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the Greep's page

25 posts. Alias of niel.

About the Greep

See Greep alias under 'niel' for profile



Warned to 'beware the fiend is shadows'
Heard the flapping of wings on several occasions

guards on the roof and in one abandoned looking location and description
a squad of five goblins sweep the neighborhood

Detect Magic on the warehouse front to determine if there are any arcane wards present. got a complete round on the warehouse's exterior. let arcane sight probe the building's facade and checks for easy entrypoints.

Detect Magic detects nothing within its cone, the warehouse is clean. The warehouse is relatively solid, holes have been patched and a back warehouse door was bricked up some time in the past. It looks like it is in the front two doors or nothing. no exterior guards on warehouse, but he has seen goblins entering and leaving the warehouse all night

seen at least two dozen goblins coming and going. Most of them are male goblins in full chain mail, although a family group of two adults and four goblin imps chattter by Greep's position at one point.

Greep does notice that these goblins are very well geared. Most goblins of his acquaintance would be dressed in scavenged armor and weapons. Every one of the goblins you have seen has been dressed in fitted chain armor and armed with well-made shortswords and bows. None that you have seen have any sort of protective gear, but several have seemed to have a silver necklace tucked inside their mail shirts.

he does hear are interesting fragments:

<in Goblin> translated

...I told Frerkak that that pinkskin berk would never buy from us ...

...I hope I get rotated back to the mine soon, I hate this city ...

...Did you try the Cranium Rat stew Hertogga made, sodding choice it was ...

...Were gonna need to find more scaleskins if we wants to expand ...

note: apologize to Ffethpaar for comments while speaking goblin 'undercover' at bar.

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