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Adventuring Wizard

steelhead's page

RPG Superstar 2014 Star Voter. 97 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Kneller wrote:

I'm leaning toward Enchantment (because I don't like any of the spells, despite being a crafter) and Necromancy (because it's too creepy/evil themed for this character), but I'm not sure how I could fit these two choices together in a character concept, as they are very different from each other. Any thoughts? Or should I consider other schools? Thanks.

Since you are aiming to become a loremaster, if you decide to stay away from Enchantment and Necromancy, perhaps your PC could oppose these spells because they take away from freedom and natural balance. As a neutral character, the idea of someone being enchanted to do things they might not normally do would be abhorrent. Additionally, the evil inherent in necromancy (from both a metagame and personal PC perspective) disturbs the natural process of decay and renewal. Just a couple ideas for you.

Jeff Morse wrote:
steelhead wrote:

Near Urbana/Champaign? I've been looking for a new gaming group, and it would be great to play in this AP.
Being as I live here and know a few players let me know what day and to what you have or haven't played. dont know of any starting Iron gods but should have one in the future.

I tried to PM you, but I think you have that disabled. I am interested in a weekend game and there are a lot of other APs or modules I would play. I've tried my hand at GMing and would be happy to do that as well if needed - but I really want to do some gaming as a player. Let me know how to get in contact privately so we can discuss this offline.

DM Sothal wrote:
Yet to this day we find new tribes in some remote parts of rain-forest that haven't had any contact to the outside civilization.

Not so much. "No contact with outside civilization" is really impossible in our world, and the trope exists because of sensationalist media reporting. These reports of "lost peoples" are often contested by scholars who work in the areas, and sometimes even revealed as a hoax by journalists. To be quite honest, I would like to see a Golarion sourcebook that addresses the interconnections between what many posters are arguing is a too fractured of a fantasy world. Like our own, there are a lot of cultures and a huge range of technologies. Why not embrace that in Golarion and explore it more fully in a book focused on the trade and contact between cultures and countries?

The Evil Queen wrote:

I dislike animals spoiling the pages of my Bestiaries, but if animals should spoil the pages, don't use the common-crap like lions and giraffe, but use the cool strange ones.

Oh, just give me a giant putzi fly. Or a swarm, which would be a very frightening thing a day or so after the attack.

Popupjoe wrote:
Sadly I live in Illinois.

Near Urbana/Champaign? I've been looking for a new gaming group, and it would be great to play in this AP.

James Jacobs wrote:

And that is by design. The PFRPG is built to support and run small conflicts on a much more personal level. We wanted to support and encourage a continuation of that style of play, so the method of filtering your character into an army statblock is intended to be kind of disappointing. This is to encourage games to NOT do one man versus armies... mostly because from a story viewpoint that's kind of unbelievable.

If/when we do Epic rules, though, I suspect that is EXACTLY the type of thing we'll cover in more detail, since one man against an army feels perfectly at home in such a game.

Out of curiosity, were such rules included in Mythic Adventures?

Major_Blackhart wrote:
You know, I love both Numeria and Zardoz. I wonder if I can combine the two.

"The gun is good!" I think you might be better served with a mashup in the Mana Wastes.

The fragmented nature of the River Kingdoms leaves a lot of opportunity for adventure, and it seems that much of the material in this book obviously ties into the Iron Gods AP. How much is useful for Kingmaker?

Egads! Out of work and no immediate job prospects, but I must have this... Can anyone at Paizo tell me what is the latest date that I can get an Adventure Path subscription for this and still get the first issue in the mail?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Jeven wrote:

The oldest European legends always present Africa in a positive light.

The ancient Greeks believed black Africans were the people most favored by the gods. Homer mentions that the gods regularly left Olympus to go feast with the blessed peoples of Ethiopia.

There is a reason that we have these records. Ancient African empires were some of the most advanced in the world (and let's keep in mind that Egypt is an African country). In the 12th century, Great Zimbabwe had a larger population than London. Why haven't you heard about Great Zimbabwe? This is because the ruins were the only thing left at the onset of the colonial onslaught of Africa (partly in ruins because of colonialism, check out the book "Guns, Germs and Steel" for a fascinating and accessible history lesson). The popular stereotype of Africa as a continent of "lost" civilizations is so prevalent that Paizo has utilized them in their background on the Mwangi Expanse.

This is not a critique of Paizo - as other posters have pointed out, they are acknowledging other human races in Golarion - but rather pointing out overarching issues of ignoring/ignorance of Africa's direct involvement and contribution to the rest of the world. Pottery shards from Chinese dynasties were found in the Great Zimbabwe ruins, demonstrating the active global trade networks before colonialism occurred. Although Paizo does a great job of representing fantasy worlds with all of the complications we deal with now, I'm hoping if they ever expand their world building into Garund the game designers will show us a more interesting picture than ruined civilizations.

A very good question, and one I am interested in seeing what others think as I just made a halfling windrider (from 3E). Although he will initially be using a riding dog, there is the possibility that I may have to ride a horse at some point. It seems like a -5 penalty is reasonable for a small creature riding a large mount. Anybody else want to weigh in on this one?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Not sure about DDN, because I just don't have the time to play a lot of game systems anymore (nor money for the switch). I made a significant investment with 3.5, and the change to 4E with its emphasis on MMORPG "game balance" really turned me off - despite my love of Eberron. So I will stick with Pathfinder, as I sell the last of my 1E nostalgia (mostly Dungeon mags). I bought the Pathfinder Beginner Box for my son, even though he won't be playing for at least another 5 years. If Pathfinder continues to innovate without completely out-dating everything they've done in the past, I will continue to be a loyal customer.

In short, I will keep on eye on DDN, but plan on sticking with Pathfinder.

Star Voter 2014

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Congratulations Victoria! I look forward to seeing the final product. And congrats to the runners-up, this was an extremely competitive year. I had a very hard time choosing between all of your great proposals!

Tapkill wrote:
hidden weapon? wave strike? were are those at?

I did a quick search at the Archives of Nethys and see that Wave Strike is in Ultimate Combat. I'm not sure where the Hidden Weapon rogue talent is located.

Star Voter 2014

Congratulations all! And you get to knock us dead with a proposal for the new and improved, longer-length Pathfinder Modules. Fill up those extra pages with lots of awesome sauce!

Star Voter 2014

I just want to echo all the sentiments that the community has raised above. In addition to being thankful to Paizo, the open dialogue, and the learning experience, I've also found it fascinating to see how the event has grown over the years. Watching the first few years evolve as gonzo entries became more polished - with guidance from Paizo, who also seemed to be growing with the event - has provided great insight to what is expected of professional designers.

Star Voter 2014

Thanks Mikko! I'll definitely get in touch with you later in the year. Good luck with the final round! I'll also be interested in getting your perspective on later rounds when we chat again.

Star Voter 2014

Bryan Bloomer wrote:

Boots, Tower

Thank you for the comments Bryan. I appreciate you recognizing some of subtleties in the boots - which unfortunately might have been too much like burying my lead (as they say in the advertising world). Your point about these being seen as a joke item is something I hadn't even considered, but will definitely keep in mind for next year.

Star Voter 2014

Saint Caleth wrote:

Boots, Tower
Its…stilts. I honestly wasn’t terribly excited about this item once I figured out what it did. It does it well but it is just rather dull. Also if there is a mechanic to attack the stilts you need to say the hardness/hp. I assume that as 2 inches of darkwood they have hardness 5 and 20 hp, but you shouldn’t make the reader look that up based on descriptions hidden away in the fluff.
Verdict: Not bad, just not interesting enough to be superstar.

Thank you for the feedback Saint Caleth. I think that I spent too much space on the mechanics and buried my lead. For the record, I did actually state the hardness and hp, but this just clarifies that I had probably lost you by that point. Right you are about the lack of superstar.

Star Voter 2014

Feros wrote:

Third Page Critiques:

Boots, Tower

Thank you for the feedback Feros! Trying to enter a low-priced item worked against me here. Your (and others) comments made me realize I need to shoot for bigger mojo.

Star Voter 2014

MrCab wrote:
steelhead wrote:

Boots, Tower

I felt like this item was too close to boots of levetation, combined with boots that just had... I woudl also say the bit about Attack of oportunities being taken on the stilts probably doesn't concern acrobatics checks, unless one of the rules is meant to be that you cannot make a tumble acrobatics check to avoid AoOs.

Thank you for the feedback MrCab. I think I buried my lead here. The (implied) point was that you can still make an acrobatics check to avoid AoOs by walking over/through the combat. If you failed your check than the AoO could only be taken against the stilts.

Star Voter 2014

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Mikko Kallio wrote:

Anyway, here's the list of my favorites I sent to a number of people:

Boots, Tower

It's interesting to notice that while only a few of them made the Top 32, most of them were in the Top 100. I think last year my guesses were much more accurate, so I guess I need calibrate my mojo sense. :D

Thank you for the vote of confidence Mikko! I voted for your Deck of Falling Houses numerous times, but it seems like once you get past the first massive hurdle of making Top 32, continuing on becomes even more challenging. I find that each year I learn a lot about designing magic items, but I can't even imagine the learning and challenges involved once you get to the next level. Ultimately, that is what this contest is all about - recalibrating our mojo sense from year to year!

Star Voter 2014

GM_Solspiral wrote:

Boots, Tower
The Bad: It's hard but you can jump with stilts... Its a little stupid but it can be done.
The Ugly: Sorry to say formatting is your bane here... Feet are ft. for example. I also would have loved to see a kicking option with these.
Overall: 2 stars- lowering middling because of formatting issues. This was a cool idea that fell down on execution. If you do not have a writing circle, find one and practice up for next year.

Stiltwalkers in the house! Thanks for the review, and although you can jump with drywall (maybe) or spring loaded stilts, I figured that not many people can jump - as in the game skill - using peg stilts. That aside, I was worried about the formatting issue after some comments on the Voter's Incessant Ramble, and agree that was probably my downfall. I think your idea of adding an attack option would have definitely kicked it up a notch.

So other than utilizing the players in my gaming group as a writer's circle - and drawing on your experience in the industry - do you have alternate ideas on how to connect with people who would be interested in sharing writing? It also seems a little counter intuitive to share your design ideas with others, but I guess you just share your secondary ideas to practice the writing, correct? Thanks again, I really appreciate your feedback!

Star Voter 2014

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for a great round one, everyone! I would appreciate any feedback, and fear that I should have paid more attention to formatting. Are there other problems?

Boots, Tower

Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd
Slot feet; Price 4,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
Made of stiff leather and decorated with brightly painted tumbling acrobats and jugglers, a 3” x 4” block of darkwood is mounted on the outside base of each boot. The blocks extend to provide support for the feet, and lengthen into 2” thick stilts when activated.

On command, the stilts lengthen up to 30’ as a standard action and shorten as a swift action. If at least 5’ above an enemy, the boots provide the wearer a +1 bonus for attacking foes from higher ground. The stilts can be used for a total of 30 minutes per day, although this time need not be consecutive.

The wearer makes an Acrobatics check to walk at half speed (DC 5), and can increase movement to full speed by adding 10 to the DC. All conditional modifiers listed in the Acrobatics skill apply as an addition to the base DC – including walking on narrow surfaces. The boots follow all the rules of Acrobatics with the following exceptions: moving through a threatened area or an enemy’s space and provoking an attack of opportunity allows an attack on the stilts if the user is out of reach; the wearer cannot use them in medium or heavy armor or while carrying a medium or heavy load; and the user cannot jump in them, although if lengthened to 30’ then up to 10’ wide pits can be stepped over as a regular part of movement.

If the user is tripped or the stilts are sundered (20 hps, hardness 5) then the wearer falls and takes damage as if deliberately jumping from the appropriate height (p.443).

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Levitate; Cost 2,000 gp

Star Voter 2014

Congratulations to the top 32! I look forward to seeing what you have for us next round.

Star Voter 2014

Anthony Adam wrote:

7.5 hrs to go, less than the 8 hr standard working day!

Right, and how exactly am I supposed to get any work done in this time?!? I suppose rather than letting the anticipation kill my work productivity, it is better to just throw up my hands and return to editing my monster. Good luck to all!

Is a smurf the new messageboard troll, high jacking threads like a rouge steals pirate booty?

Another option is to give opportunities for the other PCs to slow down. The downtime rules in Ultimate Campaign provide nice options for everyone to stay busy between adventures. Maybe the fighter wants to open a tavern, the rogue wants to start a Thieves Guild, the druid plans on opening an herbalist's shop, or whatever. This way all the characters have something to do while the crafter makes the magic items.

Bummer. Just had to get that pet peeve out there ;-)

9 people marked this as a favorite.

Please, dear Paizo webheads, can we create an icon - say a make-up compact or lipstick tube - that replaces the poster's icon when they use the word "rouge?"

Or perhaps I should amend the above statement about "time travel." I think "alternate planet/time travel" is more appropriate. Epic stuff! Woohoo!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

After Kingmaker I had to unsubscribe from the Adventure Paths, because, with a student's income I couldn't justify the expense. But the innovation with this adventure path - Baba Yaga's hut, interplanetary and time travel - I'm back on board for at least this ride. Once again, Paizo's creativity made me a loyal (subscribing) customer.

Star Voter 2014

Congratulations all! The game is afoot!

I don't think there has been anything done with Shadow Westcrown. However, if you want ideas about how Paizo is using the Plane of Shadows you might want to check out the Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-11: The Penumbral Accords and/or the Pathfinder Module: The Midnight Mirror

Good luck and have fun!

Lots of punk in those lists :-)
Dead Kennedys are curiously absent
And adding to the Irish mix, The Tossers

I will try not to reproduce any of the great bands in the above lists:
Chemical Brothers
Crash Worship (but more for the live shows)
The Damned
Dead Can Dance
The Doors
Hugh Masekela
Lupe Fiasco
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Mr. Bungle
Pink Floyd
Skinny Puppy
Sonic Boom Six
Spoek Mathambo

Star Voter 2014

Clark Peterson wrote:

Wow, pretty small sample for this exit poll. Not sure you can count on its accuracy.... ;)

So in other words, it's anyone's game (?!?!). Although, according to these exit polls, I would guess that Russell, Sam, or Mike could be contenders for the coveted fourth spot - with Tom, James and Steve being a sure thing . Ah, the joy of being a pundit! Hey, is anyone hiring political pundits for the 2012 presidential elections? Being a public diviner is kind of fun - now if I could only get paid for it.

Star Voter 2014

I'm agreed with Pedro - we might as well vote for four, because that is how many people are going to be in the final round. So despite reservations that I share with many of the comments, I made my fourth vote for Brike Isle. It is definitely gonzo in a good way, and I love that roleplaying is an integral part of the encounter. It should be interesting to read some of the feedback from those who got a chance to playtest it (I did not).

Star Voter 2014

Pedro Coelho wrote:

Here's the traditional exit poll sheet recording the votes ;)

RPGSS 2012 - Round 4 Exit Poll

Ah ha! I knew this had been done in the past, but could not find a link to it at Paizo. I like that it is much clearer than my list. However, is it correct that if someone playtests an encounter they are suppossed to add a mark in the column for "votes" AND the column for "playtests"?

Star Voter 2014

Adam Donald – The Slavers’ End:
Steve Miller – Brike Isle: 1 N
James Olchak – Mushti’s Beguiling Oddities: 4 N
Tom Phillips – Eightfinger’s Tomb: 4 N
Sam Polak – Sequestered Palace Sumptuous: 2 N
Daniel Rust – Crimsondale Villa: 1 N
Russel Vaneekhoven – Hungry Mountain Dragon: 1 N
Mike Welham – Thanatopic Amphisbaena: 2 N

P=The encounter was Playtested
N=Not playtested

Star Voter 2014


Star Voter 2014

Adam Donald – The Slavers’ End:
Steve Miller – Brike Isle:
James Olchak – Mushti’s Beguiling Oddities: 1 N
Tom Phillips – Eightfinger’s Tomb: 1 N
Sam Polak – Sequestered Palace Sumptuous:
Daniel Rust – Crimsondale Villa:
Russel Vaneekhoven – Hungry Mountain Dragon:
Mike Welham – Thanatopic Amphisbaena: 1 N

P=The encounter was Playtested
N=Not playtested

My votes so far are for: 1 N for Eightfinger’s Tomb, 1 N for Thanatopic Amphisbaena, and 1 N for Mushti’s Beguiling Oddities

Star Voter 2014

In this exit poll I wanted to get an idea of who might take the round, although these have proved unreliable in the past. However, I also thought it might be interesting to get a sense of how many people actually play tested the round. So in order to vote, everyone should reply “quoting” the last message. If you play tested the round, add 1 P to the list, if not add 1 N. I will add a post to demonstrate…

Adam Donald – The Slavers’ End:
Steve Miller – Brike Isle:
James Olchak – Mushti’s Beguiling Oddities:
Tom Phillips – Eightfinger’s Tomb:
Sam Polak – Sequestered Palace Sumptuous:
Daniel Rust – Crimsondale Villa:
Russel Vaneekhoven – Hungry Mountain Dragon:
Mike Welham – Thanatopic Amphisbaena:

…and in my next message I quote myself to give an example (just removing the “Quote” text).

Star Voter 2014

Thanks Sean!

Star Voter 2014

Because I currently don't have a gaming group for playtesting the round, I was thinking of voting quickly to not be swayed by the reports as they come in. How many votes will we get for round 4? I thought it might be interesting to see how people who don't playtest vote, compared to those who actually do the gaming.

I'm currently reading John and Jean Comaroff's Ethnicity, Inc. and El Salvador in the Aftermath of Peace: Crime, Uncertainty and the Transition to Democracy by Ellen Moodie. On a lighter note, The Pathfinder Beginner Box Hero's Handbook and City of Strangers: Kaer Maga have been occupying my time between RPG Superstar rounds.

Star Voter 2014

Congratulations to the contestants, and woot woot for Round 4! Things get very interesting as the competitors get the chance to explore Golarion, catch all of our imaginations by expanding the world, and give us an exciting encounter with fun possibilities. Good luck folks!

Star Voter 2014

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I agree with Neil, that you have to work on finding your kernel of an idea – that one sentence that sums up everything – and work backwards from that in your writing. I wasn’t very impressed by this entry originally, but after thinking about it, I really like the possibilities! The problem is that in future rounds you need for everyone to see your Superstar-quality idea immediately. I humbly disagree with Sean, and would like to emphasize some of the other posters’ thoughts. The beauty of this organization, is it exists in a country where you wouldn’t expect it. Honestly, Andoran really didn’t interest me as a GM to locate my campaign as it was too much like the US. Why have your players use it as a base to travel to neighboring Katapesh, Osirion or Cheliax to harass slavers when you can locate the campaign in those nations?

Now with this organization, I see the possibilities of an Andoran-based campaign where the players raid Cheliax to take down a slave ring, but the trail leads back home. This has all the makings of numerous epic adventures, and as many previous comments suggest, there are many examples of this in post-Civil War America, and parallels in the contemporary era all around the world. Racism or the de-humanizing of certain people doesn’t happen overnight in all citizens in a recently unshackled nation like Andoran. I think I just convinced myself to vote for you, Andrew. However, read through all the comments and take them to heart—the competition only escalates from here to the finish line!

Star Voter 2014

I carefully weighed my decision to choose Lyell over the sane derro because I thought both would make good choices for number eight of my villain votes. Despite the appeal of an over-the-top final encounter with a derro floating in a gelatinous cube, I believe the moral dilemmas raised by your villain clinched the vote. As mentioned before, he has deliciously long-term campaign potential - but that needs to be made more explicit in your description. To be quite honest, the derro would probably make a better villain in a 32-page adventure. However, I believe your potential to stretch the possibilities within a GM's campaign beyond one adventure make you a worthwhile candidate for the end game. I also believe that some of the commenters might be justified in saying that this villain is a bit stereotypical (a dhampir anti-paladin), but the context of trying to take down a LE nation counteract this critique to some degree. That being said, push the limits of gonzo a bit more. Good luck!

Star Voter 2014

I've gotta agree with all these distinguished gentleman. Submit, submit, submit! Last year I entered, and although I didn't make it into the top 32, the experience helped me learn alot about game design - the feedback alone is worth it!

The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:
Auxmaulous wrote:

Circle Jerks - Coup d'etat

Circle Jerks - Junk Mail
Circle Jerks - I Just Want Some Skank/Beverly Hills
Angry Samoans - Get off the Air
Agnostic Front - Blind Justice
The Adolescents - Richard Hung Himself
The Adolescents - I Hate Children
The 4-Skins - Plastic Gangster

And so forth...

I applaud your taste.


I also enjoy the range of Mr. Shiny's music!

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