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Paul, thoughts on it without the 4 APL adjustment - would the final fight be too tough? It still looks hard, especially if they get unlucky on the confusion.

More worrying is the amount of time the starship combat may take - how did you get it to not run over?

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Ship combat salvage - I dropped hints that the ship on scans had some clearly exotic materials, things the players had never seen before & the VC specifically asked them to bring back samples of new technology - that was enough for the boon on the chronicle sheet, does seem a bit harsh to not do this as it is the first space combat in the scenarios so the players likely wont have salvaged before!

For the dance / dinner - yeah some times its just luck of the rolls, my players actually all but 1 failed the fort saves, so give them the instant bluff chance, I also offered sleight of hand (makes sense to me) and the one that still failed I gave a diplo roll for, to smooth things over and explain that androids sometimes react badly to non-vegetarian foods!

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This Yotto fight is going to be even harder than the Sand Brute which had to have the locals ready to rescue the PC's the fight was that tough.

Im going to have the VC at the start drop some hints to make sure there are energy weapons considered as the starting kit I think!

The starship combat is going to be tough no matter what, but I think this looks more manageable than the drone-ship fight AND it is Starfinder - I think Starship combat should be a given at this point!