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Good stuff

****( )

I played this at our FLGS last night. We had 7 tables, and as far as I can tell everyone had a great time.

The good:


Coop-petitive mechanics. Engaging in friendly rivalry with the other tables was a lot of fun. Everyone seemed quite engaged when we regrouped at the auction.

Variety of missions. Being able to choose from the missions allowed tables to prioritize based on their skill sets. I found the descriptions of the missions were clear enough for us to get an idea of what we'd be doing so we could plan accordingly.

Variety of options. Even within the missions, we had options in terms of how we could complete them. I felt we had an appropriate amount of freedom to make our own decisions.

The bad:


Chase scene. This one wasn't so bad, as chase scenes go, but we were playing at 10-11 so we had a lot of options for circumventing obstacles. I heard that lower level tables had a lot more difficulty with it.

Never-ending battle. Once the third wave hit in the final battle, I knew that this was going to keep going until time ran out (maybe there is an end, but it sure seemed a ways off). At that point, I started playing more defensively because it became apparent that all we'd need to do is survive. It also seemed a little video game-y with all the baddies teleporting in waves.

The variables


We had very good organization and very good GMs. I can see how this could go south in the wrong hands.

The time limit for us was 4 hours, which left our poor GM scrambling to get the information out and made RP a little more difficult. We managed, and we had fun, but the time crunch definitely favors quick and decisive action over careful planning.

As I said, we played 10-11 and we had one very optimized skill monkey and one very optimized archer. This allowed us to trivialize a lot of the challenges. Less optimized characters and parties will likely struggle.