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Sunlord Thalachos

@stroVal's page

759 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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Hey, peoples!

I am looking for a dosie that looks like a fantasy book, or a fake book safe, to hold notes for my campaign setting. A4 size (or slightly bigger)

Any suggestions?

PS: I am not sure in which subcategory here in the forums this query would fit, so if its out of line here be all means let me know

Anyone whos tried it?

The only reviews I can find online are from the previous version of the game which was a Universal one.

I am particularly interested in the Magic system.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So my plan is
(and I might have mentioned this before in a passing comment etc since I've had the idea for ages, but real life always makes a liar out of me when I make gaming plans):

to use the various versions of the Ubiquity system for my homebrew High Fantasy world.

Now, unfortunately I am only familiar with Desolation, so I was wondering if its even a good idea.

From what I have seen maybe I can use naval and dueling rules from Regime Diabolique (my setting has a pirate/waterworld flavour) and most of the rest of the fantasy elements could be covered from Desolation with a few things from HEX maybe peppered in.

Do we have any experts on Ubiquity am I even right in my hypothesis of that as a working thing? I am now in the process of acquiring the rulebooks required..

I might have discussed this again in the past.

But its been more than three years that I have gamed in Fantasy and I was wondering if I am missing a cool new system etc

Are you fine folks aware of any accomodating rules lite fantasy systems?

They dont have to be noob friendly, but I appreciate conciseness

So thinking of-finally- starting that Mini Six campaign I ve been talking about
and I was wondering if there is some sort of wound location system or maybe called shots in battle..I guess Legend ruined me that way. I couldn't find anything online so I thought maybe the good people here have heard of something?

I am a huge fan of Blue Planet v2(where the rulesystem originates from) but its been around eight years since I last tried it.

I remember thinking its the best scifi game I 'd ever seen..With a system well suited for the genre/world.

Does this hold true for its fantasy version?

I ve had the free pdf for years now,but life got into the way of testing it.
Last night I ordered a physical copy of the book from
Two initial ideas in settings to run with it:

Replace the Alternity ruleset for Star*Drive(not sure how that will work)
Run a more mature version of Saber Rider & the Star Sheriffs setting (I think this will work great with minisix)

Are there any people around here who still use the system? (I seem to remember a few from discussions back in 2010-2011)

What sort of settings do you prefer to run with Mini Six?

Been playing this gem here and it got me back into my western game mood.

I'm working my own version based on Atomic Highway(with a few tweaks here and there).

But it also got me thinking: what is your favorite western rpg? Your go to doesn't have to be one of the famous ones.
And while we re at it, is there a ruleset that takes Steampunk also into the mix that you like?

I am looking for extra rulesets for FGII; specifically a Legend rpg one.
I checked on the official shop but couldn't find anything.
Are there any fan made ones out there?

As in the title:

Does anyone know of alternity(Star*Drive campaign)to Fate conversions by fans?

So I found this fan made Dark Tower Rpg and I think it will make the perfect gift for someone in my group whos a fan of the books.
(I will print it and have it bound I'm not that cheap to consider linking to a site a gift! ;p)

But I realized it doesn't contain actual rules.

The guy will need a rulebook but which one?
I was considering the Call of Cthulhu QSR that Chaosium put out some while back,but will that suffice?


Okay I am not sure if this is the right part of the messageboards to post this(feel free to move accordingly please):

I am desperately looking for cyberpunk themed dice.

The closest -to what I have in mind-that I've seen are the cyber dice from q-workshop(not in production anymore)

Would anyone here know of a place to get some of those or anything similar?

PS: I know there are actually some cyber dice left on sale here but I don't like the colour scheme on them.

I am helping a friend GM for the first time a mini-campaign in the system:

The idea is to start with the adventures of one character and then evolve from there.The character is the pilot of a starship the party uses as HQ,but before his freelancing days he was in a Star Force starfighter.The adventure will be set during those years.

Apart from that solo/gamebook style adventure in the pages of Dragon I couldn't find anything made for one character.Or any details on one pilot spacecraft in Alternity.

As I ve written in other threads here I'm vaguely familiar with the system myself.But I do know my scifi,so it wouldn't be a problem to make up my own story.Only reason I would prefer a premade one is because it guides a noobie GM step by step.At the very least it would have the proper stats for everything needed.

I would appreaciate any help on the matter

Anyone tried it? The mystery investigation premise seems interesting.What about the system itself?

Any idea if these will ever be back in stock?

So what's the deal with the upcoming Margaret Weis rpg?

Its differences compared to the Serenity rpg ?

You know apart from the ''f*kc you Fox we are using the name Whedon intended!"

Anybody with info?

When can we expect this little gem to be back in stock?

0k I am convinced this is a great,rules lite, cinematic, sandbox game.

My consern is if its suitable for a person who's only played rpgs once before.
And are there any adventures for it?(either in the core or as a separate pdf etc)

I'm planning to buy it for a good friend of mine who I want to get into the wonderfull world of roleplaying :)


Is Void core ever going to see the light of day?

What about CT news?

I can't seem to find anything...

High Adventure RolePlaying by Iron Crown Enterprises.

A couple of years ago I found out about the system,its been in my list of things to check since then..

I don't know a lot about it; the reviews I ve read show that it has a lot in common with Legend(or any of the d100) and D20...Any people who have tried it here?

I ve recently discovered Legend.It seems like a great system so It got me thinking :which version of the rules is considered the best?

BasicRolePlaying,HeroQuest,OpenQuest,Runequest 6 or Legend?*

*=I may be missing more versions

Sword’s Edge Publishing created Sword Noir. A “Role-Playing Game of Hardboiled Sword & Sorcery”...

Anyone who has run the game?

Not the Mongoose Legend discovered it while I was looking for Mongooses Legend reviews.
Anyone tried it?

by Mongoose,a generic version of Runequest 2 if I am not mistaken.

Have people tried the system? Can I use it for my Homebrew world?

I'm on the search for a rules lite,robust fantasy system

I promised I will take part in a play by post of VtM.

The ST is very by the book and I haven't the time nor predisposition to start reading the lore.

I want to know if there are character templates out there, so I can jump start. I was thinking of some form of detective vampire type?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hello everyone,

We are starting a new group dedicated to online pen and paper play:

play by Post/Chat(though done on facebook via events or through Fantasy grounds and skype)

Its more generic and indie focused but we are open to anything, the main goal is discussion,reviewing and internet play etc(and other aspects of geekdom like crpgs,collectibles)

Brotherhood of Rpgs.

We aren't associated with any Community,Shop or Uni and its not done for profit

Feel free to join,


Being a fan of Cowboy Bebop I cant help but wonder if this is worth the buy...

A call to all the people who have tried it: is the system* good enough to support stories within the Anime universe?

*=Called inverted 20 system if I recall correctly

By Wildfire, creators of cthulhutech.
I just ordered the physical copy of the game
Anyone who's tried it?

Its apparently a mix of Lovecraft and hardcore scifi(like Alien)

played Alternity for the second time and while I love its flavor and atmosphere and ideas I believe I need a break from crunchy dnd related systems...

Any ideas where I should head next?


So I might run this campaign that will start with a solo session.

Now, I write my own stuff but because its a sandbox I usually want to have a few pre-made options in case my players deviate..

Any free adventures or modules that you have in mind?

Looking for inspiration,its for a Trinity Aeon campaign

Also I couldn't find any rulebooks about spacecraft in the Trinity universe
Am I missing something?

I was looking for something akin to Mazzanoble's 'Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress' but for a younger audience. More specifically a twelve year old girl.

Anyone seen anything of the sort?

Did the ever continue this?

Is there a scifi book?

Any ideas when it will become available again?

Did you watch the full trailer?

What do you think?

As a major fan of Philip K Dick I want to believe its promising...

It seems to squeeze more elements from the novelette and the Total Recall 2070 series(cyberpunk police drama that rocked btw) than the Arnie film, though it still nods to it.

That's a good thing in my book.

A certain someone brought this game to memory.

Back when I started played I used to drool over the books on the shelves but never got around to playing(due to people in my area being more into Fantasy)

So I thought I might give it a go now...

Anyone running a campaign? Opinions on it?

I realize off course its a subjective question, but thats all I need: opinions.

I used to have some of the earlier versions of d20 star wars, but never got around to saga (which I hear corrects a lot of past mistakes and is a different beast on its own) so I will be getting rulebooks from scratch anyway.

On the other hand I remember hearing all those great things about the WEG version and wanting to get it since my first days of roleplaying(didn't get around to that due to money issues back then)

My hesitation/expectation about each one

Saga: could suffer the d20 battle system syndrome and thats bad for the SW universe which needs to be cinematic and quick.Suspect it handles Force powers greatly

WEG:Its old so it wouldn't be up to date with the universe.Its force powers could be 'weaker' as in the 90s writers were more constrained about this sort of thing(Not talking about unleashed could be weak for even the New Jedi era)I believe it will be all about roleplaying and on the narrative approach(thats a plus obviously)

If I am to spend money on rulebooks,which version should I chose?

PS: thanks and have a happy new year!

Would the story of snatcher work in a campaign with more players than just Gillian?

I think with a bit of tampering it might...


I need to know more about this game...

I remember finding some post about a list of sociology books centering on RPGs that interested me.My PC crashed immediately afterwards(I barely had a glimpse) and I can't seem to find that post now.
Only thing I remember is it was slightly off topic for that specific thread.

I would appreciate if the original poster or any of the people involved in that thread re-posted that list.

I apologize for the vagueness of all this.Its one of the few occasions that I don't recall any details


A few years ago I saw- here on paizo- an rpg, supposedly based on dnd 3.5 that was a box-set especially made for pvps and arena battles.

As I don't recall the name and only the fact that it had a knight in heavy armour on the cover I reckon its going to be hard to find it again..

But if anyone could help ,by remembering something, I would appreciate it

I'm in Southern Europe at the moment and I discovered a pnp club near my house.You pay by the hour to use their facilities and GMs...

During my Uni years in the UK I either played with friends,at the hobby store or with the university club,and off course I never had to pay..

I was wondering has anyone encountered a club like this? How does it work in the US? (I remember Neutral Grounds and you didnt pay there as well)

A lot people conclude, in regards to art, on how the 3.5 players handbook wasn't the most consistently beautiful rulebook out there and I agree to some extent.

Yet during the course of the 3.0/3.5 edition, there have been numerous commissioned works of art, worthy of a compilation.

I am wondering if such a thing exists, apart from that ''Art of Dragon Magazine'' book

I read in the FR timeline that in 1377DR during an earthquake spellhold building integrity suffers and a lot of the insane mage inmates escape..

I would like to use that as a hook for a campaign set in that Era, unfortunately apart from this(and my knowledge of the area through BG2:SOA) I can't find any info.

Does anyone know if and where this is resolved as well as a source that could shed some light on stats & bios for inmates?


0kay so I am not actually playing a game with this rule-set at the moment.

But we are considering a triumphant return to the Realms with some of the people I started out with, and I was thinking a class like that would be a fit with the concept I have in mind.

Has anyone encountered any obscure articles covering it? or some Campaign kit or even a home-brew version?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Regardless of your overall favorite rule-set, there may exist a spell-casting system that matches your tastes better.

I am interested in getting peoples opinion on this

Also if you are like me and prefer different systems for different campaign styles,genres etc list you best choice in each one
or explain why you prefer your home-brew spell system

In example:
D20-ish fantasy: Fantasycraft
Generic: Gurps Fantasy
Post-Apocalyptic: Desolation

etc etc


One of the players in the group just bought the novels(set between Oblivion and Skyrim) and is considering doing a campaign based on the story(or the world in general)

Since there is no pnp version of Bethesda's own system (and I don't have the time to convert it at the moment) do you have a system to propose that would work with the TES series?

PS: I always thought that in TES its more about the world than the system,but Obviously certain rule-sets wouldn't work

Spent a big part of my tween years there each time we reached the port in NY every couple of weeks.

I haven't been in the US for some years now and I hear its closed... :(

Does anyone have info if they simply relocated due to rent or if they are closed down for good?



[moderators: If you feel this isn't the proper place in the message-boards for this kind of thread,please move it accordingly]

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Although I love this genre I have never actually played an rpg in a Cyberpunk setting(or Biopunk/Post-Cyberpunk for that matter)

After re-watching Ghost in the Shell stand alone complex (and ordering Free-fall; the novel based on Android by FFG) I decided this time..I must really play in the genre,even if that means from the standpoint of the GM.

So calling to all the veterans here for help.Which system do you prefer?

(non-d20 and only hardcore scifi btw)

I am Gming this Sunday a solo session and I sort of promised I would make it a modern urban adventure.

The player likes fast cars and that series of films so I thought it could be something enjoyable.

I don't have the time to write something myself, so I would appreciate any help on finding an adventure close to this sort of story.

The system isn't much of an issue nor if its not exactly genre-specific at first glance as I will tailor it the 40' before play

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