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redward's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,040 posts (2,356 including aliases). 1 review. 3 lists. No wishlists. 19 Pathfinder Society characters. 6 aliases.

Pathfinder Society Characters

Sovereign Court S Malory Archer

Male Human Fighter 1/Monk 1 (0 posts)
Silver Crusade Raan Deio, Oracle of Metal

Male Aasimar Oracle 11 (2 posts)
Liberty's Edge Ansel Ottle

Male Halfling Cavalier 2 (0 posts)

Shadow Lodge Woodhouse

Male Human Druid/1 (0 posts)
Scarab Sages Vendyl Ravenwood

Female Bard 12 (Archaeologist) (1 post)

Dark Archive Zsuzsanna
(0 posts)
Grand Lodge Wander...
(8 posts)
Axe Lord
Grand Lodge Ragnar Rockbottom

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin 6 (1 post)
Trinia Sabor
Scarab Sages Zelna Drew

Female Human Investigator/Monk (0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Daymon Drambok
(0 posts)
Liberty's Edge Regular-sized Rudy

Male Halfling Warpriest (0 posts)
Dark Archive Markolf Crowley

Male Human (Chelaxian) Male Arcanist (Brown-fur transmuter) 7 | HP 37 / 37 | AC 12 (16) T 12 FF 10 (14) | CMD 14 CMB +2 | F +5 R +6 W +7 | Init +7 | Per +10; Kn (Arc, Dun, Loc, Pla, Rel) +14; Kn (Eng, Geo, His, Nob) +11; Spel +16 (130 posts)
Grau Soldado
Dark Archive Nykal Bloot

Male human Spi4 | hp 31/31 | Init +0 Per +10 | AC 15, T 10, FF 15 | CMB +7, CMD 17 | F +6 R +1 W +7 (52 posts)
Jamus Hainard
Liberty's Edge Berkeley Hunt
(0 posts)
Priestess of Pharasma
Sovereign Court Katya Menia

Female Werebat-Kin Skinwalker Hemokineticist 8 - Init +6; Senses: low-light vision, scent; Perception +4 (+6 at night) AC 27, touch 19, flat-footed 21 (48 posts)

Grand Lodge Robert Churchwell 17
(0 posts)

Grand Lodge Robert Churchwell 18
(0 posts)

Grand Lodge Robert Churchwell 19
(0 posts)
Dark Archive Thujone

Male Elf Sorcerer 1 (59 posts)


Fat Cat GM
(0 posts)
Little Boy
Dark Archive G.O.B.
(1 post)

Robert Churchwell
(0 posts)
Dancing Hut
Space Table Variation
(0 posts)
Dancing Hut
Table Variation
(14 posts)
Troll Guard
(0 posts)

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