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strangepork's page

RPG Superstar 9 Season Star Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 157 posts. 63 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 32 Pathfinder Society characters.

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One of the best!


Rules driven purely by roleplay? Heck yeah!

Not only does it cover both sides of the coin well - both pro and anti-Royalty, the spells and magic items - often stale filler, are inspired and fitting. The section of Knightly Favors like a magic kerchief granted by a Lady had me impressed.

This is exactly what a perfect Player Companion should be - main focus is lore and regions and roleplay, with rules and archetupes and items/spells to make it all possible in your game. A-freaking-plus.

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**( )( )( )

I pride myself on long detailed reviews, but there is very little to say about this. Uninspired, tending to overly dramatic and "uncontrolled!" type wackiness. Lack of content covered by larger than normal bad magic items section.

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I couldnt believe how good it was, quantity and quality both


I normally roll my eyes at books like this - either goofy silly or otherwise unusable monsters, or just a blathering list of templates written with the passion of a tax return.

This is a wonderful book. The quality of the writing - and art! - is outstanding, the templates and content are interesting and *balanced*.

I added a scalding template to a minotaur and it had my players terrified.

This is the kind of book that gets your mind racing with new ideas and hooks!

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no content

**( )( )( )

Good content, just not much of it. Further cut in half by content for races that are not PFS legal. Some of the races had multiple, huge (and gorgeous) artwork - not appropriate for a 32 page book when you are already desperately low on content. This would have been a 4 star product if it was say 48 pages, with the extra 16 dedicated to PFS races.

If you are looking for content on a Catfolk, for example, ask a friend who owns it, as they get 2 pages of archetypes (zero for core classes), and 2 pages of vigilante and weird feats. Thats it, 4 pages with some giant content-killing pics.

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Great book, and best first 50 pages of any book I can recall!

****( )

Although I did not care for the endings *style*, this is a very strong book, and definitely worth 4 stars.

The writintg style is very fluid and easy going, and is just a pleasure to read. You will look up at the clock and wonder where the time has gone.

The characters are very interesting right off the bat and drag you in, and the action also gets you sucked in right off the bat! Mysteries are presented early, and yet the author has done such agood job of making you like the characters so quickly, youre hooked, and nothing feels forced. The first 50 pages of this work are really a study in outstanding writing and involving the reader extremely quickly without anything feeling forced. Very impressive.

The rest of the book is just solid and very good. Id normally go into more detail, but will just say for any Pathfinder folks out there, its a wonderful journey involving the Darklands, and you'll thank me for not commenting additionally!

This is hard to explain, but I liked the ending, but not its style. I can't really describe it any better than that without spoiling.

Do I like this book, ending and all, enough to reccommend it? Absolutely. It's a fine addition to the Tales series.

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