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seekerofshadowlight's page

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male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller

Helen, sounds great, you should do that. And yes a tent sleeps two

male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller

No need for this to go in char so I will place it here.

The ambush site was at best guess 10 miles outside of town. And yes, I totally overlooked no cold weather cloths in the 5e PHB, just kinda assumed they would be there.

Based off the PHB, I would place it as the same cost as travelers clothing.

male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller

Aneirin, Do not worry about such things, the game will be here when you feel like returning.Family always comes first. You have my condolences for your lose.

@ Jack. Cold iron is not in 5e, but it is something that will pop up with this AP. As such, while uncommon in places, cold iron weapons can be bought at 2 times to normal cost.

male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller

Understand crazy weekends. I have updated the game.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Congrats to anyone here who planned to get married. Today was a good day for all.

male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller

One other thing we did not cover. Where are folks staying? Do you have friends or family nearby? Do some of you own homes in or near Heldren?

male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller

Sorry I did not give you guys enough direction. For the next few days ( until about Monday) I can only post late night and likely once a day. I'll get a postup in an hour or so and give you guys a bit more direction.

male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller

I have added a map of Heldren and a key of locations to the Campaign information page. It seems most of you know basic posting style. But I am gonna clarify it

When your charter speaks please use bold text "As so'
When thinking to yourself please use Italics "Also like so"
If you need to use some time of telepathy or the like, use brackets around your inner speech <<< Like this here>>>
And as also used the blue OOC text for OCC Like this here

Anything else ya need to know just ask here

The game thread is now up.

male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller

A bit of a heads up, I will not be home to very, very late tonight. I'll get the first post up, but most you of will not be able to post until the morning s it will likely be around 2 or 3 AM my time.

male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller

I do not open a thread until I am ready to start, rushing to get them open lets me make mistakes as I did with this one. I have a few thinks I wish to cover this evening and I'll get the play thread up sometimes on Wednesday.

male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller

Lets see if I have everyone connections here.

Helen Olybrus and Kat
Jack Kat and Olybrius
TurskBarl and Olybrius
Olybris Jack and Barl( I think?)
Vic Helen and Barl
Kat Tursk and ? ( I am not sure, you never say a name)
Barl Vic and ?

Also yes, you DO Not need to choose someone because they choose you. I think I would like to get use rolling on Wednesday.

We only had seven complete PCs submitted And they were.

  • Victor "Vic" Lofliss-- Half-Elf, Rogue (Filios)
  • Barl “the Boulder” Skein--Golarith(Ulfen), Fighter (Jam412)
  • Tursk Krune--Human,cleric (wicked_rayman)
  • Katarina "Kat"--Half elf,warlock (Jenrah)
  • Jack Speed-Runner--wood elf, Rogue (DoubleGold)
  • Olybrius Naercroft--Human, paladin (Aneirin Rhodri)
  • Helen Gardamum--Human,wizard (Jiggy)

As such I am taking you all The OOC thread can be found here. Welcome aboard all.

male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller

First off welcome to the game. Converting to e will be trial and error so always feel free to ask me something or PM me. Now I would like to connect the characters in a way that make them a real group. None of this "Random folks we meet two days back in a bar and now have an unbreakable bond" non-sense.

How I am gonna correct this is by taking a page from fate, which is my favorite RPG. In Fate, characters are connected to one another during character generation by stories and aspects. We are not playing fate, so aspects are out. The stories however are in and this is how we shall do it.

Each Character will be connected to two pother characters in some way. You will tell a story,a few paragraphs about your character and another character, how they meet, something they did together, anything at all. YOU have full narrative control of that story, but feel free to PM the player of that character if you wish to have help making a connecting story.

And important note for non-fate players. Just because someone used one of their connections to put you in a story, does not mean you have to do the same. As you are already connected at that point. You may choose to do so, but need not do so.

Our cast is

  • Victor "Vic" Lofliss-- Half-Elf, Rogue (Filios)
  • Barl “the Boulder” Skein--Golarith(Ulfen), Fighter (Jam412)
  • Tursk Krune--Human,cleric (wicked_rayman)
  • Katarina "Kat"--Half elf,warlock (Jenrah)
  • Jack Speed-Runner--wood elf, Rogue (DoubleGold)
  • Olybrius Naercroft--Human, paladin (Aneirin Rhodri)
  • Helen Gardamum--Human,wizard (Jiggy)

This is how we shall do this. Your very first post in this thread should be as your avatar. Each person will have to use one connection on the person above their name on the above list. Filios will connect Vic to the last person, Helen. After that, you may choose anyone to be your second connection, but remember you need to chose someone just because they used you. People are often connection though a vast web of life events. I would like to get out connections established and put down first so they will always be easy to find.

And I think that it is folks. If you have a question before the stories are posted, just PM me.

At this time I am gonna close recruitment. I have plans for Saturday but I will let you guys know who is in By Monday at the very latest.

Yeah it will close Friday as we seem to have reached our limit of interest. I will be out Friday night so I likely will not post up the group selected until Saturday.

Updated list

  • Victor "Vic" Lofliss-- Half-Elf, Rogue (Filios)
  • Barl “the Boulder” Skein--Golarith(Ulfen), Fighter (Jam412)
  • Tursk Krune--Human,cleric (wicked_rayman)
  • Maeri--Half elf,warlock (Jenrah)
  • Jack Speed-Runner--wood elf, Rogue (DoubleGold)
  • Olybrius Naercroft--Human, paladin (Aneirin Rhodri.)
  • Unnamed--?? Ranger (Torillan)

So far we have, 2 rogues,a fighter, warlock, paladin and a ranger(WIP)

On backgrounds, a few of you lack them. I would like at lest a paragraph of background. I will not be choosing characters based off stats alone.

Feel free to roll trinkets if ya like.

@ Jiggy, I'll think about it, I really do not see an issue off hand. How I'll do human languages is simple. You speak common ( Taldan that is) and what ever ethnic lang you have for free. If you do not have such a thing, as if you are churlish or taldan, I'll let ya pick another human centric one for free.

@ doublegold, I discourage one level dips. I'll look over the rules and get back to you on it, but I dislike the whole one level dip thought process.

@ wicked, yeah I knew you were close. I have you in the WIP section as you ere nearly complete.

As of now we have

  • Victor "Vic" Lofliss-- Half-Elf, Rogue (Filios)
  • Barl “the Boulder” Skein--Golarith(Ulfen), Fighter (Jam412)
  • Tursk Krune--Human,cleric (wicked_rayman)
  • Unnamed--?? Rogue (DoubleGold)
  • Unnamed--?? Ranger (Torillan)

@ Torillan, I look forward to it

@ Jam, I'll look over it tonight

@ Jiggy, play what ya like man

@ Misroi, that had not escaped me. The "winter hag" is more or less a baba yaga winter witch. So I went with things I felt fit the theme.

@ Doublegold, as Torillan has pointed put it may only be taken once. Feats can only be taken a single time unless they state otherwise. Off hand I can think of none that allow you to do so.

@ Jiggy, More info I left out, sorry about that. Starting level is indeed level one. I'll go into gear below

@ Wicked , that sounds fine. I am gonna take a page from fate and have the selected players interweave into each other. The randomly meet at a bar thing drives me nuts.

Ok everyone, Jiggy brings up some valid points with gear and I did forget to include that. This is how I am gonna do it.

  • 1: You gain gear from your class and background selections
  • 2: No you can not sell this gear, but you also need not take all of it.
  • 3: You do not gain he GP listed in your background gear,just everything else.
  • 4: You also will roll starting wealth found on page 143. To be clear this is in addition to the free gear from class and background and replaces the listed GP amount from background.

@ Jam, sure use them as you see fit.

@ Torillan, yeah the formatting looked legit. Someone has done a bang up job on that. If you go beastmaster later one we may talk because even without running it much can can see an issue often brought up about that one.

@ Torillan, as a whole reworking of a class, I am gonna say no. I will look over this but I am not gonna toss out a whole class and replace it when I frankly do not have enough time in the system to see if its justified. You may use the spell-less ranger from unearthed arcana however.

@ Doublegold, pure 5e core. You will not see buying and selling magic on the PF level, you will also be seeing 5e level of loot. As for Ap magic items I will convert, replace or totally remove them. What the AP says is in x loot amount will not be what I use.

Yeah I had not forgotten the DC's. I have ran into that as something that will have to be thought about and likely eyeballed.

@ Jam, profiles are fine, if ya had an old one I often do the same thing. I just said there was no need to make one. Another thing I have done is to use an old one with a name I am not gonna use as my work area and then just cut and past it in the thread when finished. As like you said being able to edit is a nice thing.

@ Jiggy, I do not see it being an issue. 5e is not as grid heavy as PF. What I have done before is linked to flickr like so.

The map

As you can see its not interactive, but I will, if we use the maps, make sure there is enough detail so you do not need to see it.

Ah I knew I was forgetting something. Recruitment will stay open until Friday the 19th.

@Jam, as long as you can not metagame I am fine with you having read it. Many here have at lest passing knowledge with most AP's by this point and it is two years old.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am looking for players for a Reign of winter game converted to D&D 5e. Yes this is a Golarion game, just ran under the 5e ruleset. I have no idea if this game will move past part 1, the Snows of summer. Ap's take a very long time to play but Barring any mass player lose, computer explosions, weird alien invasions or the like, I will run this part to completion. At that time, we can see where we are and see if everyone would like to go onto the second part.

Now a bit about what I expect and how I will run this game.

  • I like a daily posting rate of at lest 1 post per day, Monday thru Friday and a try for at lest once on the weekend. I have no set time I show up and you have 24 hours from the time I post Monday thru Friday before I move onward.

  • Combat can kill an pbp and kill it dead. You have 24 hours from the time I start a round( except weekends) to post an action or I will NPC you/skip you to keep the game from stalling.

  • I will roll combat initiative

  • If we use a map, as I found them useful with pathfinder, I will post them here in a link. I have done so with all my other games and you will not be required to do anything. There are other options and those can be talked about by the group selected.

  • I have formatting styles I would like used when in play to make the action, talking and ooc comments more reable and readily identified. I'll cover this in the first OOC post for selected players

  • There is no need to make a profile. We have all done that before, not gotten selected and now have like 25 names we have only used now and then. Just post your app here, if selected you can then make an avatar.

Character generation:

  • Characters will be made with the 27 point buy rules from page 13 of the PHB
  • Races allowed:(PHB) All except Drow and Dragonborn*,Human variant in use,(DMG) aasimar (EEPC)Gensie and Goliath**
  • Classes allowed: All + the spelless ranger, favored soul, and swashbucking rogue options from unearthed arcana. As well as the warlock option below.
  • Backgrounds: All the official ones + ask if you have a fanmade one you would like to use. I'll at lest look at it and give it some thought.
  • Feats: Yes we are using them.
  • Alignment: Ignore it.I do not use it, if you need to know something for a spell or the like, just ask me.

*If you can refluff dragonborn to fit golarion I might well allow them.
** Goliath can easily be refluffed as an Ulfen with "witch blood" or giant blood or some such.

New class option: Warlock:

Patron: Hag of winter

Expanded spell list

1st-- Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, sleep
2nd-- Blindness/Deafness, Locate Object
3rd-- Bestow curse, Clairvoyance
4th-- Phantasmal Killer, Locate creature
5th-- Conjure Elemental, Geas

1st level: Blessings of winter: The winter Hag has bestowed upon you an unnatural love and acclimation to the cold. You have Cold acclimation (Page 110 DMG) and are not affected by the cold. You find the fiercest snowstorms and the coldest weather as comfortable as a summer’s day.

6th level: The Evil Eye: You have gained the ability to curse someone with bad luck if only momentarily. As an action you can choose a target within 30 feet that can see you and give them the Evil Eye stare. Until the start of your Next turn that creature will have a disadvantage on all skill, attack and save based roll.

10th level: Chilly Resistance: You gain the ability to coat yourself in a thin layer of frost. That grants you the ability to resist physical damage. This ability grants you a resistance to physical harm for 10 minutes. Damage from magical or cold iron weapons ignore this resistance. This ability cannot be used again until you take a short or a long rest

14th level: Winter’s embrace: When you hit a creature, you can choose to embrace it with winter’s utter, unforgiving cold. The creature it surrounded by howling and bitter cold winds for one turn, unable to move, or interact with the outside realm. The target take 8d8 cold damage and must make a wisdom saving throw or be under the effects of the slow spell for one minute as the unnatural cold chills its flesh and bones. Once this feature is used it cannot be used again until you finish a long rest

Please feel free to ask anything I have no covered as I am sure I have left something out

Four is enough for me to work on this. It may be a few days or a week before I get something up. I have been working on this for a little bit. I'll answer some questions below.

@ Aneirin Rhodri: I will likely use point buy, core rules. I am working on some things, like setting/AP related background options and at lest one new patron for the warlock.

@ scranford: Details will be provided when I place the ad up. Also, you may not recall this but you played in a game I GMed back in 2010. Nice to see you still around.

@ Vazlow, no point in trying to make a PC at this time. I will not have the add up for a few days and will have more char gen info up at that time.

Yes,only the rules would be converted.

Hello all, I used to run pbp on here but have not in some time. I know there is some interest in 5e on here but thought I would see just how much there was before I dived right in.

So, any interested in a reign of winter game converted to 5e?

I love the idea of changing this stuff so very much. In Order of what I would like to try most
1: Jarlmaker
2: Curse of the Coral Throne
3: The Saffron Regent
4: Sultanmaker

Yure wrote:
Damn... and here I was thinking of a character concept for an Undead Scourge Paladin of Pharasma. Is that a no go?

Ask your GM, I mean many folks could see that concept working with the Lady of Graves.

Yeah, this is dead. Best just to let this sink to the bottom guys.

bookrat wrote:

If a monk can be lawful by following a personal code, and a paladin can be lawful by following a personal code, then how is an anti paladin chaotic if they are also *required* to follow a personal code?

From the planescape era, CE was always described as selfish, the toughest rule, and an inability to follow someone else's orders "just because they are your superior." You would follow someone else's order because they matched our own goals, or out of fear of them harming or killing you, or something akin to this.

Discipline is in the realm of the lawful alignment, not the chaotic alignment. A chaotic character doesn't have to be a caricature of randomness, they just have to be more self serving that not. Being required to follow a code just because it's a code doesn't seem self serving. Following a code because it leads to personal power would be self serving.

I would rewrite the anti-paladin's "code" to be a code that they...

It is not the code that makes them Lawful. Its how they think, how they react and their own world views. Most LG people can not live up to some of the stricter paladin codes.

Discipline is not owned by the lawful alignment. Most people have some discipline. And you can be self serving and have a code, infact that code itself is likely to be selfish, but not always the case. However, a Lawful code is likely to be far stricter than a chaotic code.

If a god, who grants you power demands you do as he says, that is very self serving, but also a code. Calistria was brought up and she most definitely would have a code and she is a god of chaos.

Everyone has thins they will or will not do. If you are CE and say always pay back in a insult, that is a code. Its small, self serving and vindictive , but a code non the less.

Also so, Look up the one sith order.

bookrat wrote:

While all true, I'm philosophically against the idea of someone who is devoted to chaos being required to follow a code. If they have a code that they must abide in order to retain their powers, they should be LE, not CE.

I never could understand that take really. I guess its all in how one views alignment. I never could understand someone taking the cartoony take on "Bwahaha I am cHaOtIc! watch me do random things likes I am totally insane!"

I had an issue with a game I played recently because it seems I was not acting chaotic enough, ya know not batsh*t insane. Chaotic people can and do totally have a code, it may be selfish, it may be self centered and such but just because they are chaotic, does not mean they are random and insane and incapable of understanding codes and commitments.

Each god has its own rules, its own way of doing thing, that is not limited to lawful.A CE temple will kick out clergy not living up to its gods code and guidelines( ok depending on the god "kicked out" may be dead)

Cavall wrote:

Faiths of Balance if I remember right. I know it changes the Paladin code of conduct at the very least, and he is a LN god.

Behold! Stuff!


As the others have said, that is simply his code. Paladins of Abadar are still required to be LG. Just as paladins of Sune ( A CG God) had to be LG in the realms.

Yeah Milani seems a bad fit if you are sticking with LG only as she seems more a rule breaker and a bit too free wheeling.

Suma3da wrote:

While I disagree with such a binary hard line, I do understand where you're coming from and respect your opinion on the matter. I've personally have difficulty accepting the categorization of classes based on flavor of magic or alignment.

I can see what you are saying, but to me if your world has active provable gods and you classify something as divan, it ties to the gods. I understand your point of view, I also understand not everyone sees it as I do.

Not really, Oh I did in one setting I had.With each "flavor" of magic having its own sources and its own ways to access it. Its not something I do really and its not written like that in most settings.

I disagree with that, either you have active gods or you do not. I know its not the only way people look at it, but it is how I view things. You have a word like Eberron where the gods are likely false or do not give a fig, or you have a world where gods are the divined source.

I really dislike the idea of a divine class without a god in worlds like Golarion. I would have no issue with you being a cleric or what have you and have the whole pantheon in place of a single god. But the idea in such a world you do not need gods to access that power simply does notwork for me

As I said, that is just me. I myself can not do both in a setting, either Gods grant divine power or they do not. It is not and yes and no to me, its an yes or a no. If Gods grant such power you need a god regardless of class, if they do not, then you need no god.

This might be dead, The GM has not posted in a while and we are past the closing date with no word.

Indeed, by RAW you do not need a god. Where this fails to me is in a world you have fluffed as the power coming from the gods. Its really hard for me to justify having clerics of a god,in which that god can remove the power and Steve, who is a cleric because he likes figs.

Blackpowder Witch wrote:

In Golarion, Paladins do not need a deity, but having a patron to guide their actions and juice them up certainly makes things a lot easier.

Now we enter into the Philosophy of Belief and it's relationship with Religion. Many cultures hold to the notion that believing in something is enough to give it power. In several faith structures for example, it's the belief in deities that gives them their power and the more worshipers a deity has, the more mojo it has at it's disposal. A Paladin who believes strongly enough in themselves and in their cause could be able to generate a tiny spark of divinity within themselves. This belief creates a teeny godhead or micro Domain of LG that fuels their abilities. Quite frankly the determination required to do something like that borders on the mentally insane, which is why it's an option that only a few could use to become a Paladin. For most people it would easier to rely upon the faith and tenets provided by a serving higher power to enter Paladinhood.

*Note, this isn't necessarily really how Golarion works but it could provide the logical explanation for how it's possible.

I was not speaking about the setting, just my take. I find the concept of needing it for x class but not for Y class foolish. If a divan caster does not need one, a cleric should not need one. Its a really silly thing to me, you have basically opened the door for godless clerics when you have already shown gods.

Blackpowder Witch wrote:

Why can't Gods be both real and not be required? Not every Paladin walks the same path. Even those who belong to the same religion have different interpretations on what their faith demands of them. For some Paladins it's a all about mind over matter similar to being a Monk. By becoming the embodiment of their personal Code of Honor they're able to transcend the bounds of normal folk and kindle a spark of the divine within themselves.

Because it makes no sense at all. If the divan comes from god, it comes from gods. It does or it does not. It just to me makes no sense that you need gods and you do not need them.

Weirdo wrote:
seekerofshadowlight wrote:
xavier c wrote:
Paladins don't have to worship gods. They get there powers from the alignment of lawful Good it's self.
Unless this has changed over the last few year IIRC in golarion they do.


As I said, unless this has changed. I always found it kinda silly to have god based classes without gods. Either gods are real and grants those powers or they have zero to do with them.

AndIMustMask wrote:
i usually do, in fact--paladins are limited to 'any good' alignment, and antipaladins are limited to 'any evil'. opens up lots of great heroes and villains without the worry of being shoehorned into lawful stupid or chaotic stupid (under immediate threat of falling).

I used to be a Paladins are LG only type of guy. Over the last two years or so I have moved to paladins can be any alignment kinda guy. In PF that may take a small bit of reworking but I see zero reason why it should be limited to LG

xavier c wrote:
Paladins don't have to worship gods. They get there powers from the alignment of lawful Good it's self.

Unless this has changed over the last few year IIRC in golarion they do.

I love this guy myself, I mean the sheer balls on him to do something like this is simply Epic. Him and his church are among my fav parts of the setting.

Yeah if you are gonna bend it that far, just remove the LG only restriction from your game.

It would depend. If they have a community, I could see this happening. But often they are just individuals and not a race onto themselves. Now if a bunch of half elves or orc got together and breed true, over time they would get a culture identity and not really be "half" anything. They would be say Holrum villagers, of Hormic or whatever.

But as it stands, in most settings they are not a race of people at all.

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