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sozin's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 643 posts (651 including aliases). 7 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Grand Lodge

Oops, corrected link to auction.

Grand Lodge

Hey everyone! I'm not sure if the forum rules prohibit me from this sort of post (my apologies if they do), but wanted to let folks know that I just put up for auction of a first printing copy of the Core Rulebook, with signatures from

-Jason Bulmahn (lead designer)
-James Jacobs
-Wayne Reynolds
-Sean K Reynolds
- And many others

Here's a link to the auction. Regards!

Grand Lodge

Just a heads up, the latest version of Herolab broke Tokenlab (new xml formats), so I patched it.

- jar file download (dropbox)
- full zip solution

General point: I've migrated off of MapTools in favor of roll20. This is primarily due to the fact that the MapTools scripting system drives me effing batty. roll20 uses javascript as its backend, and the development environment for javascript makes it much easier to manage. As such I'm freezing support for MapTools other than the occasional "HeroLab changed the datafile format" patch.


Grand Lodge

I'm curious, does anyone know if someone has comprehensively done what you are describing above ("stacking" the locations so they appropriately match the original RoRL AP monster and NPC placement)?

The best I could find is this over on BBG : -tweaks-more-gr

But the author of the variant admits he hasn't read the AP and just did what made sense to him.

Grand Lodge

22 sharing requests since last post, all left unanswered :-(

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

I've received 30+ requests for the files via google docs request since I cut the files off from public access. Sadly, I have not granted anyone access due to legal concerns cited above :-(

I'd love to be able to open it up but don't have the time or the energy to navigate the wild shoals of copyright and IP infringement law. If there is a Pharaoh wanting, copyright/IP savvy lawyer out there with a desire to sort this out on their own dime, I'd be happy to chat! sozinsky at gmail dot com

EDIT: Alternatively a publisher who is willing to take a project like Desert of Desolation Pathfinder port on! This is such an epic and awesome fantasy series, it would be fantastic to see it get re-printed in full Pathfinder glory as a lvl 1-16 or 1-20 campaign and let a whole new generation of gamers experience it.

Grand Lodge

Ok, I've added the NPC name to the various output rolls. It doesn't look as nice as the impersonate thing, but it works just fine. Thanks for the feedback TGWtF!

Also discovered an interesting change in Herolab: weapons that crit on a 20 are now no longer "20/x2" (for example), but simply "x2". The 20 is implicit. That's been fixed too.

Grand Lodge

Yes, that was what I was talking about. I guess I could edit the macro so it at least uses the token name or something.

I think there's a flash impersonate thing I can do to get the icon showing up. If not, I'll just put in the name - I agree, it is annoying.

How's the Power Attack/Deadly Aim/etc. coming?

It isn't :-( Like I say above, I want to figure out a comprehensive way of attacking feat implementation that doesn't involve me manually coding up each one. So, something after the 1.0 release.

Grand Lodge

Two, the NPCs skill, cmd, and save rolls are still seen by players.

This is complete, download from the usual place.

the output of the NPCs for attack rolls is different in format to the output of PCs (I know this is probably because the rolls are secret rolls but is it possible to keep the impersonation?)

The main difference I'm seeing is that PCs have the impersonation icon to the left of the attack output, whereas NPCs have nothing. Is this the difference you are referring to? If so, then yeah, you are right, this is because the attack roles are private to the NPC/GM.

Grand Lodge


Version 0.22 released. This is a minor release (no framework changes) where I've overhauled how hit points are handled. Notably:

1) There are now two hitpoint buttons, "+HP" (to heal) and "-HP" to harm.
2) All HP changes made to NPCs are now private to the GM. (Previously they went to everyone logged into the server, leading to some potential metagaming).
3) Fixed a bug where you die at -10 (old 3.5 rules), instead of at -Con.

TGWtF, this should address your point #3 above!

You can download just the .jar file and put it in your Tokenlab/jars install folder, or you can do a fresh install by downloading the whole zip archive. New users should grab the zip archive. (Here's the install guide for new users).

I'll bang out #1 and #2 this week, as I'm on vacation!

Re: #4, I've been noodling this around, and thus far haven't made much progress in figuring out how this should work. I think my plan is going to be shoot to get the 1.0 prime release out, with all the basic features one would expect, and then focus on building tools that allow the users to construct feat macros on their own and contribute those macros up to a shared repository for other users to steal.

Grand Lodge

The Worldwound Redemption

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
You don't need to use a PDF extractor with the Paizo PDFs. You can right-click an image right in the PDF, and select "Save As..." and you can save the image as a BMP or JPG.

This is also true. (Personally I find this too manual, but YMVW.)

For rescaling, the following trick works quite well.

Does anyone know if the Rise of the Runelords map folio is complete with all the encounter/ battlemaps?

It is mostly complete. Some of the battlemaps have changed. For example, the final boss fight at the very end of the AP has a different map. I think there are a few others that are different, but I could be wrong.

Grand Lodge

Scanning is incredibly laborious. Your buddy will blow more than $40 of labor time doing that. Easiest solution is to purchase the pdf and use one of the image export programs (Adobe Acrobat or Some PDF Export Export [free])

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

download link

sorry 'bout that

Grand Lodge

Been swamped with work and infant recently ... so no :-( thank you for the gentle bump tho'!

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Gencon session last night was a blast - party really loved this scenario. There were four dwarves at the table, and at one point in the scenario the game turned into a spontaneous pub crawl. When they encountered the Maguffin

the last keg that Caiden Cailean drank from before the Test of the Starstone

the game temporarily turned into a giant drinking party. Good fun.

Grand Lodge

Thanks! BTW, flickr image url appears to have become borked; please use this link instead

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am GM'ing this at Gencon on Saturday, so I whipped up a visual cheatsheet for myself on all the acts, characters, clues, and information.

It can be found here (Flickr link). I probably missed/messed something (this is a meaty scenario). Cheers!

Grand Lodge

OneNote is insanely good. +1.

Grand Lodge


We have so far been using MapTools to varying success but Macros can be a hassle when they don't work properly and dynamically changing the maps in MapTools is a little lack luster with only a few tools to add textures. I

If you are a HeroLab user, then the TokenLab utility will auto-generate the majority of the macros for you.

Definitely a lot of choices out there. The guide that heruca posted above is a good place to start.

Also worth mentioning that Paizo's web based VTT (Game Space) is going to be released at some point.

Grand Lodge

No prob! BTW, the issue ended up being that Bodhizen was using MapTool b88, which Is Known to be broken. b87 is the version that TokenLab supports.

Grand Lodge

What value changes when you go into Basic Resources and click the up/down button for Crossbow Bolts?

There is a 'trackedresources' field in the xml that explicitly calls out what is tracked.

<trackedresource name="Arrow, Smoke" text="0/5" used="0" left="5" min="0" max="5"/>
<trackedresource name="Bolts, Crossbow" text="0/20" used="0" left="20" min="0" max="20"/>
<trackedresource name="Dagger" text="0/1" used="0" left="1" min="0" max="1"/>

So I'm basically just using that.

My concern with hardcoding the fact that bolts go to crossbows, arrows go to bows, bullets go to sling, etc, is that it is a slippery slope. I've got a completist streak, so I'd have to go out and find every single piece of ammo and hard code into TokenLab the relationship between that ammo and every ranged weapon that uses it. Which, given the volume of Paizo material, gives me The Fear :-(

Grand Lodge

Hi Bodhizen,

Sorry to see you are having issues. If you want to head over to I might be able to remote debug your issue. I'll log in there now, handle is 'sozin'.

Grand Lodge

I did some more digging into this. I'm not sure if I can infer the relationship between the arrows and the weapon from the output xml file.

Here is a crossbow:

<weapon name="Crossbow, Light" categorytext="Projectile Weapon" typetext="P" attack="+1" damage="1d8" crit="19-20/x2" quantity="1">
<wepcategory>Projectile Weapon</wepcategory>

And here are the bolts:

<item name="Bolts, Crossbow" quantity="20">
<weight text="0.1 lbs" value="0.1"/>
<cost text="2 GP" value="2"/>
A crossbow bolt used as a melee weapon is treated as a light improvised weapon (–4 penalty on attack rolls) and deals damage as a dagger of its size (crit ×2). Bolts come in a case or quiver that holds 10 bolts (or 5, for a repeating crossbow).

Note that there is nothing in the xml file that explicitly says "these crossbow bolts are being used by this crossbow."

So I'm not sure this feature is possible :-(

Grand Lodge

One of my players recently cast it on the ceiling to catch a NPC that was flying near the top. I ruled that burrowing up from the floor could be the same as burrowing down from the ceiling and we went with it.

IMO Black Tentacles needs some nice solid floor/ceiling/wall from which to to its thang.

Grand Lodge

Ok, that crit bug is fixed. I also added the feature for making NPC rolls private by default.

Rolled out a new release, can be downloaded here.

Fox, can you describe how you see the longbow increment thing described above working?

Grand Lodge

The book is mind blowing - a tour de force object lesson in human predacity.

Grand Lodge

Hmm, that crit thing sounds like a bug. Will look into it.

Grand Lodge

That's an easy one! Ranged attacks (ammo) is currently tracked - just click on the 'Basic Resources' button on the character sheet and you'll see all your ammo, with the ability to adjust them up and down.

Grand Lodge

Description: parse a Herolab xml custom output and return a Java object conforming to the Herolab dtd specification.
Language: Java


public Object parse(File xmlFile, Class documentClass ) throws JAXBException {
JAXBContext ctx = JAXBContext.newInstance(new java.lang.Class[] { documentClass });
Unmarshaller um = ctx.createUnmarshaller();
Object o = um.unmarshal( xmlFile );
return o;

Grand Lodge

Ok, patch has been uploaded here. Really, it should work this time :-)

I will ponder how to handle rage/power attack/etc.

Grand Lodge

Argh, sorry, will post a patch in the next week or so. I've been thinking about things like rage and power attack/vital strike ... the main issue is that one of my design goals for this software was to keep it as rules dumb as possible. This works great for a lot of basic crunch but feats tend to make it a bit tricker, as Herolabs doesn't really export things like barbarian rage into a usable output format.

Anyways, thank you for the feedback!

Grand Lodge

Eek! That is true. That might be a deal breaker for this build :-(

Found this thread which is pretty informative.

Grand Lodge

EDIT: Thought that Cutlass was a light weapon; it isn't. Substitute the wakizashi for it.

Grand Lodge

Would appreciate any thoughts on a character concept I'm investigating for a Skull and Shackles campaign - a cutlass and pistol wielding tengu pirate! The below is for the first 10 levels. By 10th level the cutlass is +4/-1, and the Pistol is +8. (Which is my primary issue with the build ... while colorful, the offense isn't so great.) Side note, keeping the tengu as a race is a fluff requirement for me.

Race: Tengu Stats (20 pt buy): Str 10, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 7
Traits: Buccaneer's Blood (+1 intimidate, Profession (Sailor)), Pirate Duelist (+1 on attacks of opp with light weapons)

Level 1: Rogue 1, with the Pirate archetype

  • Feat: Weapon Finesse
  • Abilities: Sea Legs, Sneak Attack +1d6

Level 2: Gunslinger 1, with the Pistelero archetype
  • Abilities: Grit, Gunsmith, Up Close and Deadly +1d6, Deeds

Level 3: Rogue 2
  • Feat: Two-Weapon Fighting (Cutlass is now -1 in the primary hand, Pistol is +3)
  • Abilities: Evasion, Swinging Reposition, Sneak Attack +2d6

Level 4: Class: Gunslinger 2, Dex+1 (now 18)
  • Abilities: Nimble (+1 AC in light armor)

Level 5: Rogue 3
  • Abilities: Unflenching

Level 6: Gunslinger 3
  • Abilities: Deeds - Gunslinger Initiative, Pistol-whip, utility shot

Level 7: Rogue 4

Level 8: Gunslinger 4, Wis +1 (now 17)
  • Bonus Feat: Precise Shot
  • Feat: Rapid Shot

Level 9: Rogue 5
  • Feat: Sword and Pistol (this is what we've been building for -- requires Point Blank, Rapid, Snap Shot, and Two Weapon Fighting)
  • Abilities: Sneak Attack +3d6

Level 10: Gunslinger 5
  • Abilities: Gun Training (Pistol), Pistol Training 1, Up Close and Deadly 2d6

Thank you!!

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Here's some videos!

Grand Lodge Game Space Beta Tester

+1 to what Evil Lincoln said.

Paizo folks, if you find yourselves in the laborious hell of grinding out pogs for a demo/beta, let me know and I can bootstrap you off of a my reasonably complete (private) set of 'em built from Paizo art. (For example summon tokens I-V; goblin tokens; aberration tokens; etc).

Grand Lodge

Sorry, should have been more clear: I meant rip from epub to kindle. (I use Calibre.) Thanks for the quick response, I'll hold off if/until the plans change.

Grand Lodge

would it be possible to create some collected short fiction volumes? I'd like to purchase big chunks of them in one swell foop (downloading and ripping each individual volume to epub/kindle format is enough of a disincentive to cause me to not purchase them).

Grand Lodge

Nice tip thank you

Grand Lodge

Sorry for the late response! I've patched this, it should be fine now.

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

16 days left to sponsor this awesome project.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for doing this! Omission - Missed a few of mine, all from Skinsaw:

Grand Lodge

see this thread

Grand Lodge

Whoo hoo!

Interactive story thread!

3 days before the the venture captains arrive, a stained Katapeshian blood bard hailing from Foreign Quarter in Absalom saunters into the camp. The place is already busy with men and beast. Great pens are being built onto Black Rock. Earth druids are transforming the black rock into the vast amphitheater, and long trains of vice ladened merchant caravans clog the eastern safe path.

The blood bard settles into one of the make-to betting and liquor stands. He watches the great black clouds boil on the horizon for a long while, his eyes glazed over with memory. Just before sunset, a shout is heard, and the camp turns to watch a dark ship appear on the horizon. It takes the ship over an hour to battle its way past the knives of black rock jutting out from the ocean, but the captain's skill is evident as the ship creeps an inevitable path into harbor.

From his bag he removes wooden pens, colored ink, and fine vellum. He hums a Dog Town gladiator dirge to himself, and sketches the ship's flag.

Captain #1, introduce yourself!

Grand Lodge

Agree with Majuba, on both his paragraphs.

Grand Lodge

If you're a Hero Lab user, you can try my Tokenlab utility to import characters from Hero Lab into MapTool, with all the macros built up for you. Big time saver for the working GM.

Grand Lodge

Makes sense, thank you. (I'm going to stick with just one 4, applying the highlander principle to "[A]ttending this event is my highest priority" :-)

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