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thenovalord's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,445 posts. 6 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Sometimes think people don't play diplomacy correctly. Guess OT

RP is what you make of it. Sometimes maybe npcs have too much backstory as it almost fences you in. RP Depends on the group make up, both pc and player, as well as the module.

I do enjoy social dungeons where the monsters mostly want/will to interact in some way. Only had one thing published, a 4 part ~200 room dungeon AP for AAW. In that I desperately tried to put non fighty way round lots of encounters. Kinda tricky a lot of the time

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Dark tapestry Oracle

Switch sides later on in AP!!!

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P.H. Dungeon wrote:

The adventure in the starter set is fairly sandboxy. Characters have lots of freedom to do what they want- lots of little quests to do and a few small dungeons that don't have to be completed in a particular order. It reminds me a lot of the first adventure in the Kingmaker AP (though the Stag Lord is a cooler villain than the villain in this adventure). I think it's a decent adventure for players and GMs new to the game. For experienced players and GMs it will seem like pretty typical D&D fair- the usually suspects for monsters, NPCs, quests goals, dungeon locations etc…

I'm not sure if I'd run it for my home group of experienced players, but I'd definitely consider running it for a group of people who were new(isn) to D&D.

I intend to run it for experienced players. It will play different to other d20 so they will need to forget what they know

Sandbox, freedom, choice............more adventure, less path please

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I'm the same. Been enjoying rpg since 1980 then the internet came along and told me I had been playing them wrong

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Hopefully more 'adventure' and less 'path'.

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I think the unchaining my up the power level. Not lower

If PF go high magic and DND goes low, then that's a nice split

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It is a team game.....your fighter should pleased to be in a team with a guy who can make lightning appear from no where!!

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Insain Dragoon wrote:

A lot of people who write APs do their entire book. All the social, combat, exploration, ect.

My personal opinion is that a lot of those writers are better writers than gamers.

This I have been saying for longer than I recall. Many APs feel like novels that the party are interupting.!

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Steve Geddes wrote:

I think what I really like about Golarion is that Paizo are consistently mindful of the fact that the players are the main characters.


Exact opposite for me.

In APs I feel the pcs are just in the way of where the author wishes the story to go, so npcs are put there to ensure story goes that way

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There won't be many GOOP in a game 5th everyone in PF has stat item+2...... ok, many, pc's do.......I am so looking forward to the magic coming back to the game by 'less magic' !!!!!

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Cascade wrote:

Where 4th Ed was heavily mechanics based, NEXT is the exact opposite. I cannot see this version working in a living campaign style, the rules are simply too loose and rely on the story telling aspects to run the game. There will be a ton of table variation. One of the table's GMs at last year's Gencon recommended not using they take away the imagination.

Not working for living is a bonus. Living games need magic shops, formulaic adventures and lots, lots rule

Freedom sounds lovely to me

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Yeah. Ever since Paizo decided they didn't like riddles in mods that couldn't be solved without a skill check gamers minds have gone soft!!

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Do we get to play the orcs?

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thenovalord wrote:
Dave the dragonborn shouldn't get angry over what the female dragonborn do or don't lack. Tate the tiefling is more interested in whether he gets a spikey tail or not

Oh man. I spent at least two minutes coming up with an awesome* breast related pun and no one spotted it. Or everyone ignored it. Please someone humour me!

*ok, wasn't that awesome if no one saw it!

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Hitdice wrote:
thenovalord wrote:

I disliked 4e as much as the next man

dnd next feels so much better for me.....too old to be counting squares and pushing bits plastic about

Yeah, I prefer metal minis, too. :P

I Like minis, just not to play chess with

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I disliked 4e as much as the next man

dnd next feels so much better for me.....too old to be counting squares and pushing bits plastic about

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Ditch all the filler in the AP.
Make them 4 modules only
The 12 May work as an extra publication, 32 page format each time

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Shiftybob wrote:
The Varnhold Vanishing is probably my favourite book of any adventure path. I don't see the pattern at all. I think maybe it's just the level range that's your problem, as around about level 7+ is when Pathfinder really starts to get complicated.

VV is ok as an adventure, just doesn't add to the plot

I'm fine with PF levels until people start doing 4 or 5 things around, insist on rolling 13d6, when average will suffice, etc. Basically when the game becomes more complex than rolemaster it's time to start low level again

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Endless silly playable races is never a good thing, in any edition

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You Are an archer
You will shoot the snot out of everything 90% of the time
If that isn't easy enough for you, perhaps it's the GM who needs New players
Archer in PF is all powerful, and makes combat dull for everyone. This is based on play Not game theory

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
My first DM had a rule that whoever struck the last blow on an enemy received all the experience for it. I hated that rule.

Sort of works that way in rolemaster!

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magnuskn wrote:
That's good to hear, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. :)

Thanks for making me stick with it. It is the best of the AP thus far

Has riddles
Has choice
Has bearable npcs
It has choice. I think that is most important
Even been some quite tricksy combats

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I think many of the 3pp writers on here are players, me included

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Sounds to me like...

Take time to really read both the rules and spirit of dnd before you think about releasing stuff......some truly awful awful stuff came out from 3ppm when 3e was released.
There is no harm in trying to do things right......even in these days of the impatient internet

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need to subscribe to adventureaweek to get the other 3 parts of the adventure path

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Not going with any organised play. I feel it just kills the game for me..........magic shops. Yuck

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K177Y C47 wrote:
um.... Ki is from the Core Rule book... and Arcana is just a modification of Ki...Eidolons are completely new, but hexes are no that complex, just At-Will Su abilities.

So added stuff then. If most new classes add a mini game then it's bloat.

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Yep. Adjust the adventure to fit the pc's. The pc's are more important than the adventure!

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Been a very interesting discussion. Well done all

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Tangent101 wrote:

Oh noes! You mean the Mary Sue PCs aren't the sole heroes to save the day but actually WORK with others?!? Noes, don't tell me it's so!

It sounds to me like it's an issue of GMs still learning the ropes rather than the NPCs themselves. It may be that the GM wanted to play the game instead of run it, but no one else wanted to run it. Or it may be an inexperienced GM. Have you sat down with the GM and politely expressed your concerns and feelings? And your belief that it's detracting from the game?

If it's still a problem, find a new GM. Or run the game yourself and learn from the mistakes of other GMs when it comes to NPCs.

Hmm. Can't decide how insulting your post is

Think ditching the AP is the answer rather than ditching friends.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It gets worse as the AP goes on. We are 95% way thru

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That's fine until the only way to do the mod is the way the npcs says. It is likely the way the GM uses them as well

In serpents skull no matter what we have done the npcs/factions remained prominent. In book 5 + 6 the pc's can go and have a holiday and let the npcs get on with it

I see the term as a GMPC as an npcs that becomes the driver, you can't get rid off, is mission critical etc.

It could also be me. I like player driven games, with players making up npcs as needed for the scene etc. Or written in npcs become more player controlled....... Kingmaker was excellent for this

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Well done wizard. Enjoy your victory

1 person marked this as a favorite.

GM pouts when we ignore what his npc has said we should do
GM sulks because he doesn't realise how versatile and mighty higher level pc's are
GM insists we must do action x because the AP author also failed to realise how mighty and versatile high level pc's are
GM gets upset because no one kissed the blatantly disguised sucubus
GM isn't happy damned pc's are interfering with HIS game
GM insist on playing high level, then does no prep so game becomes no challenge
GM try to put real world physics into pathfinder rules

Many, many, more.....but will end up sounding to whiny!!!!

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I agree. Too many mods where it is about the NPCs, and the PCs tag along and are sometimes given permission to do stuff. Serpents Sk especially

The pc's should develop.they should be mission critical. Any npc should be allowed to die, leave, be ignored, etc and the game should still work.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yep shattered star
Only one important npc to bother about
Pc's can adventure at their leisure
Very easy social encounters and easy plots/trails to follow

1 person marked this as a favorite.

PFS isn't the way forward. They are even more formulaic.
3 part AP covering ten levels , not necessary 1-10, would be sweet. I doubt even 50pc of groups get to book 4?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Amen 17a and 17b

Way too many APs suffer from this
17c remember PC much more mission critical than NPC

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Adventures that Paizo won't write/commission that don't fit the standard formula

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Railroad is fine
going from A to B to C to D etc, as long as their is some choice what to do between and at the station's. All paizo AP are a railroad, some more than others

I tend to find that if players begin to wonder way off what is planned I just say "ok I haven't planned for this so it's now your turn to add more input and ideas as we make stuff up on the fly".

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Have made half elf (drow) wood Oracle (ancient lore keeper) lvl 7 to replace a pc in carrion crown.
Feels suitable gothic.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Splendid indeed

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hadn't used them for 20 years before KM.

Now I like to use them as GM. It's exciting not knowing what lies ahead!!!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

They really need to release some top quality adventures.

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Zombie Ninja wrote:

I'm not looking to start a fight, everyone has the preferences and should feel free to express them, it's just how I feel sometimes.

Yeah a thread were every post is correct!!

Golarion is really high powered, at least 1 in 20 can cast spells and PCs can have permanent magic items often before they reach 2nd level.

Give up with the Lovecraft 'homage'...the setting is nothing like that

There are 300+ gods, some walk the earth, some were men just a few years back, their weakest clerics can cast water creation all day long......enjoy that its not grim and gritty and have the peasants played like the world they live in.

APs....great in theory but meh in the authors know each others email addresses?

PCs are way more important than NPCs. Give the PCs choices, that is the heart of a rpg

Do not give the PCs illusion of choice. Make the choice count for something

The Power Creep has been insane and very fast

A feast, where the food is poisoned, how original!

Ditch the factions in PFS, increase choice and consequence, and let that be reported.

3PP is good. They can pitch outside the can quibble on their spells, feats, classes etc but the adventures are often top notch

I like the Cover. This is not a 5-star review

I hate the cover. This is a not a 1-star review

I dont like RoTRL

That will do for now

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Mr. Snow's Cat wrote:
I don't like pathfinder's goblins.

amen to this.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Excellent discussion, input and advice....must have missed it first time round!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Always thought it a bit weird in general that the baddie has a 40% to nearly double the CR of the encounter, for no extra I do keep it full round

I also always felt that if a devil/demon summoned another devil/ is just as likely to attack its summoner!!!

Im sure its an ability that could be more random/more fun

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Not sure how much call there would be for a Chaotic Evil Sanndbox, but this is what im working on currently, and playtesting soon, as it is 1/3rd complete



For as long as any can remember the great Citadel of Gedallion has shone like a beacon holding back the darkness. The demonic hordes to the South have spent endless centuries trying to break down this bastion of good.

At long last they have succeeded.

With the citadel of Gedallion a smouldering ruin the abyssal led hordes of the Nations of Six are free to burn, pillage, destroy and wreak chaos and bring despair. As is their way they have immediately turned on each through petty squabbles, long held grudge and seething hatred for their own kind....though not all demon lords are like this. In the Southern most region of the Nation of Six a shrewd and patient demoness plots. Her name is Delaxzinia and she is about to unleash hell, or something akin to hell.

Delaxzinia’s hatred is not aimed at the humans to the North but rather a festering plague that has been a thorn in her side for as long as she has dwelt in this mortal realm, the elves. Now with their human allies broken and scattered Delaxzinia sees her chance to secure the great victory she has long coveted....the complete and utter annihilation of her most hated foe, and their High King, Uldranor II, lord of the Western Woods.

Through intrigue, tactics, warfare and grand strategy she will bring down the fey, and in their place will rise such a darkness and empire, that all beings, demon and men, will bow down before the great Delaxzinia.


The PCs will start off as minions of a shrewd demoness. They will attack and destroy nearby enemy lands and begin to build their own foul empire. In time the PCs will get to a level of power where rival demons may threaten them, they may decide to overthrow their terrible mistress, or seek total dominion over the fallen human empire.

Module 1: Storm the Gates.
An adventure for level 1 to 3 chaotic evil PCs
The PCs are all chaotic evil servants of the Marilith Delaxzinia. They will be selected for a special assignment that is a prelude to a war against elves and their allies. The party, along with a few small armies, will infiltrate through a guarded valley, capture a few key strategic sites, before turning their attention to the keep of Angrewar that guards the valley. In the process they will find a number of key resources required for the war.
travel, hexploring, small settlement, mini dungeons, limited warfare

Module 2: Into the Breach
An adventure for level 4 to 6 chaotic evil PCs
The PC, now minor war leaders will begin an assault on the ancient elven forests. Their task is to strip them bare of their abundant resources and use them to begin to build their own base of operations and expand their fledgling settlement into a fortress for demonic hordes. The PCs will procure long sought treasures, fight an array of fantastical allies of the haughty elves, and raise their own legendary status as agents of the storm of chaos.
major hexploring, kingdom building, limited warfare

Module 3: Raze the Bastion
An adventure for level 7 to 9 chaotic evil PCs
The last elven keep, Taranbor is now surrounded by the demonic forces commanded by the PCs. They must plot its downfall while fighting off attempts to break the siege by the elves last remaining allies, the dwarves and gnomes of Clefterkan. Can the PCs hold their forces together and destroy the elven king, as talk of treachery begins to fester and rival demon lords look on with envy....or will the lieutenants of the night fall to their own kind.
some hexploring and kingdom building, lots warfare, 1 large dungeon

Module 4: Bring down the Walls
An adventure for level 10 to 12 chaotic evil PCs
The conquest of the Western Lands is near complete. Only the stout defenders of Clefterkan remain, though they have received help from a surprise ally. The PCs are now high captains and their renown seems beyond compare, for they are terrible to behold. Their once fledgling settlement is now likely a festering city of slaves, death and despair and many creatures flock to their unholy banners. Can they achieve total dominion to allow them to turn their attention to an even greater prize.
some hexploring and kingdom building, medium warfare, 1 medium dungeon, few mini dungeons

From here onwards the PCs goals and actions decide which of the final three adventures they wish to play, and in which order. Each is easily adjusted dependent on the PCs level when they begin the module. The PCs can complete one, two or three and in any order.

Module 5a: Six Become One
An adventure for level 13 to 18 chaotic evil PCs
The Nation of Six is campaigning against the dark heroes demonic patron and their own suzerain is under threat. Can the Scions of the Abyss destroy their former ‘allies’ and show them the true price of infamy.
some kingdom building, lots of warfare, several mini dungeons, several settlements

Module 5b: To Slay A Queen
An adventure for level 13 to 18 chaotic evil PCs
The Scions of the Abyss who began as mere foot soldiers now hold the key to ultimate power and rule. It is now time to overthrow the yoke of their former mentor Delaxzinia by capturing her kingdom and possibly pursuing the demoness into her inner sanctum in the broiling wastes of the Abyss.
limited kingdom building, lots of warfare, several dungeons, one settlements

Module 5c: The Burning Empire
An adventure for level 13 to 18 chaotic evil PCs
The ruined human empire of Gedallion throws up new revelations and this time the Scions of the Abyss wish to be first to the fight, and first to the rewards. Nothing will stand in their way.
limited kingdom building, lots of warfare, several mini dungeons, several settlements

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Cool stuff

First I'd send a solo diabolic around to have a brief chat to see what the situation is. Non violent discussion, chance to 're sign etc.

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