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silver dragon's page

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this trantitionsucks i valued the feeedback I really neeed to aquirer the template for the favoered spawn of kyuss if anyone can help a fellow DM please send that info to bagginshire@yahoo .com please!!!!

hey richard, any pointers on how to handle this adventure for a bunch of hack n slashers they just started tonight and it went pretty well but im not sure how they'll handle such a urban/ role-playing adventure

i also vote for M ad Gods Key it was great!

The MudShip in dungeon 138 is a great way to get
to the island. I definetly plan on some using some
these good ideas and some of my own on that voyage.
One would be some modified Sheild Guardians used as
missles from orcan pirates.

I vote for Malch.

My players have yet to visit Alhaster or go to the party,but I have provided some excellent gift ideas.
After SOLS they came into possesion of a map to the
Mudsorcerer's Tomb from Issue #138.It is filled with
excellent gifts and artifacts that could help prevent the AOW.
It is also an excellent side trek for players
who have fallen behind in levels due the
real nasties found prior.
I'm real interested to see how my hack-n-slash group,
handles this adventure.

i know the favoredspawn template was published in dragon, but i dont have access to that mag., could any of you post the templates info for me

another question about spells does death ward protect from all death effects or just magical ones . justwondering about a monk's quivering palm or an assassin's death strike.

the stone shape and other spells from the ring probably wont work cause the stone had been altered to be as tough as adamantine but i tought about it later and realized that a wind walk or gaseous form could get them through the peephole

Could somebody please provide me with the info on creating these I dont have access to dragon mag. and if it comes up in my campaign I dont want to use some lame substitute hey James could you help aq poor man out?

thanks james you guys rock!

Hows a group supposed to get past area 20 if they don't happened to have a wizard with disentigrate spell there seems to be no other way to progress deeper into the dungeon.

Does an Anti-life shell stop entry for one under the influence of a freedom of movement spell?

Thank you so much for the thought and effort you put in to come up with these numbers. My party just finished slaying Ilthane and the mayor decided to award them with one of Smenks mines. I had no idea what to do about the profits and other things your ideas were a godsent.

well we had our first gruesome death in Zyrxog's lair.Our sorcerer/cleric of Boccob went into his lab with full hit points,until the large octopin came out of hiding and hit him with both tentacle attacks the following rending brought the total damage to 60pts. taking him to -14 needless to say the rest of the group were making balance checks to avoid slipping on the blood of their rippedinhalf comrade

Averil wrote:
I'd say damage because IIRC that's what the normal worms do. Also, if it were drain, the worm's CR might increase to 2.

yeah thats what i decided too hehehe only three more hidden ones left they havent suspected the potions from the hermaphrodite yet

I cant believe I missed something I must've read the slow worm's sidebar 3-4 times follewed by a dm's evil chuckle. but my mouth still dropped open when my players ask if their sudden and unexplainable loss in constitution was drain or damage the sidebar simply states loss.
could somebody at dungeon clarify this?

well we've had our first casualty to the 3foE;
Nicoli(our Half-Orc barbarian) lost his life one round after slaying Theldrick Cut down from behind by the last of the Teifling guards What will the others do without their most powerful warrior?

We lost 2 members to the wispering cairn:
Gwar(the Half-Orc Druid) died when he decided it would be best to just charge in and attack Filge in his lab.This tactic pressed Filge into a corner and he had to focus his efforts just to get this crazed Half-Orc off him but it was his bravery that gave his companions the chance to battle the zombies without the necromancer casting his spells at the rest of the group.
Alexi (the Half-Orc cleric of Kord) fell to the WindWarriors' blades as well as the halfling rogue and the only thing that saved them was the barbarian's tenacity and the fact that the WindWarriors flew in to take him out with their blades. Fortunately for the rogue he had pocketed a couple of healing potions. The Barbarian used one on the rogue but it was to late for the cleric.
After reading Blackwall Keep, I'll have to bring the cleric back to life their is no way for the group to survive long without a descent cleric.

thanks for all of the input , I'm really enjoying this adventure path and have already witnessed the demise of half of the original group to enter the cairn. I ve already had my players bring in some backup characters to Diamond Lake because I forsee much more carnage in the upcoming installments. espescially 3FoE if they're not more careful.

whats the deal with the door into the caverns of Erythnul?
it has no DC's for break or open locks,
But in one of the other clerics room there is a stone key
that opens the door
Is itunopenable without it or what?

howdy y'all,we started with:
a Half-Orc Barbarian,
a Half-Orc Cleric of Kord,
a Half-Orc Druid (INT 7),with a brown and green eagle
who will soon be smarter than the druid

and a halfling rogue.

hey i have a question about area 7. this could be a spoiler the false elevator trap does it reset every 2 rds and crush for 2d6 or what? because if the elevator descends and crushs a player could be crushed several times before the other pcs turn the sarcophagus to open the trap again ,just wonderin'

hey I've got a question. If a player steps into the false elevator trap in area 7 ... and it retracts into the floor, the the ceiling comes down and crushed a player(and he survives)does it resets in 2 rounds and crush him again and again until the other players manage to turn the sarcophagas to the proper position to recall the elevator. just wonderin'

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