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Drace Krennit

silenttimo's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 652 posts (653 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.

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Highly recommanded !


The APG is great, useful, with lots of ideas and ressources.

- New core classes, new spells, new feats : it could appear, at a first glance, as one of the many 3.5 books. But it is much more.

Here, you have tools that allow you to "shape" you player character, to have a "race X / class Y" PC that doesn't look or act as another "race X / class Y" PC.

Paizo has managed to give many kind of "kits" (like in AD&D 2nd edition) to create (almost) unique player characters, without having tons of prestige classes all over the book.

A ranger is still a ranger, but hey, he can be something else than either a bow-machinegun or a two-bladed guy.
He can be good at fighting with one weapon and a shield, and some other kind of differences altering the ranger as we know it.

Great great book.

Looking forward to use more of this book !

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Needs "bros & sis' " !

***( )( )


we have a fine winter scenery here, but hey !, what if I want to have a larger scenery ?

This map would definitely improve having another winter flip-mat : something with a lonesome pine, a ruined wall, a few small or very large boulders, maybe a small natural pit...

Here, it seems that it may only be useful for a kind of "attack of the mountain pass" story.

Give us at least 2 maps that I can put together for each kind of scenery (winter, embankment/waterfront, swamp, another river, desert, jungle off the beach of an island...).

It would improve one's games !!

Print Out of print

PDF Unavailable

Too dark...

***( )( )

I have bought most of the flipmats, using them (or hoping to use them) for my games.

Thus, as wilderness flipmats, I already own the "river crossing", the forest form "treasure chest" (woodlands) and the swamp (for the "green" ones ; I also own the desert & mountain pass).

I like this one, but I regret that the green used is too dark compared to the green used on the other maps.

I would have liked to put a 2 1/2 stars, but decided to round up because I like those products.

I was a little bit disappointed however !
Use a lighter green for your next flipmats, please...

As a matter of fact...


I would say that the work Carl Sargent did on Greyhawk is the most interesting and fascinating work done on that world for the last 20+ years.

I have the box for this product, and I must say that Carl Sargent was both faithful to Gary Gygax's previous work, and also very creative & imaginative.

I am among the people who only regret his work on the Great Kingdom has never been published, since with this box, then with "the marklands" & "Iuz the evil", Carl created a whole new world on the ruins left by the GH wars, with new countries, emerging powers, declining countries and lots of new ideas for adventures...

Thanks to Dungeon magazine, this great world is still used for their adventure paths !

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