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slingbld's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 3 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Elghinn Lightbringer wrote:
I did a pathfinder conversion that can be found at

Not sure if it's due to the age of the post but this link seems dead... :(

I like Chronicles a lot and recently started listening to Gamer's Guide to Pathfinder.
I actually had not heard of Know Direction (not sure how I missed it!)

Any others out there?

Kadeity wrote:
Robert Miller 55 wrote:
Is there just a fluff version of this? I am not interested in a rules heavy version since I don't play/run 3E or 4E. So if you guys did a fluff heavy version for a rules lighter RPG I am interested in knowing about it.

I lold. If you trimmed this book down to fluff only, youd have maybe 10 pages, most of which is just a timeline. The book is like, 165 pages of written material, and id say maybe 5% of that or so is fluff.

product description wrote:

* 8 new races usable as player characters or NPCs

* Over 100 new feats, over 140 new spells and 6 new prestige classes
* New equipment, weapons and magic items
* New monsters and monster templates

All that is true, except there are no new weapons, or equipment as far as i could tell. Im not even sure i saw any magic items? Can someone tell me if i am wrong? A page number?

product description wrote:
* Highly detailed regions and history, with new organizations to launch your campaign

Aside from a timeline, the rest is Patently False^^ No information on regions is included, especially not "Highly detailed" information, and i dont recall seeing any organizations, though i guess its possible that they consider prestige classes information on organizations.

Still, LPJ has implied that there is an updated version coming out, and while i only expect it to remedy the compatibility issues, maybe it will have more information as well!


Can you advise us where the new equiment, weapons and magic items are in the book as you have advertised?
Also, what pages are the highly detailed regions? There is history but no region descriptions.
I do not mean to be argumentative or rude, but the product is missing these items which were specifically advertised....

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