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thenorthman's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 934 posts. 3 reviews. 1 list. 3 wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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Liberty's Edge

Must have more information!!!!

Is this going to be a Kickstarter they do?

Or just strictly a pre-order? I can't even seem to find it on their site.

Liberty's Edge

Hi all,

Just sharing while there is still 48 hours left. Might interest some folks.

"Pulp SIEGE, the newest core game powered by Troll Lord Games' celebrated SIEGE engine, allows you to create any type of pulp adventure hero you want, and customize them as you like! Be it arcane scholars, mentalists, tomb-raiding archaeologists, Asian martial arts masters, or gangsters and G-Men, this game has you covered. And best of all, if you're a fan of Castles & Crusades, you can pick this game up and get playing in a matter of minutes!" From Troll Lord games website.

You can also check out the games here on Pazio site for the softcover version of it. Originally released 2012 at Gencon. Based on Castle and Crusades Siege Engine mechanics.

Some have said its like 1st edition DnD a little.

At any rate, if its anything like Castle and Crusades which I played at Gencon its going to be great!

Take a look if interested.

Amazing Adventures Kickstarter

Liberty's Edge

Thank you!

Liberty's Edge

Thanks Justin.....

Now I feel silly...this must of jostled my subscriptions up some because just got a notification that some where going to be shipping when they were saying Feb.

Can I have them put on hold for now. Not really wanting to just cancel just yet. I love the maps and when I get the chance the adventure paths.

I have a unexpected opportunity that needs $5,000 by the end of the month. Which is one of the reasons I was looking to get the tickets back to the bank account.

Which has me curbing my play spending habits some. In fact I have only did two Kickstarter campaign this month. ;-)

Sorry for the trouble.

Liberty's Edge

Oh, the last refund on badges I saw it was credited back to the credit card of the gentleman. Well might not of been the last was a 2011 one though.

I would prefer it back to the credit card on file.

I am contemplating canceling my Adventure path subscription. Just because it is suppose to be a monthly subscription and always seems to get backed up.

With canceling adventure paths I probably will start picking up the maps somewhere else too. I am still in the process of deciding on that.

SO yea if it could be credited back to my card that would be perfect.


Liberty's Edge

Hello Justin,

Is there a reason why it isn't just refunded back to the card that purchased it?


Liberty's Edge


I just found out through the summer my son and I will be in West Virginia for the summer. My wife commutes from Stevenson, WA to the east coast every other week and her contract was just extended through the summer.

To make it easier on her and since son will be out of school we will be hanging out their with her instead of just Thursday night through Monday morning. ;-)

Which means my hope of playing more Pathfinder since moving down from Alaska might not be happening.

Can I "return " the Badge and Banquet ticket.

Thank you for your time!


Liberty's Edge

It has been the holiday and then the weekend. So if you sent emails out starting Tuesday the 23rd it very well wouldn't of been answered until Monday.

Possibly even not until after the 1st but doubt that.

Liberty's Edge

Also looked a little into the "Wall" yesterday to see if I could find anything on it.

People have noticed it but nothing really more than what I have said.

I did find out though that the series first 7 to 8 episodes well be aired out of order. Why do this? Its crazy....oh its Fox...did the same with Firefly.....

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sooo I am liking the show!

Any one pick up the references on "The Wall"?

It was referenced in the "Pilot" while the MX came up to his car asking Kennex what he was doing.

Then again in "Blood Brothers" when the guy in prison was summing up the Captain. Something along the lines she did real well with the "situation on the wall".

Plus also at least on the Pilot Episode, haven't paid enough attention on the other episodes to see if it was also on them, that the distant view of the city landscape shows a nice modern looking city with a fair amount of green grass in the foreground.

If pause it just right the deeper you go back you see older style (todays maybe) buildings grey and darker with a HUGE wall around them. If you could use the newer buildings as a reference it has to be around 20 to 30 stories high. Also looks to have some type of glow to it so force field or some other type of electric current flowing through it.

I just hope the show goes on long enough to figure out what is behind that wall.

As to Dorian flipping the van, my take on it was that his emotions mad him go overboard with protecting/revenging a friend. Which would explain why he never did it before.....maybe read to much into it.

My take on the Android tank in the episode where he almost got his but kicked I was guessing that it might of been an early military model built for combat.

With the MX models being the newest military type models because they found having them with to much emotions cause problems....or something like that.

All just opinions.....

Liberty's Edge

Well badge purchased as well as banquet ticket.

I decided to go with Holiday Inn a block away since a Platinum elite member with IHG and get free upgrades and usually a breakfast and parking.

Of course nothing set in stone but at least planning on it.

Saw previous years that the badge and ticket were refundable if plans change so hope it is the same just in case.

Liberty's Edge

I posted in this section since the map packs is what I am envisioning these would work wonders for. Of course feel free to move to different location....tried to pick the best.


They look pretty cool. I am gong to get a variety of the mats myself.

Grass plains with 1" scares, dungeon floor with 1" squares, Eclipse mat, and a settlers mat.

Plus art work to have them identified as mine.

These might also be a great CCG/LCG type mats.


Liberty's Edge

It is very glorious! ;-)

We will see if copies are limited or not. It was a 12,000 print run but half of those are single copies to Kickstarter backers. Some of those people even ordered a second copy.

There was a lot of sites that had it up for pre order but those seemed to have gone fast.

There are also numerous sheets of counters available from backers that were printed the same time as the base game. These had a limited print run as well and are going fast.

Plus right now there are "extras" available that were offered during the kick starter.

These are also going fast.

Liberty's Edge


Can i cancel a few subscriptions.


Keeping the Adventure Path and the Maps.



Liberty's Edge

Got my Kickstarter edition Monday the 4th and it is SWEET!

Well have to do a review if someone else doesn't.

It truly is the Designers Edition and is extremely good quality. Doesn't seem like any corners were cut on production.

The retail version has 32 counter sheets and the Kickstarter edition had 38 with the option of adding even more.

Plus if your interested in the game I would hope over to Steve Jackson Games and check out the extra sheets that will be available for a limited time. Only 5,000 sheets of each one. These were sponsored by people during the kickstarted run at $5,000 pledges. Game has a 10,000 print run and probably won't be done again.

Liberty's Edge


Not sure if able to or not but would like to cancel my Campaign Setting Subscription. I think I will just either pick up the PDF's or buy them locally.

I had hoped since moved down from Alaska I'd be able to start playing this again but it might not be the case.

Order is currently pending and has been pending since Oct 14th. I know there has been some shipping issues which is cool it actually might allow me to cancel this subscription. :O)

To many Kickstarters going on. :O)


Liberty's Edge

Wow Saturday working....thanks Sara!

Liberty's Edge

I believe the official release was Gencon or right around Aug.

Liberty's Edge


I do have a pending order but would like to cancel the Pathfinder Roleplaying Subscription which the product that was/is scheduled to be shipped is Bestiary IV.

Sorry for the trouble!


Liberty's Edge

ITs the reason I have decided not to subscribe to the Cards....yet.

Of course can't get the base set as a subscriber any more though.

Liberty's Edge

In 2010 it was called Sword and Wizardry Core Rules so maybe that why you didn't get an update. When they did the kickstarter it went to "Complete" rules.

Well worth it in my eyes.

Liberty's Edge

Sara Marie wrote:

We do have dates and we actually had them in the 2013 program book!

Dates for PaizoCon 2014 are July 4th-6th! We even have a location (same as 2013, the Seattle Airport Marriott).

Sweet thank you.

Liberty's Edge

I am looking at going to the North Texas RPG Con in June (Bill Webb strongly suggested I go last year when I picked up my Sword and Wizardry books from the Kickstarter but just to short of notice) and also thinking about giving Paziocon another shot.

I usually do Gencon (don't play Pathfinder as have so many other things interested in) and went to Paziocon 2011 (I think it was that year).

Do we know what dates it is in 2014?

Liberty's Edge

Thank you!

Liberty's Edge


I am hoping to just cancel the back log of the Players companions.

Plus cancel the Pathfinder RPG book subscription....that I just signed up for....

Keeping the backlog of other subscriptions.

Sorry for the trouble....just a $350+ bill a little tough to swallow. ;-(

So keep the Adventure Path, Cards, Maps, and Pawns subscriptions.

Thank you for your time.


Liberty's Edge


Liberty's Edge


I just pre ordered a book and added a subscription and it moved everything that was scheduled to charge on Sep 11th and ship no later than the Sep. 19th to October.

It's a large sum that I am looking forward to of back logged subscriptions.

Any chance it could get moved back to ship with the next subscription shipment.


Liberty's Edge

Do you pay at Gencon or is the card charged now?

Liberty's Edge

NOTE: I was part of the Kickstarter they had and the Cobblestone rolls do NOT look like the picture. It more looks like a cow pattern or just not like the cobble stone.

Unless of course he corrected the issue!

The cobble stone 8.5" x 11" paper look great though, the rolls though were horrible. See the kickstarter for others with the same opinion.

Liberty's Edge

USPScosts did go up end of Jan. not sure that much though.

Liberty's Edge


I see my subscriptions have combined to all ship out in March. I think this is an accident but if it is I would like a request to have this done anyways if I could.

If a "hold" needed to be added for my subscriptions for this to happen that is what I request.

Still in the midst of moving in financial terms.

Plus wife's work actually has us in the Port Angles area now for six weeks so I wouldn't be at the new address I provided anyways.

I appreciate everything that could be done


Liberty's Edge

Just to throw it in for FYI information. Most cross country USPS mail is thrown on to either UPS or FedEx anyways airplanes then thrown onto a belt to be sorted automatically by at a USPS facility by either a contractor or said employee of that company.

This occurs for the larger distances, and oversea shipments. If a 5X it was on a UPS plan if FX FedEx plane. Sometimes it won't have a sticker on it like Priority Mail boxes, multiple reasons why, they like the standard sizes of these boxes is its easier for their automatic sorting system to scan and a number of the boxes can fit in a "bag" they have. Not also their sort system is not as effortless as UPS or FedEx as well yet. Requires more human intervention which a lot of times causes the issues.

Liberty's Edge

Threeshades wrote:
I was just considering taking the pawn sheets and gluing a sheet of carboard to one side with a finger sized hole through which to pop the pawns out. That should give them some stability and make them easily removable still.

That's what I was going to do as well.

That way the original box can be used and if they are kept in numerical order on the sheet it would be easy finding the pawns you need.

Liberty's Edge

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Liberty's Edge

Hello all,

I can have my subscriptions unsuspended.

I'll have my address updated around noon though so if something goes out immediately try not to update until then...

I only see two things being sent having only three subscriptions...since the Jan stuff hasn't gone out yet.

Any chance it could wait until the Jan shipment to combine them for shipping?


Liberty's Edge

I just saw it on iTunes.

I loved the movie.

Suggestion of blowing off his hand....then the guys Bruce killed would still be looking for young looper since old looper didn't kill them all.

One major sticky point at the end.

If young looper killed himself to prevent old looper from shooting the kid, it also destroys entire timeline up to this point.

So kid and mommy in un destroyed house, little ice cream type truck with gold wouldn't be present in the corn fields.

Maybe kid started the whole looping thing in first place when his mom was killed and when she wasn't there to prevent him from turning bad.

Still young looper and truck of gold wouldn't be present as well as young looper body to save the kid since old looper never occurred. Young looper would probably already been dead if his backstory didn't happen as he told it with out crime syndicate to recruit him.

One could argue these circles for ever. Back to butterfly effect.

Still really enjoyed the movie though. I know long dead thread.


Liberty's Edge

Sara Marie/ Cos,

I played with trying to fix the latch some. Don't have all my tools really; in middle of move and had already packed up my miniature gaming tools, so was not able to give a full amount of needed time.

Did take even more photos though and it seems the far side of latch that is "broken" doesn't even have a hole. Kind of looks indented but no hole at all. Like the manufacture just didn't drill all the way.

I am going to pack it up and have to work on it after the move. Which actually might be well into Feburary before I can play with it again.

Unless the number of copies are going quickly I am hoping this can wait.

At the very least if it is deemed needed perhaps it could be a swap out in person since ill be living down that way. A two to three hour drive is nothing to me. Plus with me doing home school for son I could time it with a visit to some museums in Seattle.


Liberty's Edge


First off in person it is even more impressive and love everything about it. Art work is great as well.

I am glad the styrofoam corners were in the outer box. These corners were destroyed (the other hard covers you sent me they were not. In fact using the un- destroyed styrofoam corners from previous shipments for my furniture and rolls of plastic wrap. Most recent being Rappan Athruk) so it tells me the box went through some rough handling.

(Funny thing is you all used UPS Innovations to go to my USPS box and it came to Alaska via Fed Ex from the label on the outer box. FX is of course FedEx but if it was 5X it would of meant it flew up on UPS.)

Ok to the point of this post The latch. Even before I twisted the latch to open it (its scratched where you twist but thats nothing major) you can see only one side of the locking arm was attached at the hinge from the side to the top of book.

I am trying to keep my hobbie/miniature builder side from just immediately trying to fix it.

I think I can take a small hammer and a little pin to try to push the little needle pin back through but not 100% sure if the needle in the hinge part goes all the through from the one side through the center hinge to the other side.

Do you all know? A expensive piece for me to experiment with so holding off until get feedback from you all to see if you guys know more about the hinge.

From feedback on this site this seems to be the weak point on this awesome of awesome product. (Part of me wish you guys did something similar for every adventure path bundle, but know it might take away from the subscriptions so probably wouldn't happen.)

I don't want to mess it up THEN not able to return it for a in damaged piece. Have pictures if needed.

Liberty's Edge

The population is always expanding. So my four year old wouldn't know the history of Superman.

So I would say that is why it's told.

Liberty's Edge

Hmmm I don't recognize the 2008 card so yea mine that I have start with 2009.

But second that...people were upset with the 08' card?

Liberty's Edge

PDF is not released until the street date.

Or as soon as the item ships when Gamemastery subscriber which you are.

Then a option to put in cart is added on street date day.

Liberty's Edge

Well packing up my stuff for the move found a bunch of the cards. Must be at least from 2009. I was this close to tossing them but decided to keep them all.

It's a nice touch. A lot of companies send electronically but an actual physical card that isn't advertisement only is a nice touch.

Liberty's Edge

Reminds me of "The Christmas Story" I like!

Liberty's Edge

For me as soon as I go to check out is shows it as the "Slumbering TZAR" that I am trying to buy.

I was like ok they are charging $11.96 shipping but then giving back $10 for an order over $100....

Liberty's Edge

Cool! Wasn't really expecting a reply. But it is what makes you guys awesome.

Was just speculating out loud so to speak.

Liberty's Edge

Oh I missed that information as well.

So they went in the oposite direction that they were talking about of making it a monthly subscription.

This I think works pretty nice. I might re-up my subscription for it when move is complete.

Liberty's Edge

I DO like the improvements for the Maps though!

But it obsoletes my leather picture binders I purchsed for my map packs.

Although I do like the way the binders display the actual maps out for a person to see them easily.


Liberty's Edge

Lisa Stevens wrote:
Brian E. Harris wrote:
Belle Mythix wrote:
got answered, I think

That answer seems to address products released prior to the price change.

What about PDFs of new products?

Once the price changes take effect in February, all NEW PDFs of those products where prices are changing will also have slight increases. Any PDFs in those lines from before February 2013 will keep their prices the same. Here are the new prices:

Map Pack/Flip-Mat:
Was $8.99
Now $9.99

Adventure Path:
Was $13.99
Now $15.99

Player Companion:
Was $7.99
Now $8.99


I am a little surprised the cost of the PDF's go up as well if it was due to the "cost of paper and printing".

You guys must subsidize the cost of the printed product from the PDF's a little. Otherwise to me that dosn't make since with the stated reason of increasing the price of the products.

Unless it is just to keep the PDF prices in line with your other products for PDF price justification on the other lines....being what they are.

It is pretty small increase though.

EDIT: I suppose it could also be you just don't want to make the PDF only option to attractive over your printed prouct line which if did happen you wouldn't be able to do the printed product for many reason that Vic has pointed out on the numerous inquires on PDF subscriptions.

Liberty's Edge

DM Sothal it runs to January 31st...not sure if it has every year but this year it does. I was worried about that as well but Sara Marie set me straight.

Liberty's Edge

Hi Sara Marie,

If it is good through Jan 31st we can go ahead and do a temporary suspension on them. Then when I get new address around Jan 4th I'll unsuspend then and order the PDF's then.

Which also helps with pre trip expenses.


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