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thecarrotman's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 6 posts (24 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 11 Pathfinder Society characters.


Monks work great if you know how to play them, they are just hard to get through low levels unless you have high dex, high wis. Amulet of mighty fists, elemental fist cure DR problems until post 14th level, then combat maneuver for the fighter/paladin, barbarian

Equalizer- you could also use Osyluth guile and just choose a opponent. the downside BAB+8

I have to say that you will run into fame problems before you run out of money if you save it up. If you play up on getting to two, you can afford a mithral bp way before you have the fame. At higher levels its irrelevant, so go with the ring and amulet and just enhance them.... I would not buy new armor or enhance it until you are buying the last piece you intend to wear. Everything else has been said by other posters

I would not like it, for the simple reason of a lot of the GMs in our groups, actually intend to play when they show up, You only get a 1/2 hour of prep time, and they volunteer it too... If you get a bad evaluation from someone that doesn't understand this it would lead to people not playing. To someone that signs up as a GM, the only comment Can we focus a little more on _____. Anything more is insulting, fun is for everyone.

A good GM should be able to figure out your playing style by your actions during the game and adapt (if possible)

As a gm, IF I edit it is adding 3 hp to NPCs, or +1 to attack. The encounters are generally not tough enough. This makes effectively 1 attack more getting through. Also, if the PCs are having a tough time spread out the damage. Everyone should get attacked at least once in every scenario. Most of the scenarios I have played the NPCs do not fight to the death. I think that if the encounters are too tough that is a result of bad GMing

I agree that the plot leaves something to be desired, but I think that most of this is the nature of the demon for non-modules. In Cincinnati, the events hop all over the scenarios, society members are not always current.

For the record, Crits are the only thing that should 1 hit kill, and NPCs don't have to finish off an unconscious PC. 1 hit drops are the name of the game. If they have a 1d8+8 and you think you are going to have to worry about a TPK take 2 off attack, it does wonders for letting tanks survive to run away. If they don't run when they should KILL THEM

I think that if they took action against you, such as an attack for damage, it is not evil. If you just "pass them by" then they won't know you are there, therefore you have to assume that they are neutral. Uniformed soldiers/guards, of course, are an exception.

In pathfinder it is possible to be facing a LG opponent, generally you can expect the good foes to give you a chance to prove yourself a non-enemy. You have to give them the same courtesy

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