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Forest Drake

stormcrow27's page

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Let me rephrase on RAW first. It's more of a annoyance then a hatred when I want to try something outside of the rules set or run as a GM and add in house rules. As for playing normal race characters, it's mostly boredom from too many elf rogues and halfing fighters and dwarven thief-acrobats. I try not to hate anyone in real life though.

And awesome you invented the thief class, Dr. Deth. I still call them thieves to this day.

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1. I hate playing normal race characters. I will go out of my way to avoid playing the big six since I have been almost every iteration of each of them at some point from 1982 on. It's gotten to the point I even suggest to other players that we should all play non big six characters in extended or adopted families. This probably says something about I how I see myself and others.

2. I hate RAW. Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hate it, and those who use it for everything. That attitude grinds every time I read it on the forums or the Facebook Pathfinder RPG group.

3.I use bizarre spells when I play spellcasters. For example, I will take things like passwall and then use them to make holes in ceilings, and then use rope trick to create a crawl space for my familiar and I to sleep in when playing a wizard. Or raise plants via plant growth as a druid and sing to them while breeding a specific flower, even though IRL I have a thumb of blight.

4.I have now begun to question whether buying all of the 1st and 2nd Ed D&D books and then ogling the illustrations when I was much younger was a really good idea....

5.I enjoy silly character builds way too much. Like the squirrel hurler druid or the ranger with the angry housecat as an animal companion that doesn't get any bigger.

6. I play Rifts.

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Back in my day, wild mages were awesome and weren't relegated into a underwhelming prestige class or obscurity.

Activating history matrix. Please wait.

Desna is quite popular as the goddess of travel and dreams. Phasrama's rise in Osirion is due to the shift away from traditional Osirionani values and history after being conquered by the Padishah Empire of Kelesh around 1000 years ago or so, in which the Inner Sea gods replaced much of the older worship of the stock Osirionani pantheon. The arrival of the new pharaoh may return the older Osirionai pantheon back to prevalence in Osirion once more, but who knows?

Working on response back to Fionnid.

HAH! Back in my day and now, I still play RIFTS and LOVE IT!

The sand spirit seems to shake at Fionnid and Varisia's statements.

"The last death god I was aware of was the great lord Anubis, the ever watchful protector of tombs, ever renewing Osiris, the granter of true peace in the Evergreen Field of Reeds, and Nephthys, protector of the soul as it waits to move into the afterlife. Have these stalwarts approved of this interloper goddess taking over their rightful place as guardians of the deceased? Are they protectors or merely exploiting the hallowed dead?"

"Who are the Pharasmins?"

Well then time for a Phoenix. Give me a bit to see if I want to go shugenja or the Zealot etc.

As an aside, are you using 3.5/OA spells for the Shugenja since the conversion doesn't have a list of them?

Most likely an infiltrator or part of the Spider Clan that wants to maintain their elite status in the Empire without getting purged by crazed Unicorn and Dragon samurai and Phoenix shugenjas.

Stalker looks like a better choice. I'm thinking spider or scorpion at this point, probably human or oni-spawned tiefling.

If the sandperson is bound and freed, they are more likely to slay their rescuers then treat them with fairness and decency.

Assigned by whom, great and wise mortals?

Are you going with Path of War characters for ninja, or does the standard class from Ultimate Combat apply?

The creature radiates no magic. It turns to look at Jandar-Ki and intones, "Pentheru was a wise nobleman who aided many in times of need. Sadly the plague came upon him and his family along with their servants, and they slew each other in their madness. I was unable to prevent the mad rush upon each other, and now I sit, bound to this ground, hoping for release. Why are you here, fine travelers? Did you also run afoul of the terror of this fallen house?"

Back in my day, we didn't have to worry about people quoting RAW 24/7 against any small deviation from their precious rules.

Back in my day, we could make characters in 15 minutes, without all of this min/maxing.

Back in my day, Sigil was an awesome place to go.

Back in my day, people didn't play Magic the Gathering.

Back in my day, TSR still existed.

Back in my day, we couldn't call evil outsiders devils or demons, or the bugabaoo 90s police would edit it out of the game supplement.

Back in my day, we had psionic matricies, and we liked them!

Back in my day, we had to meet at an actual table in order to play.

Back in my day, the Forgotten Realms were awesome.

@ Varisia This creature appears to be a variant of earth elementals known as sandmen. They are capricious creatures, usually given to bouts of murder and inflicting suffering upon denizens of the material plane. A sandman is constructed of loose sand, and can shape that into almost any form they choose. Due to being made up of sand, they are highly resistant to physical damage other then bludgeoning weapons (DR 10/bludgeoning), and can also create sleep auras or cause people to go to sleep upon physically hitting them. Should one resist their sleep aura, they are immune to it, but not the creature's sleep touch. Also given that they are elementals, they are immune to acid, critical hits, sneak attacks, and a variety of human ailments.


The female beauty rises as says, "Hello, travelers. I am Hepsebah, spirit of the house and home of Pentheru the Elder. How may I help you this fine day?"

B 18 appears to be an empty room, that once held some sort of table and chairs, based on the imprints on the floor. As you move to the north, a shape arises from the sands, appearing as a beautiful woman made out of sand.

I'll have results done in a couple of hours.

Jandar-Ki Naïlo wrote:
Just a heads up, I may be slow to post during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Big meals and time off make us all slow. I'm not worried since we all have different holidays and commitments we follow.

B12 Description for Varisia

A large staircase climbs to the second floor from this room.
Sand and dust cover the floor, and painted columns stand in
all but one of the corners. Pieces of broken wood, shattered
pottery, and disintegrating fbric litter the room's perimeter.

B15 description for Jandar Ki

A tiled walkway surrounds a square patch of earth and sand
in this high atrium. A balcony on the second floor overlooks
the courtyard, and a square hole in the ceiling opens to the
sky. Four columns in the corners of the atrium support the
roof above, and the walls are decorated with symbols and
hieroglyphs depicting animals, celestial creatures, and the sun
and moon.

Xp adjusted to proper totals.

HAH! Who says free weapons aren't useful! Go clubs!

And the third skeleton that I failed to mention like an idiot due to too many work hours also goes poof from fright. You scared a skeleton out of its bones....

Yup. You hit and the second skeleton goes poof.

Nope you didn't. It was only DC 11.

Just waiting on Fionnid's surprise action. If we don't hear from him in a bit, I'll have him go club a skeleton and then we'll proceed on with Zohreh's sling attack.

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
master_marshmallow wrote:

No, it's not available to one specific audience that you identify with. PFS is not the base of the game and people who play it really need to stop acting like they're more important than...

PFS is the reason I play Pathfinder at the moment.

Even in the home campaign I was in, a lot of the 'fixes' were not made available *until* it became obvious how woefully under-powered our fighter was in comparison to our party, and even then it was just Stamina (which helped in some cases) but didn't change the 'only the one shtick' aspect of the character.

Thank goodness they had K: Engineering trained, at least!

I am considering joining a mostly CORE campaign.

How would you build a fighter, mostly CORE, and make them skill-viable, non-human, and not an archer (picture front-liner)?

Tactician and Lore Warden are not options in this case.

How Core? Just the main book or main book plus ACG and APG?

I know, but these are normal skeletons, so no big deal.

Jandar-Kai blows apart the skeleton and Fionnid and Varisia and now there is one skeleton. Fionnid still has a move since the skeletons are still surprised and stuck in a program if he wishes to do so.

Fionnid resists the confusion from the vision that appears in his head.

Two skeletons move towards Zohreh, weapons drawn. As they move, a scene flashes into the minds of Fionid and Varisia. The room appears in its ancient glory, as women and men run screaming to and fro "The plague is upon us!" "The maddened dead even now seek to kill us!" "Run! Run!" Fionid and Varisia, please make Will saves.

All that's left for surprise actions is Fionnid and Jandar-Ki.

Adjusting Varisia's roll by 4 for attacking from invisibility. Varisia hits the skeleton dead on, its skull shattering into a thousand pieces as its helm is driven into its bony neck.

Rolling Will saves

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20

The skeletons lean into the blast of power but managed to resist it partially.

Nope, the skeletons are programmed stupidly.

How goes everyone's day? I'm just checking we're still on.


Map updated and enemy tokens placed.

Fionnid Mac'Cuainn wrote:

Fionnid moves around the corner slowly, keeping his shield raised and readying an attack, but not drawing any attention to himself.

Stealth check-1d20+9

Readied Attack-1d20+4

Seriously...? Awesome rolls.

Just as an FYI you don't have to roll your attack until you actually do it. The readied action just stays, so no worries. Adding in skeletons to map now.

Note for Varisia and Jandar-Ki, Hide from Undead will last for 20 minutes. It breaks when you attack or cast a spell that harms a target, or channel energy. Otherwise the skeletons don't see you.

Go ahead and move yourself into positions as you see fit on the map. I'll add the skeletons in a bit. However, do tell me if you go into B11.

No worries, Zohreh. Hide from Undead is one of my go to spells whenever I play clerics as well.

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