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tcavagne's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 14 posts (269 including aliases). 7 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 aliases.

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Fantastic Book


This is definitely my favorite player companion so far. It gives you more new rules than any other player companion, and it somehow manages to do that without getting rid of the flavor. The new tiefling heritages are great, and there are plenty of feats, traits, and other goodies to customize your tiefling characters. Well done, Paizo!

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Good guide, offensive art.

****( )

Awesome! Great guide. Love the text.

But... Did we HAVE to put THAT on the cover? WHY did we have to do that? And can we stop doing that, please? As a female RPG player, seeing stuff like that makes me pretty angry. Why is it never a guy in a banana hammock? Why does it always have to be gratuitous near-porn of women?

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Amazing adventure!


This is definitely the most interesting and colorful module yet, varied enough to keep even easily-distracted players fascinated for the duration. The NPC personalities are great, the stat-blocks are really well-done, and the mechanics of using the Harrow deck to help the PCs during encounters are easy to use.

The module is adaptable. With very little tweaking, it would be appropriate for kids, or it's easily to play as a horror module.

If there's any problem with the module, it's that the organization of the encounter areas is a bit confusing; DMs should read a couple times and possibly mark up the map to make sure they know where their players start and where they're going.

Overall, fantastic! This is my favorite module yet.

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One of the best books for GMs.


This book is a great resource, a vast improvement on the NPC guide. Many of the stat blocks in here are high level, which means the GM gets to save time doing math. The new feats, spells, and templates are excellent. The stat blocks have seemed well-balanced so far.

Each of the parties presented in the Rival Guide makes for an interesting and three-dimensional encounter. Rivals can be used individually or in groups, but either way their personalities and goals make encountering them a memorable experience for your players.

The "fluff" here is some of the most interesting fluff I've read, though most of the book is used for stats and mechanics. The art is high-quality. There is nothing I didn't like about this book.

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No New Information

**( )( )( )

Aside from a handful of spells and some traits, there's almost nothing new in this book. Most of it is printed from previous campaign setting products.

I usually like the "races" line of books, and I really wish Paizo had taken the time to do a book on each sub-race of humans, since there are so many of them. As it is now, each culture only gets a page or two.

The combat section, which I usually enjoy, is just fluff about existing weapons, which really disappointed me.

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