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roguerouge's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 2,480 posts (2,486 including aliases). 2 reviews. 1 list. 6 wishlists. 3 aliases.


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You don't have to make the character fall, you have to make the player want to change his character. As you all know, loot is the most efficient way to tempt a player. So, this anti-paladin keeps killing good monsters, whose hoard often has highly desirable GOOD-ALIGNED magic items that come with a penalty for users of the wrong alignment.

THEN, you introduce the love interest, innocent child, or adorable kitten. Motive and opportunity: If you want to catch a fish, you have to use bait.

As a player, I love spells+ design like the Witch with hexes and the Alchemist with bombs. I never hold the party back by running out of things to do.

Worst class abilities... feat taxes like the need for Alchemists to have infusions.

It's an illusion, not a transmutation spell. It does not work like a polymorph effect.

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This is why you put skill points in linguistics and knowledge history. Backup systems, man.

No, you're going about this all wrong. Any loving attention you spare on the wagon just makes it more of a target. You have to treat it like a familiar: forget it's there most of the time, only use it when you need it, never put in on the battle mat, etc. The DM can't destroy what he forgets is even there.

For the same reason that RL people get dissatisfied with time spent solely on the internet, playing video games solo, playing with action figures and other dolls, etc. It's not the same as interacting with real people with free will, who are surprising and infuriating and everything in between. It's not only lonely, it gets boring after a while.

On the one hand, they're supernatural abilities and "the alchemist doesn't actually cast spells." On the other hand, a shield infusion looks a lot like a spell. What do you think?

What's the best equipment for this guy?

Can you heal a golem with Mending? It has a SR: yes (harmless) entry.

Awesome! I'll try amusing my table with that accent. And great link!

Do Infusions work on Golems?

What's the best way to heal them?

What advice would you have for best use of this kind of golem?

Background: So, my goblin alchemist just got a flesh golem manual in the latest adventure. He's in a 7 member party, so it wouldn't need to be a dedicated frontline fighter. He would be useful as a bodyguard, however, as Max Biggins has had problems with melee combat and grapplers in the past, as he's a mad bomber type.

Goblins are functionally invisible due to their massive stealth bonuses: size, race, dex boost, and class bonus (take a trait if your class doesn't have stealth). I started my goblin alchemist with a +16 stealth bonus at first level. You don't need to take a level in witch for scouting and the hex saves aren't going to be good enough to be very strong. If things get hairy, that's what Brew Potion and invisibility potions are for.

I would recommend going with a Mr. Hyde approach to your alchemist and going straight alchemist. Triple classing rarely works out in this game.

Clairvoyance: The caster gets the distinct impression that his parents are watching him for the duration of the spell.

Ray of Exhaustion: Summons an exhausted commoner named Ray.

Stoneskin: As Flesh to Stone.

Displacement: As Blink.

Empty: This cursed cantrip of Open/Close turns out your pockets and empties all of your equipment on the ground.

False Alarm: This audible alarm goes off for 2 hours/level. It is not dismissible except by dispel magic.

Hypnotism: Implants a random hypnotic suggestion on the caster.

Stinking Cloud: This gaseous spell works as normal, except it emanates from a square directly behind you to fill a cone-shaped area.

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Two thirds of Crimson Throne occurs within a single city, so it would work there well. Mummy's Mask has lots of city elements in its first three books.

My goblin alchemist runs the town dump, cooks the party's meals in their run-down mansion at the edge of town, and brews vile chemicals with the help of his tumor, Cancerous George. He got Cancerous George in response to his backstory, in which he was raised by a paladin in a Nature vs. Nurture religious controversy, resolved when he got thrown out of wizarding school due to an... incident involving another wiz-kid's familiar.

50. They thought me MAD at the community college!

Wand of Magic Missiles ensures your wizard doesn't run out of things to do and demand everyone stop the narrative for his sake.

Wand of Bless means you have it up for every combat. That's great early in your career.

Wand of Endure Elements will last you an entire campaign.

Wand of Mage Armor helps your monk for a couple of combats

Wand of Comprehend Languages will have enough charges to get you through some deciphering tasks.

8-10 years. 1/week or 2/week will do that for you.

Listen to your players. When they brainstorm how to find out how to kill a god and how to kill a god, their speculations will be incredibly helpful and empowering to the players when they realize they're on the right track.

Gar0351 wrote:

Point of Perspective: a modern day Catholic priest (hopefully a great example of a Lawful Good cleric) goes into a Native American burial mound and removes ancient valuables and ancient artifacts and relics. Some he donates to the local museum but some others, that he thinks might be of personal use or just wants it, he keeps for himself.

Is the simple act of removing items to place in a museum desecration? Is keeping items for himself right or wrong? I would think the Catholic priest would be considered wrong in both instances by the standards of today's society.

If the relevant religious and state authorities agreed that it was both legal and moral to do, there should be no problem. Which is exactly the case in this AP, albeit not often the case in reality. Having qualms is one thing, but Pharasmins are managing this process rather than opting out, so they can hardly squawk if people participate in the process.

I used it in a homebrew campaign. My alchemist started life with many more alchemical items, poisons, and potions than he ordinarily would have. That money does better than you think with downtime and crafting involved.

Have you thought about having a love spell go awry, with wacky consequences for the three of them?

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Any place where they're either adventuring on a timer and can't stop to rest or locked in a dungeon where the denizens won't let them rest. Even better if they don't figure out that they need to conserve resources too soon.

carmachu wrote:

I'm on the other side of the fence. I've long since canceled my subscriptions because piazo has gone on "wacky" encounter design and adventures. (among other reasons) SO this will be the first paizo product I buy in a long time.

I like traditional adventures. But that might just be the old player in me. So giants, orcs and dragons sound like fun.

I'm surprised that Shattered Star didn't appeal to you then. Collecting pieces of an artifact is pretty old-school. Mummy's Mask seemed pretty old school too, as even flying castles date back to Dragonlance. Ah well, to each their own definition of traditional.

Witches don't have the 15 minute day limitation of other Vancian casters, so they promote fun and more authentic stories. Yes, Slumber hex is a bit of a problem, but there's known workarounds and player boredom will promote variety. If the play experience is repetitive or unfun, the problem is with the player, who wants to win rather than participate in a team game and develop an interesting adventure tale. Save Slumber hexes for boss fights and dramatic moments.

leo1925 wrote:

Kingmaker? Do you want small kids to use spreadsheets for running their kingdom or take a HUGE amount of time to do other wise? and learn the mass combat rules?

Not particularly, but there's no reason not to either let the mother handle the maths and the children make the decisions or to simply put that behind the screen and give the kids choices.

On the other hand, I've DM'd for 4th graders before and, if they get into something, they WILL develop system mastery at the expense of all other activities. If they're into it, great, if not it's easy to fix.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I love having a low will save PC. Lose a fort save, you die. Lose a reflex save, you die in flames or are entangled. Lose a will save and you're fine and get to duel your fellow players with no social consequences. What's not to like?

Kingmaker, as a sandbox adventure, allows you to personalize the AP as much or as little as you like. The exploration factor may appeal to your kids and running their "home" may make your life as a parent a bit easier as they see what it's like.

Crimson Throne has a mission-based system if that's too open for you. It's pretty interesting, with a bad "mom" antagonist.

Both of those can be too RP-focused for you.

If that's the case, the Osirion adventure of Mummy's Mask looks like a real winner for you: delving focused, but still flavorful pulp feel.

I have a math question for people. I'm not getting standard deviations when there's an odd distribution. For example, I have this survey where it was not possible to be even 1 standard deviation above average, because the average scores were 4.4/5 with a standard deviation of .88.

So, what does that mean? Are these stats valueless?

I'd also use the Advanced template liberally. It's easy to do on the fly, adjusts everything including saves and DCs

Eltacolibre wrote:
HD related ability will indeed increase.

If you search on the boards, you will find that the consensus is no, but not conclusively so. It's a DM call.

Whatever body part would be funniest!

Monkey with Valet archetype.

I'm trying to figure out names for this new familiar for my goblin alchemist. Funny names are perfectly fine!

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Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
It's been confirmed that the Slayer's older sister is alive and been a pleasure slave of this drow since she was captured. Her tiefling daughter was recently used as bait to lure the party into a trap.

When you include a plot line of serial rape of a family member, the answer is yes before you even ask the question.

What pieces would you use from this entire path to make a single Pyramid adventure? What was the most cool? Assume the DM will adjust so that if you're drawing something from the second module and the sixth, the challenge will work out for the PCs.

Have it happen with a better army that was needed elsewhere and the party had no "need to know" and so weren't told about. There's a serious impact to this (demotion, even longer odds in the next assignment, etc.)

49+. Academics. The most important thing you're going to be creating is a mechanic for studying, doing homework, group projects, writing, and participation in class. This will be necessary for establishing antagonists and allies in the classroom, cramming for finals, and bonding in the library. A skill challenge system may work fine. But it needs to be a quick way to resolve RP on these issues. It needs to be there, but how prominent it is depends on your players. Because nothing kills a school setting's plausibility than a school where no one seems to go to class or study.

43. The swim team is developing gills. Is something in the water causing this? Is a transmuter to blame? Has the swim coach gone too far?
44. The ____ team is superb, making its way to nationals. But first, they have to defeat Nemesis High's team. While one of the PCs is on the court, the others are behind the scenes thwarting the nefarious cheating, all without being caught!
45. It's National Thanksgiving Day! Who goes home? Who stays on campus with the foreign students? Who goes to a friend's house? A perfect RP opportunity to show rather than tell about family backgrounds and showcase future plot devices for the DM.
46. The meet-cute. Every romance narrative has this scene. It could be wacky. It could be embarrassing. It could involve a magical accident. It could be hate at first sight, until.... In any case, you'll need to think of some of these.
47. "You MADE me!" Set up one NPC that is always the one who gets affected by the party's mistakes or their successful heroism. Eventually, he'll snap and become the villain who the party is completely responsible for. This is your Snape, your Faith, etc.
48. Another great kind of villain is the one who thinks he's a hero. This is your Magneto. But what was Magneto like as a high school student?

First, the best place for brainstorming plot and storytelling is Take these tropes and make them your own. In addition, read up on the plots of Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Roswell, anime set in high schools, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Community, Veronica Mars, etc.

Second, how gritty is this setting? Are we talking nonlethal only? Gang warfare over drugs? Harry Potter? X-Men? Brick?

6. Bob has a crush on the new girl. Is it real or is it a charm spell?
7. The school has a Danger Room for training young wizards that only does nonlethal damage. (Mechanics: using illusion spells at impossibly high DCs.) Sets up later events like how somebody is cheating in these exercises or the Danger Room is actually a sentient artifact that wants to be freed.
8. The campaign to become Homecoming Queen! Diplomacy, bribery, gather information, social quests, antagonists you can't fight...
9. You seek to date the most popular _____. But he/she/it doesn't know you exist. How are you going to win X's heart?
10. The teacher hates you, but you have to pass this course and he plays favorites. How do you get on his good side?
11. A PC develops an antagonism with the rich kid. Ideally, this will culminate in a duel.
12. You've antagonized the principal, who decides that you need more school spirit. You're now in the talent show. But you have no talent. How do you stave off embarrassment? Can someone give me a training montage?
13. Your favorite club didn't get its request for funding in on time and membership is dwindling. How will you save your club?
14. The Kobayashi Maru: Design a no-win scenario, that all the students know about, then see what your PCs roleplay.
15. Class trip! What could go wrong?
16. School dance: Who's first on the dance floor? Who cleans up surprisingly well? Who spikes the punch with hallucinogens? Who gets their romance on?
17. Science Fair meets fantasy technology. Who likes steampunk? Who does theirs the night before?
18. Your own personal bully. Who fights? Who schemes? Who tries to understand the bully's painful past?
19. Detention. Meet new and interesting people and try not to piss them off. Watch Breakfast Club for inspiration.
20. Gym class. Dodge ball. Ropes courses. Towel whips. Grudge match wrestling day. Sadistic Gym teachers who let class become ever more Darwinian.
22. The sleepover party: spin the bottle, truth or dare, pillow fights, panty raids, and, of course, the serial killer trying to kill you all because he couldn't get a date in high school.

Aren't readied actions only doable if you haven't done anything else that round?

My advice is to start watching telenovelas or The Vampire Diaries for romance plotting. Basically, you have a classic romance plot from the perspective of the priestess. She got into a relationship for ulterior motives, but now has all the feels, only it's too late. And now, she can't just ensorcel the king again, because everyone will be looking for that (and maybe she realizes she wants to be loved back genuinely rather than by a sock puppet.) So, she's either going to start trying to be a real friend to the king to try and become worthy of his love, undermine the relationship with princess of Brevoy, or both. If she gets desperate, a crisis of faith in her new, neutral identity may occur and she may backslide.

Or you can just have her kill the princess of Brevoy at the wedding and the party tries to stop her. Plot over, move on to the next episode vs. the never-ending plot. Your call.

Human NG Witch 7
Goblin N Alchemist 6
Human NG Cleric 20

Alchemist, Witch, Cleric, Sorcerer, Barbarian, Paladin, Ninja, Ranger

The considerations were ease of play, ability to do what they're designed to do, ease of creation, ability to do something in three phases of the game, ability to avoid 15 minute adventuring day, and balance for 4 major party roles across 8 choices.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

They would be like Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Provides emotional support, is regarded as the heart of the group, has no skills (maybe sense motive and a profession skill) or combat ability (he kills very few monsters), but he's a part of a bunch of combats where someone else does most of the heavy lifting.

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So, you're saying that the party's marching order in dungeons puts the wizard in the front line...

Kthulhu wrote:

I'm not for killing kids in real life, obviously, but I don't think they should be given invulnerable plot armor in something like this. It just sucks all the tension out ...

roguerogue - I think you mean female MUTO...Mothra wasn't in this film.

Thank you for the support on that point, and I will take you at your word on the antagonist. I've seen exactly two of these kinds of movies: this and Pacific Rim.

Bard: "Words are my weapons."
Fighter: "Weapons are my weapons."

Sadly, mine in an Age of Worms campaign. Four classes by ninth level, couldn't hit anything, bad AC. Great skills, very flavorful for RP. But he would have gotten other PCs killed.

It was the result of trying to make a PC fill a hole in the party, front liner, which this 3.5 ranger, scout, rogue, prestige class monstrosity couldn't do.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Jumping is pretty much its own reward, don't you think?

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