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Adventuring Wizard

steelhead's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Star Voter, 8 Season Star Voter. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 142 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 7 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Lemmy Z wrote:
This thread makes me wonder what's the difference of average age between Pathfinder players vs Forum members.

Yeah, I am interested in this as well - also the average age of Pathfinder players to players then. I started age 9 with the D & D red box.

Fourshadow wrote:
Ah, this work was in Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom. Kind of ironic you should use this art as a place holder for a High Court book when Andoran doesn't truly have a High Court as it is a democracy.

Hmmm. No "High Court" politics a democracy. When I think of all the deal brokering and shenanigans that occur in the White House it seems that a whole campaign based on intrigue could be founded in a democratic nation.

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Blessing of Fervor to make your divine spell caster the party's best friend, Righteous Might for making my oracle of life more than a healbot at mid to high levels, and Grease for the smurf potential at nearly all levels.


The only impact the loot that you find in the adventure has in the game is you can use that treasure as consumables first because you'll get your gold total anyways. Essentially, the loot you find in the adventure ends up being free consumables. So you will want to use the potion of cure light wounds that you found on the bad guy before you cast any spells or use wand charges, because you'll then get a chunk of change at the end of the adventure and be able to buy another potion if you want.


Spehktre wrote:

Ah ok. So the loot is much slower as well. Gotcha.

No, I wouldn't say the loot is slower - it is just standardized. Instead of getting that +1 longsword that the bad guy had, you get a certain amount of gold and everyone has the option to buy the sword off their own chronicle sheet. It's kind of a hard concept to wrap your head around if you haven't experienced it because it's so abstract. But like the other posters said, there is a brilliant simplicity to it.

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If no one wants to play a healbot because they're resistant to that role I don't blame them. However, as many people have already said, nobody should be trapped in that role. I would recommend someone trying a warpriest from the Advanced Class Guide. They are surprisingly strong in combat and can heal out of combat with wands and scrolls.

Yes, there is a quick simple guide book in the Beginner's Box. However, as Oliver mentioned, the simplified rules are also a different version of the game.


Stephen Ross wrote:
Martin Weil wrote:
On that potion of inflict moderate wounds, can you drink it, and hold the charge, since it is a touch spell, then use the spell as a touch attack on someone else?


as quoted by PRD, steehead, Ferious Thune; imbiber is the target.

So it seems we are in agreement? Correct me if I'm wrong about that, but a medlance used to inject a potion will affect the target immediately as though the target were either the beneficiary (in the case of a cure spell) or the victim (in the case of a doom spell). In effect, the target of the medlance is the target of the spell whether, beneficial or harmful.

@Lau Bannenburg, that is a great option. It seems the medlance is going to be best used as a forcible buffing item, or to expand my buffing options at low level. The debuffs just aren't going to have high enough save DCs to make it worthwhile.

Anyone have any other ideas?


@Randy Saxon: That is a really good use, except I'll need to buy Adventure Path #39: The City of Seven Spears to use it legally in PFS. Just a see invisibility would help a little with action economy. I have seen a few combined potions on PFS boons, and need to look into those, as they are often "Oh crap. It just Xed"-items. Disk Elemental's idea is good, but perhaps not for a warpriest, who can already channel to stabilize allies (often being able to move just enough out of combat so he doesn't provoke). It might be useful to loan the medlance out to other characters at higher levels if I use it for that.


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Stephen Ross wrote:

okay... #1 problem with potions as an offensive item is right IN the PRD potion description.

Potions: PRD wrote:
Potions are like spells cast upon the imbiber. The character taking the potion doesn't get to make any decisions about the effect—the caster who brewed the potion has already done so. The drinker of a potion is both the effective target and the caster of the effect (though the potion indicates the caster level, the drinker still controls the effect).

thus an imbiber (by choice or not(via Poisoner's Gloves)) can choose not to be affected or to end the effect.

Yes, but the drinker of the potion is the target (see my bold text above). If the caster of a spell targets themselves with a doom, well that just isn't very smart because they are now the target of their own offensive spell. The target's "control" changes depending on whether the spell is offensive or defensive. Just like an imbiber of poison cannot choose to be affected or not, the target of an offensive spell cannot make any choices about the spell.


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The background:
For a scenario this weekend I was debating buying a medlance from a previous scenario boon to try and make a debuff warpriest. I thought the medlance would allow me to buy debuff potions and I could use the technological medlance to deliver them as a standard action in combat.

The problem:
After discussing it with some folks, I realized it wouldn't work because when you buy debuff potions in PFS you have to buy them at the lowest level which means the save DC will be really low - resulting in my enemies making them more often than not. So I had ruled out the medlance, then my GM said we needed to make a prison break and we were given some items to help. One of those items was an elixir of love. Needless to say, the temptation to jab one of the guards with a medlance filled with EoL to have him fall in love with one of our party members was too hard to pass. I know, I know, you should never go into a scenario and impulse buy, but the prison break was very successful. However, I now have a medlance that is arguably relatively useful at best, and will probably be useless as I go up in level and our enemies get better saves.

The fix?
So I humbly submit to all of your experience, how do I make the medlance more immediately useful, and what about the long term? What are the best debuff spells for potions? Or which scenarios can I play that have good pharmaceuticals as buffs? Please put the latter as spoilers.

Dotting this to come back and read after finishing Daredevil...

Thanks Samy! I should be able to print it that way. Hopefully there is enough ink left in the printer to get the whole map.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Ross Hearne aka poisonbladed wrote:
If I buy a PDF what size could I print one?

They are optimized for printing at the original size, which is to say individual Map Pack tiles at 5"x8" and Flip-Mats at 24"x30".

You can print them larger or smaller than that, of course, but the bigger you go, the less sharp they'll be... and if you scale them to anything other than 100%, the 1" squares will no longer be 1" squares.

I'm in a dilemma. The PFS scenario I need the Red Light District Flip-map for is on Sunday and the local gaming store does not have it in stock. I have seen people buy the pdfs of maps in the past and complain about not being able to easily print them to scale. My question is whether a pdf of a Flip-Mat will print to a desktop printer in tiles so I don't have to mess with the scale. If they don't print in scale, does anyone have any recommendations of how to get them to do so? Thanks!

I'm in a dilemma. The PFS scenario I need this map for is on Sunday and the local gaming store does not have this in stock. I have seen people buy the pdfs of maps in the past and complain about not being able to easily print them in scale. My question is whether a pdf will print to a desktop printer so I don't have to mess with the scale. If they don't print in scale, does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

The map for the interior of the fort in the scenario is not listed as being from any particular Map Pack. Does anyone know where it is located? It doesn't seem to be in the GameMastery Ruins Map Pack (at least from what I can see on the Paizo website).

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Help, spammers coming fast and furious! I'm hitting the spam-highlighting ballista as fast as I can, but the hordes are overwhelming the ramparts. Can't hold on for much longer...

Dot, and thank you!


MadScientistWorking wrote:

Nope there are quite a few archetypes that pretty much have the same fundamental evil flair as Vivisectionist that are allowed in PFS. Only reason why people don't notice is probably because Paizo's writing tends to downplay the ramifications.

Can you be specific about these archetypes? I can't think of any offhand, but am interested for a Hell's Vengeance campaign.

I think Longacre will be detailed in the upcoming Hell's Vengeance AP. Longacre is mentioned in both the first and second installments. You may want to ask your question in either of those AP threads.

You should try the Pathfinder Society adventures. They are short (4 hour session) one shots that make prep work much easier. It might be a bit harder to convert into a longer campaign, but there are some that have a two or three adventure arc. Unfortunately they don't come in hard copy, but they are relatively short so I print them myself. Other people read from a laptop or notepad.

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You should definitely add certain sections of the internet that are overrun with swarms of Korean symbols, which threaten to overwhelm all of creation. Perhaps each additional swarm exponentially adds to the damage (and CR) of the other swarms?

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Star Voter Season 7, Star Voter Season 8

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Curaigh wrote:
Depending on when you leave the grid of course, you could miss an important twist in the rules. :)

Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. I generally begin my next entry well before we know the rules for the next round, but the twist can really mess up any pre-planning. I'll be starting on the road on August 27th and they usually don't announce rules for the next round until right before the current one closes (if I'm remembering correctly).

Star Voter Season 7, Star Voter Season 8

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Holy crap! I missed that memo. That is a bummer as I had wondrous item I was really looking forward to entering, but will be off the grid leading into round two.

I'm not sure that it needs to be fixed as well. I do like the feat for additional uses of the tactician class feature, but I'm wondering if something like that already exists.

Yes, it is more of an intro. However, I imagine a combination of a stripped down rule set from the BB and some of the Unchained options might give you a start. I would be interested in seeing a supplement for faster game play. I was looking at Numenera as a more cinematic option for role playing, but have too much invested in Pathfinder / 3.5 to make the plunge. Perhaps if I found the right gaming group.

This might already exist. The Beginner Box pares down combat and monster stat blocks significantly. It should make for a quicker running game. That being said, although I own the BB I haven't played it yet for any group so I'm not sure how much it will speed up the game.

If there are fewer magic items, how does the game balance less bonuses via magic gadgets against the CR of monsters?

I seem to recall a d20 low magic campaign and thought it was Iron Kingdoms, but that is more steampunk. Does anyone know of 3rd party campaigns that "fix" the over abundance of magic in 3rd Ed. and Pathfinder?

SmiloDan wrote:

My GM is able to convert from PF to 5th Ed pretty quickly for RotR.

But the stat numbers (or at least their modifiers) for PF and 5th Ed are the same. 1st & 2nd Ed. had weird stat modifiers for each different ability score.

Makes sense, but with the smaller stat blocks of AD&D specifically, is it harder to convert on the fly to 5th Ed? I've heard that monsters are not modeled on the 3 + edition idea of massive stat blocks that are built in a similar manner as Player Characters.

Braxon wrote:

My wife and I watched Gamers: Dorkness Rising, and it was great! Thanks for the heads up, we didn't know anything like that even existed.


If you liked Dorkness Rising you also might enjoy LARPs: The Series. Although based on live action role-playing it gives some good ideas regarding the interaction in an RPG.

I'm still interested in knowing how easy it is to convert on the fly from AD&D or 2nd edition. It is fairly easy to do a Pathfinder conversion from 3.5, probably less so than 3.0. That was a big reason for converting to PF after 4th Ed. was announced. Knowing if my AD&D or 2nd edition materials would be useful with 5th edition might convince me to hold on to them a bit longer, and possibly give more impetus to try the new edition.

Thanks Sharaya!

I put in an order on Sunday and was planning on adding the Holiday Promotional sale, but did not see an option to do so. After sending out a couple of emails I see that you have a backlog, and then I noticed that the order has already shipped - despite me wanting to add it to my next subscription.

Is it possible to add my holiday promotional code now, since I did not get a chance during checkout?

Additionally, I was also looking for the option to add this order to my next subscription shipment. I did not see an option for that as well. I understand that the shipment has already left the building, but I would have not even made this order without the double incentive of the extra 10% holiday sale and the savings from subscription bundling shipping.

Is there a possibility to resolve this issue? The Order number is 3395113

Ok, these conversion guides seem useful. But for someone who just wants to hear how easy or hard it is to convert AD&D or 2nd edition to the 5th edition, can you guys describe how easy or hard it is to do on the fly?


Star Voter Season 7, Star Voter Season 8

Coleman wrote:

But I worry that posts can influence people during voting, and I would hate to play a part in any negative effect.

This is exactly why I don't read beyond the guest judges' posts before I vote - because I feel that I should get an opinion from the people who will possibly be working with the winner. But other than that, I don't want to be swayed in any way. Sometimes, I will return after the contest is over to see other peoples' opinions, or if I am having a hard time deciding on a particular round I will read past the guest judges comments (very rarely, for the latter).

I'm not sure why you are looking for a video. Is it to see how other people play the game? If so, I don't think that is the best way to play Pathfinder. Everyone has their own take on how to role-play.

Are you looking for a video to actually teach them how to play the game? If so, I would recommend picking up the Pathfinder starter box, as that gives a simplified version of the rules. The introductory adventure does a great job of highlighting how to play the game as you can just pick it up out of the box and start playing within 15 minutes (using pregens).

I would have to agree with Jericho. One of the many things I really liked about the Eberron setting was the idea that wizards did not just isolate themselves, studying in their own towers, but many mages utilized magic to create things that advanced "technology". The trains, airships, and artificer class all added to the idea that magic should integrally shape the world - and make it easier to get around. I would mine that setting for ideas to easily drop into your campaign (seeing as how it is based on 3.5).

A bastard sword can be extremely useful to a mounted warrior who fails a ride check to guide the mount with knees. You can use one hand to grab the reins and still attack. Admittedly, that won't happen very often with the low DC, but at lower levels its possible - especially with armor check penalties.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

One word, scrolls. Use them for the random spells that you need every so often.

I resemble that statement. But what do you mean by:

Jaelithe wrote:

  • Employing prominent NPCs/GMPCs
  • Do you pay the NPCs to show up at your gaming table? Or do you have the player characters pay them to tag along?

    Jaelithe wrote:

  • Not providing the "required"/desired magical paraphernalia on schedule
  • I have no idea what you are saying here. What magical paraphernalia and on whose schedule?

    Mikaze wrote:
    Wes announced that James Jacobs announced Hell's Rebels AP for 2015 after Giantslayer.

    Oh, that sounds juicy! A return to Cheliax? Thanks for the updates Mikaze!

    Kevin Mack wrote:
    Does anyone else have problems when looking at the Pdf (Computer seems to really struggle with it.)

    I am wondering if part of the problem might be the size of the pdf. I have an older laptop and it has a lot of problems with memory intensive documents in the cache. Can anyone tell me what is the size of this pdf?

    Kneller wrote:

    I'm leaning toward Enchantment (because I don't like any of the spells, despite being a crafter) and Necromancy (because it's too creepy/evil themed for this character), but I'm not sure how I could fit these two choices together in a character concept, as they are very different from each other. Any thoughts? Or should I consider other schools? Thanks.

    Since you are aiming to become a loremaster, if you decide to stay away from Enchantment and Necromancy, perhaps your PC could oppose these spells because they take away from freedom and natural balance. As a neutral character, the idea of someone being enchanted to do things they might not normally do would be abhorrent. Additionally, the evil inherent in necromancy (from both a metagame and personal PC perspective) disturbs the natural process of decay and renewal. Just a couple ideas for you.

    Jeff Morse wrote:
    steelhead wrote:

    Near Urbana/Champaign? I've been looking for a new gaming group, and it would be great to play in this AP.
    Being as I live here and know a few players let me know what day and to what you have or haven't played. dont know of any starting Iron gods but should have one in the future.

    I tried to PM you, but I think you have that disabled. I am interested in a weekend game and there are a lot of other APs or modules I would play. I've tried my hand at GMing and would be happy to do that as well if needed - but I really want to do some gaming as a player. Let me know how to get in contact privately so we can discuss this offline.

    DM Sothal wrote:
    Yet to this day we find new tribes in some remote parts of rain-forest that haven't had any contact to the outside civilization.

    Not so much. "No contact with outside civilization" is really impossible in our world, and the trope exists because of sensationalist media reporting. These reports of "lost peoples" are often contested by scholars who work in the areas, and sometimes even revealed as a hoax by journalists. To be quite honest, I would like to see a Golarion sourcebook that addresses the interconnections between what many posters are arguing is a too fractured of a fantasy world. Like our own, there are a lot of cultures and a huge range of technologies. Why not embrace that in Golarion and explore it more fully in a book focused on the trade and contact between cultures and countries?

    The Evil Queen wrote:

    I dislike animals spoiling the pages of my Bestiaries, but if animals should spoil the pages, don't use the common-crap like lions and giraffe, but use the cool strange ones.

    Oh, just give me a giant putzi fly. Or a swarm, which would be a very frightening thing a day or so after the attack.

    Popupjoe wrote:
    Sadly I live in Illinois.

    Near Urbana/Champaign? I've been looking for a new gaming group, and it would be great to play in this AP.

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