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Barl Breakbones

strato's page

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber. 11 posts. 21 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.

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How to reach 5 stars ... again!


This is very simple: This is another book full of interesting characters, story depth and to my liking: A strong Golarion historic connection.

I was skeptic at start, because this sounded like a book written by request and with many "bound" subjects - which might have led me to believe that it wasn't a fantastic new story.

I was wrong. This is another fantastic new story of heroes in Golarion.
I'm impressed on how Mr. Dave Gross can keep on making these stories come alive!

I am, BTW using much from this book in my own storyline as sidetrecks in my regular RotR campaign.

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Surprisingly refreshing ...

****( )

This was a nice and refreshing book of sea romance and intrigue. No stupid pirate cliches - just a good story set at sea with a bunch of unique characters that, although pirates, still have a code of honor.

Really nice Golarion feel as well!

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Everything and more ...


From title to story end this book is simply awesome!


- Funny, witty and well written. Good banter
- Great connection/placing within the Golarion setting
- Amazingly interesting characters that evolve throughout the story
- Many sub-stories within the plot that (for once) actually works
- A real roleplaying storytale/feel that doesn't feel like someone
actually making a resume of actual roleplaying

Together with Liane Merciels Night* stories this is on my top 3 of the PF Tales, and I can highly recommend it!

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Compact and exiting


Although it's no secret I'm a Law's fan I'd also like to encourage You to read this "Luma" teaser set in Magnimar.

Even though it is a short story, it contains adventure, suspense, wit, a small love story and good Golarion content.

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Great addition

****( )

Read the book cover to cover. Although most of it is repetition for old-time gm's I like the style, flavour and content of the book. It's pure inspiration and also a few goodies that are easily put to work: chases, hazards, haunts - now tried out with success in my current campaign.

A bit to many references to the Core Rulebook annoys a bit.

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