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Anaphexia Assassin

spectrevk's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 889 posts (1,016 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 15 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Crimson172 wrote:

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this matter. A friend and I were discussing the playability of a monk. I know it's not a very good class but I really enjoy playing the class. Always have. I understand there are better options. I say it's my character I'll play it how I want. His argument is that other players shouldn't have to suffer because someone wants to play an un-optimized character. I assume he means in combat. So here's the question...

Lets say someone in a game you were DMing is playing a truly terribly built character that they enjoyed. Would let it be? Tell them to make a better one or version of that character? What would you do.

To start with, your friend is basing this on a false premise: that the Monk class is so bad that it makes the rest of the party suffer. This is simply untrue. Monks enjoy excellent saves, good AC, and most importantly their AC is largely consistent, even against touch attacks. Most of the complaints against them have been mitigated by the Amulet of Mighty Fists, the Unchained Monk, the Sacred Fist Warpriest archetype (which is basically an alternate monk), the Temple Sword, and the Brawler (basically a Monk for people who don't want to be Lawful).

Now to the larger question: is the player un-optimized for a specific reason, or just to be bad? Pretty much any character concept can be built in a way that contributes to the group. There's more to Pathfinder than DPR.

I double-checked the rules, and I was mistaken; the Recruiter bonus is to the number of supporters gained, not the check itself. So Morrigan succeeded with an 11, and gained 8 supporters (6 plus 2)

I've updated the campaign info tab accordingly:

8 supporters (up from 0)
680 gp treasury (up from 10gp)

+2 to the loyalty check.

So far it sounds like the rebellion's treasury is:

10gp to start
420gp from Wilhelm
50gp total from everyone else (10gp each)

480gp total treasury.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

On the spell list index ( when filtered by cleric/oracle, Air Step is listed as a 1st level cleric/oracle spell, but it is a 2nd level spell. I just noticed that Life Pact has the same problem.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The starting age table for Tieflings on the prd seems to indicate that Tieflings have a base adventurer starting age of 20 years, and between 4d6 and 8d6 added on top of that, depending on the class you choose.

But if you look at the aging effects table, Tieflings age at the same rate that humans do, so on an average roll, a Tiefling Wizard enters play at 44 years old, well past middle age and nearly "old". Meanwhile, a Human Wizard enters play at an average age of 21, well within the prime of their life. Is this a typo?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I played a dwarf rogue once, it worked out just fine. The lower speed isn't much of a problem to be honest - you generally don't want to be the first into melee anyhow, and 20 feet is plenty of room to set up flanks. The extra defensiveness is great, as is sneak attacking with a dwarven waraxe.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So, I've updated the build a bit, this time going with a Tiefling for more of that Chelaxian flavor:

Thoughts/suggestions, anyone?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Spell progression, not wanting to invest so heavily in Charisma, access to Wizard archetypes.

Wilhelm has successfully reduced the danger increase to 5, so the current danger level is 25

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
2ndGenerationCleric wrote:

So I'm about to play my 7th cleric in the campaign my friend has been running for 3ish years (6 died, one retired) and I'm hoping to maybe not die again this time. 2 were due to bad positioning on my part, 2 were mailed by a tiger and 2 I feel were kinda targeted (reach clerics dying in ways hero points can't save) but it's also a tough dungeon.

So I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should play something else. Party is a battle Oracle, a rogue, and a bard. We might be getting a wizard soon. Considered paladin but limited in crafting arms and Armor. Considered warpriest, but they aren't as good in terms of healing. I'm kinda stumped. Suggestions?

Well, it sounds like at last part of your problem is that your party composition is light on front-line defense. It's possible that the Battle Oracle is built for defense, but even if he/she is, they're holding the line by themselves up there. You're also lacking any full Arcane casters, so you're ability to deal damage to large groups is going to be limited.

You should be looking at the tactics of the whole party, not just yourself, if you want to reduce your mortality rate. One option you can try as a cleric is to go with one of the domains that grants you an animal companion (Saurian, Animal) and then apply the Bodyguard Companion Archetype from Animal Archive. Combine that with a defensive build (medium armor, heavy shield) and you should find yourself much more survivable.

Tactics-wise, don't neglect combat support. Healing is good, but at 7th level and above, you just can't outheal the damage output of the monsters anymore. Look at spells like Spiritual Weapon, and it's older brother, Spiritual Ally. These are typically a better choice (IMO) than standard summons because they deal Force damage, and their attack bonus is tied to your BAB and Wisdom. This means they usually hit better than you would in melee (your WIS is probably higher than your STR) and they can affect incorporeal creatures without any difficulty.

Looking at feats, consider Toughness. Also weigh the possibility of using a 2h weapon and picking up Shield of Swings; it's a +4 Shield bonus in exchange for halving your melee damage, which isn't that big of a deal if you plan to be mostly defensive/support. Alternatively, consider Shield Focus.

What Morrigan learned about the fires:

Besides the Victocora Estate, the other two targets of the fires were the Thrashing Badger tavern, and a music store called the Silver Star. Interestingly enough, the Silver Star is owned by Shensen, an opera singer who is known for being an outspoken critic of House Thrune. The Thrashing Badger, on the other hand, is just a tavern, though Morrigan has heard rumors that a number of Milanites drink there.

Morrigan Winters wrote:

So far, selling the following items yields the party 337 gold, 6 silver, and 5 copper each.

+1 Leather Armor
Masterwork Hand Crossbow
Juliac Family Signet Ring
Victocora Family Signet Ring
Quartz Earrings
Silver Coat Buttons
+255.92 gp in coins

The following items still need to be identified or appraised before I know their value.

Magic Whip
Magic Boots
Alabaster Holy Symbol of Abadar
Gold Holy Symbol of Calistria

The whip is a +1 Whip

The boots are Daredevil Boots
Daredevil Boots:
Price 1,400 gp; Aura faint enchantment; CL 3rd; Weight 1 lb.
This pair of magical boots shimmers in vibrant shades of blazing red and burning orange when they are held up to the light. These boots allow the wearer to gain extra maneuverability while moving through hazardous areas. As a free action, the wearer can click her heels together to grant herself a +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks made to move through threatened squares or to move through an enemy's space without provoking attacks of opportunity for up to 10 rounds per day. The rounds do not need to be consecutive. Furthermore, anytime the wearer of the boots successfully moves though the space of an enemy without provoking an attack of opportunity, she gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls against that enemy until the end of her turn.

The Alabaster Holy Symbol of Abadar is worth 150gp
The Gold Holy Symbol of Calistria is worth 100gp

Regarding your Recruitment action:

- To Recruit Supporters, you will need to spend 10gp and then roll a Loyalty check.

- To Recruit a team, you have to make an Organization check:
A Security check for Peddlers (Tier 1 traders) or Freedom Fighters (tier 1 revolutionaries)
A Secrecy check for Sneaks (tier 1 outlaws) or Street Performers (tier 1 advisors)

Kintargo's current danger rating: 20
Week 1 Event: 1d100 ⇒ 63
Result was "Rivalry", which can't happen as you only have one team.
Week 1 Event re-roll: 1d100 ⇒ 66
"Dangerous Times" - Danger rating of Kintargo is 30 for the next week; One of you may attempt an Intimidate check to halve this increase (so it would be only 25 for the next week).

I'm fine with it; if you already understand the rules and want to use your downtime for this, I'm always up for anything that gives players more of a stake in the campaign.

On that topic, I realize we've slowed down a bit here; I'll be updating you guys with the costs for the stuff Morrigan has identified/appraised. I'm a bit slower lately due to work and personal stuff becoming a bit more prominent, but I'm really liking this group and this campaign, so I want to do my best to stick with it.

You have one week of downtime.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hmm...DEX is both attack bonus *and* AC with this build, as well as stealth and acrobatics skill bonuses...what if I went with:

STR 10
DEX 20
CON 10
INT 10
WIS 13
CHA 12

after Elf stat adjustments? I'd have to shave down the skill list though, which would be kind of a shame. I'm also leery of over-committing to one stat.

What about:

STR 10
DEX 18
CON 11
INT 14
WIS 13
CHA 12

After elf stat adjustments?

Yes, the rules are in the Player's Guide. For the time being the Wasp Nest *is* your proverbial Batcave, but finding safehouses and alternate base locations sounds perfectly reasonable

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Good idea! I was originally going for WIS 16, then I remembered that Warpriest only gets 6 levels of spells anyway. I'd also kind of wanted a maxed-out DEX, if only to justify wearing studded leather armor instead of a chain shirt (again, for that dominatrix/Batman look), but I can't really justify the expense. I figure I can pump up the DEX later with a belt and go back to leather.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Deadmanwalking wrote:
spectrevk wrote:
Those are good points; I'm also a little iffy on giving up Channeling for the ability to cast Enthrall without using spell slots. The extra skill points and sneak attack seem nice, though.
A Warpriest's Channel Energy is lower dice than a Cleric's and costs two uses of Fervor, which they should basically never use for that purpose. It shouldn't be a major concern.

Isn't a bad heal option better than a bad crowd-control that requires you to start using it outside of combat in order for it to work?

I guess it's kind of a wash, and the archetype seems appropriate for a warrior-priest of an outlawed religion.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Those are good points; I'm also a little iffy on giving up Channeling for the ability to cast Enthrall without using spell slots. The extra skill points and sneak attack seem nice, though.

Rexus strokes his goatee silently during the debate, listening intently.

"I like the idea of helping those who need help in these trying times, though I get the impression from Laria that the Bellflower Network has largely fled from Kintargo for the time being. I will speak with her about looking into others who may have need of our assistance, though."

He stiffens a little, as if weighing the wisdom of continuing, before he speaks again.

"One other thing comes to mind, though I am loathe to send you into danger once again for my own selfish reasons...but perhaps you could investigate the fires? My family's home was not the only one to burn that night, and I suspect that the fires were targeted at Thrune's political enemies in the city. Perhaps we can find something useful in the ashes, or even a clue as to where our potential allies might have fled."

We should also begin handling our first week of Organization actions

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Elf Warpriest (Cult Leader) of Calistria

STR 10
DEX 16
CON 10
INT 16
WIS 14
CHA 13

HP: 9 (+1 favored class)
FORT +2, REF +3, WILL +5

Attacks: Whip +3 (1d6), other finesse weapon +3

Equipment: Whip, Chain Shirt, other stuff

Feats: Weapon Finesse, Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Whip

Acrobatics (Dex) +7
Disguise (Cha) +7
Knowledge (local) (Int) +7
Knowledge (religion) (Int) +7
Perception (Wis) +8
Sense Motive (Wis) +6
Stealth (Dex) +9

0: Light, Guidance, Stabilize
1: Shield of Faith, Bless

Blessings: Luck, Trickery

A friend asked me to whip up something for a Hell's Rebels game he's running, and I thought the idea of an Elven dominatrix Batman fighting the forces of hell sounded kind of entertaining. The thing is, I'm not sure that the "Cult Leader" archetype is worth what I'm giving up; on one hand, light armor is what I wanted for this character concept anyway. On the other hand, losing Weapon Focus is a bummer, since it complicates getting Whip Mastery ASAP.

But here's my plan: at level 3, use the 3rd level character feat to pick up Weapon Focus, and the 3rd level Warpriest Bonus feat to pick up Whip Mastery, at which point she can use the whip full-time as a weapon. Prior to that, focus on trying to disarm/trip from a distance to avoid provoking AoOs, since I won't have the improved Disarm/Trip feats. Does this seem viable?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Lord Phrofet wrote:

It takes a standard action so no combining it with a full attack. It has to hit adjacent enemies. I really don't see the point in taking this feat anymore. It is almost as situational as 3.5 Cleave was. I understand greatcleave allows as many attacks as there are adjacent creatures within reach but even then I am not very impressed. For two more feats I could get whirlwind and hit ALL the enemies within reach (which with a spiked chain or other reach weapon would include a much bigger radius)...


1. You say "for two more feats" as if that's a negligible amount. Even for a fighter, that's two more levels, and for anyone else it's probably four.

2. Cleave is a low-barrier-to-entry AOE option for martials. Low-level encounters frequently involve being mobbed by a large number of low-HP creatures (goblins, zombies, etc.), where the threat comes from the sheer number of attacks you're facing. The ability to drop those numbers quickly is very helpful.

3. It's only prerequisite is Power Attack, which nearly every STR-based martial is going to take anyway.

Just because a feat loses its luster by the late-game doesn't mean it's a bad feat choice; much of the game is spent below level 10, especially for people playing PFS. There's nothing wrong with Cleave, though the existence of feats like it is a good argument for implementing the (optional) feat re-training rules for Martial classes.

Rexus begins making notes in a small ledger.

"...Wilhelm, Sentinel...alright then, sounds like we've decided on taking a more subtle approach as well...and I'll have some help from Ignati and Voreni on these translations. Now, what do we want to do first? The city is in chaos since Barzilai arrived, and the Dottari seem more concerned with suppressing dissent than any of the safety problems facing the people here."

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
thejeff wrote:
spectrevk wrote:
I don't like that the scene was in the game in the first place, but you don't get to pick and choose when to be anti-censorship, IMO. Leave it in with a disclaimer about "cultural differences", or allow the option to remove it, but when a third party starts deciding what we are and are not allowed to see, we all lose :(

It's hardly "third party" or really censorship at all. It's the company that's translating the game for the US market. They've got the rights to change it as they please. They're not being forced to do so by anything other than their good taste and sense of what the market wants.

And seriously Japan? WTF? How is that even close to okay as anything but some evil mind control option?

First: the company who is localizing the game for the U.S. is definitely a "third party" between the developer and the consumer.

Second: The presence of government pressure has never been a prerequisite of censorship. Most censorship is self-inflicted, motivated by fear of reprisal based on previous incidents. That's how censors work: by punishing high-visibility targets, they cow everyone else into simply doing their work for them.

Now in this case, are we losing anything of value? Not really. It's a single scene that a player could well never encounter during a playthrough, and I totally agree that the scene itself is in very poor taste, and does not appear to add anything to the narrative. But that's not the point. If we only stand for free expression when it's something that doesn't offend us, then we aren't really standing for anything at all.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I don't like that the scene was in the game in the first place, but you don't get to pick and choose when to be anti-censorship, IMO. Leave it in with a disclaimer about "cultural differences", or allow the option to remove it, but when a third party starts deciding what we are and are not allowed to see, we all lose :(

I'm assuming he withdrew before I used the breath weapon? If so, Sabina will move to J7 and use flame breath on those two goblins. It's a Supernatural Ability, so it shouldn't provoke.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Daggers doing only 1d4 is probably the first example that comes to mind. Someone holding a knife to your throat is hardly something to worry about; even if they get a coup de grace, you're likely to survive as a moderately tough character.

Meanwhile, in real life, having your throat slit is a serious problem, no matter how big you are...

I'm up for whatever you all decide. I'll consider whatever is said in the IC thread re: roles to be "canon", so feel free to figure it all out in here :)

Rexus arrives downstairs a few hours later, bearing the pile of papers that he has been studying. He sets up a reading table in the room to the west, where Chough had been staying. He seems eager for you to join him in the room, as he has learned much from his studies already.

"There is a wealth of information in could take me months to fully translate it all, but I've been focusing on what might be helpful to us now. It looks like the Silver Ravens were organized around a cadre of officers, each in charge of a specific aspect of the rebellion: Strategist, Sentinel, Partisan, Spymaster, Recruiter, Demagogue...I think we would do well to adopt this organization. We should also decide how we want to go about our resistance: do we agitate in the streets, stirring up the public against Thrune? Do we lay low and gather intelligence, hoping to strangle Barzilai with a noose of his own secrets? Or do we build a cell of partisans to take the fight directly to the guard?"

Wilhelm Alcontara wrote:
I'm fine with that. Do you hold over the extra .5 for an extra point every other level or just round it down every time?

I usually do the PFS method of "half plus one", so a d10 hot die gets 6hp every level, for example.

To clarify: I usually prefer to take average HP, if that's alright with everyone.

Morrigan Winters wrote:

I agree with Ignati for the priorities of the focus.

Also, can we get the organization sheet linked somewhere?

The Org sheet (or rather, a simplified version of it) is on the Campaign Info tab of this game, and also at the pastebin link that I posted above. It sounds like you've all decided on:

Focus - Secrecy

Wilhelm - Sentinel
Voreni - Strategist
Valleria - Demagogue
Corian - Partisan
Morrigan - Recruiter
Ignati - Spymaster

Does that sound about right? If so, we can return to the RP-side of this portion of the game tomorrow.

Either way, everyone is now 2nd level. Congratulations!

Sounds like you guys are almost certain about the roles; The last thing to decide on is the Focus (Loyalty, Secrecy, or Security) for the group. Your focus will get a bonus on all related roles. Loyalty is about gathering support among the populace, Secrecy is about gathering intelligence and sneaking around, and Security is about throwing down, of course.

Also, I've got the sheet up on Pastebin:

Morrigan Winters wrote:
The only Stat I'd be good for is Spymaster, but if Ignati wants it, I can do recruiter.

You'd be the perfect recruiter, and Bacon can be the official Mascot.

I'll be entering this info into a sheet once everyone has a role. You can double-up on roles, but most of them do not stack (recruiter being one of the exceptions).

No problem, I've had a hell of a week as well. We're also at a good pausing point, as this is where the Silver Ravens "begin anew", so you're about to all make decisions about your roles in the Rebellion. This discussion should happen both IC (for the characters) and OOC (for the sake of being organized). Let's get the OOC discussion started:

1. Your organization's rank is currently 1. Currently the max rank is 5, but that will rise with time. You gain rank by accumulating Supporters.

2. Because of your actions with Korva Fushi and the other Tengu, you have gained the services of a special "Team" for the rebellion. They grant you the Earn Gold and Gather Information rebellion actions, which are described in the Player's Guide. The Tengu sisters do not count against your maximum number of teams (which is equal to your Rank, which is currently 1).

3. You have recruited 2 Unique Allies: Laria Longroad (who provides +2 to all Loyalty checks and Recruit Supporter checks), and Rexus Victocora (who reduces the rebellion's Notoriety score by 1 at the start of every Upkeep phase). Rexus, incidentally, was upstairs studying the records of the old Silver Ravens while you were exploring the Wasp's Nest.

4. Everyone should choose one "officer role" in the rebellion:

Demagogue: The officer adds his or her Constitution or Charisma modifier to the rebellion’s Loyalty check.

Partisan: The officer adds his or her Strength or Wisdom modifier to the rebellion’s Security check.

Recruiter: The number of supporters recruited during the Upkeep phase on a successful Organization check is increased by the officer’s character level. This bonus stacks with that provided by other recruiters.

Sentinel: The officer grants a +1 bonus to the rebellion’s two secondary Organization checks, and can aid during all Organization checks attempted to resolve one event during the Event phase. The Sentinel can add her Constitution or Charisma modifier to a Loyalty check, her Strength or Wisdom Modifier to a Security check, or her Dexterity or Intelligence modifier to a Secrecy check made during this event’s resolution.

Spymaster: The officer adds his or her Dexterity or Intelligence modifier to the rebellion’s Secrecy check.

Strategist: The officer grants the Silver Ravens a bonus rebellion action during the Activity phase. Any
Organization check made to resolve the effects of this bonus action gain a +2 bonus on the check.

I will try to get the organization sheet posted up ASAP.

Laria sighs heavily, slowly pulls herself out of the chair, and pours herself a drink from a bottle on the edge of her desk. After downing the shot, she slams the glass back down on the desk with a grimace.

"What's done is done, then. Nan deserved a better end than that, but I suppose justice has been done. The Wasp's Nest is your's; use it for as long as you like. I won't have much use for it for quite some time." she says.

"I'll leave the Tengu up to you and your friends; you might be able to make good use of them for what you're planning. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help...but later. I could use a bit of time alone, if you don't mind."

Apologies for the slowness, I'm unexpectedly away from my pc tonight, and cell phone typing is awful.

Back upstairs, Laria gives Wilhelm a friendly wave as he emerges from the storage room. Deftly vaulting over the bar, she gives him a playful slap on the rear.

"Well well, aren't you a lovely sight! So glad to see you again. Let's talk in my office..." she says, leading Wilhelm through the door. Once inside, she hops up onto a chair and motions for Wilhelm to do the same.

"Sorry about the performance, but I have a reputation as a lady-about-town to keep up, and you are quite a prize, Mr. Alcontara." she says with a wink. "Normally I'd be worried that you came back alone, but you don't look panicked, so I'm guessing it all went well? Nan is alright, and I sent you all down there over nothing?"

Sorry, I totally missed it. Last week was a bit of a blur.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

For that matter, is it possible to build a Kobold *anything* that isn't awful? They've got to be the worst race in the book, mechanically-speaking.

Morrigan detects a magical aura from the boots, certainly Transmutation-based, but is unable to determine their exact effect at this time.

Working together, Ignati and Corian are initially unable to find anything unusual about the statue, but with a bit of extra time, they eventually find a secret compartment below the surface of the water. Time and water seepage have destroyed the paper scrolls within, but a solid gold holy symbol of Calistria and a finely-made, incredibly well-preserved whip (water seems to bead right off of it...) remain intact.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
HyperMissingno wrote:

So rage is a scary thing for me. +2 to hit, +3 to damage, and +2 HP per hit die ain't exactly something you can just throw at your party without much thought, especially at low levels with low HP on the party and they don't have any will saves to throw at their enemies.

Basically what I want to know from other DMs is at what levels do you bring out enemies with rage and what do you usually have them as in terms of being a mook, miniboss, or big boss?

Depends on how optimized the players are. For beginners, I'd wait until at least 3rd level, maybe 4th, as the PCs ought to have enough HP and resources to avoid death. If we're talking about optimized PFS-type players though...a 2nd level party will make a mess out of a 3rd-4th level Barbarian. Hell, a 1st-level party might do it; they have access to Sleep and weapons with an X3 crit multiplier.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I seriously don't understand this obsession with non-Evil undead. Golarion isn't a modern gothic setting; it's high-fantasy, where "good" undead seem woefully out of place. If you want them in your game, that's fine; just houserule it. But it seems like every few days we get another thread complaining about the lack of canonical non-evil undead in a setting that has made it abundantly clear, several times, that creating undead, or pursuing undeath on purpose, is clearly an Evil action.

"Useful? Not really. The only thing Nan smuggled in here besides us was textiles." says Korva, gesturing to the crates. "I suppose you might find some use in some of his stuff, if you want to go through his bag. There was nothing to eat in there when I checked, though. Honestly, we're starving, even with the food that the Halfling has been leaving down here."

Nan's satchel contains his notes, his ledger, 72gp, and an alabaster holy symbol of Abadar.

Searching the general area, Valleria notices that the white alligator's stomach, which had been cut open earlier to verify its contents, contains a very nice boot, which matches a boot worn by the remains of Nan Comerivos (a matched set). Despite having been eaten by an alligator, the boot remains in very good condition, which seems rather odd. And then there's that statue out in the water, tantalizing in its possibilities. Why put it in the middle of the water? Why a statue of Callistria, all the way down here?

Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

"We did some...second-story work in Riddleport, if you catch my meaning. As for exiling Chough," she says, gesturing to the unconscious dire corby, "You would be killing the first person she encountered wherever you sent her. Her temper is quite unpredictable; I don't think she can help herself. Killing is simply in her nature. We raised her, and came to think of her as our sister, and haven't the heart to do the deed ourselves. If we had, however, your friend Nan Comerivos would still be alive. Do not repeat our mistake."

Now that you know the name of the creature you fought (a dire corby) you can make a second Knowledge(nature) roll, if you'd like

Korva carefully steps forward into the light. Behind her, the three others follow at a respectful distance.

"We are Tengu. Have you never seen our kind before?" she asks, genuine surprise in her voice.

"If Tengu are so rare in this place, then perhaps we should not be seen aboveground while this...turmoil you speak of is going on. We will gladly meet with your friend if she can help us, however. As a show of good will, we'll give you what remains of Mr. Comerivos' belongings. Jay, Maggie, Treep!" she signals her sisters, who hurry back into the storage room and return with a satchel and two crates.

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