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Forest Drake

stormcrow27's page

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So this could be used for an epic world/dimension spanning style game in which the heroes are attempting to save several realms of existence? Savage Mojo, you may have just made my future campaign boatloads easier....

I can do that. Either probably a samsaran psychic from Occult Adventures, or a fetchling stalker. I've been aching to try out either PC class.

I would be very interested. What are you allowing for sources? Pathfinder core only, extended core (The Ultimate Line, Advanced Race/Class/Player's Guide, and Occult Adventures), third party, etc?

I would support a joint 3PP Adventure Path in a heartbeat. Especially if it tied in classes such as Dreamscarred Press psionics/Rogue Genius's Games godlings, etc. I am a big user of third party and regular Paizo material, and something like this has the potential to open up people's minds more to the great production that I see out of every third party product I have purchased. As for balance, that's relative to how you play. You can use the core Paizo rulebook to make insanely powerful characters, let alone any of the extra books they printed.

For example, you could have spellcasting classes from one 3PP use spells from the 101 series by Rite Publishing. Battles in the air via airships by another 3PP and dragonriders by Rogue Genius games. The possibilities are endless, really. Fantasy is defined by the way you build the world, and what limits you decide to set in it. I've seen too many people discard what would be an immensely fun idea because it violated their "idea" of fantasy, when it would be more fun to see how it could integrate into their world. If you find that you can't do it, then don't use it or set it aside for another time.

As for a World Eater, this sounds like the fantasy version of Galactus. Fighting that would be fun, especially if you had to take a spacefaring ship down the throat of the World Eater and fight its manifested control avatar, and then fly out before it detonates....

Yah still around. It looks like my post in the gameplay section got missed. I can join again after you finish this encounter, if that works for you.

I would be interested in a Sword and Sorcery Campaign, especially one combining Lovecraft, some of the later 60's authors (the dreaming elves sound like expys of Melniboneans from Michael Moorcock's Elric saga), and Robert E. Howard. If you are allowing some of the alternate character sets, a cleric or a warpriest is always appealing to me. I love divine casters of any stripe. A druid or a hunter would be awesome given the lost world feel as well. Saurian Shaman archetype or one of the more primal style types.

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I'm sure some of these issues have already been covered, but here is my two cents worth.

1. Some GMs/DMs aren't comfortable with the power levels that high level play entails. For example: When PCs get access to teleport (at 9th level or 10th level for most arcane casters), distance becomes much less of a factor if you have any sort of access to decent scrying or divination magic. Or wall of stone, consecrate (or desecrate)/hallow/invisibility purge for instant fortresses. Add in animate object on cannons or siege weapons, and you can build bases that an enemy has to assault with no personnel manning them. That's how we took an entire island filled with undead out. Build a base, hold it, slap in defenses, move on.

2. Campaigns will often die out as players have shorter attention spans or are distracted by shiny things, like a raven. A new book arrives and a player decides they want to be the next feature of the month, and the GM can feel guilt-tripped into letting them use it. Also, 3.0/3.5/Pathfinder isn't designed for an organic response to character events. If a person doesn't plan their build out over a certain base, they may fall behind with other players that have more system mastery. This can cause a GM to eliminate plot hooks that were dependent on a player following a certain path, or change them. I've seen a lot of younger players get tired of a game after 6 to 8 levels, but I've seen older ones do it as well. I can't remember the last time I actually finished a campaign before we jumped to a new one.

3. Real life issues-Work, kids, SOs, family events, random acts of chaotic investment in MMOs, or financial strains can cause major disruption in play. It happens all the time.

4. Available time for prep-GMs run into this a lot. High level play requires more of a balancing act, and that time you devote to countering X does nothing when the players do Y. GMing is hard work, even with APs.

FTL drive can be built along current scientific theories or your own. For some real scientific drives that allow you to travel faster then light, there is the Alcuberrie drive, the warp drive from Star Trek, which has some validity in a couple of published papers, and wormhole discovery/manipulation/creation of dark matter acting as the main force for concentrating or lessening gravity. Also, realize that the less mass you have for a ship or object traveling at light speed, the faster light speed becomes.

As for wormhole travel, for most classic SF work, you're limited to point to point travel. However, you may also discover that Wormhole A can connect to wormhole B and C, but B doesn't connect to C, nor B to C. Constructed wormholes are usually created by a new handwavium element built on a ship, a fixed location (IE wormhole gates), or even an external series of acceleration rings shot out from a ship and arrayed in a specific pattern.

For normal FTL, you also have to decide if it is real-time or dimensional suspension. Is it instantaneous? Does it cause the crew to have massive disruptions like jump sickness, turning the crew members into werewolves, that sort of thing? As for FTL communication and sensors, for maps involving the PC's ship via light speed sensors onlyis pretty easy if you create a short size limit for the point at which FTL can be used. If you go jump gates or alternate dimension, does the FTL medium allow for ship combat and communication ala B5, or is the ship impervious to all forms of attack while in FTL mode?

Magic FTL drives are some of the more interesting, because in Dragonstar, they use teleport drives to go around the laws of physics, or jump your ship into the astral plane where time doesn't pass and allows you to travel far more quickly then with normal sub-light travel.

38. Wild mages. The 3.5 wild mage prestige class made me want to punch every designer at WOTC in the face, repeatedly.

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13. Fly: One of the great joys of the flight spell for GMs was the fact that the spell had a random duration after the base one. Not knowing if you fly spell was going to go out when you engaged the dragon in melee was fun. Of course, any self-respecting dragon would dispel it and you would fall to the ground, but the principle was the same.

14. Mook-Killer!: A fighter could attack any 1 HD or less creature a number of times equal to their level. This prevents the being swarmed by 87000 goblins BS that older edition modules loved to pull. Now that monsters can have class levels, not so much of an issue, but it's still fun to pull out so you can prove how bad ass a martial character you are.

15.Barbarian Horde!:1st Ed barbarians had these crazy abilities to create a barbarian horde equal to their XP divided by 250 I think. You tell the horde to go do something, and the horde does it. I loved 1st Ed barbarians....

Arcadia having rough equivalents for the Inca, Mayan, and Aztec empires, as well as Amazon cities or the great legends of El Dorado would be awesome. The same can be said for the various North American native tribes. Think of the conflicts that could have happened if all three of the Central/South American empires had remained and fought for control over the continent. Shaman archetypes, Eagle Knights, animated jade effigies, and so on. Perhaps a leftover city of Azlanti nature that didn't degenerate, but survived as a matriarchy led by priestess of Shelyn or the Peacock Serpent.

Go Rogue/Paladin and take Shadowbane Inquisitor from Complete Rogue. It has everything you're looking for including the sneakiness in full plate stuff.

Since Mitra is confined to Talingarde for his worship, I would suggest that you create 3 avatars that represent each of his aspects. The three manifest after the princess, her mother, and the solar are defeated, and the ultimate fight for Talingarde begins. The best way to do this is to use Deities and Demigods from 3.5/3.0, and build a divine probably 8 to 10 rank deity with said abilities. Grant the PCs some mystic tiers to use or artifacts to use, since the DR on an avatar of divine rank 8 or 10 is going to be at least 20 epic, perhaps higher. You're looking at a CR 30+ encounter in any event. possibly higher. Probably 33 I think. For the example of a demigod, Cthulu from Bestiary 4 is one example. So are the higher end demon lords for just one avatar.

Also, inquisitor of Erastil. Or Cleric of Erastil. You may not have full BAB, but divine power will eventually take care of that for you and the judgements with bows are awesome.

For third party stuff, I recommend the marksman from Dreamscarred Presses's ultimate psionics. They're tailor made for it. Also stalkers using the Solar Winds path.

Racial HD/level=more feats, so yup, he has 3 feats. What I like is the fact that most of the party can fly, and that Hrrm is the only one of us who is humanoid.

Works for me. . The black blade upgrades my bonus as it goes up in level, so no harm no foul. Plus, based on the stuff I found on the bladebound magus, you can't upgrade the sword via item creation feats. Hence why the arcane pool allows you to do all sorts of qualities like flaming, axiomatic, etc.

As for other gear, I could use ioun stones, rings added to the pommel of the weapon, oils, etc. Unseen Servant makes carrying light bags and manipulating items for creatures with no hands easy. Also, floating disk. As an aside, since I can't heal normally, can I research the repair light, medium etc damage spells from WOTC's spell compendium? They're the equivalent of the cure wounds spells for constructs. Otherwise, we're going to have a lot of downtime with me in the smithy everywhere we go...

Bolt Ace gunslinger with crossbows or a homebrew variant for longbows/composite longbows/shortbows. You get a lot of the rogue dodge/evasion abilities at higher levels, rapid reload etc, as long as you maintain one point in your grit pool. Plus you can ignore AC in the first range increment for a crossbow, and add your Dex as damage to it. And you always have your crossbow loaded at any time. Of course, the reality of carrying around a loaded crossbow is a bit stretched, but it's fantasy. You can stock up on bandoliers or efficient quivers with a number of crossbows preloaded, including double, repeaters, hand, light and heavy. The rules even let you dual wield light repeating crossbows, from what I can tell.

How did that sheet look, Goldmyr?

Full character sheet and contribution sent in PM to you Goldmyr.

Lifespark works real close to the awaken construct spell, just with making mind affecting work plus spells that affect a soul (astral projection, soul bind, and the like). I'll go that route. I already take damage from positive energy (not that I think that's a big deal other than if we fight undead and I get hit by party clerics that don't take selective channeling or evil/neutral clerics start throwing heal spells at me), detect as undead, and take 50% more damage from electricity, but I also resist 10 points of anything. Those three penalties balance out the hardness and the damage sets etc. I'll still go black blade magus.

It's a web based suggestion for halflings. I figured playing the reverse with a halfing as the animal companion would be an interesting idea. I would call them Left for the awakened dire corgi cavalier and Right for the halfling animal companion. I can always swap the halfing for a human or a medium sized rider.

Nope scratch all of that.

I dub thee Stormbringer!

Haunted (takes damage from positive energy as undead and detects as undead), Conductive +50% more damage from electricty), Metal (hardness goes to 10, natural armor increases by 2), additional movement fly 20 feet, Animated Intelligent +1 Bastard Sword, using the rules for intelligent items, the variant awakened object spell from 3.5's Urban Druid/Spell Compendium or the 1st level black blade magus archetype as a start. It will take levels in magus as the black blade archetype, and I'll forgo the additional points that the blade gets in favor of the magus's pool once we get to 3rd level. I'll get the stats down in a second.

Story: Stormbringer is a weapon that has graced the pages of countless stories. It is that most perfect of ironies a malevolent being of Chaos bound in a metal straighjacket of Law, forged by servants of the Cosmic Balance. Like all blades, it cuts both left and right, forward and back, between Chaos and Law. Good and evil are relative to the side that is winning, but Chaos and Law determine how lives are led. The blade appears when one side is out of balance, usually at the hand of a Champion of the Balance who is dedicated to bring balance back to chaotic pulses of churning creation or overzealous law-abiding planes of nothing to judge. The grand irony of existence is that without Law to channel and/or challenge Chaos, Law has nothing to judge and Chaos has nothing to create. Deep in the halls of the lowest hells or on a high shelf in the greatest of the heavenly libraries, the Chronicle of the Black Blade waits for the daring, the desperate, or the depraved to be inspired or horrified by Stormbringer's many deeds.

The blade manifested in Pan's Wood, searching for a champion. Of course, irony being the call of the day in any fey wood, the blade instead found itself amongst a protected sylvan grove. Lacking any guidance, it offered itself to Dion as a protector, in return for the satyr's aid in giving it purpose. After all, what is a sword with no one to wield it, and no cause to champion? As sure as chaos is the nature of fey, some supernatural threat from Law or Chaos would appear to attack these woods, and when it came, Stormbringer would be there to forge a new legend.

OR, if that doesn't work, then I am the cast off intelligent spell book that Sykk picked up. I used to be an item familiar of a long-dead wizard, who created an intelligent spell book named Libram to keep and protect all of his greatest creations. However, Libram was stolen by wandering gypsies that plied the wizard with drugged ale, and taken off to be sold to disreputable foes that would pass the spells within as their own, thus increasing their status amongst the world's wizards. However, fate and the will of the book to be wielded by a worthy user being what they are, the book unlocked the chest it was in with a knock spell, create an unseen servant to pick it up and throw it out of the wagon, where it lay until a curious looking pseudodragon picked it up.

Animated awakened object, tiny, additional movement fly. It will take 2levels in either wizard or sorcerer, probably fire elemental school. arcane-schools/elemental-arcane-schools/fire

Well the first two ideas I had are either too disgusting for most people to deal with or have too many insano spell like/psionic abilities for my tastes (giant hissing cockroach and psionic al'mi'raj (the unicorn rabbit)). This ls/dog/corgi-dire illustration here Aka a dire corgi cavalier with a halfling as his mount. No not a halfling cavalier with a dire corgi mount, the other way around. Probably awakened, or I do have this set of third party rules that is designed for talking animals. ok-for-Fantasy-RolePlaying-Games I can make it available if needed.

I too would be interested, Goldmyr, if you are still looking for players. Are you doing PbP or real time?

Frankly I find customized summon lists to be more fun than the generic lists anyway, especially if you have a terrain specific druid archetype and so on. Why can't a druid summon up a treant at summon nature's ally 6th in place of a stone giant? Given a high enough level druid, a small copse or part of the forest becomes insanely nasty after the treants start animating all of the trees....

You could always rip out giants and swap in plant creatures. The Bestiaries have all sorts of CR appropriate creatures now, ranging from CR 5 to 13. AP 75 adds in giant flytraps and shambling mounds to summon monster 7 and 6 respectively.

Shatter tub, fighter is now accessible to spells and is covered in hot/lukewarm water. May have soap in eyes and be blinded.
If the fighter is smart enough to have an adamantium tub, you can disintegrate the tub and have the same result.

Or use resilient sphere to move said tub away towards the party and then end the spell. Telekinesis also works great for moving said tub.

Anyway, back to the thought experiment. If a 20th level human fighter is bathing without any gear or protective stuff, and gets attacked by a 10th level party, hopefully he has high enough initiative to get out another door. If he built a bathroom with only one door, then the 10th level party can kill him if they can target him with spells and get a martial in said room. If it's a 5x5 room, one martial, or a 10x10 room, then you can get two martials and a spell tosser in . Average will saves will probably be a +7 or 8 from Wisdom, so a hold monster at DC 20 (assuming no spell focus in enchantment) has a 65% to 60% chance of hitting on the first try. Coup de grace a couple of times and he's dead. This is pretty much true of any 20th level martial (sans spellcasting types like rangers, paladins, bloodragers), though barbs could rage if they weren't surprised and jump the Will save up a bit more.

Nor should it be. However, that's all I ever see people designing martial types around. Whether a summoner synthesist build, a pouncing barbarian with lion totem, or the paladin two-hander power attack, the fighter gets left out in the cold. A fighter can do just about all of those, and if you use tactics combined with a good set of feats, then you can defeat the enemy with both your DPR and your skills.

Apparently I must have different experiences than a lot of the board, because the fighters in any game I have played did extremely well, no matter what they chose as a focus. Roleplaying a tactician or a lore warden is a lot of fun, or as the face of the group via intimidate/etc.
Of course what I find funny is when people complain about granting spell-like abilities to martial types as being somehow bad, since it means they're intruding on the oh so sacred ground of casters.

A lot of that is due to the argument that fighters aren't fun to play or become a secondary since the large majority of classes are spellcasters or have spellcasting plus other special abilities built into them. I'm not quite sure when fighters became a bad option to play, since they are as varied as spellcasters can be when it comes to options. ESPECIALLY when you compare them to 1st and 2nd Ed fighters. Combat feats run the gamut and fighters can use any of them, from fighting styles to improved disarm and the like. DPS seems to be the only measure the forums take for any type of build, not maneuver or specialty weapon builds at all. Optimization is the rule of the day, I guess. Maybe they should create an optimization sub-board and peel it off from the advice board, since so many people ask what they should do to get the biggest oomph for their buck.

Slayer makes sense. So would the Inquisitor, since its designed to hunt down monsters. The Also, do research on the Knights Templar and the Hashashin (sp?), since these are the historical organizations the Assassin's Creed series draws from. The Knights Templar should have sub-orders based on the different types of lycanthropes. If it's set in a Arabian themed land, the character should also get contracts to perform various tasks in and out of a large city. Assassination, recovery of lost tomes of lore, etc. The battle between the assassins and the knights should involve a lot of skullduggery, and the Knight commanders should be infected or full blooded natural lycanthrope paladins, cavaliers, or even druids. Lower ranking knights are skinwalkers, etc.

Monk/Investigator would also work nicely. Inquisitor fits the demon hunter to a t (minus the trap abilities), especially if he takes two weapon fighting and dual wields crossbows as above. Dip in a level of fighter or two to get Crossbow mastery/rapid reload, and you can drop your judgements on your dual light crossbows to spread your hate to the masses.

As for the Diablo wizard, it's a blaster style caster with a couple of defensive magics. Arcane or Destined Bloodline sorcerer would fit best, tapping in spells like chain lightning, mirror image, polar ray, etc. Add in metamagic feats like chain spell, repeating spell, that sort of thing to duplicate the modifications you get as you go up in level in the wizard.

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You could always just put reach back in on any games that you run for the spiked chain. I doubt the chain is going to make a whole lot of difference anyway.

Sorry, edition issues. The new succor is Refuge. So he breaks that and goes poofy.

Unless the party has a dimensional anchor spell ready, then even with rocket tag the fighter should be able to escape.

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Simple. The 20th level fighter, always expecting an attack from silly minions and people in his bath, reaches for a statue and breaks it with his hand. Succor back to his 20th level cleric's friend home, where his cleric friend uses sending to his wizard friend. The wizard friend uses instant summons from the Leomund's chest they store multiple sets of gear on to don his armor. The 20th level cleric goes discern location, casts greater planar binding to add in a planetar/greater demon/etc, and they all teleport to the enemy's location while the 10th level party either makes tracks after realizing their foe has disappeared, and then dies when the four man crew comes to kill them. Also, see the plate armor amulet thingy that you can wear around your neck that creates a suit of full plate, plus I'm sure there is a charm bracelet of insta-weapon or something that disguises itself as a bath brush.

Contingency works really well in these situations.... Or even bring back the 9th level variant chain contingency from 2nd Ed, where you could chain 3 spells together.

Not to be an old henpeck, but is that 7 turns=Pathfinder rounds, so 42 seconds, or 7 turns=1st/2nd Ed turns so 70 minutes?

Are we still on, or waiting for another player?

Thanks a lot for the quick replies all. I appreciate it. I wanted to check on both before I embark on a conversion for the 3.0 book of magic that Bastion released many years ago. The rune magic was a fun concept that I wanted to see recreated.

Already sent.

This may help. It's one of the better conversions of Pathfinder to Eberron. Given the background of the Silver Flame, they're anti-lycanthrope and evil outsider based. A multi-classed inquisitor/paladin would work nicely, as well as a paladin of the holy light archetype. adin-archetypes/warrior-of-the-holy-light. Any light created by the paladin shows as a silver flame (for the effect), plus they take their divine bond as a modification to their weapon, rather than the pokemount. Use flaming, bane vs lycanthropes, grayflame, bane vs evil outsiders, bane vs undead, etc. You lose spell casting and the ability to use spell trigger items, but the holy light is a nice bonus overall. I would probably add in grayflame as a suggestion to expand out the selection a paladin of the silver flame gets.

Or potentially an Oathbound paladin with Oaths against Fiends, a variant oath that gives bonuses vs evil lycanthropes, and an Oath vs the Undead. They all add spells to the paladin's list and some variant abilities. Go forth and smite yon enemy!

A) Did Bastion Press survive the change over to 3.5/4.0/5.0, or is anyone converting over their stuff as a third party PDF?

B)Does anyone plan to Pathfinderize the wayward stepchild of the Tome of Magic, the shadowcaster?

I would say that it needs to have a bloodline associated with whatever star they get their inspiration from. It's an astrology based sorcerer drawing on the three wise men in the Bible (even if they did get there after Jesus was born, but hey, everyone can give a little for Christmas) specifically, and Babylonian magi in general, since arcane magic is somewhat limited in the Testament setting. So you need to know what constellations are used in the universe this sorcerer is going into, and then associate it that way. In addition, the lore pilgrimage should be changed to state that the magus of the starry host gains either a spell, 4+Int bonus skill points that the magus can't use to raise any skill above his class level, or a bonus metamagic feat. They also gain access to any spells from the Heaven Domain as arcane magic. They should probably lose the ability to get a familiar and normal spell acquisition if you're really set on using the pilgrimages as the method they use to acquire magic.

Skills should be 2{+Int), and should be Craft Alchemy, Diplomacy, Knowledge (any), Profession, and Spellcraft. HP should be the standard 1d6 for wiz/sorc classes. Add in knowledge mathematics and Knowledge Astrology as new Knowledge skills. Also, you may want to modify the weapons if they are coming from a Persian culture, since if the magi are noblemen, they may have learned other weapons other than the typical club, dagger and quarterstaff.

What? A lich is a base CR of 12, and even if it's Vordakai the Cyclops lich you encounter later, he's a CR 12 without phylactery. An adult green dragon is also CR 12.

1) How many PCs do you have?
2) How were they created? Is it standard 20 point buy, higher point buy, rolled stats?
3)The encounter tables in Kingmaker do skew higher then the normal tables due to the nature of the game (trolls on the level 1-4 chart), but any GM should look at the random encounter table and if they get one that is beyond the party, it should go out the door. An adult green dragon is a challenge for even 8th level optimized characters.
4) Will o the wisps are a pain in the but for most people. That area is designed as a no go zone for PCs until they can get enough kingdom stuff online to go clear them out.
5) A marut? Even a group of mystic 5th level PCs would have problems with a marut. Unless you had 12 5th level PCs equipped with chaotically aligned weapons that could blitz him before he unleashes his chain lightning and turns you into ash, that ain't going to happen.

6) You really, really, really need to bring this to the attention of the other players and the DM/GM. The GM is either really inexperienced, on a power trip, or likes to see you suffer, and none of those are good things to keep a game going.

Scail's reason would be divinely inspired. Only her people should be able to conquer the world, not an upstart kingdom that has no divine guidance or respect for the dark. A mission from her goddess to demand the king's head would be an excellent start on her rise in the church of the Morrigan.

Well after some review, unfortunately I will not be able to run anymore on Tuesdays. Work keeps having me stay over to help out other techs with various technical issues, and that shows no sign of stopping. I do have Fridays open, and 3 Saturdays a month open as well. If you would like to move the game to one of those nights, that can be easily done. Also Saturday during the day and night are open.

They're just aspects of the Morrigan, similar to how God is called the Holy Spirit and/or Christ is part of the triumvirate for the greater whole of the Christian version of the Abrahamic/Judeo-Christian god. For example, Zeus had many names and titles such as the Lord of Olympus, Zeus Trithereon, and so on. In Pathfinder, Gozreh is a dual natured god/goddess of fire and earth, and water and air.

Scail is Gaelic for shadow. It fits as a name for a group of matriarchal based Celts that sojourned to the Plane of Shadow. I'll probably use the variant channeling rules from Ultimate Magic for the Darkness Domain, which only does half the usual damage but allows me to drop light conditions down in the area by 1 step or more based on my class levels. Good for stealth and enabling the ability to see in darkness. So a couple of other questions?

Where are we starting? Underground, in a tavern, in a bunker, as prisoners, running from the law? And why are we meeting? Who are the major heroes that opposed us? What are we going to be doing?

I might tap in a specialized summoning list for the Morrigan as well, based on creatures of shadow, etc.

I present my submission for an evil, though necessary goddess, the Morrigan. She is the Celtic goddess of fate, war, death, night, and witches (as per traditional and NeoPagan practices of witchcraft, not satanic). She also represents the Crone aspect of the Triumvirate that all women go through (Maiden, Mother, Crone), and the 4th aspect of Warrior, especially in cultures that have a heavy influence of war maidens. Her favored symbol is the raven, and she is also the goddess of rivers, fresh water, and battle frenzy.

She often manifests as a banshee in the form of Neam, representing the terror and frenzy of war, Badb Catha, the battle crow who harvests the souls of the dead and selects those who will succeed in warfare, and Macha, the plain, as in the sovereignty of kings and land.

AL NE (Could be argued that she is CN given the rather chaotic nature of warfare, but neutral evil works as well)
Domains Darkness (Subdomain Night), Luck (Subdomain Fate), Madness (Subdomain Insanity), Nobility (Subdomains Aristocracy, Leadership), War (Subdomains Blood and Tactics), and Water (Subdomain Rivers)

Favored Weapon Longsword (Celts were horse cavalry and sword specialists, plus the sword represents the weapon of the noble warrior)

Character Bio
Name Scail
Race Fetchling
Class Cleric
Domains Night (subdomain of darkness) and War

Bio: Scail was born on the plane of Shadow to a small cult of Morrigan worshippers. They celebrated her reign over night and the rememberance of her union with the plane of Shadow to produce her favored people, the People of the Shadow, or fetchlings. The cult leads their members in the belief that embracing the shadow is divine, and that when sunlight fades from the multiverse, the Shadow Plane and Morrigan will rise to rule over all. They expose infants to the areas that border old battlefields and terrible massacres on the shadow plane, hoping that the goddess will smile upon their newborn children and grant them victory over the foul power of the sun. If a child doesn't fade but instead retains their inner light, they are sacrificed in the name of the goddess and their essence bled into the plane. At a younge age Scail was found to be able to channel the fury and the wisdom of the goddess whispered in the echoes of the night. After learning the ways of the Babd Catha, Scail was sent to the material plane to gain experience in dealing with the foes of night, and to gather strength to spread the Morrigan's blessing of war, madness, and night to an unsuspecting world.

Ok. Sign me up as the evil cleric/druid/oracle dooby. What's the campaign environment like? Is the entire world under darkness or is it the typical patches of evil, good and neutrality? Do deities manifest themselves or do they just act through extraplanar minions and their priests?

Is your game still open Zmanpwnsdaleks? I would be interested since my in RL Pathfinder game is having problems meeting. I have one Pathfinder game on Tuesdays via Google Hangout/Roll20 and one Rifts game a month on Sundays, but that's it.

If we're looking at evil characters, then what gods are available? Normal Pathfinder/Golarion gods, one of your own choosing, one we design?

Cultists with daggers and no sneak attack or ability to enhance their damage are redundant after a couple of levels. That's just a chance for the PCs to show off killing mobs in an action sequence. Now if you have cultists like the ones in Rise of the Runelords: The Skinsaw murders, then it gets a bit more dicey since they are all cleric 2/rogue 2 I think. War razors with divine favor, bless and low-level negative channeling, plus sneak attack.

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