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thenovalord's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,211 posts. 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Been a very interesting discussion. Well done all

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Tangent101 wrote:

Oh noes! You mean the Mary Sue PCs aren't the sole heroes to save the day but actually WORK with others?!? Noes, don't tell me it's so!

It sounds to me like it's an issue of GMs still learning the ropes rather than the NPCs themselves. It may be that the GM wanted to play the game instead of run it, but no one else wanted to run it. Or it may be an inexperienced GM. Have you sat down with the GM and politely expressed your concerns and feelings? And your belief that it's detracting from the game?

If it's still a problem, find a new GM. Or run the game yourself and learn from the mistakes of other GMs when it comes to NPCs.

Hmm. Can't decide how insulting your post is

Think ditching the AP is the answer rather than ditching friends.

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It gets worse as the AP goes on. We are 95% way thru

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That's fine until the only way to do the mod is the way the npcs says. It is likely the way the GM uses them as well

In serpents skull no matter what we have done the npcs/factions remained prominent. In book 5 + 6 the pc's can go and have a holiday and let the npcs get on with it

I see the term as a GMPC as an npcs that becomes the driver, you can't get rid off, is mission critical etc.

It could also be me. I like player driven games, with players making up npcs as needed for the scene etc. Or written in npcs become more player controlled....... Kingmaker was excellent for this

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Well done wizard. Enjoy your victory

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GM pouts when we ignore what his npc has said we should do
GM sulks because he doesn't realise how versatile and mighty higher level pc's are
GM insists we must do action x because the AP author also failed to realise how mighty and versatile high level pc's are
GM gets upset because no one kissed the blatantly disguised sucubus
GM isn't happy damned pc's are interfering with HIS game
GM insist on playing high level, then does no prep so game becomes no challenge
GM try to put real world physics into pathfinder rules

Many, many, more.....but will end up sounding to whiny!!!!

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I agree. Too many mods where it is about the NPCs, and the PCs tag along and are sometimes given permission to do stuff. Serpents Sk especially

The pc's should develop.they should be mission critical. Any npc should be allowed to die, leave, be ignored, etc and the game should still work.

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Yep shattered star
Only one important npc to bother about
Pc's can adventure at their leisure
Very easy social encounters and easy plots/trails to follow

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PFS isn't the way forward. They are even more formulaic.
3 part AP covering ten levels , not necessary 1-10, would be sweet. I doubt even 50pc of groups get to book 4?

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Amen 17a and 17b

Way too many APs suffer from this
17c remember PC much more mission critical than NPC

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Adventures that Paizo won't write/commission that don't fit the standard formula

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Railroad is fine
going from A to B to C to D etc, as long as their is some choice what to do between and at the station's. All paizo AP are a railroad, some more than others

I tend to find that if players begin to wonder way off what is planned I just say "ok I haven't planned for this so it's now your turn to add more input and ideas as we make stuff up on the fly".

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Have made half elf (drow) wood Oracle (ancient lore keeper) lvl 7 to replace a pc in carrion crown.
Feels suitable gothic.

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Splendid indeed

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Hadn't used them for 20 years before KM.

Now I like to use them as GM. It's exciting not knowing what lies ahead!!!

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They really need to release some top quality adventures.

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Zombie Ninja wrote:

I'm not looking to start a fight, everyone has the preferences and should feel free to express them, it's just how I feel sometimes.

Yeah a thread were every post is correct!!

Golarion is really high powered, at least 1 in 20 can cast spells and PCs can have permanent magic items often before they reach 2nd level.

Give up with the Lovecraft 'homage'...the setting is nothing like that

There are 300+ gods, some walk the earth, some were men just a few years back, their weakest clerics can cast water creation all day long......enjoy that its not grim and gritty and have the peasants played like the world they live in.

APs....great in theory but meh in the authors know each others email addresses?

PCs are way more important than NPCs. Give the PCs choices, that is the heart of a rpg

Do not give the PCs illusion of choice. Make the choice count for something

The Power Creep has been insane and very fast

A feast, where the food is poisoned, how original!

Ditch the factions in PFS, increase choice and consequence, and let that be reported.

3PP is good. They can pitch outside the can quibble on their spells, feats, classes etc but the adventures are often top notch

I like the Cover. This is not a 5-star review

I hate the cover. This is a not a 1-star review

I dont like RoTRL

That will do for now

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Mr. Snow's Cat wrote:
I don't like pathfinder's goblins.

amen to this.

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Excellent discussion, input and advice....must have missed it first time round!

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Always thought it a bit weird in general that the baddie has a 40% to nearly double the CR of the encounter, for no extra I do keep it full round

I also always felt that if a devil/demon summoned another devil/ is just as likely to attack its summoner!!!

Im sure its an ability that could be more random/more fun

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Cool stuff

First I'd send a solo diabolic around to have a brief chat to see what the situation is. Non violent discussion, chance to 're sign etc.

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Excellent there an ENNIE for best rpg thread?

Can 3PP take more of a risk in theme? There is already an AP for LE-ish PCs.

Could they take a gamble on say an adventure where the whole party is say undead, and therefore feed on the flesh of the living to survive?

A supplement/adventure that is Cert 15 rather than PG?

Thanks to a 3PP, after 33 years of playing in this awesome hobby, I have recently had something published!!

Long may they, and 1PP, flourish


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ClarkKent07 wrote:

I always enjoy the hero roll, even in video games I struggle to play the bad guy as a start feeling guilty when one of the NPCs gets all sad face on me for being a jerk.

NPCs deserve all they get. when you start making PC have sad faces that's when you need to have a talk

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Jeven wrote:

You still need to be evil to create undead as the spell calls upon an evil spirit to animate the skeleton or corpse. So that would limit its use and is probably not the sort of spell a neutral nature devotee would cast.

nope. You don't have to be evil to cast an evil spell....just as you dont have to be good to cast a good spell

Anyway going off thread

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Yeah, our whole group thought ship way more sensible than walking

the other issue is that if you
slaughter 40 oxen,
animated dead on them
you then have fatigue free, cold immune, fear immune, etc beasts of burden
...and make your life so much easier!!!! we thought about doing this, but didnt

we just finished mod 3 last night

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Tbh i salute you for tackling the insane rules set that PF is.

If yr group is having a good time, thats the main thing
Playing a lot is something many folk can only dream off. Dont forget to go outside occassionally.

Good luck.

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Given the number of rules in the books, number of rules misunderstood, number of rules, number of things in PS but not PFS that make no sense and number of posts; I really dont think such links/signs would work

if someone politely asks, then why not politely point them in the right direction

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.....its almost like they listen to what people want.....

1 person marked this as a favorite.

its currently a chance to going back to rolling one d20 a round and adding only +3

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finshed my first, KM, this week

the baddy won!!

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yeah, a Trade War one needs slotting in in between!!!

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It is no good against 'baddies'

but useful for the mean hearted guard, awkward civil servant, miserable farmer, etc

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I hope the players guide for thsi say "it is highly recommended that good players do this AP, and it is not recommended that evil pcs attempt this"

really high level + epic + big shining heroes

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way too much stuff now

makes con games like pfs increasingly hard to run as you rely on the player to have interpreted page 300 of Ultimate Everything correctly...and given the forum traffic, this will not happen

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Just the beginner box ONLY

play 2 or 3 times

see how it goes

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of course, the brave thing to do would be to create a new setting from scratch for a new system

new thinking all round

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i cant stand anything about golarion goblins so we all have our foibles

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have reached limits on rules (by this i mean new classes, feats etc)....stopped those at APG

still buying (+ using bestiarys) and APs somewhat, and maps

not buying PF minis

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i see one answer above but.... is an invisible person under non-detection not going to be seen with someone with say permenant see invis + arcane sight?


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ran 6

excellent time


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you lost me when you said its low level, then started at 6th!!

fireball all the 1st levels and sell their umpteen guns

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In a land where there are
so many spell casters,
gods are real, and numerous
magic is real,
a cleric can cast create water all day long,
dragons are real,
elves are real,
the village witch is really a witch

etc the populace really shouldnt bat an eye lid at someone

casting an unassuming spell in the street,
or see 2ft tall to 8ft tall person walking down the street,
people talking to there pet bear,
carrying outrageous looking over sized swords

at least thats how i play it

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I know a real life example of 16

24. when you are looking for cleaning products in the supermarket you are convinced it says color-spray instead of kitchen-spray

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maybe you could get away with LN or NG, but essentially to get the most out of it you'd have to be LG

this is what im working on for my home group. i have parts 1-4 mind mapped out and the first couple more heavily detailed

This is what i have planned (and i wouldnt be so brazen as to suggest the fate of Aroden or close the world wound!!)


Signing up to join the 4th Mendev Crusade, you have finally found like minded souls. A call for help by a dying warrior leads the party against a demonic plot, and on a mission to fulfil a former heroes last wish, or fail at their first attempt?

The party seek a high temple of Iomadae in order to hand over some important relics. They then race to a forgotten watch-tower on a long abandoned route

Finally arriving at the front line of the 4th crusade the party see the horrors of war, and the brutality and greed of the seasons crusaders. Can they hold to what they know to be dear and true, or will the brutality and truth of battle be their downfall?

Arriving at the capital city of Mendev, the diamond of the North, Nerosyan, just in time to foil an assassination. Meeting with the queen herself she sets them on a quest that will try even the most devout of souls

The enemy of my enemy is my friend no longer holds true. Making a deal with the devil is always hazardous, even when the threat that faces you both is so terrible the deal must be struck at any cost. And that’s before you leave this material plane

Through broiling chaos and festering evil the party have journeyed, but this journey now reaches it epic conclusion. Victory means the terrible tide is halted, defeat would lead to endless torment and despair thoughout Avistan. Can the party deeds mirror those of an aged warrior they met what seems like an age ago?

Can a person spend 6 months playing an AP while being righteous and true without being a zealot? Can you kill, or talk to, things and return stuff to the rightful owner?

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Cardinal_Malik wrote:
I should have done this. the kingdom building part was done poorly and lacked the excitement that old birthright had.

for buildings , and assuming you build naturally (ie not castle. cathedral, marketplace in the first few months)

Year 1: 8 buildings , 3 of which are big plus 4 houses
Year 2: 12 buildings, 4 of which are big plus 6 houses
year 3: 15 buildings, 6 of which are big plus houses if u wish
year 4: repeat year 3,

dont forget to build new citys

Hexes: id claim 10 per year, assume farm on 7 of them, Then an extra 2 more hexs each other year (year 2: 12, year 3: 14, etc) and equivalent in farms

Roads: put down as flavour dictates

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DC was 12, maybe 14 for a tricky hex

using appropraite knowledge, or prof: cartography skill

fail yielded only 300xp per hex,

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