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Jarl of the North Wind

tadkil's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 583 posts. 7 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Excellent translation of Golarion


This is one of the best books set in a campaign setting that I have read. As fiction it is paced well and has developed characters that are interesting explorations of archetypes within the medium. As a game based narrative, I found none of the interpretations of mechanics distracting, and the portrayal of the world in line with my expectation.

I'll follow this writer into whatever he writes. It was like listening to a friend.

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Best set so far


Several improvements here over previous sets. Each mini is part of a set of six, so you can print off one page and have a complete set for an encounter. Alternatively, you have enough different styles of hell knight to mock up a very interesting party of bad guys. Style is pure Ashton Sperry and a plus in my book.

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CSI: Tamran


This is an compelling narrative housed in an effective and elegant design. The investigation of the Cult of the Living God engages players through the use of their skills and plays like a crime drama. The final series of encounters were greatly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed by my players. Excellent and commendable work.

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Extreme Fun!


This has become the number one game played at my house this summer. Instead of being clustered around the XBox playing with kids in Taipei, my kids are now clustered around the kitchen table playing with kids in the neighborhood. Absolutely a wonderful game that is easily accessible for all ages.

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Solid. Exciting. Distinct

****( )

"Never get off the !@#$in' boat man!"

This episode is part Heart of Darkness and part African Queen. It summons elements of Apocalypse Now and immerses players quickly in a dark world that is its own and is clearly Paizo.

This created very memorable moments in play, and had two of my players so cranked up they could not sit down for the final three scenes.

Requires a strong narrative sense to run well, but a great tool in the hands of a veteran DM.


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