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steve68's page

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great if you don't have the dragons

****( )

It's very good, carrying all the monster you like. What I like was the evolution of certain monster. The original Beholder looks very ridiculous. The section on monsters that suck, was my favorite though. Its one page, but its a funny one.

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Monsters monsters every ware, but your players won't know from ware!

***( )( )

This is a good book design with some weird monsters from the Goodman collection. The monsters are the collection from the back of the modules. Their golems, esp. coin and tablet, are very cool. Your players won't know what hit them. This collection is well worth the price.
Just so you know their are some stinkers, but over all this book is well worth it.

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Take Godzilla by the hand

****( )

This must have item for any Godzilla fan is great. Get kids to quiet down or feel the satisfaction of Godzilla roar echoing across the valley. My only draw back is the chain is weak. Mine broke in two days. So go and enjoy, but don't blame me if the Science Patrol raid the place.

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