form. They automatically qualify for the extra evolutions feat and may choose to grant any number of the evolution points to themselves instead of their Eidolon (if they have one), however they may only use the feat on themselves a total of three times. For every 5 character levels they possess they gain an additional evolution point to spend. The evolutions the Warped gains are permanent and they cannot be the subject of spells that change or grant Evolutions, such as Transmogrify or Evolution Surge.

any thoughts on how to flesh this out a bit more?

My players love prestige classes, so i decided to start this thread to see what others experience with that kind of backwards compatibility. If you happen to share a prc you altered for use in pathfinder, please let us know why, so as to get a better understanding of the classes balance. So I will start with my favorite and why. The 3.5 Geomancer, aka what the mystic theurge should have been. The only change I made was to reduce the progression to match the arcane archer, and replace drifts with evolution points equal to the level of drift. The evolution chosen must be restricted to those available to a humanoid eidolon. I also changed the prerequisites so it required 2nd level arcane and divine spellcasting, and 3 ranks in knowledge (arcane, and religion). I made these changes to better balance out the class (plus add evolutions which are more cool than drifts), yet make it more accessible to players, who may not necessarily get to play to level 11(which was the earliest you could get in 3.5

So i was reading complete warrior when i came across the spellsword prc. Obviously a more combat oriented version of eldritch knight, i was wondering if anyone would use it over the Ek. Another way of presenting it is, what builds (if any), would convince you to try the spellsword vs Ek.

So when i started my recent campaign with a twist on point buy to see if i could help mad classes. First i set a hard roof and floor cap at 18 and 8 respectively(before racials are added in). Dumping a score to eight only grants a single point, but every score takes only a single point to raise at every increment. So far our party includes a melee druid a, rogue, and a monk. They used 20 point buy and no dumpstats(after racials). So far they have dealing with cr appropriate situations just fine without any implications that it is too easy. I do plan on introducing some less ability dependent classes into the fold to see how it goes for them. Any see any problems coming in the future?

I do mean open discussion, if you love it feel free to state why. That being said, I personally feel kinda meh about that paizo Assassin (and only slightly less so about the 3.5 version, though the magic felt stapled on). Number one on my list is removing the evil only BS. Assassin's don't always mean ruthlessly killing the family man for a pocket full of coins. My favorite example of non-evil Assassins is how the league of Assassins started out in the Wanted comic book universe. anything anyone else want to see differently?

this has been brought up on several occasions. So lets use the fighter to improve these other classes. weapon training is huge to both, not too mention full BAB and d10 hitdice. Any other thoughts on this.

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This ones for fun folks. Here are the rules, you may use ANY content from pathfinder AND 3.5. For example a monk/magus with the kungfu genius feat(it changes the ac bonus to int). Lets go crazy folks.

For those who haven't read it here is the link for my monk remake doc. For the thread discussing it here is that link as well.
Anyway, on to business. I am looking to build a charisma based monk archetype(an idea rainzax had) and had the following ideas so far.
1.charisma to ac, and either to hit or hitpoints
2.focused on being "flashy", and replacing several of the classes spell-like abilities for things like daylight and some-such.
3.alternate ki abilities to support social abilities.
4.replacing stunning fist with dazzling display, but have it go off whenever the monk successfully hits with 2 attacks of his flurry of blows.
I would very much like some help, as I have never really designed an archetype before.

So last night, before I went to sleep I had a thought. What if you allowed half your BAB to be added to damage, but you had max hitdice every level? honestly this just a curiosity question.


first I will admit one thing, with one simple change i made (plus an additional class ability) I made it possible to start as a monk who not yet achieved wisdom. this concept was borrowed from the the first shaolin monks who believed spiritual enlightenment was through physical attunement (hence the kung fu). My concept for the new class ability comes from the thought, monks weren't all a bunch of naturally wise people who got together to learn kung fu (though I sure plenty were). Many were taught wisdom and awareness as part of their religious training. So hear we go.


AC Bonus-now is based on con, and is considered natural armor that stacks with magical sources.

Flurry of Blows-you use your monk level as bab when not flurrying, eliminating the minus two penalty. apply flat ac bonus as bonus to hit as well.

Fast Movement-untyped bonus

stunning fist- also changed to con

ki pool- full level plus con (to represent it being the bodies energy)

slow fall-screw the wall

Wholeness of body-moved to move action, functions as cure light wounds, for every extra two points spent, bumps it up too the next cure spell (no mass versions)

12th level-also gets abundant agility as a bonus feat.

diamond soul- now an immediate action.

new 2nd level ability
monastic teachings-a monk adds half his level to all wisdom based checks.

admittedly pretty different, mentioned this before on the new monk thread, so I thought "hey why not post it". let me know what you think.

I have been considering special abilities awarded to to dhampirs turned by the vampire who created them. The lazy part of me wants to just slap on the advanced template and call it good, but frankly I want more. Ideas I've had include constant deathwatch/detect undead, the ability to "adopt" spawn from other vampires, and even to see and experience through their spawn. thoughts, suggestions?
Edit: oh god, I kinda flooded the homebrew boards. whoops

I have heard the opinion, and pretty much agree, that witches make more sense thematically to cast on wisdom. So thinking on this I wondered what the repercussions would be. Obviously higher Will saves, better perception, and monk dip synergy would all be benefits. In return they would lose...focusing on skill stuff (points, knowledge skills, etc). My question is this, is it worth changing the witch to wisdom, aka do the benefits mechanically far outweigh the idea thematically?

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I just had yet another realization about the androids, and that is, being of humanoid type means they can be raised as undead. Now in my upcoming zombie/undead apocalypse campaign I really wanna a couple different variations at my players. Ideas include Terminator style skeletons, zombies with circuitry hang out of their wounds, and white noise looking ghosts. I was wondering what other ideas people might have.

So in an upcoming game i am going to try something new. In this game I am detaching xp from leveling and instead want to use it instead as an alternate currency system. Thoughts so far have been extra feats, ability score boosts (limit to 20 maximum), and possibly bonus hero points (not sure if I am using these yet). I am looking for a good way to scale this as well as other possible rewards, possibly on an individual class basis.

as the title suggests, i am looking for advice on how to run a custom campaign online. I have ever been in one before and are looking for instruction. as a player i would like advice on that too. Thank you.

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So I am going to try this again using a better subject line. In a previous thread I tried to start a place for people to post their racial feats that catered to the more deprived races of the ARG. It ended up being walls of posts of feat ideas I had, with just a few other posts. I also would like to take a moment to thank those people for their feedback. So after some time has passed I have consolidated my feats into a google doc and ask for public opinion. I am convinced that some of these feats are overpowered, while others underpowered. Feats
Would love to get more feedback. Thank you

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I once again come back to androids, though this time the issue is more thematic than mechanical. the issue is this, how does an artificial race access eldritch magic through bloodlines? obviously there is many ways this could be handled, and i think it would be fun to have multiple people post their ideas here.

Inner Sea Bestiary wrote:

Constructed (Ex) For the purposes

of effects targeting creatures by
type (such as a ranger’s favored
enemy and bane weapons),
androids count as both
humanoids and constructs.
Androids gain a +4 racial
bonus on all saving throws
against mind-affecting
effects, paralysis, poison,
and stun effects, are
not subject to fatigue
or exhaustion
, and are
immune to disease and
sleep effects. Androids can never gain morale bonuses, and
are immune to fear effects and all emotion-based effects.

so as i read it if you were a barbarian you only get the -2 to AC and Rage Powers but no other drawbacks, worth it?

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in a debate in another thread it came to my attention that perfect self automatically disqualifies you for racial feats do to your type being changed to outsider. now i know how rarely a character reaches level twenty, but this still bugs the heck outta me.

After being brought up in the Half-construct/undead thread, i decided to design some pretty plain racial traits that grant the types in question. to be honest i kinda wonder why these weren't just racial traits in the first place.
Cybernetic Implants (7RP)
you count as half-construct for all effects related to race, and gain the typical racial abilities as one.

Touched With Death (5RP)
you count as half-undead for all effects related to race, and gain the typical racial abilities as one.

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It's brought up by several posters that they have made racial feats the more deprived races out there (I am looking at you suli). I am in the process of putting together a freakshow campaign and wanted to produce a a line of feats for the really rare races. However it occurred to me that I could probably reach out out to people who have actually, you know , used their feats and have a real idea about balance in the game. Note I will post some custom feats myself later myself but want to open the floor to more experienced homebrewers.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

for a while now i have been wanting to do this. i definitely think that less common races need some love in the archetype department, and obviously reusing current racial archetypes accomplishes this for many of them. for example, the stonelord paladin for dwarves happens to fit oreads like a glove.

now it might be necessary to further fluff the actual abilities of an archetype to fit certain races. one that comes to mind is the kinslayer dhampir archetype, which can be used for tieflings by changing any references to undead instead to outsiders with the evil subtype. you could even go as far as to say that "detect evil outsider" works as detect undead but for outsiders, if clarification is necessary.

i will be back with more ideas but i would have other people other people give this concept a try from their own perspectives. Together We are Superior

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

i know that some of you would love to argue that this isn't unbalanced, but if you want to do that please use another thread. with that being said let me state the reason i don't readily accept this property.
allows wis for attack rolls
allows wis for damage rolls
usable on anyweapon
all for the low price of +1 weapon property
i was hoping to see different takes on how to balance this to pathfinder power level using agile as a comparison. my first thought was to make it a +3 cost but community brainstorming leads toward more productive solutions.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

its a two person party with 25 point buy starting at level 5, alot of advice is needed. i do want the dude to have some pretty decent support abilities. also for added info the other guy is doing a fighter, thats using the duelist prestige archetype posted on the boards a while ago. thank you very much.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

the question is of course does this work?

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young plus advanced equals +8 dex, +4mentals, size reduction CR0
i suggested on a monk thread the following build
garuda born aasimar monk
+10 dex, +6 wis, +4int/chr, throw in weapon finesse and AoMF agile weapon properties and you got a mega untouchable death machine. obviously these builds aren't serious but i would like to see what other people would make with this template. dont forget size reduction though.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Azlanti (regular)
Humanoid (human) 0 RP
Medium 0 RP
Base Speed
Normal 0 RP
Ability Score Modifiers
flexible str, dex 2 RP
linguist 1 RP
Feat and Skill Racial Traits
Flexible bonus feat 4 RP
Skilled 4 RP
advanced charisma 4 RP
advanced constitution 4RP
advanced intelligence 4RP
advanced wisdom 4RP
Total 27 RP

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