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thenovalord's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,676 posts. 10 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters.

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

Funded in just over a day
Added a few stretch goals, more to come.
Thanks to all contributors

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Thank you for the review. Very glad the atmosphere comes across

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I now play 5e twice a week. It really seems to suit our fast play / low crunch style, while still throwing up surprises. Every class we have looked at shines and the rogue is very effective. Nice that numbers and adjustments are low
It is also a dream to write adventures for

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Flavour flavour flavour
Since the APG came out its all I play
Used to adore the favoured soul in dnd3 and so this is just a follow on from that
Currently playing a lame-lore one in emerald spire.....every time my cha goes up just about everything goes up. Insane

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You are playing, by some distance, the AP best suited to you and your group

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The king sleeps soundly on a mattress made of dead fey

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Petty Alchemy wrote:
I don't see any text saying it replaces other SA conditions. If it did, it would actually be anti-teamwork, and a nerf.

But very confident and fact if an ally is adjacent you should refuse to sneak attack as a matter of honour!!

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Well many months in I like the lack of " monks suck" threads

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Player in our group has got his beast ranger to 8th. He seems happy with his PC. Of course that based on really playing not just looking at numbers, that's not what 5th is about

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MAJT69 wrote:
Hi, after enjoying playing the new D&D edition for about 6 months, my group have expressed dissatisfaction with the way WotC will be developing the game going forward. While we are happy with the rules, it seems like D&D will mostly be represented by minis, boardgames and the MMO rather than the tabletop game. ....

Not sure PF is an alternate as they have even bigger range of non table top

Main difference will be lots power upgrades, lots new mini games that classes use, so lots new things for gm to cope with over last 3 years.

Lots choice c.f. to 5th BUT horrible lack mobility in combats is the one thing I struggled with most having played PF again after a run with 5e

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Enchanted wood for Dragon quest in 1981? was awesome sandbox with low page count. Lots tables is nice way to go, gm and pcs can add fluorish

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The numbers may be similar at level one but it's the bits n pieces of race and class that make them flavoursome and different

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Golarion is my least favourite thing about Pathfinder

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Im in shock, cos the bard is rather cool in 5th...and isn't the auto-sing monkey he has to be in PF or everyone gets grumpy cos they aren't receiving some bonuses each round

The Warlock and the Bard should both be in an alluring charming way, the other a more sinister more manipulative way

if you are rolling dice till you succeed how ism this any different to PF? Doing it this way is clearly not the spirit of the game? You have quoted two campaigns you have recently played and neither sounded great TBH!

Still each to their own. It would be a rubbish world if we all thought the same....people are dying in the RL to prevent this from happening so despite our differences of opinion we are only playing silly games afterall!. Its a good thing we can discuss what we do and don't like!

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This happened in this afternoon’s game with my newish group in Nottingham….

Bronan* the Barbarian  5th level human barbarian with the urchin background…he is raging and in a frenzy

The party are scattered amongst the rooftops, towers and battlements of an ancient castle

On his turn: He swings his greataxe at the now battered gargoyle he is fighting, and fells it with his attack action. He then begins to move, sliding 10ft down a slight inclined roof and uses his extra attack to strike at a guardian drake that is bothering the sorcerer in the party. He rolls a 20, an automatic crit now, and sends the dead drake tumbling over the battlements. Continuing his move along the battlements he then jumps the gap where the walkways have all crumbled. Using his bonus action he swings and hits another gargoyle that the ranger and bard have been engaged with. He rolls poor damage and just fails to kill it shame.

His turns end.

For someone like me who both likes d20 and games to play fast this is a dream come true. Having played the static WW1-like combat of Pathfinder for years I am now total fan boy of the WW2-war of manoeuvre that DND 5 brings.
The numbers stay nice and manageable (Bronan has AC 15, +6 to hit and did d12+3 damage)
I do hope it is a commercial success
It should given the massed £100s we in Derby have already spent on it!
*I actually love this character name and it fits his personality, bonds, flaws etc very nicely

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lorenlord wrote:

I thought in the third one they did a very good job portraying the gold 'poisoning' Thorin. it was excellent overall. I was definitely not disappointed.

If you have ever played the The One Ring rpg this is what treasure (dragon sickness) does to characters

5 people marked this as a favorite.

on the other hand, to those of who use it, its drips with flavour, ideas and great art. Gone is the ridiculous superhero art of PF

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Artanthos wrote:
davrion wrote:
Empowering the players empowers the bad players too. Ultimately, the DM is responsible for ensuring that the whole table has fun.
How dare you imply I am not entitled to play a flying noble drow giant octopus druid/monk.

Try eclipse phase for this archtype

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I like the idea it takes generations to forge a legendary item. Makes it legendary!!

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David Bowles wrote:
With 5th ed, I'm paying more money to give myself fewer options and gimpify some of my favorite classes/spells.

No you are not, because you are not allowed to buy it. You didn't pass the entry criteria and therefore aren't allowed to play

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David Bowles wrote:

Not moving in PF will get you massacred at a table with a good GM.

I utterly disagree with you. In all my vast hours of play I utterly disagree with you. If you don't have to move more than 5ft in PF you can unleash your full superhero powers......move 10ft, not so much

Plus the above sounds like a shocking GM; 30 years behind the curve

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Having played PF for years have switched to 5th about 2 months ago
Play it twice a week with 2 different groups

It plays fantastically well. Can easily do 12 fights in a session if it's that sort of session

The good news is PF is still very popular so I got more than 20 quid each on eBay for the PF books I have now sold

I do find it odd that people who do not care for 5e keep posting about it

Vive la internet

If you try to play 5e try to forget previous editions, don't compare too much during play, and play it in the lighter, more narrative vein it is created for

Also keep playing whatever edition you adore if it floats your boat!!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just a beautiful book to behold, it flayed my mind

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Yeah the best 4 adventure writers are not in Paizo. They are stuck with certain 'formula/template' they have to adhere too and so I also find most AP mods stuffling in parts

Messers Broadhurst and Develyn certainly write my kind of stuff for example

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Certainly the issue is everyone forgot about the condition when building the bestiaries as mentioned above

Eratta that and its all good

1 person marked this as a favorite.

as Josh G said, its all down to what you like

I despised Smugglers Shiv for example.

Any of the shattered star to me would seem ideal, especially if you make use of Magnimar, which is the best city to play in IMO

1 person marked this as a favorite.

these are a rather cool idea

1 person marked this as a favorite.

the whole villagers hate the PCs make no sense

A party strolling into town brings in more wealth then that village can dream off. Plus there are all these people with magic that you could tap into.

Adventurers should be very welcome

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So an AP mostly in the same city never mind area?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

If your players are willing to

put in as much input as you do as GM
enjoy inter character play, decision making, choice
knowing that what they do matters
allow for long periods of time to pass and not want to be 18th level before their PCs are 18 years old
put in as much input as you do as GM

Then KM is excellent

2 people marked this as a favorite.

JR 4 has a very good RP start, and then the single worst dungeon in any AP I have done so far..

the 5's in lots AP have had some of the best non combat encounters I think / setting to get good character stuff in

For good roleplaying encounters you just need 'pointers'....walls of text/responses is just the GM talking to the players....and I could see where this would take up buckets of page count

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Odraude wrote:
Agreed. If Absalom got anywhere close to the same treatment that Magnimar did, it would be freaking awesome. I loved the Magnimar book and use is all the time when making my own cities.

Yep. It is my single favourite Golarion based publication

1 person marked this as a favorite.
richard develyn wrote:

In my opinion most role play happens between the PCs. It doesn't require any great skill, acting or what have you, it's just naturally what happens when people get into character (or, at least, suspend disbelief and pretend to be in the fantasy world).

The difference between a non-RP and an RP encounter is frequently as simple as whether the monster jumps you (non-RP) or whether you see it in the distance and plan for it (RP).

I think RP gets a bit of a bad name when presented as some sort of formulaic "socialise-at-party" or "question-the-suspects" or "work-out-the-traitor" conundrum with a right or wrong answer. RP is very subjective and the module writer needs to be quite careful about deciding what is good or bad RP. This is one of those things that really belongs in the realm of the GM to decide with a view on his own players. As a writer your best bet is to present RP in support of encounters and story-telling but always allow for the fact that players and GMs might disagree with your views and go in a totally different direction.

Additionally, skills like diplomacy and intimidate are there for people who don't want to RP. I find them a bit frustrating, myself, but I accept that they're there. In fact I've just written the following paragraph in the module I'm currently writing:


Yes, lots of this. I live in the UK as well.....we should play!!


You really cannot be over prescriptive in creating for many RP encounters. The party can decide literally anything and you cannot 'write' to this. It also makes it hard to publish as me having a bullet point list of stuff for home play; and a more substantial list for publishing, is often quite a gap

All tricky in an AP, because they are a 'path' afterall

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well done. was the first AP we finished and was a good thing indeed

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sometimes think people don't play diplomacy correctly. Guess OT

RP is what you make of it. Sometimes maybe npcs have too much backstory as it almost fences you in. RP Depends on the group make up, both pc and player, as well as the module.

I do enjoy social dungeons where the monsters mostly want/will to interact in some way. Only had one thing published, a 4 part ~200 room dungeon AP for AAW. In that I desperately tried to put non fighty way round lots of encounters. Kinda tricky a lot of the time

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Dark tapestry Oracle

Switch sides later on in AP!!!

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P.H. Dungeon wrote:

The adventure in the starter set is fairly sandboxy. Characters have lots of freedom to do what they want- lots of little quests to do and a few small dungeons that don't have to be completed in a particular order. It reminds me a lot of the first adventure in the Kingmaker AP (though the Stag Lord is a cooler villain than the villain in this adventure). I think it's a decent adventure for players and GMs new to the game. For experienced players and GMs it will seem like pretty typical D&D fair- the usually suspects for monsters, NPCs, quests goals, dungeon locations etc…

I'm not sure if I'd run it for my home group of experienced players, but I'd definitely consider running it for a group of people who were new(isn) to D&D.

I intend to run it for experienced players. It will play different to other d20 so they will need to forget what they know

Sandbox, freedom, choice............more adventure, less path please

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm the same. Been enjoying rpg since 1980 then the internet came along and told me I had been playing them wrong

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hopefully more 'adventure' and less 'path'.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think the unchaining my up the power level. Not lower

If PF go high magic and DND goes low, then that's a nice split

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It is a team game.....your fighter should pleased to be in a team with a guy who can make lightning appear from no where!!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Insain Dragoon wrote:

A lot of people who write APs do their entire book. All the social, combat, exploration, ect.

My personal opinion is that a lot of those writers are better writers than gamers.

This I have been saying for longer than I recall. Many APs feel like novels that the party are interupting.!

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Steve Geddes wrote:

I think what I really like about Golarion is that Paizo are consistently mindful of the fact that the players are the main characters.


Exact opposite for me.

In APs I feel the pcs are just in the way of where the author wishes the story to go, so npcs are put there to ensure story goes that way

2 people marked this as a favorite.

There won't be many GOOP in a game 5th everyone in PF has stat item+2...... ok, many, pc's do.......I am so looking forward to the magic coming back to the game by 'less magic' !!!!!

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Cascade wrote:

Where 4th Ed was heavily mechanics based, NEXT is the exact opposite. I cannot see this version working in a living campaign style, the rules are simply too loose and rely on the story telling aspects to run the game. There will be a ton of table variation. One of the table's GMs at last year's Gencon recommended not using they take away the imagination.

Not working for living is a bonus. Living games need magic shops, formulaic adventures and lots, lots rule

Freedom sounds lovely to me

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Yeah. Ever since Paizo decided they didn't like riddles in mods that couldn't be solved without a skill check gamers minds have gone soft!!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Do we get to play the orcs?

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thenovalord wrote:
Dave the dragonborn shouldn't get angry over what the female dragonborn do or don't lack. Tate the tiefling is more interested in whether he gets a spikey tail or not

Oh man. I spent at least two minutes coming up with an awesome* breast related pun and no one spotted it. Or everyone ignored it. Please someone humour me!

*ok, wasn't that awesome if no one saw it!

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Hitdice wrote:
thenovalord wrote:

I disliked 4e as much as the next man

dnd next feels so much better for me.....too old to be counting squares and pushing bits plastic about

Yeah, I prefer metal minis, too. :P

I Like minis, just not to play chess with

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I disliked 4e as much as the next man

dnd next feels so much better for me.....too old to be counting squares and pushing bits plastic about

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