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Forest Drake

stormcrow27's page

548 posts (579 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Once people have their character finished and submitted. I'm looking for the current ones that are in process and 5 more to consider.

The chest contains two books with thin, gold-plated metal sheets, and three vials. The chest itself also looks valuable...

Kramgar wrote:
Axolotl wrote:
Well, she's poor as heck. :D


100gp more than Kramgar! xD

You're a monk. What do you need money for?

The chest opens and has some stuff in it. Three vials, some books, and something else that I forgot and will post later. To save time, yes the vials radiate magic.

Any Paizo stuff is allowed, including Unchained. Also most 3.5 stuff, though I would avoid evil PCs to prevent da paladin smiting you with great effort. You can rearrange them as you see fit. I'm a pretty liberal gamemaster, which of course makes me evil in the eyes of purists, but whatever.

Thanks for moving over to this new thread guys.

Greetings all you happy Paizo people! I'm running Mummy's Mask, and I am looking for 2 more players to continue raiding tombs in Ancient Osirion. We current have the following and are only halfway into the first tomb, at level 1.

Aasimar Paladin (Knight Disciple)
Human Bard (archaeologist)
Half-Orc Cleric (straight)
Half-Elf Time Thief

Current submissions are
Halfing sorcerer
Mereitaur fighter
Oread fighter
Human kinteicist (TK)

The creation rules are below.

Mummy's Mask creation rules

Character creation rules and allowed books
Any Paizo classes or races. I've run or have had people run most of the stock races, plus the more powerful things like noble drow, etc. If you run one of the more high point races (30 points or more), you will have a 1 level deficit that you will have to overcome with XP. AKA buying ECL as they say.
Allowed 3rd party/3.5
In the Company of Dragons, Fey, Angels, etc from Rite Publishing. I have most of these, and they are essentially monster classes that allow you to have the ability to run or play giants, dragons, angels, medusae, etc.
Most classes and/races off pfsrd20 with the exception of the artificer. That class is too cumbersome and broken given the magic Conversion#1
Yes Truenamer from Interjection Games
Yes Cartomancer from the same
Yes Tarot Mage from the 3.0 Tarot Mage supplement
All classes from the Occult Book by Radiance Games (IE Binders for everyone!)
Any 3.5 Prestige class or class. If I find good Paizo board or web versions, I'll post them here.
The Pathfinder version of the disciple of metal prestige class! Play a heavy metal bard and kick some tail!
3.5 Feats on a case by case basis.item construction abilities.
Yes Psionics both systems (Paizo and Dreamscarred Press).
Yes Path of War
Yes Tome of Magic Classes (Binder and Shadowcaster). The shadowcaster will probably use the conversions on Paizo's site here.
3rd party feats the same.
No gestalt. While I am insane, I'm not that insane to try to modify stuff to that level.
Alignment any based on a proper matchup. I don't want in party fighting to destroy a game before it starts.

Advancement speed based on the AP
Starting level 1
Ability creation roll 4d6, reroll 1s and 2s.
Max HP first level
Gold roll
You can use Ultimate Campaign for your background.
Traits 2. 1 must be from the Mummy's Mask or People of the Sands or Osirion related material.

Ok I'm goign to start up a new recruitment thread to get some more attention.

None really. They're just mummified cats, which is pretty common amongst any Orisians of middle class. Taking notes or a good drawing of them would probably help gain influence with the Phasramans though.

Yah I have one PM already that I responded to from Axotll (sp?) I also just realized my last discussion post is backwards.

Well so far we have had a medium size minotaur fighter and an unchained summoner propose characters.

The shields do not gaze back at Zariya. The chariot appears to be in repairable condition if you were able to get a make whole cast upon it after moving and reassembling it. The chest glares at Jandar-Kai but is helpless against his deft touch. The corridor continues to another set of double doors. The mummified animals are Akhentepi's cats, strangled and then mummified to guard and guide him in the afterlife.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A special forces trooper from today transported into Golarion. I've always liked the non-gamer transported into a fantasy world trope, but it's been a long time since I've seen anyone play it.

A monster in a stock game, via either the new Dreamscarred monster class book updating Savage Species with Pathfinder rules, or in the Company of series by Rite Publishing.

The shield shaped cresset appears to be mortared into the masonry. It would require chiseling or ripping out the mortar with acid in order to remove the shield from the wall. This may violate the every slave hut is a temple rule laid down by the priests of Phasrama....

Jandar is able to disable the trap. Everyone gains 100 xp (and should be at 400). However, the chest is still locked.

Dump this party and search for a new one on Roll 20. There should be plenty there. Nicknames will only add to the stress level.

Well I'm sure there have been many, many, many ideas expressed to "fix" the fighter, but here is my two cents.

1. Allow all archetypes to gain weapon or armor focus in their particular specialization rather then removing it for said abilities. This allows your spear or longsword or two-weapon, etc specialist to gain extra hit and damage abilities with their weapon, which increases the base ability of the fighter which is to hit things and take hits.

2. Up the Will save of the fighter. Giving it two good saves won't lessen the value of other martial characters, since the ranger/paladin/barbarian/cavalier/ get better special abilities to compensate. (kind of in the cavalier's part). This helps against the enchantment/compulsion/etc issue we see all the time.

3. The healing surge ability mechanic from 5th and 4th Ed is another good idea. Since hp are a simulation of a person's physical toughness or luck to avoid, create a surge pool or healing ability that levels as the fighter does to allow him or her to regain lost hp.

4. Also following the pool idea, (since it seems to be the "new" limit special ability rule), create a inspiration pool that allows the fighter to gain extra feats or a reroll on an attack roll, etc. and/or maintains some constant abilities like grit or panache does for the gunslinger/swashbuckler/monk etc. This allows you to simulate special maneuvers without getting into anime territory or spellcasting simulation via Tome of Battle or Path of War that causes people to get a bad taste in their mouth.

5. Build an archetype similar to the qi-gong monk that allows the fighter to pick from a range of special abilities that tape into the pool above.

There are several third party supplements for Pathfinder that are "da epic" and mythic works fine. Or just convert over the rules from 3.0/3.5 epic handbook which are easy. And frankly, creating content for that high of a level isn't in the best business or design interests of Paizo right now, IMO. There are far more stories that can be told and areas of Golarion that need to be explored before we create the new mythic city of super people, aka Waterdeep... Hence why most APs max out at 15 or 17, since you're effectively more mythic then most of the world anyway, other then people like Tar-Baphon or Karzoug with his major artifacts...

Reopened recruitment.

This has been reopened as we have lost two players due to real life circumstances. Currently the group is exploring a tomb of an ancient Osirian general.

Current party makeup Half-orc cleric
Aasimar paladin
Human bard
Half-elven time thief

I'm looking for two more players. A full arcane caster would be nice, but make what you like.

Same creation rules as before. Also you can resubmit the same character as you like. I'll continue the adventure and you'll join up in medias res.

@Jandar-Kai It's a chariot, quite old but in fairly good shape given its age. The chest appears to be trapped with some form of spring loaded blade.

@Zohreh It's quite firmly attached. As you look closely at it, the shield appears to be a cresset (torch holder).

@Varisia you are able to recover the tapestry without damaging it.

Once Zohreh chimes in yea or nay on new recruitment, I'll open it up again or not. I'll post results of action resolution later tonight.

roll me a dex check Varisia.

XP tracker is set. 300 out of 2000 at present.

Done. I have no issue with recruiting additional players, but I will leave it up to the remaining 4 players to decide if you want additional members. Just say yea or nay and I'll open it back up.

Jandar finds no traps on the doors. He opens them into a 20x20 ft room that has an open hallway that leads to the east into darkness. The most prominent thing of note is the full size brightly painted chariot in the middle of the room. A canvas stretches between two columns upon which are tacked the faded and deteriorated skins of antelopes, great cats, and crocodiles. A wooden chest, lacquered white and trimmed with gold inlay, sits in the southeast corner. In each corner of the room a small stone shield is molded into the masonry at shoulder height.

Ravi, Caliphana, Arasmes and Lorn beg to leave after they all begin to get sick from the dust in the tombs. They head out, making sure your back is clear and move on.

The XP is already divided. Everyone should have 300 at this point.

Sorry to see you go, Lorn. I hope you get better soon.

@Arasmes and group, do want to change characters and have me look for a new player?

Zohreh is able to figure out this is probably a tapestry of Akhentepi's family. Varisia appraises the tapestry at 50 gp.

Question oh great Aku, could we use in the Company of series by Rite Publishing? There are essentially 3rd party monster specific classes that allows one to play dragons, unicorns and the like. Evil fey, dragons, unicorns, and medusae are high on my list.

If not, then I will go with a druid, probably dragon shaman or blighter, and a half-elf from the Celtic equivalent they have there

The tapestry looks back at you, the children happy but the wife forlorn and sad. Perhaps not enough Calgon in her bathwater?
Otherwise nothing in the room but the tapestry, some animals on statues, and the north and south doors.

Varisia finds nothing on the door nor is it locked. In the next room the party sees a 20 x 20 room with doors to the south and the north. A faded tapestry depicts an middle-aged man accompanied by a woman and two children, with a small estate in the background. To either side of the tapestry are two small pedestals, upon which sit two dead and preserved animals. No obvious creatures are in the room.

We need to get you a new dice roller, Varisia. The random dice generator hates you.. After much travail (but fortunately not setting off the trap, though the second attempt was close (by 1),)Jandar-Ki and Varisia are able to disable a rather nasty dart trap. It appears to fire darts down the length of the corridor hitting anyone in the entire area. It also appears to be loaded for at least 10 rounds of fire while someone stands on the plate.

Everyone gets 100 xp for defeating a CR 2 trap. The doors still lie unopened at the end of the corridor.

Works for me. That's what I assumed anyway was going to happen.

Jandar-Ki fiddles with the pressure plate, but is unable to disarm it. However, his fiddling does nothing apparent.

Ok before I resolve this, is the entire group moving out of the corridor other then Arasmes when he works on the plate? And as for perception, if your actively searching for something or have trap/secret door auto find abilities, I'll ask you to roll them. Opposed Stealth vs perception I'll take care of unless you actively look or aid someone..

Varisia believes it is the battle of Mumu the Dressmaker vs Todd of the Brute Squad. It was a pivotal time in determining whether dresses or Osirion skirts were going to be the primary dress for male halflings working for the city of Wati,

Searching is a move action, so it will take Zariya 2 rolls to search the rest of the corridor..

Zariya's keen senses find a pressure plate 5x10 in front of the western doors.

The eidolon is summoned at the moment. I wanted to see what other people's reactions were going to be since I assume you were being cautious. The corridor is 35 feet long.

Varisia finds nothing in the 1st 10 feet of the corridor.

The walls of the corridor (10 ft wide) before are covered in bas-reliefs of great battles. Warriors clash at each other with spears and shields, while commanders bowl entire lines of troops over with chariots while shouting commands. At the end of the corridor, engraved double doors stand closed, holding sentinel over the troops...

As usual, it's up to you. It's a logic fail that a creature made of out of a particular material can't overcome a creature's damage resistance to all things but that material, but a lot of things in Pathfinder make little sense. Personally any creature is made out of or has extremities constructed of said material should be able to overcome DR, same thing with alignment typed creatures. That's how I would run it. Usually most creatures that can overcome a particular type of DR have that as part of their tag line, but not always.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I highly recommend this supplement. It pulls all of the ancient and modern myths on unicorns together and turns it up to 11. The evil unicorns are some scary foes, especially since they're almost anti-paladins with support and betrayal based teamwork feats plus cruelties/fiendish touch powers ala said anti-paladins. Regular silverman exemplars are also amazing, since each herd focuses on a particular class style role, such as arcane magic, healing, stealth, and so on. The background is also nice. What would super rock in the future would be an AP/campaign setting using these exemplar classes together, rather then the stock PC types.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Just downloaded and read. This is an awesome product. The various herd types corresponding to the main base classes for the silvermane exemplar are sweet, as are the homages to the Last Unicorn movie and book series. About the only thing that I would like to see are rules for a regular PC to gain a re'em/unicorn as an animal companion/mount/etc (other then your basic cohort), or an archetype for a rider and unicorn pair regarding PCs. Mage hand at will takes care of some of the manipulation issues with quadrupeds that have no hands, and the pool system regulates enhancement abilities to the horn just like the holy spirit or magus blade arcana does for a group of weapons. The darkmanes or corrupted unicorns are also scary, especially the corruption auras they can generate.

Also Zen archer/monk 1 or 2 levels and cleric of Erastil work nicely together. And archery plays a nice role in the 5th book as well..
We had a human fighter/wizard/eldritch knight with the elven ancestry trait/feat who specialized in bow and did awesome. So did our king, the warforged gunslinger with his dwarven revolver and regular revolver (especially since the gun damages went up due to some realism given that bigger bullets equal bigger damage, but less shots. Dwarven revolver does 3d6 but only has 4 rounds, regular revolver does 2d6 rather then 1d8), especially when he took leadership and made his dwarven revolver a 10th level bard. But then most of the party was killed in the 5th book, so only the king and a couple of PCs survived....

Renata Maclean wrote:
Aren't demonic remains generally immune to necromantic reanimation anyway?

Nope. As long as the outsider's body or pieces are there, you can convert them to whatever undead you like provided the template or creature allows it. That's what makes pit fiend zombies and the like so dangerous at high levels.

Sundakan wrote:

So you're in real trouble if he's carrying around a lot of onyx and prepared Fly in all his spell slots I guess?

Clearly that is the best use of his resources.

Minions, dude, minions. No self-respecting necromancer doesn't have apprentices all vying to kill him or her as servants. Plus scrolls, wands, non-standard staves, and one-shot animate dead combined with fly wondrous items. Now what I would do if I were this group is take those skulls and make a bone golem out of them.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As has been stated previously, the smite bonus only applies vs the target you placed it on. Not from summoned monsters, spiritual weapon, created golems, allied murder-hobos with a shotgun, etc. So any person under the effects of smite can send entities to attack you whenever, however, etc as long as they are not making the attack. They pull out a gun, fire a guided rocket, spray you with mace, hit you with an even bigger mace, try to assault you with the corpse of an unladen African swallow laced with elderberry wine, bad touch you with inflict wounds spells, target you with direct attack spells like searing light or scorching ray or the dreaded donut holes of Dormammu, etc, then you get the AC bonus.

Jandar-Kai is able to open the doors and through them, the group sees a 10 ft wide hallway. (More to come since I'm at work and don't have the adventure handy).

Or Disturbed... Awhhahto

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