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staun's page

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A mess with some positive upsides

**( )( )( )

The adventure is one big overland travel with a few tiny dungeons (5-10 rooms). A bunch of encounters happen; some matter to the plot, some introduce the world of Serran, and some just don't matter.

I played this adventure with my weekend gaming group right after Plague of Dreams. The two adventures are supposed to supplement each other well - they don't.

The basic premise in the adventure is to fetch a powerful ring, and bring it back to a Keep where it is safe. During the adventure the same Keep is taken by hostile forces at least twice, so let's just say that "safe" is something you'll have to work hard to persuade your players that it is.

The adventures introduces "interludes" which seems like a good idea, but ends up making the adventure hard to navigate and running it quite hard. On the upside, the adventure has a lot of good scaling tips to make the encounters fit to your group of players: What if your group has a lot of fighters? What if they are all spellslingers? What if they can fly? Very good.

But overall, be prepared for a lot of work as a DM to use this in your campaign.

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Good details


Excellent design and good model. The swords is easy to modify into something else if you know your way around plastic putty.

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