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thenovalord's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,874 posts. 10 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters.

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One of the many things I adore about 5th is monsters built as needed, not as rules dictate

Long may it be this way.

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And the system is slow enough without adding a " yeah, I hit", " oh no you didn't", system on top!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Say this
Whoever at paizo invented dazing spell didn't think it through. Let's not use it

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Strange Aeons. You have done this AP, you just have no memory of it

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We use between 1% and 5% for Galorian. I think almost every settlement in every AP has a spellcaster. The setting is very high magic
So almost everywhere should have ample created water, wholesome food, etc.

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The UK biggest rpg con was a few weeks back, I wonder what the player count for each was.

At most shops etc to play Pf you need today pfs which has plummeted in its interest level in my area

5th is mostly not an organised game in these areas

My 2 groups haven't played pfs for more than 4 years, and none have played AL.

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Serpents Skull. No matter what you do, someone will get there before you.

Jade Regent. Let's go over the roof of the world and sort those silly foreigners out

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Have had some oracles with +15 or so. Probably a lot is wasted
Sometimes spelling mistakes are awesome. Storngest is a great PC name

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As long as the front cover is a mahossive space attack cruiser gliding through the blasted remains of the elder gods I'll be happy!!

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Some very alien alien playable races
Big massive space battles
NOT cowboys n scavengers in Space. Pf rules set is too epic and high powered for that!

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KJL wrote:
Are Amberle's polyhedral dice in the book? Speaking as a gamer, that's cool whether they are or not :-)

Going to check all my blue d10s just in case they are really Elfstones !

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I really enjoyed it
Look forward to the full league in action

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Started this on Monday. Had to print my own tarokka deck.
All very good thus far
Plays as well as it reads

For ref. KM by far my favourite paizo AP

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Quite liking the series but goodness me elves are ruddy hopeless

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Or mega dungeon
Or sandbox
Or tech

So in fact all are a matter of taste n style!

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Oh yeah.
This adventure will not suit everyone

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We played a city guard campaign once, it was fun but the best bits always seemed to be when the PCs were more of a scoundrel than the villians!!

I dont have enough Golarion-Fu to be that specific but for me, a Lawful campaign, and quite different to the norm, would ideally be like:
-The PCs would have, or be the authority, but somewhat low key and subtle in their ways
-campaign against non-evil chaos, otherwise its nothing too different

So the thing they camapaign against would be
-'alien' to this world. Its nature is harmful to our 'nature', to its land, to its peoples, to its beast...but not maliciously. Its not intentionally would be regarded as 'neutral' if it wasnt so disruptive, destructive and cause such disorder, suffering and despair.
-It undoes the natural world the heroes live in. It transforms the land, it alters the beasts, it affects magic, 'science', and ultimately its people
-It is therefore both hard to understand, and so to defeat. Afterall if it has no goal, there is no obvious ways to stop it
-Its affects are subtle at a town fires no longer burn, a river always runs ice cold, herd animals turn aggressive, iron seems very fragile, milk is sour.....this means the starter low-level PCs are sent to investigate and an AP begins, very subtlety. Maybe some portent has partially foreseen things. Could be a mini-game where the PCs try to keep the panic level low or it feeds the 'chaos'

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There are no slaads in Pf, best CN foes IMO

Strange Aeons may work as long as starting premise doesn't get in the way

Need adventure to redress an influx of turmoil and disruption without being overly zealous and righteous about it?
Temple of elemental chaos type of thing

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Matis Masters wrote:

Hello, sometimes I've seen people commenting here that are part of Third Party Publishing companies, so my question is mostly for them, but obviously all the help is welcome. A friend and I are thinking of going the road of self publishing, under the assumption that we have several things in the works that could easily match the quality of the d20pfsrd store items we've seen so far, and we have all the skills needed to create content like that.


If between you and very local friends you can


Then I'd suggest KS.
*This person cannot be part of the creation process.

This is what I have done recently. I was sitting in a game session, head full of ideas when it dawned on me I played with
-An excellent illustrator
-An author who has had fiction and non-fiction in print and electronic
-Someone starting in their cartography side-career
-A recent retiree who had spent his work-life writing reports for a very famous engineering company
-someone who used InDesign at work
...and it dawned on me, I had everything needed to get off my behind and get some stuff done. All within 2 miles of where I lived, for whichever service I needed!
It may be the unique set of circumstances but it has worked well for me/us so far

Very good luck, I hope you 'find your path'!

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I have released Parts 1 and 2, and the Campaign Primer for my Adventure Path for Chaotic Evil PCs called Kingslayer. It is a hexploration /sandbox with kingdom building/burning!

It is currently (nearly) art free and $2 for the adventures and free for the primer.
I will put up part 3 very soon. If it seems there is a market I will put it into KS for proper art, editing, layout etc. Clearly this will not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Kingslayer Adventure Primer and Guide

Storm the Gates, for level 1-3 Chaotic Evil PCs

Into the Breach, for level 4-6 Chaotic Evil PCs

I have always been a big fan of sandbox / hexploration adventures. From SPIs Enchanted Wood for Dragonquest, Test of the Warlords for Companion D&D, and more recently the completion of all 6 parts of the awesome Kingmaker AP. Soon after finishing that I pondered on making a sandbox for CE PCs. I wrote an awful lot of it before setting it aside (~75,000 words). Now I have had another run through it and thought I would release what I had with a plan for putting out all 7 parts eventually, if there is an interest.

Thanks for looking

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Your players agree. That's all that matters. I think it is an interesting idea

2 people marked this as a favorite.

A prequel. Aimed at a younger audience. What could go wrong!

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SmiloDan wrote:
thenovalord wrote:
I think 5e system is compatible for a fast pace space setting

Just as long as they figure out a quick and fun way to run ship v. ship combat where everyone can contribute.

I remember running d20 Future, and we did a ship fight, and basically everyone watched as 1 player and I rolled tons and tons of dice.

24d12???? Ugh!

Never played it. Sounds grim. Ship to ship should be no slower than any other combat

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think 5e system is compatible for a fast pace space setting

2 people marked this as a favorite.

No more skirting around certain words in my kickstarter. And the GM guild thing is immense news

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It was nice for my KS to be on the front page for a day too. Nice bit of boost

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Regional effects are steeped in fantasy myth. Desolation of Smaug etc. Everyone knows were a legendary creature lives. Everyone avoids it......well except those silly heroes!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We played kingmaker with a mostly LE party and it was the best AP we have played
Most of the Shattered Star party were NE and what we did of it was fine
Playing emerald with an LE party and that works very well

It the CN players that are always the worst

It's an rpg , a social event, a game for all to enjoy. Anyone who says "but that's what my character would do", should think again

3 people marked this as a favorite.

And we can build a bridge out of him

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Other areas where the money goes

The bard is obviosuly networking as much as possible, throwing parties and get togethers, buying property, and lots more. Lots of dresses. She also funds some upcoming writers and artists

The monk carouses. a lot. this has so far got him an upcoming wedding, which he is pouring money into, and got him into lots of trouble and other romantic liasons.

The soldier has started a fencing academy and spends his money and building a small fort. he will soon acquire soem followers

The sorceror is from avery noble house. He gives a lot of lower denomination money away and is buidlng an elaborate tower, coated in gold leaf! He will sonna cquire and apprentice or two

The gnome folk hero is also just starting to acquire some property. he may or may not start a 'theives' guild. He just likes acquiring shiny things

The sage doesnt take a full treasure share. He has a bit of a library. he carouses a bit and pays of people to keep his reputation. he has gained rivals through to much partying

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Following on from discussion of what to do with money in 5e, this is the campaign I am currently running. It has a lot of downtime stuff in it. As of last night the PCS are 9th level

We drew up a mind map showing who each character relates, or has heard of, the other. Everyone rolled up their background first, then race and class.

Metaplot activities

PCs can spend time working toward their metaplot. These are based on discussion, and what things their background rolls threw up! Each one is sort of abstract in that, I havent written 80 bits of plot, item, places etc they need to find. The players just decide if soemting fits their metaplot and writes a line of two about it.

-Wood elf (noble)Monk is trying to find the ‘quantum of ki’. A moment of perfection. Law and Chaos, Good and Evil, Light and Dark;…..all together in a never ending circle. Legend says there is a state of being, a point of absolute perfection, where all are both in balance, but still, with no motion or deviation. The ‘Quantum of Ki’, when inner and outer are as one. Past, Present, Future. He who can control this perfect moment of Ki, can control his own destiny, and even halt death. With this you can contact your ancestors and bring peace to your tortured family, and ensure death no longer walks waiting in the shadows with your elven blood. To fulfil this task you must find, witness, and discover etc some moments of absolute perfection/extremism or such related to each alignment.

-High Elf (sage) ranger. Is trying to finally get to the bottom of what makes underdark creatures more powerful and weird, than their surface ‘cousins’. The Underdark is a weird and terrifying place. The dwellers there seem very powerful compared to surface folk, and this something that plagued your human associate Doctor Mellors until his death at the ripe of old age of 79. He has bequeathed you his research and put into safe keeping some mighty tomes which you can claim if you complete his life’s work. What is the ‘strange’ that gives the underdwellers such power? You must collect 12 bits of information, observation, evidence, magic, treasures, relics, anatomies etc deemed worthy of his name. Luckily a new group seems headed that way. Your previous doctorates on the ‘Ways of Giants’ seem most interesting to one of the group.

-Half elf (charlatan) Bard/Warlock. You intend to be the great impresario and put the ultimate show, the Fall of Aelinthaldaar; the ancient elven city where Waterdeep now sits. Uncovering its history will add to the appeal of investors. Improving your own glory, renown and prestige will have people flocking in
To do this you must accumulate 125,000 gp in terms of actuals, promissory and investments.

-Gnome (Folk Hero) Rogue. He has had a dream that he is to be a Lord of Waterdeep. You are a great folk hero and destined for many things. Your dreams are plagued by visions of a dark room, a circular table and mysterious folk of great power discussing the city. It is clear you are meant to join them and become a Lord of Waterdeep. To do you must find 13 pieces of lore and artefact tied to the flavour/theme of the dream. So such things as scrying, eyes, cyclops, orbs, mirrors, mind flayers, crystal balls, beholders, etc. You hope with all this power you find your lost love

-Human (noble) sorcerer. Seeking the secrests of Dracomanchy. “You need to find the great link between Dragonkind and the Innate arts of Sorcery. How does dragon blood flow through the veins of some; is their inheritance or random luck; can one be taught sorcery; can you gain the long life of a dragon; who was the first sorcerer? What role did dragons play in the fall of Aelinthaldaar the great elf city that once stood where Waterdeep now is built. To complete you need to find 11 dragon related clues, mysteries, items, etc that will pull all the lore together. You must uphold the name of your house and not alienate others in the process.”

Human (Soldier) Fighter. "You need to solve the mystery of your disgrace & dishonour; the defeat against the fire giant Zucchuss the bloodied; the loss of the great banner of your house ‘ The Iron Pennant’; you must ultimately slay your nemesis, and be redeemed in the eyes of military and nobility who hold you in low esteem. To do this you must do 8 deeds that will lead to your redemption"

Quests These are small 1 scene things based on the quests in Lords of Waterdeep. Completing these raises a PCs renown in one of 4 areas (piety, commerce, warfare, arcane).

Downtime Activities p.187 and expanded in DMG
Between adventures, the DM might ask you what your character is doing during his or her downtime. Periods of downtime can vary in duration, but each downtime activity requires a certain number of days to complete before you gain any benefit, and at least 8 hours of each day must be spent on the downtime activity for the day to count

CRAFT AN ITEM ……whether mundane or magical

TRY TO SELL EXPENSIVE ITEMS …..magical is more tricky

PRACTICE ….basically fund a moderate lifestyle for free

RECUPERATE …..spend your days trying to actively get better from a debilitating effect

CAROUSE…have a good time for weal or woe

RESEARCH…plot, adventure, gain quests, etc

ATTEND A HOUSE OF LEARNING…pay 250gp over a week to gain a skill (can only be done once per 4 levels)

BASIC TRAINING… 125gp over a week to learn a language or proficiency in a tool kit (can only be done once per 4 levels)

BUILDING….create a stronghold suitable to your class. Adds renown as well. Generates followers at 9th level

GAIN RENOWN…..acts a benefit to finding adventure, increasing reward, getting into tricky places and a ‘get of jail free card’

RUN A BUSINESS……cos PCs love this

SACRED RITES…..allows a pc to have 2 points inspiration instead of only 1 at a time

SOW A RUMOUR….to benefit or befoul an individual, organisation, etc


Lifestyle Price/Day (d20 roll)
Wretched — You gain 1 hp back only, you recharge no hit dice On a 1-5 you gain no rest in fact, and gain a level of exhaustion

Squalid 1 sp You gain 1 hp back per level, you recharge no hit dice On a 1-3 you gain little rest and ‘no effect’

Poor 2 sp You get up to 2 hp/level only. You do not count as recovering from illness etc. You regain one hit dice only .On a 1 you have a disrupted night and only gain back 1 hp/level. A survival check or similar gives you the effect of ‘modest’

Modest 1 gp You recover from illness etc at a normal rate. You recover all but d6 hps. You regain half hit dice. A survival check or similar gives you the effect of ‘comfortable’

Comfortable 2 gp You recover from illness etc at a normal rate. You regain all hp and half hit dice On a 20, you gain a rumour OR quest or other favourable plot-point. A survival check or similar gives you the effect of ‘wealthy’

Wealthy 4 gp You double your rate of recovering from illness etc. You regain all hp and half hit dice. On a 18-20, you gain a rumour OR quest or other favourable plot-point

Aristocratic 10 gp minimum You triple your rate of recovering from illness etc. You regain all hp and half hit dice. On a 15-20, you gain a rumour OR quest or other favourable plot-point

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It is codified in a table.the whole campaign is set in a big city so fits well. Not sure exactly what we would do if it were more wilderness / bigger dungeons. Will post more later

1 person marked this as a favorite.

More than anything else the ' move do something, move some more, do something, move some more and maybe do something else' should adopted.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Funded in just over a day
Added a few stretch goals, more to come.
Thanks to all contributors

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thank you for the review. Very glad the atmosphere comes across

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I now play 5e twice a week. It really seems to suit our fast play / low crunch style, while still throwing up surprises. Every class we have looked at shines and the rogue is very effective. Nice that numbers and adjustments are low
It is also a dream to write adventures for

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Flavour flavour flavour
Since the APG came out its all I play
Used to adore the favoured soul in dnd3 and so this is just a follow on from that
Currently playing a lame-lore one in emerald spire.....every time my cha goes up just about everything goes up. Insane

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You are playing, by some distance, the AP best suited to you and your group

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The king sleeps soundly on a mattress made of dead fey

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Petty Alchemy wrote:
I don't see any text saying it replaces other SA conditions. If it did, it would actually be anti-teamwork, and a nerf.

But very confident and fact if an ally is adjacent you should refuse to sneak attack as a matter of honour!!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Well many months in I like the lack of " monks suck" threads

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Player in our group has got his beast ranger to 8th. He seems happy with his PC. Of course that based on really playing not just looking at numbers, that's not what 5th is about

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MAJT69 wrote:
Hi, after enjoying playing the new D&D edition for about 6 months, my group have expressed dissatisfaction with the way WotC will be developing the game going forward. While we are happy with the rules, it seems like D&D will mostly be represented by minis, boardgames and the MMO rather than the tabletop game. ....

Not sure PF is an alternate as they have even bigger range of non table top

Main difference will be lots power upgrades, lots new mini games that classes use, so lots new things for gm to cope with over last 3 years.

Lots choice c.f. to 5th BUT horrible lack mobility in combats is the one thing I struggled with most having played PF again after a run with 5e

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Enchanted wood for Dragon quest in 1981? was awesome sandbox with low page count. Lots tables is nice way to go, gm and pcs can add fluorish

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The numbers may be similar at level one but it's the bits n pieces of race and class that make them flavoursome and different

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Golarion is my least favourite thing about Pathfinder

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Im in shock, cos the bard is rather cool in 5th...and isn't the auto-sing monkey he has to be in PF or everyone gets grumpy cos they aren't receiving some bonuses each round

The Warlock and the Bard should both be in an alluring charming way, the other a more sinister more manipulative way

if you are rolling dice till you succeed how ism this any different to PF? Doing it this way is clearly not the spirit of the game? You have quoted two campaigns you have recently played and neither sounded great TBH!

Still each to their own. It would be a rubbish world if we all thought the same....people are dying in the RL to prevent this from happening so despite our differences of opinion we are only playing silly games afterall!. Its a good thing we can discuss what we do and don't like!

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This happened in this afternoon’s game with my newish group in Nottingham….

Bronan* the Barbarian  5th level human barbarian with the urchin background…he is raging and in a frenzy

The party are scattered amongst the rooftops, towers and battlements of an ancient castle

On his turn: He swings his greataxe at the now battered gargoyle he is fighting, and fells it with his attack action. He then begins to move, sliding 10ft down a slight inclined roof and uses his extra attack to strike at a guardian drake that is bothering the sorcerer in the party. He rolls a 20, an automatic crit now, and sends the dead drake tumbling over the battlements. Continuing his move along the battlements he then jumps the gap where the walkways have all crumbled. Using his bonus action he swings and hits another gargoyle that the ranger and bard have been engaged with. He rolls poor damage and just fails to kill it shame.

His turns end.

For someone like me who both likes d20 and games to play fast this is a dream come true. Having played the static WW1-like combat of Pathfinder for years I am now total fan boy of the WW2-war of manoeuvre that DND 5 brings.
The numbers stay nice and manageable (Bronan has AC 15, +6 to hit and did d12+3 damage)
I do hope it is a commercial success
It should given the massed £100s we in Derby have already spent on it!
*I actually love this character name and it fits his personality, bonds, flaws etc very nicely

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lorenlord wrote:

I thought in the third one they did a very good job portraying the gold 'poisoning' Thorin. it was excellent overall. I was definitely not disappointed.

If you have ever played the The One Ring rpg this is what treasure (dragon sickness) does to characters

5 people marked this as a favorite.

on the other hand, to those of who use it, its drips with flavour, ideas and great art. Gone is the ridiculous superhero art of PF

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