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Forest Drake

stormcrow27's page

793 posts (824 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Nenet Katenaten wrote:

I had never heard that as a verb. Hath not a half-elf ears?

Only if Shylock likes triangles...

So...Psychics don't get Burning Hands. I'm scrolling through the spell list and no good AoE spells come to mind. This is what I get for trying out the psychic... :D

Some suggestions.

Actually they have a 1st level AOE spell right at the start. Sundering shards, 1d6 to a 5 ft area. You just need items to blow up.

2nd level
Sonic scream-short ranged cone, lasts for 1 round per level. You can use it three times to do 4d4 damage, 2d4 damage and then 1d4 damage at 15 ft.

3rd Pellet Blast 30 ft cone-shaped burst, 1d8 per every two caster levels, does piercing damage and that damage takes on the material of the pellet you use, which can get pricy (20 to a 100 gp depending on material used.

4th Black Tentacles, but nothing to really damage a swarm

5th jack. Theoretically you could use sonic thrust or telekinesis to throw multiple bombs and what not.

6th nothing

7 Reverse Gravity-Your best friend

8th Shout Greater, Earthquake-Blast them for sonic damage and then collapse a ceiling on them. Works every time.

9th Telekinetic Swarm-1d6 per level in a 40 ft burst centered on you.

Zariya Ameerah wrote:
I thought you said you allowed torches to damage swarms and I assumed that applied to stuff like fire bolt too. Most GMs I've played with allow that, but I guess not here. IMHO it would make a lot of sense if you could use it. It's not like flames is a prescion weapons. More flames is exactly the same as more damage. You are the GM though and I won't question you ruling.

Let me explain my reasoning other then DM fiat and RAW quotes, which I know as a player in Pbp and other games can seem really insulting.

I do allow torches to damage swarms, mostly because you're flailing a torch that covers the area and it's energy damage. That the same thing with a weapon that does energy damage. The blow might do noting to a swarm of beetles, but a flaming or frost weapon is going to catch more beetles then not. The fire bolt domain power, scorching ray, etc style powers are direct focused attacks similar to a laser weapon, which burns a hole in a single target rather then burning a wide area. However, there are metamagic feats that allow you to widen the area of a single target spell, and you could always create a variant of your ray spell of choice that sweeps an area like a sustained plasma or laser beam or a flamethrower.

Lastly, remember that spells from 3.5 sources are also available. So don't be afraid to look at the Spell Compendium/etc and ask if you can take something.

Zariya Ameerah wrote:

I nearly forgot, but my fire bolt domain ability means I won't have to spend flasks myself. Someone else should take my flasks, for example Zohreh. It's also a lot better than level 1 burning hands, so I think I won't change my domain spell after all.

@Nenet: Color spray is actually awesome against swarms without mind affecting immunity, for example snake swarms. Though don't you have a way to bypass mind-immunity as well? It makes a lot of sense as well, causing if you envelop a swarm in bright colors, they'll be too busy/confused to attack. Most of the mind-immune swarms are vermin, a coaxing metamagic rod would allow you to bypass that immunity, though 9000 for a lesser version is quite expensive.

Unfortunately your fire bolt power has to be set on a target, and swarms are immune to targeted spells or spell like abilities. Hence why alchemist fire, burning hands, and so on get used on them.

A swarm is immune to any spell or effect that targets a specific number of creatures (including single-target spells such as disintegrate) from the PRD.

You guys have time. It will take about 2 hours of walking to get to the House of Pentheru. If you want to buy stuff, and change your domain spells, get a facial or a haircut, smoke some hashish or pesh, be my guest. As an FYI, there is no time limit for the dungeon exploration.

Nenet will also know that the Necropolis is home to random undead, vermin swarms, especially cockroaches, rival adventuring groups, and that it is patrolled by priests of Phasrama around the clock now that the lottery to loot the tombs is in full swing.

To save time, the House of Pentheru sits on Vizier's Hill near the northern portion of the Necropolis, and appears to be a two story mansion occupied by minor nobility. It has been abandoned since the Great Plague.

I'm going to suggest a doozy. And I mean a real doozy. A straight fighter with no archetypes. You get the benefits of armor training, weapon training, and all the feats you could want. The second suggestion is give the fighter an extra 2 skill points per level, and rearrange the skills into Knowledge nobility, siege warfare, profession etc, so that way only one or two skills are int based. It will be such a revolutionary concept that people will regard you as MAD, MAD indeed.

Varisia is able to find this after a couple of hours of negotiation with the priests of the Mausoleum. QbP8/edit?pref=2&pli=1

Jandar-Ki Naïlo wrote:
Are there maps of the Necropolis readily available? If so, Jandar-Ki will purchase one to make sure we know exactly where we're going.

There are indeed 2500 year old maps of the Necropolis. There may be more current maps, but the Mausoleum doesn't have them available.

Chulainn looks at his master and barks eagerly, hearing the excited tone coming from the big smelly two leg.

The priest notices Varisia looking for him, and says "Ah, the Golden Sun Hunters. Phasrama smiles upon you. Here is your next assignment, the House of Pentheru. It's a deserted mansion complex inside of the Necropolis. The site hasn't seen the touch of humans since the Great Plauge. Good luck!" The priests hands Varisia the token and walks back towards the scriptorum part of the temple.

Kingmaker: Claim the lands or come back on your shield...

Kingmaker: Angry Fey lady wants a rose that is definitely NOT a rose by any other name.

Varisia sees a priest walking around holding a token of a sun.

Unless you are stopping to buy something or are looking for something, the walk goes to the Mausoleum without consequence.

Smeh. Point buy gives me tons of gas. APs can be played at any level of ability scores, it just requires adjustment like anything else. 15 is the general assumption the adventure makes. I had a 4 man optimized roll 4d6s, reroll 1s and 2s 1st level abiliy generated group, with a paladin, a bard, a time thief, and a cleric, and they were almost killed by one CR 3 trap. On the other hand, I have used the same rules in Kingmaker and had 31 dead PCs and they never finished book 5. It really depends on the players, frankly.

As the dawn comes, the group goes about its daily duties, and then meets down in the common room of the Tooth and Hookah. The runner yesterday informed Varisia that a new task awaits the Golden Sun Hunters at the Grand Mausoleum, the temple to the goddess of death and the afterlife, Phasrama.

Anyone else doing anything before the next day?

Clerics, Druids, and Wizards are far less complex then the hybrid classes. Mostly because they have 9th level casting that is supposed to take the place of the other thematic abilities all of the other classes get. If you want to go with a warrior guy with a pet complex, go with a hunter. They get better weapon profs, support abilities to make their pet into ludicrous mode (for example, a divine hunter archetype with a primal hunter type allows you to apply the celestial or fiendish template and then add in summoner evolutions, which makes for an insane pet with damage reduction, SR, and the ability to cast spells, grow extra arms, etc. It works even better if you are a neutral character and drop the fiendish template on your pet, because most games don't have enemies that can overcome DR/good). You also get access to 1st through 6th level ranger and druid spells, and don't have to worry about lacking AOE effects.

Well time for two classics for da evilz fun

1. Psion Elan Telepath, aiming for thrallherd. Evolved from the muck left by the boots of countless peasants all aiming for a noble title, the Overmind finally came into existence, inspired by the desire, greed, and ill intent generated by fools jostling for crumbs on the monarchy's plate. The Overmind decided that it should rule Cheliax, one city at a time via the true power of thought, not through the hired muscle of devils and the lackluster enforcement of "law" the Hellknights blathered on about. But first, it would have to weave its way into the power structure, and learn of the ruling authority's weaknesses and desires before proceeding.

IE It's a psionic entity that coalesces from all of the denied dreams of people trying to claw their way up the noble or merchant ladder, and disguises itself as a simple information gatherer to insert itself into the power structure and eventually overthrow the queen in favor of one ruling mind.

2. An evil blue dragon racial paragon from in the Company of Dragons. More detail later.

The priests at the Grand Mausoleum have another relic of yesteryear for the Hunters to explore, if they feel up to it.

A runner comes up to the chatting group, and asks for the representative of the Golden Sun Hunters. Who answers?

Don't use a bow. Almost everbody that plays a druid or a ranger uses or will use an elf and a bow build. Play a druid that throws spears at low level, or dual wields sickles, or uses a quarterstaff with Shillelagh (one of the most powerful 1st level weapon buff spells ever). Or goes with an exotic prof that uses a double-headed spear or a chijiriki (spear with chain in the weapon). This ensures you have a unique fighting approach rather then I go, I'm out of spells, I shoot my bow. Lead blades and gravity bow can also be applied to melee and thrown weapons, increasing their damage.

1. Druids are great for almost any role, other then front brick until they get wild shape. Then you can turn into tigers, elementals, plants (turn into a shambling mound and see how fast melee types run when they have poor CMD bonuses, or a mandragora, or spin up a whirlwind and then cast lightning into the poor sods flying around you). Add in the Wild enchantment, and then you're a shambling mound incased in darkwood full plate and potentially shield.
2. Their spell access for blasting magic is second only to the arcane types, and even then they can also get things like earthquake or walls of lava. As for summons, at low grade animals can be easily boosted to do outrageous damage with spells like animal growth, the one that makes the animals into dire forms of themselves combined with animal growth, armor spikes, etc. Defensive and healing magic is pretty close if not better then the cleric, lacking the exception of spontaneous conversion and the bless line of spells.
3. Almost all races are awesome to play druids with. Especially the more exotic ones like catfolk or lashunta.
4. Consider the terrain based or shaman archetypes if your campaign doesn't start out near a forest.

Easy. You get to beat the crap out of someone with a giant weapon while singing about their death. And you don't have to dip into a martial class (which makes optimizers more happy, and we know that's half the battle right there) to use a greataxe. They're more of a combat/berserker support type then the skill/enchantment/charm/interaction monkey the bard is. It's also a fun roleplaying experience in comparison to your typical half-elf or elf rapier wielding buff bot. Especially if you like races with high strength mods, like orcs or half-orcs, and don't want to be a bloodrager/sorcerer to cast arcane magic.

Next quest will be posted when gamemaster gets home from da work thing.

An interesting spin on that would be an Erastil supported Nirmathas vs a Gorum/Abadar supported Molthune as the ideas of large civilization vs. rural utopia.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hmm. So it's the organized Imperial South with monsters vs the local anarchist hippy commune of the north as the next AP? So the autonomous commune from Monty Python and the Holy Grail DID inspire a revolution against repressive government. It looks like Scotland and Wales vs an Imperial Shogun/9 daimyo setup version of Norman England, based on the descriptions of Molthune and Nirmathas.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Mummy's Mask: The Gou'ald want their pyramid ships back.

Fionnid, your AC should be +4 Armor, +4 Dex, and/or shield. Your AC is right, but chain shirt gives +4 to Armor.

For your multi-class people, if you want the true flavor go with gestalt which I see has already been suggested. Ah well.

Are we also assuming the expanded characters from the Enhanced Edition?

Sure. is all I have to say about that...

@Fionnid and Nennet You can have yourselves arrive in Wati or start in Wati as you see fit. Also, the current recruiting for tomb delving under the auspices of the temple of Phasrama is going on at a local inn/bar/hashish/hash den called the Tooth and Hookah.

Summoning can be fun, but it can also be a pain to run all of the extra summons. Especially since we also have a hunter in the mix and a psychic plus a cleric, all three who have access to summons, and the hunter's pet. As for downtime, yes you will have it, especially now. The 2nd part of the AP, no, and in the other adventures it will vary, especially with a lot of desert travel and wandering and research time from levels 7 to 10 (the 3rd AP and the Desert of Desolation expansion). The tombs aren't going anywhere.

There is indeed a bank run by priests of Abadar...

Shuriken are not designed to be machine gun bullets. You throw a group of them for distraction with some poison/minor enchantments and hope you hit with two or three, then go invis or stealth and sneak attack with stuff like smoke or poison bomb or the kuji-kiri Naruto shadow clone ki power thing. Or add in an explosive shuriken now and then. Ninjas work best in quick strike and infiltration moves, just like spec forces now.

Fionnid Mac'Cuainn wrote:
So are we coming in with level one wealth?

Level 2 is fine. People won't be quite undergeared as much.

Not a bad hall. There is at least one or two masterwork weapons or potions out of that, or +1 armor. Or a cloak or resistance +1. Anyone going to take item creation feats?

Thieves make note of wealthy players...

Rest of costs updated in last game play post.

*Tapestry(appraised at 50gp)
*Gold Plated Ancient Osiriani Booksx2 (240gp each)
*Fancy Chest (160gp)
*Chariot(Needs to be disassembled and brought topside) 250 gp when appraised
*Mumu's Deluxe Funerary Masks x 4(75 gp each)
*Miscellaneous Mundane Weaponry(described as 'spears, swords, and so) 50
*Masterwork Khopesh 320 gp
*Masterwork Spear 315 gp
*Scroll Cases With Ancient Orisiani Scrolls x Several 175 gp
*Tapestry(swirling tile room) 100 gp
*175gp in Gold Leaf
*12 Funerary Medallions 10 each (120 gp)
*Onyx and silver holy symbol of Osiris (100gp)
*Silver hand mirror (35gp)
*(wolfman gots)Nard(s) (75gp)
*gold funerary mask (500gp)
well-preserved darkwood coffer worth (50gp)
*assortment of carnelian, lapis lazuli, and turquoise semiprecious *stones (55 gp)
*AKhentepi's Armor 5,235 gp

Costs updated after reappraisal.

All items can be sold for 55% equivalence, ie multiply cost by 55% and that's your resale value.

55% of the base price. And you can buy anything 25,000 gp or less.

Your diplomacy roll manages to raise your percentage in selling stuff to 55%. It would be higher, but the town is starting to see an influx of ancient artifacts from previous expeditions and outsider traffic.

You make it to the shops. To recruit your new members, perhaps returning to the Tooth and Hookah to see if any new arrivals have made it back to reinforce the Golden Sun Hunters?

Animate Plants works nicely in addition to a prepared Changestaff or Liveoak to bury a group under an assault of trees.

As an aside, if you're looking for jewelry, Wati is a good city to get Egyptian or Middle Eastern/Greek style pieces.

Some examples that are available: istory+of+Egyptian+Jewelry&qpvt=History+of+Egyptian+Jewelry&qpvt=Hi story+of+Egyptian+Jewelry&FORM=IGRE

Carnelian, lapis lazuli, and turquoise are the main stones used. Gold is also prized in comparison to silver, due to its reflective quality and reminder of the sun gods. This ends your local historical information guide unit on Osirion jewelry. Please continue to enjoy our adventure filled streets of undead.

After you gather up the treasure and emerge put of the tomb, it is late afternoon. Do you wish to sell your ill-gotten gains?

The beetles had nothing.

He can reroll his 1.

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