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Forest Drake

stormcrow27's page

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No. They're not. I have to stay over again because of another tech so I have to cancel. I'm sorry. We will play again Tuesday without interruption or weather or anything else interfering. Sorry again.

The best equivalent I can think off for a cheap Shillelagh item is a charged +1 quarterstaff (2,000 or 1,000 with Master Craftsman standard featage for the weapon), and 750 or so for a 50 charge wand equivalent of shillelagh similar to a ring of the ram or a wondrous item with charges. Or buy lots of oil of shillelagh (or soap of the shillelagh Oh wonderful clean Irish Spring!).

I'm going to go off the deepend here, and actually suggest fighter. I know, I know, shocking with all of the cleric/monk/magus/brawler/druid spellcastery types out here. If you don't want spellcasting, this can be a fun route to take. Take the two weapon warrior archetype as a human (to get the extra feat and a +2 to strength), use said extra feat on quarterstaff master, the other two you get on two-weapon fighting and weapon focus quarterstaff. Then take combat expertise, improved trip, greater improved trip, weapon specialization quarterstaff, improved two-weapon fighting, improved critical, double slice (this can come before combat expertise if you want full damage on both ends), tripping staff, two-weapon rend, tripping strike, maybe lunge and if PFS goes up to 12th level (I can never remember if it does or goes only to 11th), than improved disarm. That gives you a +3 to attack and a +4 to damage not counting str or magic weapon damage, trips on any critical hit plus trips on regular hits or full attacks, or all around you, plus the ability to do double strike when you have to advance on enemy and can't do a full attack action. Also with improved hand, you can wield two quarter staves as two double weapons, one in each hand, since quarterstaff master lets you wield a quarterstaff in one hand.

Must get conversion. Could you post a link to version 23 for a poor GM that so wants a pathfinderized variant on one of my favorite 3.0/3.5 books. I can see my Way of the Wicked Players being interested in devil PCs...

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If you were running in one of my campaigns, sure. I've had ghaele eladrins, dragons, centaurs, pegataurs (back in 2nd ed when the Complete Humanoid Handbook was the bomb), intelligent magic items that possess their wielder and use him or her as a set of arms, etc, using Savage Species, a variety of 3rd party books like In the Company of Giants or even older rules. Is your PC going to be powerful? Yup. Should you play this in a standard point-buy game? Nope. It will cause a lot of jealousy and anger amongst standard groups, especially ones that don't have ultra optimal min/max super duper Pathfinder specialization web search fu as a default skill.

Here is the other question you want to ask. Why do you want to play a lillend beyond the OMG it looks cool factor? A nagaji bard with an alternate race trait that makes their legs into a snake torso (knocks land speed down to 20 feet) and gets wings of flying can do the same thing. You don't get the super high DR, but it covers most of the rest pretty easily. And realize that the lillend as it fits in Pathfinder also has the spellcasting and bardic performance of a 7th level bard + whatever other class abilities you took. Lastly realize the more monstrous of a character you play, the harder it is to deal with a human dominated society. In Golarion/Toril/Oerth, a city like Absalom/Waterdeep/Greyhawk probably isn't going to look twice a lillend with a bunch of adventurers, but wandering through the backwaters of Varisia/Cormyr/the Grand Duchy of Urnst is going to disturb a lot of people. Your character will have to deal with young scamps coming up and saying "Snaky angel, can you bless my friend's mommy so he gets a sister?" or city guards whipping out swords, not to mention every good aligned priest will assume you are sent to aid them from the powers on high. I make my players aware of this whenever they choose to play a really non-standard race, like the above.

Amusing. Effectively you're using three feats to learn how to stab someone with a longsword. I can see a weaponmaster now: Yes Jimmy, swords have pointy ends, but you can't use them to stab the other man. You have to wait until you reach 3rd level so then you can learn how to put the pointy end into the other man. How do you know if you've reached third level? A magic bell will appear above your character and lights will flash all around you, with a magic bubble of text above you saying you're 3rd level. The gods are indeed mysterious, Jimmy. Wait until you have to learn how to swing a weapon really hard. You'll have to wait until you're 4th level to do that!

Well the God/Yehovah of the Old Testament was a god of laws and tests more so then the New Testament version God who changed his/her/its ways from hardcore tests to more understanding with the New Covenant with man and Christ, but that's beside the point. Abadar immediately comes to mind, especially given the fact that he is the god of judges, law, and civilization. He may be LN, but his priests can be LG as well. I can see him giving this type of command as a test of whether his priests/worshippers can interpret a just command or law. The test is a matter of reason, faith and emotion, just like it was for Isaac.

Also, for another example of this play in motion, read the analysis of Sol Weintraub the Wandering Jew from the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons. It's the exact same test you are looking for basing a story on.

Sorry guys. My browser broke and I had to fix it around 8:00. We should be set to run next week without any interruptions at all.

Yup we are still on for tomorrow.

Cleric with healing domain. You get everything other than the mass spells as healing spells (except for mass heal). You get the full selection of cleric spells rather than being potentially forced to take spells that don't level well, and you get the buffs/summons/transport magic/etc that make clerics valuable. Channel is nice when you need to heal a lot of characters quickly and don't have access to mass cure wounds as of yet, or you need to heal since your buffs were eliminated or prove less impressive then you first thought (foes with dispel magic become more common the higher level you go, even if you only eliminate one buff per spell). Also, all healing spells are increased by 50% at 6th level. E

Add in protection domain and then you have your cure spells and buff spells as domain support, plus some nice domain powers like the 30 ft bonus to saves and energy resistance powers of the protection domain. Here is a Pathfinder deity that grants both.

Or you need to create a feat called wield ally and then use one of your fellow PCs as a weapon holding a weapon. What? Why are you running away in laughter? It worked against the last witch we trapped in the barn and had to stab.

Looking over the class, they are powerful casters for divination, healing, enchantment, transmutation, protection and necromantic magic. Good support characters, especially if they are stopping every day for rest or guard purposes and put the entire group in a protection circle plus use their broom to drop a 24 hour prot from evil/good around the entire group, plus non-detection, etc. Not quite as blasty as normal Paizo witches, but against a variety of foes, they could do well to replace the cleric or the wizard for either battlefield control/debuff/eliminate opponent via transmutation magic (flesh to stone, baleful polymorph/charm monster), etc, plus healing. The healer witches also get at 17th level a 1 hour resurrection circle that works on a number of subjects equal to the witches's wisdom mod. The ultimate tradition powers grant effects that last once a month like true seeing or temporary hit points, etc. Also, they have the only third party Pathfinder maigcal adaptation for contraception or inducing fertility, etc. That in of itself opens up a whole new line of adventures.

It looks similar to adaptations I've seen of the witch from older 3.0 and 3.5 books. The only thing missing is a mass polymorph/baleful polymorph/etc spells to turn all of your non-polymorph immune/resistant opponents into toads, sheep, and what not.

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OT3 is a modification of OTP or one true partnership. In this case it would be one true partnership of all 3 participants in love. The easiest way to handle this is for the paladin to man or woman up and do the following.

1. Tell A that they can only be friends and
2. Tell X that they can be love no matter what her family does.
3. A then can make their decision and decide that she wants to control the paladin and make her love him (classic turnabout style for unrequited love). She prays to Calistra for aid
4. Calistra, finding the situation wonderfully tragic and wanting to poke Shelyn/Iomedae in the eye, grants A the ability to appear as X and banish A to Calistra's planar domain in Elysium.
5. A then replaces X and sends X to Elysium, where servants of Calistra guard her from leaving and or devilish rescue.
6. The paladin makes his announcement of love to A thinking she is X. A, delighted, decides to escape with the paladin from Cheliax.
7. X's father, finding his daughter has escaped with a paladin of Iomedae, calls for the powers of hell to pursue the two lovers.
8. The powers of hell catch up to the two lovers and the paladin and A defeat them in battle. During the conflict, however, A does something very out of character for X, and the paladin becomes suspicious. Asmodeus leaves behind on one of the devils proof that A has taken on X's form. This will enable him to potentially destroy two devoted servants of gods that vex him, and create a potential invasion point for Elysium (see below)
9. The paladin rejects A, and A tells him that he will never see X again, and calls upon her pact with Calistra to gain her revenge.
10. The paladin, finally realizing what has happened, enlists the aid of the rest of his party to rescue X, defeat A, and also eliminate X's father and his devils who act as a third party trying to kill the paladin and X.
11. The party travels to Elysium to challenge A, all the while being assaulted by devils as they travel across the plane to Calistra's domain. After finally reaching A's part of Calistra's domain, they engage in several tests of passion and revenge ascending to the top of a multilevel wasp's nest where A has taken on the form of a thriae queen e (modified from bees to wasps given Calistra's associations with wasps). There A has imprisoned X and the party must battle for both her soul, the paladin's honor and love, and prove that love can overcome twisted passion.
12. After defeating A and rescuing X, the paladin is reunited with his true love. Once X is rescued, her father swears an even greater revenge and becomes a pit fiend that leads a devilish assault on Calistra's domain in Elysium. Passion, love and honor duel with revenge and diabolical fury to see which is greatest.

There. You have an epic adventure, battles for true love, deceit, revenge, passion, extraplanar quests, battles with devils and upper planar beings alike, use of an interesting society of female monstrous humanoids that rarely see play, and a noble ending where everyone gets their just desserts. What more could you ask for?

Sorry guys. I won't be able to run tonight since I have to stay over for work. I just find out about 5 minutes ago. We'll run again next week same time same bad channel. Thanks.

A) Rifts is not designed around balance. Kevin Siembieda makes that point several times in the Game Master's Guide on design. Most Palladium game OCCs/class categories are designed that you either get all of your power up front, or grow into it. Equipment can redress some of the differences, but only so much. It's designed to allow you to play just about anything, which is both its greatest appeal and its greatest flaw.

B) The key on options is to discuss what you allow as a GM/DM/S&M? are going to allow and what type of story you are telling. Is it a tale like Wraith of the Righteous where the PCs gain mythic power and become heroes of legend, battling the very demon lords themselves? Is it a campaign set in Absalom, navigating between the lords of the city as you bring your noble line to prominence? Those are two very different style campaigns, and some classes or builds may not work as well in that situation. However, any good GM/DM provides the story and then what classes and options are available. Players come up with a base character, and then if you think it doesn't fit, then say WHY you don't think it fits, and come up with a solution. Why this issue comes up every 5 other board posts is beyond me. Would I play a core game? Sure. I've done it along with massively expanded 3pp content and 3.5 books added in. What is important is establishing a rapport and understanding with your players first, before you get someone that makes the six attacks per round pounce stealth eidolon/summoner/ninja/skinwalker/rage alchemist investigator/noble drow/half-celestial devil-bound/druid with a cohort. And if anyone is nostalgic for 3.5, that had even more splat books then Pathfinder does at present.

Activating snark mode: And remember, psionics, Tome of Magic, and Tome of Battle are bad/wrongfun and cause you to develop an overabundance of acne and appreciation for Naruto.

And from d20 future here you go: The energy sword from TL 8

Beam sword 2d8 Crit 19–20 Fire — Size Medium weight 1 lb. Purchase DC 17 I'll have to look up the DC to gp chart in a bit.

Also a direct expy of the lightsaber from d20 star wars works. 2d8 damage, 19-20 crit range, x3 crit multiplier I believe.

Finding people that have them implanted already and then cutting them out of them. Cyber-snatching is a great way to go. Give me that arm you berk! I needs it for me own precious cyberware!

Also, the auto-attaching cybernetics is a fun trick, especially if you put the cybertech in a black box and make it part of the treasure. Said treasure needs the Craft Cybertech or Technologist feat to work or activate the item, but it can install it with a set DC.

@Thepen The link doesn't work for your spell list. I ran into that earlier and had to reshare it so it works. Your cut of the wealth is the 1089.33 gp.

@Cedric I'll get the description of what you find to you in a bit
@Will Pratt the same for you on your questions.

Also Thepen you get the treasure split that Byron would have had since you have become his replacement in the Knot. Don't forget to add your spells in to your character sheet and stat out your familiar. What patron did you decide to take?

Peter is out due to work and time constraints, so you are more then welcome to join us, Thepen. Ratfolk as a repressed minority works well, with the caveat that they have been driven underground (literally) and almost exterminated by repeated Mitran and Darian purges, since they are regarded as disease carrying vermin created by Asmodeus and other evil powers to undermine the hard working Talierean people in their quest for a religious, feudal utopia.

Being non demi human or human in Talingarde has it's drawbacks. Any races other than celestials, good dragons, elves, half-elves, dwarves, aasimar, halflings and humans are regarded as outsiders. Goblinoids, evil giants, kobolds, ratfolk, orcs, etc are to be put to the sword or the holy pyres of the Inquistion. Stone giants are tolerated due to their skill with stonework and pure work ethic. The Yutak and the Iraen, the two remaining indigenous human peoples, are seen as useful barbarians to trade with, but as eventual targets to be conquered. Ulfen sailors sometimes trade or try to raid the towns of Talingarde, but are pretty rare.

It's up to you if you want to roll, Thepen. I'm still waiting for Peter to contact me back but no dice so far.

In Incursion the bards have the ghustil prestige class that serves as the githyanki's healer. Also, check out the Vitalist from Dreamscarred Press here.

They're psionic healers that maintain a psionic collective amongst a group of creatures. They can use healing powers on the collective (aka network), as well as steal health from other enemies or add bonuses to the collective. I could also see Path of War classes being used, given the githyanki's love of martial styles and combat.

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Eliminating the arcane spellcasting was a mistake in the translation of assassin over to Pathfinder. However there are two fixes I can think of to make the death attack worthwhile.

1. Allow it to be used at range and don't tie it to sneak attack. Forcing the assassin to rely on a sneak attack in melee to trigger the death attack eliminates any use of sniping to kill a foe without rapid fire. I'm sure you can shell out 20,000 for goggles of the sniper or a sight of extend sneak attack (I forget the item for gunslinger, but same differences) if you really wanted to equip an assassin, but then you can play any class with a sneak attack and do the same thing.

2. Boost the DC on the death attack equal to +1 per every die of sneak attack damage the assassin has. Then it makes the Fort save harder and rewards rogues, ninjas, vivisectionist alchemists and slayers who decide to take the prestige class.

For a better fix, do both of these and then give the assassin back its arcane spellcasting. Then the assassin can use magic to aid him or her in assassinations (not counting things like potions, poison and what not).

Another idea is to Pathfinderize this supplement from Green Ronin. The Assassin's Handbook by Wolfgang Baur. It's 3.0, but it should be easy to drop in. It turns the assassin into a 20 level class and makes it pretty well setup, including feats that duplicate spell effects on poison, as well as historical examinations on assassination over the years. The assassin has its own custom spell list like the original one did, along with a variety of prestige classes built around assassins like the hashashin from Alamut or guild assassins.

This might help if you go poisoner archetype with rogue and then use this for your poison builds. oner

Overcoming the color spray exploit just requires blind creatures or stuff immune to mind affecting. Lots of those around. Now add in some web and grease, and then color spray the sticky greasy webbed foes, and it becomes easy street real quick, especially since Pathfinder web allows missile fire to work.

The only issue I see with the Ragebred Vivisectionist is the following. Even with Extra Feature, you don't have access to the base bestial features of the Skinwalker, but just the ones for the Ragebred, which would be only 3 attacks at 1d6/1d4/1d4 plus precision damage. And now that I look at it again, you may not need multiattack because the skinwalker feature doesn't call out what natural attacks are primary or secondary. So you could be doing 1d6/1d4/1d4 +5 as they are all primary attacks, plus 2d6 sneak attack damage for 2d4+10/1d6+5/6d6. Still 23 points minimum at 3rd level, or 65 points max is pretty boss in comparison to scorching ray at 4d6+1 for a 3rd level wizard evocation specialist. There is also the ever popular half-orc barbarian or bloodrager using power attack with a two-handed sword. Raging brings strength up to 24, 2d6+13 with power attack and the two-handed sword.

Will Pratt wrote:

Hey we all get 888.5 gold from the treasure we have. This is assuming that we don't sell the following:

Veil of Useful Items no weight
has the following patches
Silver Holy Symbol of Asmodeus
Potion Cure Light Wounds x5
50’ Hemp Rope
Bulls eye Lantern
Masterwork Longsword (Cedric)
3 Daggers (Xevian)
Slave Girl 115 lbs with clothes
Rations 40 days 40 lbs
6 Spare Guard Uniforms (not sure price if any)
Rotgut Whiskey (not sure price if any)
Spell Book 3 lbs (Vlad)
3 Scrolls 1 lbs each at 3rd level caster Magic Missile, Hideous Laughter, Invisiblity, Color Spray (vlad)
Potion of Magic Weapon
Potion of Endure Elements

If anyone has any problems with anything we're keeping just let us know and we can talk about it.

After the 200gp we got when we reached the mansion we should each have 1088.5 gp.

The rotgut whiskey is worth 5 gp. The guard uniforms are 2 gp each, but you might want to keep them for disguise purposes since they aren't covered in blood and nastiness. At present the slave girl is in with Tiadora's servants, being converted to serve her new masters. Also you have three days to shop before the next game and can explore the mansion, scribe spells, make potions, etc. If you do the explore the mansion, be sure to PM me so I can tell you what you discover.

Thanks for the suggestions, fellow GMs. They did managed to kill Malfeshnekor and the quasit witch in the Catacombs of Wrath, but did multiple sorties to take out the goblins on Thistletop, and missed Nualia, Lyrie and Tsuto after waiting a couple of days in between raids. Nualia decided to leave with Lyrie and Tsuto in tow to find more allies.

I think I will go this route.

Aldern continues to kill NPCs in Sandpoint until he learns of the PCs absence. He kills one or two a night, focusing on those that will work with the Sihedron ritual and anyone with them gets turned into a ghoul. Once he learns of the PC's absence (I figure at least two to three days0, he then follows them and starts killing in Magnimar, leaving pointed reminders of them to meet him at the Manor. He then contacts Xanesha if possible to find out if the PCs have left yet, and heads to Foxglove Manor to await the PCs arrival. The ghouls or ghasts that he creates start to attack Sandpoint and the farms outside, converting more people into ghouls or killing them outright and eating them. The mayor of Sandpoint, or Sheriff Hemlock, Ameiko Kaijitsu, or Shalelu if the mayor is one of the slain victims, sends a frantic message via animal messenger to the PCs to help stop the ghoul attacks.

Xanesha, having learned of the party's arrival, alerts the Skinsaw cultists to be ready for invaders and interlopers to appear asking around for Aldern at his townhouse in Magnimar. Nualia overhears her discussion with the cultists, and decides to set up an ambush with Lyrie, Tsuto, and her yeth hounds at the townhouse. Nualia goes up a level in cleric, Lyrie and Tsuto a level in wizard and monk respectively and there are 3 yeth hounds. The party hopefully defeats this ambush, then finds links inside of the townhouse to take them back to Foxglove Manor or eliminate Xanesha and then take care of Aldern at the manor. If they actually get the animal messenger then they can go back to Sandpoint to defeat the ghouls FIRST, then go into Foxglove Manor and deal with Aldern, and come back and defeat the Skinsaw cult and Xanesha.

Treasure list with current weight ESgg/

I'll let you decide what to move. Grumble Jack can carry 1400 lbs as a heavy load, but your movement will drop to 20 feet (which it will anyway with all of these ultra buff guys in chainmail and chain shirtses), but he'll charge more the more you have him carry.

Good afternoon, fellow questers through the Rise of the Runelords. I have a scenario that I am curious on how other GMs would handle it. My players, who are at 6th level, consist of a Halfling bard (straight no archetype), an elf forester/wizard (forester is a class from the now defunct Pathfinder database site which combines the 3.5 scout's skirmish, 1-6 levels of arcane spellcasting similar to a summoner, magus, or bard, the spells of which mix in traditional divine and arcane support/attack magics, and the ranger's trackless step at some point) 3/3 but who is running into the penalty of too much breadth and not enough specialization, a human cleric/summoner 3/3 of Desna (no archetype) who wishes to become a Holy Vindicator, and a 6th level dwarven fighter with two-weapon fighting specializing in Sunder and wielding two dorn-degars.

We're currently in the Skinsaw Murders. After finding out a mass murderer who was a ghast or a ghoul was out killing people in ritualistic killings based on the Sihedron, they went to the Asylum and defeated the red herring in the Sanitarium. Afterwards they battled an onslaught of ghouls at the Craester farm (since they were all 6th level, they were bumrushed by waves of ghouls over a 11 round period), and they came back to town to get a bit of information on the key around the keeper of Foxglove Mansion's neck. While waiting, 2 more NPCs of Sandpoint (the half-orc sanitation engineer and the dwarven locksmith) were murdered by the Skinsaw Man. The Skinsaw man is obsessed with the elf when they went boar hunting in life, and is wrathful that he isn't being noticed. They went into Foxglove Mansion, not realizing that it was haunted (they failed to do much research, but received warnings on the house that strange things had happened there) and ran into several haunts plus the carrion storms that were out front. The dwarf failed his will save vs the haunt which forces you to believe another PC is your child, and grappled the halfing and rushed out the front door, after the dwarf fighter had been burnt by the fiery manticore trap previously. Then ran into the carrionstorms outside, which were destroyed by sound bursts and channel energy.

Here is the fun part: Rather than going back into the mansion, they decided to head towards Magnimar as they found out that Aldern Foxglove had a townhouse there, and he must be lairing in the townhouse rather then in the manor (which is where he currently is). So the PCs will find the two faceless stalkers posing as Aldern and Iesha, and follow the clues to fight against Xanesha in the bell tower BEFORE they have eliminated the Skinsaw Man. Also, Tsuto, the mage from Thistletop, and Nualia all escaped from Thistletop back in AP 1, and have joined up with Xanesha to aid her in her schemes. So here is my question: How many ghouls will the Skinsaw man create and people in Sandpoint killed during and after the events in Magnimar? And what do you recommend for upgrading Tsuto, the mage and Nualia to help out Xanesha? Thanks.

I will also suggest 1001 spells by Rite Publishing. Any book that has a 9th level wizard spell which sets an enemy aflame, burning him for 1d6 per level damage, and then flings his burning dead corpse at the enemy via telekinesis to act as an impromptu hammer, has my vote. Also this It fits into Iron Gods as a nice extension for tech and adaptations of tech in a fantasy environment. It's Rifts without the Palladium factor or the sometimes contrary game system.

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A sample book of NPCs and truenaming/ethermagic/composition organizations to use in a campaign would be a nice supplement. Obviously a "spell" expansion for more recitations, songs, magic blobs, etc is another idea. An archetype for truenamers that rely on a bonded item to focus their powers, similar to the mages of the Earthsea Quatrology. Or another variant that allows for familiars and an easier manipulation of the codex of life regarding concepts of nature.

Ultimately an adventure path that features the classes from Interjection Games exclusively (which is extremely hard and takes a while to put together which I get, trust me I am trying to write an AP now with little success. )Perhaps all of the manipulation of otherworldy forces by those that want to change the universe starts to causes breakdowns in the metaphysical and physical underpinnings of the multiverse. Magic becomes unreliable, forcing a new change/paradigm shift in the way the multiverse can be changed. The PCs discover that their new theories or practices of power are unaffected by the wild shifts in traditional theories of magic or the constant need for the gods to stabilize their divine realms that leads to less power being available to traditional divine casters. Even nature herself refuses to answer the call of her most ardent defenders. Beings from outside the realm of normal metaphysics decide the time is ripe to invade and take control of an area/the world/even the planes since reality itself is in flux. Creatures of the Cthulu Mythos/Aeons or other minions of chaos revel in the downfall of organized society.

Just some small ideas ;)

Golarion has any type of setting you are looking for, ranging from devil controlled French opera divas, to halfing founding fathers of America. A good high fantasy adventure that I enjoy, if you want a nice campaign start, is the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. It's pretty standard with some nice haunted house and ogre slaying parts, and the entire goal is to stop the evil mage from rising out of his demiplane and taking over the world. Lots of giants, dragons, evil cultists, ghouls, murder mystery, and it's topped of by themes of HP Lovecraft at the

A magus would mesh nicely with cavalier and it gives you a decent set of arcane damage and melee options. Eldritch knight/witch plus whatever random Pathfinder feat gives you levels for your mount is another way to go. Witches can heal, their hexes are a nice power set, and are full spellcasters. Magi can also cast in armor.

This may be going a bit on the deep end, but grant him access to the vampire template ala the feats from Way of the Wicked or just straight out. That's built into AP 3 or 4 I believe to allow PCs to get the template. Then give him the shroud from book 5 that allows the vamp to run around in sunlight, or a bunch of protective penumbra scrolls/items and he can be a daywalker. He gets energy drain, a bunch of stat boosts, several useful feats, gaseous form, a bite attack that drains Con, spider climb, summon bat or rat swarms, wolves, natural armor, a dominate person gaze, skill boosts from racial bonuses, and the ability to beast shape into a dire bat or wolf. And he's still a rogue without any class changes. The evil clerics or antipaladins or negative energy channelers can heal him all day, he can use conducting weapons to transmit energy drain via sneak attack, and get into most areas without real issue. Perfect for an evil rogue.

Psionics is essentially power/magic point based spellcasting. They won't show up mages, or any other spellcaster class, especially since ACCESS to powers is quite limited based on what class you play. Unlike wizards, magi, alchemists, witches, and arcanists, who can gain an unlimited number of spells, or clerics, rangers, paladins, druids and shaman that get access to all of their spell list, psions, wilders, etc get a limited number of powers based on their level, very similar to sorcerers. Sorcerers get 34 spells vs a psions's 36 powers at 20th level, and they get far less 0 level cantrip equivalents (not that it really matters at that level), plus the sorcerer gets bloodline powers and additional spells from his bloodline. It's pretty much a wash other than some of the psionic feats that are easily duplicated by things like Vital Strike, etc.

Warhorses and flying mounts, siege artilery, eyes of the eagle,distance enchantments,magic bullets, weapon blanched alchemical cartridges to get around material based DR, silence spells, ammunition cassions, dinosaurs to pull the siege artillery, powered armor for the machine smith, battle standards, ioun torches or sniper sights, oil of magic weapon, abundant ammunition bandoliers, shotguns, hand cranked gating guns if you can convince the DM to let you use them, land mines, sending or whispering wind radio equivalents to coordinate artillery strikes,silver scarabs to take care of jams and weapon explosions, bayonets, shotguns, revolvers, and down the road, the arcanist should get form of the dragon for aerial support and fast insertion str ikes. How's that for a start?

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And as for player entitlement or wanting to use the newest/OMG/character of the month, any good GM will examine the material the person is requesting BEFORE they let it into their game. If you don't find it useful, then inform the player that it won't work and find another option. Saying no is fine. Unless the player has some emotional issue, they will accept it and you can move on with the game. I think too many GMs become afraid they will lose players if they don't let them play what they wish, and lose their spine or control over the game. If you lose a player over something as simple as saying no to a character class, then I wouldn't want to play with that player anyway. 9 year old children huff off in a storm, not adults, if not allowed their way.

Nope. I play Rifts, and every game is different. I run two different Pathfinder games. One is Way of the Wicked with 6 players, and the other is Rise of the Runelords with 4 to 5ish. The core experience was something I never embraced because core characters and races bore me (playing 1st and 2nd Ed for 17 years ripped out any desire to be the dwarf fighter/cleric etc, plus 3.0 and 3.5 released a variety of useful supplements over the years, and 4th ed was yuck on instant reading), and I love the options that Pathfinder offers. Do I see a lot of different character builds? Yup. Do I get tired sometimes of the constant planning for all 20 levels? Yup. But when I look back at 1st and 2nd Ed's assumption of the big four, and the rather haphazard way expansions came out trying to add in new ideas, I prefer the more ordered path I see with Paizo. I do think that TSR and WOTC released some excellent campaign material, and a lot of the older 1st and 2nd Edition releases were far better with adventure and world building then 3.0/3.5 worlds (with the exception of Eberron), but the move towards Realms only was a big mistake, as was the desire to split the Magic and D&D lines into two separate entities. 4th and 5th edition are the product of corporate design rather than more organic development, and the lack of an equivalent to the OGL/d20 SRD license was a grand failure.

For ones not already mentioned, Dragon Mech. It has the best crunch I have seen for steam technology as well as mechs powered by necromancy, tension drives using windup/clockwork mechanisms, magic, or physical labor, in which you get a bunch of people or horses etc to run around on a plate to drive a piston, similar to ancient weapons of the Hellenistic era. It also has steam borgs, monk mech pilots, a prestige class in which you become part of your mech permanently, steam armor, and steam engineers, who can construct different devices based on simple combinations of devices. Sorcery and Steam by Fantasy Flight Games is a solid book for introducing steam power into a campaign setting. All of those are 3.5, but they work. For Paizo, try the Alkenstar guide. Fantasy Firearms is solid for both 15th to 19th century firearms, including semi-automatic weapons. That's by Scorched Urf studios.

For steampunk novels, Mainspring by Jay Lane, in which a young apprentice clockmaker has to rewind the mainspring powering the world, and gets a mission from God, amongst a Victorian steam powered British Empire. Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson, which follows the idea of how the British Empire could have dominated the planet via the use of Babbage's computing engine, rather than abandoning it due to funding concerns. Whitechapel Gods by S.M Peters, in which the Whitechapel part of London has been taken over by the gods of time and iron, and slowly changes the inhabitants into cyborgs, clockwork organisms, and combat robots working to convert all of humanity into servants of the Great Machine.

There is only one essential conceit for playing Pathfinder/D&D/d20 related games,or even any RPG really. That is the gamemaster discusses with their players what type of story they would like to play in, the gamemaster presents their story they have prepeared, and the two agree on what gets run. It is less work on the GM's part to use premade game assumptions such as WBL, 4 encounters per day, and so on, but they and the players ultimately decide on what's best.

In any case, moving away from turning this discussion into a textbook case of a 4chan argument, I enjoy this rendition and all of Dreamscarred Press' revamp of the older systems. The Empyreal Knights will make great foes in my Way of the Wicked campaign. I plan to use them as a sub-order in the Knights of the Alerion, which is the main knightly order amongst the servants of the King of Talingarde and the Church of Mitra. They will take up arms alongside paladins, cavaliers, and lawful good fighters as they fight back against the onslaught of Asmodeus evil.

Then apparently Jack Vance and the guys who wrote D&D were channeling weaboo psychic visions of the future, since the grand majority of the Pathfinder magic system comes from the memorize and then lose it philosophy of Vance's Dying Earth stories. Large arcane tomes or old men dressing in robes and using arcane symbols to weave results of magic is a far older tradition then Japanese anime. So by your definition, any supernatural force used in Pathfinder is weaboo. Good to know. I'll make sure to have nothing but non-magical types in my game from now on so I can avoid that.

Heh. Doubtful, Insain Dragoon. Google Naruto d20 if you want an amazing and insane conversion of the never ending saga of believe it ninjas. Pathfinder does a pretty decent job of balancing both Western and Near East/Middle East/Far East origins for most classes , but when I see maneuver names like Sanguine Proclamation, my first thoughts go to anime like Darker then Black, X, Bleach, etc. I do appreciate the sarcasm. Mythology is a good source, but it's not the first one a lot of people are going to reference when using this book. Which is fine. Anime based roleplaying is as valid as any other source for game inspiration.

A thrallherd comes to mind immediately. Replace Charisma for Intelligence to determine PSPs, and you have a mind controller par excellence. Sorcerer with the fey bloodline specializing in enchantment magics. Witch would also work based on hexes. Possibly a baccae. accae

This might work if you change the dance to an aura effect. aobhan-sith

I also suggest searching for the Disciple of Metal prestige class from the WOTC forums if you want a great lead singer class that gets powers from METAL.

I bought this PDF a bit ago, and it does a nice job of bringing Tome of Battle into the Pathfinder system. The design idea was to grant a system to martial characters to perform spell like attacks and maneuvers seen in anime, Eastern martial arts movies, and a variety of novels. It achieves this quite well, granting a limited group of abilities and making martial variants of the sorcerer or psion. Is it for all tables of play? No. But it does offer a nice separate system from magi and eldritch knight/arcane archer builds that dominate a lot of the martial with magic concepts I see in bot
see in Pathfinder all too often. I enjoyed the last few experimental years that WOTC had with 3.5 bringing out systems to enable aternate uses of supernatural power, like psionics, Arcanum,, martial manuevers, binding, shadowcasting, and even truenaming. Kudos to Dreamscarred Press for updating and expanding many of those systems.

For the devil bound template, it won't be until you guys can get to summon contract devils around 12th via planar ally or planar binding, or if you play your cards right around 10th. The downside of the devil-bound template is if you die, it takes a wish or miracle to bring you back, and the devil that you bound yourself to gets discern location on you and the spellcaster/device that brought you back. Of course, you're all going to Hell eventually anyway, so pick your poison.

And bards make some of the best evil characters for roleplaying, period. You can walk into several areas in this AP, start playing, fascinate and then use suggestion to start deadly brawls or render foes unable to respond. Charm, illusion, and the bard support spells also work well to disable and confuse your enemies. For a cheap get out of medium level trouble item that works great for bards and any evil character, use this ing-golden-apple

The DC is only 13, but against low Will save types, it works wonders. Also song of discord is highly suggested at higher levels. If you're dead set on a melee bard, the sound striker or dervish dancer work nicely with bladed weapons.

Also if anyone wants a quarterstaff or another simple weapon they are available for use (hint Rob, Noel, and Peter).

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