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Forest Drake

stormcrow27's page

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Sorry for the slow response, I had a diabetic attack on Friday, and was in the hospital until Saturday. The fun of finding out you have diabetes.

Yup it's Zariya, Zohreh and Nenet. Zohreh, you can make a single move action this turn as your only option.

I forgot about Nenet. She'll go last at present. Oops.

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Yes I am a grognard as are some of the people I play, with, others are 25 to 19. I like both complexity and simplicity in the systems I use, ranging from Red Box Basic in 1982 to AD&D, 2nd Ed, Star Frontiers (which is still the best RPG TSR ever created, sans the switch to the FASERIP system), Marvel Superheroes, Palladium Books (all systems, ALL the time), 3.x, Pathfinder, Paranoia, Fireborn, Deadlands, Space Opera, Mythus, Dark Conspiracy, Twilight 2000, and a host of others. As for rules, I don't care about RAW if it gets in the way of the game being fun. I do get asked about the rules for stuff a lot of the time when we play Pathfinder, but if it doesn't work, then out the door it goes. I love characters that are well developed roleplaying wise, rather then filling some silly role that people still cling to because they can't let go of the mechanical box that they put themselves in. Mechanical builds just for the sake of mechanics is in my eyes nothing more then an exercise in theorycrafting.

The joy of Pathfinder and the d20 system in general is its ability to support roleplaying concepts with good mechanics. I use a lot of third party products and older stuff, especially since I hate to let stuff sit and rot on my shelf. I did get rid of a lot of 1st and 2nd ed things to make room for moving, but PDFs are a nice way to lessen the book load. I also embrace technology for saving time on rules lookups (like 3.5 grappling or 2nd Ed overbearing or Pathfinder cover rules), but I will dump my phone to have some better interaction rather then checking what random cat video or political rant my Facebook friends and family have posted. As for not building things mechanically sound and getting accused of not playing well, blargh on the people who say that. This bad not wrong fun crap doesn't move anything forward.

Varisia, you are also nauseated by the swarm and have contracted filth fever, thought it has not yet started.

Good to know.

Well that was random. So your avatar changes if you type in Smurf?

Purple and blue drow make me think of WOW or the smelves (Smurf Elves) my friend came up with for a race in Rifts. They even lived in MDC mushroom houses and were friends with the local wildlife.

Third party Pathfinder to 3.0 or the older WOTC stuff are good influences to modify Second Darkness with. The Eldereth Veluythera from FR was a group of elven speciests (sp?) who support culling or killing off humanity as well as any who challenge/threaten the elven peoples, drow including. Using them as an addition to the White Council and adding more intrigue makes Second Darkness even more fun.

For more traditional adventures, I would recommend Rise of the Drow, for that piece, or converting over the oldie but goodie 2002 WOTC 3.0 module for FR whose name escapes me in which you fight lots of drow who worship Kiaransalee. As for the racist side, that will always be there whenever drow are done with brown skin. Technically the color is supposed to be ebony black from old editions (FF in particular), with shades of purple or albinos that are pure bone white (ala the above module), and there are also the really angry gray drow barbarians from Green Ronin's super duper awesome Plot and Poison 3.0 piece called drey, and the aquatic drow.

Zohreh of the Bulls wrote:

[Dice=Fort]1d20 + 8; 1d20 + 8

Was the swarm damage you rolled for the swarm or for us?

The damage was for you guys.

So if a class feature gets a rainbow, does that mean it's double win to take for any builds?

In a heartbeat.

Jandar-Ki's flask goes wide, but does 1 pt of acid damage as it splashes on the rear of the swarm. Swarm has taken 2 pts of damage.

Rolling will save for scarab shield.

Scarab shield: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

The scarab swarm is unfazed by the magic of Varisia's scarab shield. Apparently this must be a cheap knockoff from Cheliax.

Zohreh, you are nauseated from the thousands of beetles crawling around you. I am refraining from further description because that's just nasty.

Varisia's flask goes wide of the swarm, hits against the wall, and does 1 pt of fire to the swarm. Fionnid runs away. The swarm moves up.
Varisia, Zariya, and Zohreh please make two DC 15 fort saves. For the first, add any bonuses you may have vs disease.

swarm damage: 1d6 ⇒ 2


Swarm initiative: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21
Zohreh initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6
Zariya initiative: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
Varisia initiative: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25
Jandar-Kai initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13
Fionnid initiative: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22
Chulain initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11

Varisia and Fionnid are up, then the swarm, then Jandar-Kai, Chulain, Zariya, and Zohreh. XBc8/edit

Battle map. I'll roll init tomorrow.

Battle map updated.

As Fionnid and Zariya open the door, the horrible clacking and scritching, plus the smell of dung, both fresh and dried, assails the group. Thousands of scarab beetles thrash and flit about as they rush towards you!

I expand out the numbers of lesser minions to match any force multipliers the party generates for combat (like summons, cohorts, and minions equipped with one-shot magic items to make them useful for a couple of rounds), kick up DCs if they go with a skill monkey or crafting bot for leadership, and they have personalities. The cohort also doesn't become just a second lower level PC that way. Plus the PC cohorts that are crafting bots will make contracts so they earn a piece of the pie when selling their hard crafted items. IE, the best way to treat cohorts and followers are as people with their own interest, not just NPC bots. If you want NPC bots, go play party based PC games.

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Tacticslion wrote:

I'm a super tyrannical GM.

This one time I forced everyone to run an entire party of, like, all noble drow. I'm just, like, the worst. No choice at all. :/

('Cause it was a drow game. And I allowed two non-drow in the game who looked like drow. So... yeah, I forgot my point by now. Weeeeee...)

Heh. I've been in at least three noble drow raise the house in the viewpoint of Lolth games over the years.

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Ravingdork wrote:
Why do so many people deny players the right to play exotic races? It's racism, plain and simple. Anything too far different from the self is rejected out of hand, with no consideration for the quality of the character or player. That, or species'ism. ;)

Two reasons-

1. To avoid someone taking the race for mechanical advantages only. Noble drow are one of the better examples of this.

2. Fear of the exotic race disrupting the GM's story: Some GMs, whether due to fear of change or inexperience, don't like exotic races because it can disrupt their story. Playing the reactions of normal races or even the odd planetouched to things like the plant people from space or four armed insects (ala thri-kreen) etc, adds more complexity to the game.

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Orfamay Quest wrote:
stormcrow27 wrote:
An elf goes adventuring for many of the same reasons that regular shorter-lived people go adventuring....

Right. An Elf is a Regular Shorter-Lived Person With Pointy Ears. Got it.

You don't get to play unconvincing kasatha at my table until you can play convincing elves.

Umm, you missed my entire point. All races go adventuring for many of the same reasons. The reasons are either cultural, financial, emotional, or a direct threat to that person's existence or others. For example, in Golarion we have the elves that are raised by other races that are called the Forlorn. Elves of Golarion even states that many adventuring elves are drawn from this group, as these elves follow the shorter lived views of their peer group rather then the long-term take things as it goes view of elves raised amongst their race. So there is one background example of how an elf can be played with a short term viewpoint. However, normal elves are easy to play. It just means the player has to take the long-term viewpoint on solutions to problems, and look at things in patterns via intuition rather then logic. I understand your reluctance to allow non-core races for the roleplaying aspect, but if you never let or help a player with increasing his or her roleplaying ability by allowing them to play a non-core race or even the core races based on an agreement on how the character's background works, then you're going to be stuck with the same six races or even humans as long as you game. If that works for you, more power to you and your players.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As for playing non-core races, every time I get a chance. Especially non-humanoids. Having played for almost 4 decades, I've played the stock races far too much, from the old standard tropes to things like elven paladins using crossbows and dwarven barbarians dual-wielding longswords. So when you have races like kobolds, goblins, ratfolk, etc available, they fit my style of play better. I especially like the 3rd party supplements and retread of Savage Species that allow you to play monster classes that can also multiclass into the stock classes. Noble Wild, where you play an intelligent talking animal, is another cool change. I've had intelligent lion cubs becoming fighters, purple dragon psionicists, a goblin investigator who piloted a suit of steam-powered medium size armor, dwarven ghosts who were gun-mages from the Iron Kingdoms books, kobold mech pilots, intelligent cat rogues who had opposable thumbs due to a random fey wanting to spread mischief by cursing the entire cat's family line, and even more.

In fact, other systems ENCOURAGE radical race use such as Rifts by Palladium. Dimensional rifts dumping in things from all over the universe into a PA magic-devastated and rich Earth, why be human?

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An elf goes adventuring for many of the same reasons that regular shorter-lived people go adventuring, experience, maturity, the desire to do good, guiding short-lived people to better methods of living by giving them the view and experience of the longer lived races, and new sources of daisies to munch. Do you realize how hard it is to grow daisies under the shade of old growth forests? Or find orcs to kill if you stay in your forest and carve wood all day.

Diviner mages. Not everything is about crowd control, blasting, or being the party's teleport donkey.

More scratching and chittering and the song of angry men....

Varisia hears more scratching and chittering....and the sound of silence (OUAHHHHA! Get down with the sickness!)

I wanted to make sure. Tracking split parties gets messy after a while, and usually results in party death.

Zohreh finds no traps on the door, but does hear some form of scratching behind the stone covering of what looks like an abandoned granary.

Ok who is moving the heavy stuff into the corner room? I see Zohreh and Fionn are moving towards the door to B9. Are the rest of you moving the armor, standing guard, searching your Spotfiy lists...?

This is an awesome idea. I think a Spellslinger dwarf fits quite well. Are we talking modern rifles or musket equivalents/revolvers?

Do you mean the door to B9, as there is no door to B7 or B8.

I can NPC them as we move along.

Nothing moves but the lonely wail of dusty bones and the ennui of the ages.

Everyone gets 265 xp. Treasure incoming

After the skeletons are slain, you find this amongst their corpses and the nearby abandoned shacks.

3 heavy steel shields (10 each).
3 breastplates (100 each)
3 masterwork khopeshes (160 each)
Gem: Agate (9 gp)
Gem: Irregular freshwater pearl (9 gp)
Gem: Obsidian (9 gp)
Gem: Pyrite (5 gp) (unworked: DC 10 for 2d4)
Gem: Pyrite (8 gp)
Gem: Quartz (Rock Crystal) (5 gp) (unworked: DC 10 for 2d4)
Gem: Quartz (milky; rose; smoky) (45 gp)
Gem: Rhodochrosite (5 gp) (unworked: DC 10 for 2d4)
Gem: Rhodochrosite (7 gp)
Gem: Sardonyx (40 gp)
Gem: Spinel (red or green) (45 gp)
Gem: Tigereye (5 gp) (unworked: DC 10 for 2d4)
Gem: Tigereye (5 gp) (unworked: DC 10 for 2d4)
Masterwork Chainmail (Sell for 150 gp)
Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield (Sell for 85 gp)
Potion of Cloak of Shade (Sell for 25 gp)
Potion of Light (Sell for 12.5 gp)
Potion of Mage Armor (Sell for 25 gp)
Potion of Protection From Law (Sell for 25 gp)
Potion of Purify Food and Drink (Sell for 12.5 gp)
Potion of Shillelagh (Sell for 25 gp)
Scroll of Mage Armor (Sell for 12.5 gp)
Scroll of Magic Fang (Sell for 12.5 gp)
Scroll of Magic Weapon (Sell for 12.5 gp)
206 cp
187 sp
82 gp
2 pp

1527 gp or so.

A dragon themed AP would have a dragon as the BBEG. Not as a lieutenant or local color as Paizo often uses them, but an actual draconic main badguy. A grand example is Flame from Dungeon 1, or the red dragon in the otherwise blah Dragon Mountain. They don't need to be around every bush as they are in FR (along with 27 other super good groups of high level NPCs) or hanging out eating along with people in Greyhawk city (ala Greyhawk or steel dragons), or two entire nations of them with 2nd Ed Council of Wyrms or the 3.5 retread of the same in Eberron, but more then just an encounter to get your slay on. That's how you do a dragon themed AP. We've had fey, demons, randomly emo lich wannabes, pirates with weather crowns, oni, an immortal wizard from a 10000 year + civilization founded on sin, and so on. Dragons are the next logical step.

Well since it has been 4 days since anyone posted, you guys slay the last skeleton. Treasure and XP will be handed out later.

Fionnid and Nenet, are you still with us?

A dragon themed AP would be awesome. I appreciate the experiment with the Cthulu stuff and I am a fantasy/sci-fi mix fanboy, but the hobgoblin war and Giantslayer have no interest for me. As for Cheliax, blah. How about a dragon AP set in Andoran, in which a blue or green dragon slowly manipulates the downfall of the first real democracy seen in the Inner Sea, trying to move the country backwards towards a tyrannical ruler in the name of their own version of liberty? Or one of the outer planar dragons decides to conquer another area via a planar portal? You could even do a combination of outer planar travel and dragons, which is something we haven't seen at all.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Jade Regent. The first four paths are far too set on the journey and the caravan system. It was marketed as an exploration of the Dragon Empires, and ended up being tropey as hell (Viking ninjas, opium addicted Chinese spider women, and so on). A better bet would be to lessen the neverending trip across the snow belt and the North Pole, and more material added to Minkai.

Yup, but the witch has other attack magics, and the winter witch also can overcome cold resistance and immunity. Plus we get hexes, and hexes is the bestes of them precious.

Race Undine
Sex Male
Class Witch with Winter Witch Archetype-aiming for Winter Witch prestige class (Ice, Ice, Baby, too cold, too cold)
Background still working
Personality and Motivations still working
Stats still working
Time Zone Eastern

Yup I'm up for it. I ran it also for the beginning of book 4 but the group went poofski since one or two players became unavailable due to that silly thing called money via jobs.

Jandar misses with his club as he tumbles towards the enemy.

Note 2 skeletons are down, 1 and 2.

Skeleton 3 is disarmed by a master flick of Varisia's whip. Somewhere a soul moans in agony (or is it ecstasy?)

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Easy. When you post any build that is sub-optimal or that is driven by roleplaying choices, it causes the build oriented people to go crazy because it's not fulfilling their theory crafting or insistence on specialization as the only way to play.

Also Paladins. Paladins are awesome thematically and mechanically. The issue, I think, is that many people play them as Lawful Stupid rather then Lawful Good. They are a good class to boost your roleplaying skills, especially if you're a moral relativist or only see grey everywhere rather then black and white.

Also agree on Path of War, Psionics, Arcanum (aka akashics), monster classes, core only races (boring as hell. Oh look, it's the seventeenth version of an elven ranger or wizard with a bow, or the dwarf warpriest or half-orc barbarian. PASS!), and not using RAW 100% of the time for any discussion. Oh and animate dead/undead creation not being treated as an evil spell.

Lastly, the fighter and the rogue being subpar, and the summoner being overpowered. None of those have ever been true in any Pathfinder game I have played since the start. Apparently I must be just be lucky.

And she resists the enlarge person.

The 1st skeleton drops from Zariya's smashing blow.

Somehow I see a demand coming in the next combat handbook for a Pathfinder archetype or actual prestige class for the master thrower from 3.5....

Atheism in Golarion isn't denying the gods exist. Instead, it's the belief that any deific power, whether native or not, isn't worth the effort to worship. They even state that in several of the setting books. For a non-believer who completely denies the gods exist, they are pretty much boned since all people who die go to the Boneyard and get judged by Phasrama. Most likely they'll end up being resent back as a new soul or have to listen to Justin Bieber/elevator music while the death based bureaucracy decides what to do with such an unbeliever. As far as the Realms go, you have to worship a god or become Faithless or False ever since Kelemvor got tired of people committing suicide by not believing in the gods because they knew they would get a fair shake in the afterlife.

Now in your own setting, you could deny the gods' existence all you like, and if your belief is strong enough in a world in which magic exists, you would most likely be less subject to divine magic due to the strength of your belief. I found a regular class way back in 3.0 that extends this disbelief into magic, and can even eliminate the magical powers of magical beasts or dragon or outsiders by disbelieving or using science to dismiss their existence. There is also the idea of the godkillers, a group of mortals that slays gods because they are not worthy of worship, and the true atheist who can't be resurrected or raised because they believe the soul doesn't exist and vanishes after they are born.

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