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couldn't find an answer elsewhere

my oracle casts paragon surge and takes the war blessing feat, and say uses good and travel in a combat

later she casts it again , can she benefit from the blessings again that day? Can she pick different blessing tied to her deity?

The Hex Hack is an 'adventure landscape', which I believe is the new buzzword for 'sandbox', with nearly 350 entries, adaptable to any d20 rpg.

It has tables to start the campaign from humble beginnings, a table to finish off in a legendary location, and all sorts of random goodness in between. Many illustrations and several basic drawn hexes with lots of stuff for PCs to do/find/steal/kill/interact etc.

The Hex Hack: A d20 Sandbox Campaign


Here something a little different. Powered by the very rules-light Black Hack

The Jack Hack, a game of Victorian Villainy for OSR

The Jack Hack is a game of trying to beat the odds in the depravity of late Victorian London. It has particular focus on the Whitechapel area just before, and around the time of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders.


On its way via Cubicle 7

Does this AP actually use 'infamy', in its game term context?

For when you need to kill every PC in the house
May run this Monday to see how brutal it is

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I have released Parts 1 and 2, and the Campaign Primer for my Adventure Path for Chaotic Evil PCs called Kingslayer. It is a hexploration /sandbox with kingdom building/burning!

It is currently (nearly) art free and $2 for the adventures and free for the primer.
I will put up part 3 very soon. If it seems there is a market I will put it into KS for proper art, editing, layout etc. Clearly this will not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Kingslayer Adventure Primer and Guide

Storm the Gates, for level 1-3 Chaotic Evil PCs

Into the Breach, for level 4-6 Chaotic Evil PCs

I have always been a big fan of sandbox / hexploration adventures. From SPIs Enchanted Wood for Dragonquest, Test of the Warlords for Companion D&D, and more recently the completion of all 6 parts of the awesome Kingmaker AP. Soon after finishing that I pondered on making a sandbox for CE PCs. I wrote an awful lot of it before setting it aside (~75,000 words). Now I have had another run through it and thought I would release what I had with a plan for putting out all 7 parts eventually, if there is an interest.

Thanks for looking

Pathfinder version of the Last Prayer of the Dying

A dark age fantasy adventure & setting for level 1 PCs

Module Synopsis The party are travelling to the new frontier to help return an ancient Duchy to its former glory. A chance encounter with the legendary 'Arisen Knight', a very old hero, sets them on a path to adventure. Like most published scenarios there are some railroad parts, but enough choice to provide the feel of a sandbox.

It contains:

A brief gazetteer of Keranow, the Duchy where the adventure takes place.
10 wilderness encounters to get a feel for the setting.
A small settlement in the wilderness frontier lands.
Three dungeons (each about a dozen locations). A) The tomb of a mythical knight, now infiltrated by despoiling fey priestesses; B) An old dwarven fort used by hobgoblins who have been driven to the edge of despair by the alluring voice of a bloodrose witch; C) The scheming feys base of operations, from which they seek to begin a reign of chaos and insanity over the newly re-established Duchy of Keranow.
The PCs should start at 1st level and be 4th by the end of this adventure
An adventure outside the axis of good versus evil: betrayal, treachery, duty and the consequences of choice.

Digital File Pack on Pay What You Wish

Those who pledged to the sequel kickstarter will receive the prequel free very soon at their reward level

The whole campaign will take PCs from 1st to 20th level.

Can someone talk me through how to put a link in a paizo forum thread. Seem to end up with gaps and such, and needing people to correct it for me.
Think its time I stood on my own two feet
Help me Off-Topics, please

Not 100% convinced with a violent epic being so tame,but I adored the background, Mudborn and landscapes

The sequel to my previous kickstarter

Once more I seem unable to get the gaps out of the links!! even if I add the [url....bits correctly]

any help? ll-an-adventure-for-d20


I have launched my second kickstarter

cannot seem to get the gap out of the link so its not working, anybody help ll-an-adventure-for-d20

Certain pledge levels allow the purchase of the prequel also, which is being re-written into both a Pathfinder and OSR format

Adventures steeped in myths of olde England, viking, celtic and frankish themes.

Thanks you for your attention


Very good series if you like grim victorian, well late Georgian, stuff

Sean Bean most compelling and watchable as a tortured hero

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Following on from discussion of what to do with money in 5e, this is the campaign I am currently running. It has a lot of downtime stuff in it. As of last night the PCS are 9th level

We drew up a mind map showing who each character relates, or has heard of, the other. Everyone rolled up their background first, then race and class.

Metaplot activities

PCs can spend time working toward their metaplot. These are based on discussion, and what things their background rolls threw up! Each one is sort of abstract in that, I havent written 80 bits of plot, item, places etc they need to find. The players just decide if soemting fits their metaplot and writes a line of two about it.

-Wood elf (noble)Monk is trying to find the ‘quantum of ki’. A moment of perfection. Law and Chaos, Good and Evil, Light and Dark;…..all together in a never ending circle. Legend says there is a state of being, a point of absolute perfection, where all are both in balance, but still, with no motion or deviation. The ‘Quantum of Ki’, when inner and outer are as one. Past, Present, Future. He who can control this perfect moment of Ki, can control his own destiny, and even halt death. With this you can contact your ancestors and bring peace to your tortured family, and ensure death no longer walks waiting in the shadows with your elven blood. To fulfil this task you must find, witness, and discover etc some moments of absolute perfection/extremism or such related to each alignment.

-High Elf (sage) ranger. Is trying to finally get to the bottom of what makes underdark creatures more powerful and weird, than their surface ‘cousins’. The Underdark is a weird and terrifying place. The dwellers there seem very powerful compared to surface folk, and this something that plagued your human associate Doctor Mellors until his death at the ripe of old age of 79. He has bequeathed you his research and put into safe keeping some mighty tomes which you can claim if you complete his life’s work. What is the ‘strange’ that gives the underdwellers such power? You must collect 12 bits of information, observation, evidence, magic, treasures, relics, anatomies etc deemed worthy of his name. Luckily a new group seems headed that way. Your previous doctorates on the ‘Ways of Giants’ seem most interesting to one of the group.

-Half elf (charlatan) Bard/Warlock. You intend to be the great impresario and put the ultimate show, the Fall of Aelinthaldaar; the ancient elven city where Waterdeep now sits. Uncovering its history will add to the appeal of investors. Improving your own glory, renown and prestige will have people flocking in
To do this you must accumulate 125,000 gp in terms of actuals, promissory and investments.

-Gnome (Folk Hero) Rogue. He has had a dream that he is to be a Lord of Waterdeep. You are a great folk hero and destined for many things. Your dreams are plagued by visions of a dark room, a circular table and mysterious folk of great power discussing the city. It is clear you are meant to join them and become a Lord of Waterdeep. To do you must find 13 pieces of lore and artefact tied to the flavour/theme of the dream. So such things as scrying, eyes, cyclops, orbs, mirrors, mind flayers, crystal balls, beholders, etc. You hope with all this power you find your lost love

-Human (noble) sorcerer. Seeking the secrests of Dracomanchy. “You need to find the great link between Dragonkind and the Innate arts of Sorcery. How does dragon blood flow through the veins of some; is their inheritance or random luck; can one be taught sorcery; can you gain the long life of a dragon; who was the first sorcerer? What role did dragons play in the fall of Aelinthaldaar the great elf city that once stood where Waterdeep now is built. To complete you need to find 11 dragon related clues, mysteries, items, etc that will pull all the lore together. You must uphold the name of your house and not alienate others in the process.”

Human (Soldier) Fighter. "You need to solve the mystery of your disgrace & dishonour; the defeat against the fire giant Zucchuss the bloodied; the loss of the great banner of your house ‘ The Iron Pennant’; you must ultimately slay your nemesis, and be redeemed in the eyes of military and nobility who hold you in low esteem. To do this you must do 8 deeds that will lead to your redemption"

Quests These are small 1 scene things based on the quests in Lords of Waterdeep. Completing these raises a PCs renown in one of 4 areas (piety, commerce, warfare, arcane).

Downtime Activities p.187 and expanded in DMG
Between adventures, the DM might ask you what your character is doing during his or her downtime. Periods of downtime can vary in duration, but each downtime activity requires a certain number of days to complete before you gain any benefit, and at least 8 hours of each day must be spent on the downtime activity for the day to count

CRAFT AN ITEM ……whether mundane or magical

TRY TO SELL EXPENSIVE ITEMS …..magical is more tricky

PRACTICE ….basically fund a moderate lifestyle for free

RECUPERATE …..spend your days trying to actively get better from a debilitating effect

CAROUSE…have a good time for weal or woe

RESEARCH…plot, adventure, gain quests, etc

ATTEND A HOUSE OF LEARNING…pay 250gp over a week to gain a skill (can only be done once per 4 levels)

BASIC TRAINING… 125gp over a week to learn a language or proficiency in a tool kit (can only be done once per 4 levels)

BUILDING….create a stronghold suitable to your class. Adds renown as well. Generates followers at 9th level

GAIN RENOWN…..acts a benefit to finding adventure, increasing reward, getting into tricky places and a ‘get of jail free card’

RUN A BUSINESS……cos PCs love this

SACRED RITES…..allows a pc to have 2 points inspiration instead of only 1 at a time

SOW A RUMOUR….to benefit or befoul an individual, organisation, etc


Lifestyle Price/Day (d20 roll)
Wretched — You gain 1 hp back only, you recharge no hit dice On a 1-5 you gain no rest in fact, and gain a level of exhaustion

Squalid 1 sp You gain 1 hp back per level, you recharge no hit dice On a 1-3 you gain little rest and ‘no effect’

Poor 2 sp You get up to 2 hp/level only. You do not count as recovering from illness etc. You regain one hit dice only .On a 1 you have a disrupted night and only gain back 1 hp/level. A survival check or similar gives you the effect of ‘modest’

Modest 1 gp You recover from illness etc at a normal rate. You recover all but d6 hps. You regain half hit dice. A survival check or similar gives you the effect of ‘comfortable’

Comfortable 2 gp You recover from illness etc at a normal rate. You regain all hp and half hit dice On a 20, you gain a rumour OR quest or other favourable plot-point. A survival check or similar gives you the effect of ‘wealthy’

Wealthy 4 gp You double your rate of recovering from illness etc. You regain all hp and half hit dice. On a 18-20, you gain a rumour OR quest or other favourable plot-point

Aristocratic 10 gp minimum You triple your rate of recovering from illness etc. You regain all hp and half hit dice. On a 15-20, you gain a rumour OR quest or other favourable plot-point

Have decided to make a 5th ed kickstarter for my next publication endeavour. I am using KS so I can pay for some high quality art to go with the adventure, and to esnure it is well edited. g-a-dandd-5e-adventure

Thank you for any contribution you can make, even if it just a suggestion, idea, etc.


I can never seem to be able to put links in on this forum, any kind soul help? Also it keeps putting a space after 'dyin' which I cant seem to edit out?

....not a typo.....;-)

Spectacular, Big, Epic, and quite dark in places


White Council versus the necromancer and the 9 is awesome
Overall bit too much Legolas....all the other elves were spot on
Lots of good stuff from the lesser part characters

So Im pretty negative at the disappointment that APs have been for me in the last 3 years and in 2 weeks time we stop playing them for a long while

So on a positive note what six parts would you put together to make the bestest AP ever heck your links between random mods will likely be better than the real ones......darn....supposed to be positive

Well, you can even use half mods if one bit was excellent (JR 4 part A) but the rest suxxored (JR 4 part B)

Will put mine later....really cant think of a part 3 I admired

Having played to various degrees 7 APs, the third book of each has seemed pretty poor......which is great shame as they are in the level 5-10 sweet spot of PF for me

What's your feelings

I Have got to the end of two APs

In KM everyone made it to the end ( all 7)
In Serpents only 2 out of original 6 have got to the end

Did it effect things if none of your original party made it to the end?


Can you be woken from it or are you asleep for the duration?

...after a long haul we started part 6 last night...

Only the second part 6 of an AP I have reached


I am working on a sandbox adventure path for demonic inspired chaotic evil characters. Elves are the main protagonists at first.

Kingslayer. Hexplore your evil side or something similar

I realize this is jumping on a number of bandwagons/in vogue themes.

It is a 7 part AP with one of the 'clever' things being that the last three mods can be played in any order.

I need a couple of volunteers to give what I have thus far a read.I dont need editing just an opinion on whether what I am attempting is 'good/terrible/meh!!'

--I have a campaign document that will become the campaign primer
--Mod 1 (lvl 1-3) is complete with stat blocks but no art
--Mod 2 (lvl 4-6) is complete with stat blocks but no art

Trying to keep each under 64 pages.

As the whole AP makes heavy use of Ultimate Campaign I will like a volunteer to be somewhat proficient (?) with that.

Despite playing since 1980 only just started to write to try and get published. The only thing I have had released thus far is part 1 of a 4 part dungeon AP.

thank you for your attention
Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this sort of thing


So I start to run part 1 next week. I have not run an AP since the group completed Kingmaker about a year or so ago. And by complete I mean the baddies won and

their kingdom is a forgotten snow globe on some First Worlder's mantelpiece!!

We have played JR 1-3 and SeSk 1-3 recently so looking forward to
A) being in a big city
B) not facing endless random encounters in the wilderness
C) the party being somewhat in charge of their destiny and having only 1 npc to be nice too!

To this end the party will be working for the PFS, not part of it. As Magnimar is a neutral city everyone has agreed to have at least 1 neutral aspect in their alignments.

They all have darkvision as they suspect there may be a dungeon or two!! Maybe that's one reason they have been picked.

Wonder how long before I post on the Obituary thread!!

Wish me luck

How would you stat up this item

Sand of Elemental Transformation

Aura xx transmutation; CL 7th
Slot none; Price xx; Weight --.


This white sand looks unremarkable. It can be thrown as a ranged touched attack, with a range increment of 10ft. The sand is harmless unless the attack successfully hits an elemental of up to medium sized. The elemental is immediately transformed to an elemental of the same size, but of a different type of the wielders choosing. The change lasts for 7 rounds before the elemental reverts back to its original form. The elemental is not harmed in anyway by this change of form and this process does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If the elemental is an ally of the wielder of the sand the elemental does not get a save, otherwise it can attempt DC 16 fortitude save to negate the effect.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Elemental body I; Cost xxxx gp

Magnimar is probably one of the most well known/detailed places in Golarion

so how much information is just enough to get the characters involved w/o becoming information overload

or have you just skipped it/ not added it, and just played the adventure

Opinion is that augment summon is worth the (in effect) 2 feat cost

what about some of the others such as
moonlight, starlight, sacred, etc

Currently playing a character with access to SNA and SM so looking at future options

So lets assume I have 6 months of work to write a dragon AP, where the big bad of each mod is a dragon or dragony type thing for each mod

do we assume CR 6 at end of mod 1, then from then on (CR 8,11,13,16,18) at the end of each mod

for the first mod a simple very young green dragon.....from then on Im open to suggestions?

its a vaguely sylvany type setting

thoughts ?

How are parties managing to ensure everyone gets something to do. What i mean is:
with lots 5ft corridors are you finding anyone getting frustrated in not getting to have a go, or shine? I imagine it could get quite crowded esp. if anyone has familairs / summons etc.

The last thing I rsn was kingmaker with its dungeon-lite environment.

I am planning to run this, BUT im finding even as a player in Brinewall castle in JR, I have noted some players getting a bit meech, with the tightness of the 5ft corridor, stuck in the doorway, etc

it maybe we havent dungeonered for a bit and are rusty!!

so im going oracles/sorc / MT.....i know, i know

at 3rd 0r2/So1...level if:
gnome pyromania (+1 cl on fire)
primal fire sorceror (+1 dam/dice thing)
magical knack (sorceror)
varissian tatoo (evoc +1 cl)

what damage would a burning hands do?
is is 5d4+5?

she is great fun to play, running around on her wolf as a nature oracle, so not looking for advice how to be better...just what that spell does?

thanks a lot


any idea what the table allowance for PFS will be this year?

anybody going!!

trying to be topical....

Golarion runs on magic

And magic runs on:

......Diamond, silver, quartz, onyx, mercury, phosphorous and 4 dozen more precious and semi-precious materials

What if, throughout the world, these started to dry up....wizard and clerics of all colours and outlooks would start to loose their ability.

-the ill would stay ‘unrestored’

-the dead, would stay dead,

-the dead, would not be undead

-towers would lay undefended by the ‘arts’....

And hundreds of other spells would become in short supply

The repercussions would be enormous

The Price of Power AP, an adventure path that spans the whole of Golarion.

Intrique, trade, diplomacy, treachery, wealth and terrible secrets await......

Part 1: the party are gathered at Absalom, centre of the Inner sea. Called there by a mix of the great and good. Traders, clergy of light and dark, arcane dabblers, all looking somewhat uneasy. The party first task is to see why a large number of dwarven mines have just closed their gates and are no longer shipping their commodities. Research has shown that the closures started at one particular dwarven owned mine just over two months ago. It is one of the few mines that supplies a certain as yet undisclosed to the party resource, and on the quiet, so as not to upset any interested group or faction, a low level delegation is to be sent to investigate, made of of interested representatives.....

This AP suits any and all alignments and the bigger the mix the better. One thing all factions, and worshippers agree on its that Wealth is good.....or bad...dependent on how you use it! The group are forced together and best set aside any immediate differences

Traits. Am working on traits that are inter-dependent on the party rather than the NPC ones seen in many AP’s



can you use two of these in a round (ie use your standard as a swift?). I see the rules that says you cant, i just wondered what the thinking behind it is, as a standard action = more energy/effort than a swift?

if a high level bard starts a performance as a swift action, moves, changed performance as a standard action...does that take up 2 'charges'?

wild shaped druid is an allosauros
he grapples a large gargoyle

Is it correct that the gargoyle can only attack back with a claw, and not his horn, gore, beard, or any body part he likes to strike with!!! and he can only do it once?

not looking for a list of all that grapple entails.

I am gonna playtest an AP im writing (see elsewhere where the party will be L/N/

i can see how a LN cha7 may be 'stern', and a CN cha7 would be 'rude'...apart from being quiet and helpful im wondering how a LG person with 7 cha, so a monk, ranger, etc would 'be'?

opinions please

see elsewhere I am writing up an AP for a LG party

Trying to create about 15 campaign traits

This is the 'crunch' list I have ths far. Anything over powered? I appreciate some may be duplicates from other sources, but a lot of campaign traits are. will add the fluff later


-You gain a +1 trait bonus to AC whenever you are defending the weak. The weak are any good aligned entity with a CR of 1/3 or less that you are trying to protect within 30ft.

-You gain a +2 trait bonus to saves against negative energy channelling

-Your [cure) spells give back 1 more hit point

-When you channel positive energy to heal the living, if you rolled a 1 on a d6 are counted as a two

-When you successfully treat disease or poison the save is made at a +6 bonus (instead of the normal +4)

-+1 trait damage bonus with a longsword against demons

-Whenever a demon rolls to confirm a critical hit against you it does so at a -2 penalty

-You gain a +1 trait bonus to save against spell-like abilities used by a demon

-Any celestial template creature you have summoned with a spell has +2 trait bonus to spell resistance

-Any celestial template creature you have summoned with a spell does +2 trait bonus damage with it smite evil ability

-Any resolute template creature you have summoned with a spell does +2 trait bonus damage with it smite chaos ability

-Any resolute template creature you have summoned with a spell has +2 trait bonus to spell resistance

-+1 save against poison and disease from any demon

1 person marked this as a favorite.

maybe you could get away with LN or NG, but essentially to get the most out of it you'd have to be LG

this is what im working on for my home group. i have parts 1-4 mind mapped out and the first couple more heavily detailed

This is what i have planned (and i wouldnt be so brazen as to suggest the fate of Aroden or close the world wound!!)


Signing up to join the 4th Mendev Crusade, you have finally found like minded souls. A call for help by a dying warrior leads the party against a demonic plot, and on a mission to fulfil a former heroes last wish, or fail at their first attempt?

The party seek a high temple of Iomadae in order to hand over some important relics. They then race to a forgotten watch-tower on a long abandoned route

Finally arriving at the front line of the 4th crusade the party see the horrors of war, and the brutality and greed of the seasons crusaders. Can they hold to what they know to be dear and true, or will the brutality and truth of battle be their downfall?

Arriving at the capital city of Mendev, the diamond of the North, Nerosyan, just in time to foil an assassination. Meeting with the queen herself she sets them on a quest that will try even the most devout of souls

The enemy of my enemy is my friend no longer holds true. Making a deal with the devil is always hazardous, even when the threat that faces you both is so terrible the deal must be struck at any cost. And that’s before you leave this material plane

Through broiling chaos and festering evil the party have journeyed, but this journey now reaches it epic conclusion. Victory means the terrible tide is halted, defeat would lead to endless torment and despair thoughout Avistan. Can the party deeds mirror those of an aged warrior they met what seems like an age ago?

Can a person spend 6 months playing an AP while being righteous and true without being a zealot? Can you kill, or talk to, things and return stuff to the rightful owner?

Is it known


and if there isnt where would be a good setting in Golarion for me to write one about this half term holiday seeing for the first time ever i have no marking to do!!!!!

I know the mantra that any AP can be played by any there one where the party really really should be LG.

so the party really doing stuff because it is utterly the right thing to do, they find a holy avenger and seek out someone worthy to take it too, there asked to deliver 10,000gp and will do all they can to get it there...ok thats all very sickly and shiney but i hope you what i mean

the next question is

would anybody play it?
In the UK folks mostly want grim n gritty n shades of grey, but id really like to take it to the LG max

ta for listening

Our group has gotten a bit big and a GM is asking for players to drop out so he doesnt have to GM too many. Its possible i may volunteer not to play this when he starts it in a few weeks

My question. Is this mod say 70% haunted dungeon / 30% other stuff.I really hated the over use of haunts in Burnt Offering, they where cool at first, then as a group we thought they where over done

no spoiler please

The Council of Magnamare, in our KM campaign has a number of LE councillors

I was wondering if an assassination attempt is rolled, against one of the them, i should throw in some zealot Erastilite Paladins and Rangers as the 'assassins', as it where?

might make interesting half fight / half social scene?

we do seem to roll assassination alot!


ive just finished part 4 / starting part 5

given both these things so hints to Numeria, has anyone made use of it.

I tempted for example to

Have the first atack on the pcs kingdom come from that direction, to throw them off

As it borders the pcs kingdom, what do you think the pcs can see from the edge of their kingdom?

im pretty sure it doesnt look very tempting for conquest??

or which is the closest too 'that'?

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

had a search, couldnt find answer

does it count as being combat trained?

Just had session 24, play about 4 hours per session

we are on about 2.7 out of 6 mods!!

Sorry if this is discussed elsewhere

It is nearly a year in our KM campaign since Varnhold Vanished. The party have been to tomb but retreated.

So, as the party have no way of knowing this is gonna happen, what if the Occulum recharges and the parties city are next?

aside from the economy disappearing down the tubes as 8000 citizens under 6 march off?? im wondering if this is too harsh to do the game?

anyone done it?

anyone made much use of these yet

gonna use the 'tree of stars' from TVV bit tonight, but there does seem an awful lot only the GM will get to see?


i tried,(even got some rends in, some run away and regens and stuff)

i really did, but the party waded throught the trolls despite not having a tank and the whole thing being one running combat....haste, grease, glitterdust...gotta hate them all

Hargulka (sp?) enters the fray

gets hit by flaming sphere, failes his save, his necklace then fails its save..boom, boom, boom..he then failed a number of saves against the fireballs on it

before he acted he'd taken 104 hp of damage incl 72 from the ruddy amulet

party earned 31,600xp in tonights session (they got 26,000xp last weeks)

my only joy was the owlbear trashing some vital blocks of their city!! I do fear for its safety next week

Ok, this was a fun fight, lots damage but no party deaths

Some questions:

1 Plants have low-light vision, but cant be blinded -im sure i saw that mentioned in threads elsewhere-that mean they shoulnt be affected by the smokey 'pyrotechnics' spell version, it got hit by when cast at the flaming sphere it was in, or can things still be concealed against it?

2. As it was Huge, and therefore bigger than the grease spell cast at it, was it immune (as it also cant be tripped)

3. Had it failed against the pyrotechnics, would the -4 str penalty been cumulative with the -3 it had from its (saved) against ray of enfeeblement [if it had failed against both spells would it have been at -11 strength!!!]?

Spell caster heavy party with bear companion, acting as a damage soaker!!

ok, its highly suited to the mod....and its a perfect tactic

just sad seeing so many beasties fall victim to it!!

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