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Sunlord Thalachos

@stroVal's page

759 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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So my plan is
(and I might have mentioned this before in a passing comment etc since I've had the idea for ages, but real life always makes a liar out of me when I make gaming plans):

to use the various versions of the Ubiquity system for my homebrew High Fantasy world.

Now, unfortunately I am only familiar with Desolation, so I was wondering if its even a good idea.

From what I have seen maybe I can use naval and dueling rules from Regime Diabolique (my setting has a pirate/waterworld flavour) and most of the rest of the fantasy elements could be covered from Desolation with a few things from HEX maybe peppered in.

Do we have any experts on Ubiquity am I even right in my hypothesis of that as a working thing? I am now in the process of acquiring the rulebooks required..

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I forgot to post this here:

while working with CD Projekt for the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 videogame; Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondsmith decided to develop: ''the new edition of Cyberpunk pen and paper RPG game that would evolve the genre''.

I can't wait!

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@stroVal wrote:
Have you guys encountered any Legend cheat-sheet?

Here it is. In case anyone else was looking for it :)

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kid america wrote:

Hi folks,

I'm a bit burned out on GMing fantasy campaigns (3.5 and Pathfinder) for the last 6 years.

Looking for suggestions for a good Space/Scifi RPG system.

Hopefully something that's been play-tested and has lots of campaign resource books/pdfs.

I hear Star Wars Legacy is good.

Any Star Wars and non-Star Wars recommendations.

Links to any RPG suggestions would be great as well.



1)If you dont mind the crunchiness of the system I would propose Alternity.

I recently started playing and was fascinated by its uniqueness,especially considering how old it is now.
Even though its out of print,the various worldbooks/supplements etc are relatively easy to find.


Let me see if I can think of other options..

2)I am still waiting for my rulebook to arrive so I cant personally comment on Aeon/Trinity, but you mentioned you wanted something that has plenty of sourcebooks and the people at White Wolf always put an amazing effort into their games.Also its supposedly more cinematic than other games and the best iteration of the old d10 system.


3)Another option is D6 Space.Its a generic version of the Star Wars rpg by West End Games.I think you can download that for free or get the physical copy from amazon really cheap.


If you are into niche worlds

4) Cthulhutech.The way they mix anime/mecha scifi settings with Lovecraft is interesting and the metaplot well done.The system is good for the use it has been designed for, but not the best for general scifi


5) If you are in for a more gritty scifi horror, from the same company the upcoming 'Void' is really well done.I can describe it as Alien meets Lovecraft.

I own and have played with their QSR book and it has all the rules you ll need to start until they start producing the other books.


6) Finally if you dont mind a premade setting and aren't put off by Hardcore Science Fiction(that is science more than fiction)
my personal favorite is Blue Planet v2 by Fantasy Flight Games.Its mechanics system(called synergy) remains the best I ve seen.

Blue Planet

I own v2 books(which you can still find through ebay and other sites) but recently FASA bought the licence and printed a Revised Edition based on V2. Don't know if its better but I guess its even easier to get a hold of.

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Kthulhu wrote:
Please check dates before you necro a thread that's been dead for over three years.

True I didn't realize it was three years old,but even so:

I don't see why resurrecting the thread for the sake of sparking further discussion on the topic is bad.

Rpg systems are always relevant

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Hello everyone,

We are starting a new group dedicated to online pen and paper play:

play by Post/Chat(though done on facebook via events or through Fantasy grounds and skype)

Its more generic and indie focused but we are open to anything, the main goal is discussion,reviewing and internet play etc(and other aspects of geekdom like crpgs,collectibles)

Brotherhood of Rpgs.

We aren't associated with any Community,Shop or Uni and its not done for profit

Feel free to join,


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It's like lord of the unholy dance..
That is an effective intimidation technique
That aside, this *is* a great cover

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Regardless of your overall favorite rule-set, there may exist a spell-casting system that matches your tastes better.

I am interested in getting peoples opinion on this

Also if you are like me and prefer different systems for different campaign styles,genres etc list you best choice in each one
or explain why you prefer your home-brew spell system

In example:
D20-ish fantasy: Fantasycraft
Generic: Gurps Fantasy
Post-Apocalyptic: Desolation

etc etc


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Timitius wrote:

One of the chief differences between 2013 and 2020 I haven't seen brought out was the netrunning aspect.

In 2013, you had an interface program that put a "theme" to how you visualized the net. In 2020, that is gone, and everyone sort of sees the net the same way. The ruleset for netrunning changed up slightly too...I seem to recall that 2013, it was pretty simple, but in 2020, it got much more complex.

For the record, I LOVED the "theme" interface. They had some "canned" versions you could use, but there was the option to program your own. I chose to write a "Toon" interface, drawing on the plethora of cartoon source material. Man, that made the runs much more enjoyable...

The support material for 2020 was great, though. Night City sourcebook, Rache Bartmoss's Guide to the Net, Brainware Blowout, Listen up you Primitive Screwheads, Morgan Blackhand's Street Weapons 2020....

And they all look like they are available at DriveThruRPG, too.

The theme for net-running is an excellent idea

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Although I love this genre I have never actually played an rpg in a Cyberpunk setting(or Biopunk/Post-Cyberpunk for that matter)

After re-watching Ghost in the Shell stand alone complex (and ordering Free-fall; the novel based on Android by FFG) I decided this time..I must really play in the genre,even if that means from the standpoint of the GM.

So calling to all the veterans here for help.Which system do you prefer?

(non-d20 and only hardcore scifi btw)

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ShadowPavement wrote:

You might want to check out:

Bad Attitudes


Explosions & Escapes

Thank you.Are those mini-systems?

I used V6 from Atomic Highway for the one-shot

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