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Goblin Squad Member. 912 posts (1,194 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 aliases.

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NPC Dave wrote:

Why would Comey be worried about leaks? Because Trump is keeping up the pressure, demanding justice. That is LEADERSHIP...

It may be called leadership, but to me it certainly doesn't sound like he wants justice. It looks exactly like he just wants her out of the way so he can grab power.

Shouting for someone to be imprisoned without a trial or even evidence is just sad. Doing so for obvious political gains is disgusting. And not questioning the motives of those shouting loudest is stupid.


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Thomas Seitz wrote:
My major concern with a nuclear winter is the whole polluting our air quality much like people that want to use volcanoes to do the whole cooling down the planet.

Ironically, the Icelandic volcano eruption in 2010 was calculated to the 'net environmentally friendly' since emission reductions from grounded planes outweighed direct emissions. (not the same effect as you were thinking of, but shows where people get crazy ideas from)

For the record, I'm against natural disasters.

(ps. a fundamental problem with US politics is that you have only 2 major parties, which makes negative campaigning way overpowered and prevents cooperation. Unfortunately there's no clear way out of it).

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See the really interesting thing there is that... hmm... I seem not able to recall anything from the time when...

(but seriously? he was lost, and now all of Golarion is lost - and instead of the Absalom starstone there is the Absalom starbase? I bet he is in there somehow).

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First: I think it's a fantastic idea!

You mention PC ships, but my first thought was maps for boarding enemy ships and starbases. Of course this assumes a ship combat system where boarding may be a viable option. (space pirates ftw!)

Starbases and capital ships will take the role of dungeons, with multiple rooms, hallways and security checkpoints to pass through before you reach the bridge/reactor/AI core/etc.

map packs for this: yes please! (sections for differnt racial designs, blueprints for small/medium spacecraft, modules for 'space dungeons' - i want it all).

Goblin Squad Member

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'personal reasons' = couldn't stand the complaining about the grass?!

Ode to Pyronous Rath:

There once was a redheaded lass,
who didn't care much about grass,
but then she was told
by Pyronous troll
that games need their grass to kick *ss

What Pyronous said made such sense
that from that day on she was tense.
The places she'd been
the grass wasn't green!
And then she tried to make a ryhme with 'except on the other side of the fence' but it was too long to fit in a single line. drat!

Goblin Squad Member

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Thod wrote:

Some players I would suggest to be featured (please feel free to add your choices and apology if you didn't make the list)

I didn't dare start that list in public, but I admit I have beeen thinking about many of the same names.

But rather than a "A-list", it might be also interesting to look at different Bartle archetypes and demographics. (Thod already covers politician and RPer to some degree, but there are others)

-a busy guild leader
-a dedicated crafter/trader/economy player
-a focused PvEer (achiever or explorer)
-a focused PvPer (killer)
-a politician/diplomat
-a RPer or other socializer

-a grandmother? (i know at least one)
-someone in a far-away location/timezone (?)
-a random new player togeher with an alpha backer (more relevant when the game is more mature)

Goblin Squad Member

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grats on attaining the Improved Celebrity +1 feat, Thod!

Lisa, your blogs are as always wery welcome reading.
Looking forward to other player spotlights. After all, the community is the best asset of PFO!

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Reason for wooden ships in a high-magic campaign: Wood Shape

Finding a few clerics 3 with Artifice domain (or a willing druid) should be a bit easier than a wizard 17.

... I just got this vision of an ulfen shipwright/cleric of Torag making the fastest longships in Golarion.

Goblin Squad Member

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There are some pretty big pikes in some of the rivers here. Tasty, but the big'uns may think you are too. Takes a clever fisherman to catch'em too.

But.. stuffed pike with ogre head? That sounds just yucky. Or did you mean to serve it back to Ogg as tribute, or as a plot to slowly civilize him?
"Here Oggsy, try eating yourself this much more delicious and refined way. Oh, and there is more of this delicious stuff way over in this opposite direction from where you are taking your army now..."

Could work, mebbe.

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..and this is why a poor infernal bloodline sorceress barely can go out for a drink without casting 'repel wood'.

Goblin Squad Member

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(putting a RP thread out in the open is just asking for it to be ambushed).

She returns to her companions, moving close to the sergeant and speaking in a hushed voice. "Hobgoblins. A small armed group were coming from around that homestead. No sign of raiding, but I'll bet my best dagger they didn't leave emtpy-handed".

The sergeant grunts dimissively. "Outside our territory. Look but don't meddle."

She can't keep the frustration out of her voice "So we are supposed to just watch as the goblins grow strong and fat and not do anything until they cross our border? I thought rangers were supposed to be wise?"

He gives her a disapproving glare, opens his moth to say something, hestitates. His face softens the tiniest fraction and he sighs.
"It's... complicated. It's not just that killing the collectors might get the farmers in more trouble than they're already in. Other groups would see it as agressive expansionism - just declaring borders is more than enough to make enemies. Unless they ask for our protection and pledge fealty, you stay out of it. And that's an order!"

"Can I at least go talk to the homesteaders?"

"Girl, you want to go there and offer more protection right after bandits and hobgoblins have collected their 'protection' fees?! If you thought rangers were supposed to be wise, then surely you can do better than that."

She grinds her teeth. "But... but if the hobgobs just happen to cross the border then?"

The sergeant shakes his head. "You never stop, do you? A'right. If you can trick the hobgoblins across the border, we'll ambush them. But I want absolutely no incidents"

Goblin Squad Member

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I'm happy to announce the following very special lecture:

Sat 18th, 2PM EST on PFU mumble.

Lecturer: Cheatle, guide writer extraordinaire with encyclopeadic knowledge.

Theme: Golarion lore.

Why attend: The Pathfinder setting is among the greatest things about PFO. But many players who have come from other MMOs don't recognize names like River Kingdoms, Ustalav, Mosswater, Broken Men, Emerald Spire, Adabar, Gorum, Desna or even Pharasma.
Getting the overview of the backstory and how our map connects to the rest of the Pathfinder world will open your eyes to the depth of the setting and help you spot the little easter eggs.

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not a serious application and no char sheet, but the interview is just too tempting to pass. Apologies to my avatar for abusing her this way, but it might teach her some good.

A slender redhead enters the interview room. She is dressed more like a hunter than a chef. She is visibly nervous, and fails to cover that with her too broad smile - which she promotly realizes. She fidgets with the knife at her belt.

"Greetings! I am Lord Schmultzfeather, and this is Lady Schmultzfeather. Who are you, and why do you want to be a chef at my fine new restaurant?"

Hi. I'm Foxglove. I need this job because... I mean I'd love to be a chef, it's like my life-long dream. And I can cook too. I mean like I can get you some really special stuff the others can't. That's what you advertised for, wasn't it?

"I see; I see. Which is your Consumable Specialty?"

Um... Vegetables? Or at least I think they all are counted as that.

"Please describe the three Consumable Specialty samples you have brought as we taste them now..."

Ok. Here we go:
For your starter, a simple peasant dish of bread and jam. The bread is bark bread - sorry, it's very hard to get to rise properly - made with bark from a treant. The jam is a mix of normal blackberries and wolfberries, which is hard to find because they change appearance to blend in - and of course you have to kill the bush. I've wondered if it would be possible to grow them on purpose, but the druids are all like "don't mess with that stuff" so I stick with feral ones for now.

For your main, a grilled vegepygmy steak. Well, not exactly steak, obviously, but close enough. My tests so far indicate that there's virtually no danger in eating it, as long as you make sure everything is heated properly. And if something goes wrong, you have your next meal right there, ha ha. Joke!! Sorry, that was a joke! It's really totally safe to eat.

Ummm.. three? Does the treant and wolfberry count as separate entries? Only I wanted try to make Moonflower licorice but it took so long to track the damn thing and when it turned out it tastes all funny it was too late to go out and hunt another vegetable. I mean, you're welcome to taste it, but it didn't exactly... I was more thinking to let the alchemists play with it.

"Interesting flavors! Now, explain exactly why I should hire you (and not someone else) for this elite position."
Because... huh? You have someone else who can make vegepygmy steak? Really? I was pretty sure I was the only one. Anyway - they are likely to be killed by the pygmies one of these days anyway, so there you have it - I'll be your only choice after all.

"If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?"
Crafty, pretty, and no, I know: cunning veggie hunter, sir?

"Finally, please indulge me a strange question: What makes you laugh the most?"

She blushes bright pink and glances nervously at the Lady.
Being tickled, Sir. Umm... actually being tied up and tickled. It makes me totally lose... ahem... but I assure you that wouldn't happen at your fine restaurant here. Promise.

"Thank you; thank you. You'll be called for if you are chosen. Next!"

Oh... um, that's ok. Sorry.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
...And the bloatfighter, and the bloatpriest, and then we're all set to fight some normalorcs (sorry, Mikaze, no bloat for you).

Unfair! Orcs are players too. We deserve to be as bloated as Gothmog

...but whatever bloats your float

Goblin Squad Member

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Goodbye - is such a lonely word in the night
We'll end it now, before a forum post starts a fight,
We have shared a poem and a song -
We have shared these forums for so long,
But now, we've reached that fateful point where you must part,
- but I'm not through:
For first, I have to sing goodbye to yooooouuu.

/sigh, the songbook will miss your contributions. Farewell, sweet nightinggale, till we meet again.

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Kchaka wrote:

Just because the cohort expects to get some treasure it doesn't mean it has to come out of your share, the GM can just adjust the treasure so that everyone gets their expected share, according to the Character Wealth by Level table.

I disagree entirely with anything resembling "...but I have a cohort, so that chest needs to have 15% more treasure than it says in the AP".

That said, the math here is surprisingly simple:

Option A: cohort gets same share (full, half or whatever) of loot and xp. The gold/xp ratio for players is not changed and they stay on whatever WBL track they were on before getting a cohort. Essentially 20% less xp and 20% less gold is balanced by 25% more mobs

Option B: cohort gets 'free xp' but a share of the party loot. Compared to above, this 'free xp' makes them level slightly faster but doesn't come with free gold. Net result: slight drop in WBL.

But seem from a different perspective: the inherent value of the Cohort increases, so option B is perfectly fair.

Goblin Squad Member

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Recruits for sale! Some assembly still required, sold as is without any guarantees.

Seriously, you are all welcome to approach PFU students to recruit them - preferably in clever ways. And don't expect them to fall for go for the first offer they see.

We're not kicking anyone until next month, but some very fine people have already moved on to other guilds. While I'm proud of the PFU number growth, i'm actually more happy about seeing that troughput: Swapping a player with decent skills for a total newb is actually a win-win according to our philosophy.

And leaving PFU to go die in a war move on to the settlement game will never prevent anyone from joining PFU classes or events, so it's not like there's a huge downside for the students in leaving. Just, you know, we want them to make the right choice the first time.

Goblin Squad Member

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We are working on a regular PFU talks/event schedule. Below is the current skeleton, pending some confirmations.

I am very happy to announce both TEO and Golgotha as regular contributers (in addition to Aeonian league who have pulled much of the weight until now).
We are however always looking for more people to contribute.

Current skeleton. *Not final* Default times are 9 PM EST, but changes depending on individual lecturer. Some classes will be EU-friendly times.

MON: PvP. Instructors from Golgatha/EoX (!)
TUE: Economy and crafting. Profs Thannon, myself and others
WED: Dev chats/game design. Keepside chats etc hosted by Dean Hoffman
THU: Game mechanics. Prof.Duffy's series on builds and combat tactics
FRI: Q &A. 'New player hotline' staffed by PFU, but also a good time for veterans to hang out in mumble and discuss latest patch/blog/test server news and speculation.
SAT: Game mechanics(?) Instructors from TEO/EBA.
SUN: Adventuring. Escalations and exploration with PFU staff.

My current main goal is not so much to teach uber skills, but that "no player should quit in frustration", whether due to steep learning curve or not being able to find the right group to play with. That said, some of our regular and guest teachers are pretty uber.

Comments, requests and offers welcome. I will post on GW/New player help when things are (more) final.

Goblin Squad Member

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GripGuiness wrote:
Haiku also! Don't forget Haiku!

Haiku is too short

less than eighteen syllables
content eludes it

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Lincoln Hills wrote:
Assuming he's been caught with his pants down figuratively (as well as literally), a lot depends on his feat choice. Improved Dirty Trick, Catch Off-Guard and...

Catching naked people off-guard, dirty tricks. My oh my!

I'm not sure this is an appropriate topic - this is after all the internet.

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189. Check whether they are your own. If they are you can do whatever should probably get them something to eat. Or at least shout for their mother do take care of them.

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188. Blame Cosmo. (for babies, for moral dilemmas, for the GM, for whatever)

Goblin Squad Member

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Yesterday, all the danger seemed so far away
Now it looks as though it’s here to stay
oh, I believe in yesterday

Suddenly, there was non-consensual pvp,
Now a bandit’s busy looting me
Oh, PvP came suddenly.

How she could have known
that I had no allies near?
I played on my own,
Now I long for all my gear.

Recently, running solo was ok for me
But this episode has made me see:
I need to join a company!

Who will take me in?
I don’t know, it hard to say,
I’ve no player skill,
But I sometimes do rolepla-a-a-ay.

Hopefully, this is still the perfect game for me,
For I found someone who wanted me:
The PF University.

Goblin Squad Member

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great news!

If the politics debate stretches the capacity then there's a proven need. If not, we may not need more bang.

I see the value in having several groups on the same mumble server. Others may see the value in secrecy, but at current population levels and without settlement warfare, the benefits for trade, diplomacy and socializing strongly favour 'the one mumble', at least for all the small/independent groups.

Goblin Squad Member

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Forencith of Phaeros, TSV wrote:
And realize, I do not think PFU should give up ANY of its sovereignty unless ...

I think there are two ways of seeing PFU at the moment, which explains some of the discussion around this:

1: as some kind of joint venture (or quasi game feature) that represents the whole community, and that subsequently all settlements should have a share in.

2: as a completely independent self-governed entity, but reliant on broad support to succeed with its mission.

The 2nd one is the correct picture. Less like UN, more like Red Cross.

Goblin Squad Member

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internet forum wrote:

Ah, yes. "I'm just going to ignore what you're saying and restate the same argument (....)"

As a general rule, when people don't understand my argument, it's because they are too stupid to get it. Conversely, if I don't understand their argument, it's because they are too stupid to explain it properly - or just plain wrong.

But enough about me!

The best way to get invested in the PFU is of course to teach classes and/or hang around in mumble and answer questions. It sends the message that you are both highly competent and contributor to the community. Case in point: Guurzak's DOT lecture.
Since the PFU mumble now uses [company] tags, whatever impression you make there will reflect on your company and not just on you personally. Even hanging out deafened/muted in the AFK room can help promote the brand.

The other great way to be invested in PFU is simply to recruit graduates. If in a year's time all the major alliances have their share of PFU alumni, then the value should be fairly well proven.

You are welcome to recruit students from day 1. We heavily stress the importance of joining a settlement, but also strongly urge them to take their time and get to know the people before joining one. Incidentally, we have started to see the first students leave PFU and making very informed decisions about where to go.

If the university mumble becomes swarmed with politicking and agressive recruiting, we'll have to deal with it. So far it is completely safe for newbs to enter, which is the way we want it.

Goblin Squad Member

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Forencith wrote:
...until said time as you no longer seem politically neutral, you no longer provide a benefit to the community, what you take exceeds what you have requested here, or I need something that only you hold

For the record, I've promised Hoffmann I will undermine and betray him if he ever tries making PFU into a competitive political power. The only ulterior motive we share is that we want the population to grow fast, but we also want to shape their expectations and playstyles so they fit with the current community spirit (and teach them elementary skills so the world won't be swarmed with hordes of clueless generalists).

About that last point though... please ask nicely for a trade before waging war?

Rynnik wrote:
I have to express a slight disappointment I will have to leave our grounds to practice being jumped in PvP. Nice work, Boss!

No you don't, actually. Just request a univeristy event called "hunting Rynnik" with some very basic rules, and I'm sure we can help you out.

Goblin Squad Member

3 people marked this as a favorite.

potential questions:

- would you encourage all groups to join a major alliance? how many power blocks do you see as optimal for the game as a whole (not just for your settlement specifically)?

- (in a few months) will you welcome/allow new groups to build settlements close to yours, or do you claim the empty settlement spots within your borders?

omnipotentseal wrote:
Even though I'm taking part, my money is on Cheatle.

Sorry, the minimum bet on Cheatle is ten thousand coal.

Goblin Squad Member

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silver from nothing?
dang, I can barely to gold from lead!

(but i hear Savage Grace can do gold from steel)

Goblin Squad Member

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Of course I know where my gatherers are on wednesday nights:
on Golarion mumble, listening to dev Keepsite Chat at 8PM EST.

And if they are anywhere else, I'm surely not going to reveal it in this thread.

(huh? hijacking threads? me?)

Goblin Squad Member

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One of the students came rushing into her room without even knocking:
"Professor, the Emerald Lodge is gathering an army against the Bonedancers!"

She looked up from her scroll and arched an eyebrow. "And why should that excite us?"

He stopped in his tracks, his enthusiasm giving way to confusion. "Well, they are a threat to travellers and civilians, and getting rid of them must surerly be a good act. Also, they Emerald lodge will reward all who participate."

Her eyebrow rose another notch. Disappointment. "So in your opinion we are either crusaders or mercenaries but you don't know which one?"

Flustered, his brain finally caught up. She was testing him - again. He took a deep breath and considered his arguments.
"We are indeed a learning institution and not taking sides in politics and warfare. But in my opinion we are also presented with an opportunity here. With several opportunities, in fact. One: a chance to observe and practice various military tactics in the field - we are always told experience is a cruical part of the learning. Two: an unprecedented chance to study Bonedancer magic, which I'm sure we know preciously little about. Three: um... students of healing would also get some ..ahem.. valuable field experience. Four: diplomacy and politics students... well, trying to get all these settlements to cooperate, i'm sure that will be interesting to analyse. Five: all of this can be done in a manner that is economically sustainable, with potential for extra dividends, as well as a favorable risk/reward ratio..."
He broke off, seeing her satisfied smile. "Should I go on, or is there sufficient reason for excitement yet?"

She chuckled, before turning her attention back down on her scroll. "Excitement is hardly the goal here. But if you write a summary of you points I will bring them to the Grandmaster's attention. Is half an hour sufficient for the task?"

On his way out, he noticed the scroll she was reading had the Emerald Lodge seal on it. Dang, she already knew. How come they can be so quick to know and yet so slow to make up their minds?

Goblin Squad Member

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I never thought i'd conjure up Madonna but the lyrics wanted it. Is it time for someone to start compiling the PFO songbook?

Foxglove returns from her scavenging trip with no goods but a few new holes in her armor. She offers to sing to cover her bar tab. The tavernkeeper looks unconvinced.

I made it through the wilderness
Encumbered, but made it through
Didn't know how slow I was
Until I found you

I was beat
by your feat
I'd been had, I was sad and blue
And you made me lose
Yeah, you made me lose
My shiny and new

Hoo, PvP virgin
Ganked for the very first time
PvP virgin
When my husks lie
in a straight line

Gonna give you all my loot, boy
My gear is fading fast
Been saving it all for you
'Cause I’m content that can last

But that’s fine
Cause you're mine
I'll be yours
'Till the end of time
'Cause you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
I've nowhere to hide

Like a virgin, hey
Ganked for the very first time
PvP virgin
With five husks in a straight line

Like a virgin, ooh ooh
Like a virgin
Feel the rush inside
When you chase me,
And my health drops,
And you love me

Oh oh, ooh whoa
Oh oh oh whoa
Whoa oh ho, ho

Ooh baby
Can you make my loot drop
For the very first time?

Goblin Squad Member

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Theodum wrote:
GripGuiness wrote:
Donkey is confused by much that has been said here ... however he wishes to know if a bucket of Emerald liquor might be reserved for his sampling.
Get your donkey off the bucket. A rat just drowned in it - ahem - dissolved in it - and I'm not paying for a new donkey if the spirit kills the stupid beast.

But if you manage to completely dissolve the donkey, there won't be any evidence.

By the way.. can I taste the dissolved rat spirits? I think it could be a big seller.

Goblin Squad Member

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Foxglove woke up with a hangover. Ouch. How could those last seven drinks seem like a good idea?
Her uneasy dreams about monsters everywhere faded, but the headache did not.

The previous night had been strange. The Fool's Feast wasn't a traditional River Kingdoms festival, but it seemed like it might catch on. The topsy-turvy aspect certainly appealed to the masses: mayors and barons dressed as court jesters and servants for a night while their fools sat on their thrones and commanded their people to laugh, dance and drink.

And it might teach the powerful to cultivate a little humbleness when they are reminded how easily power can change here.

Goblin Squad Member

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Axi Hoffman wrote:

Friday 2/20 at 10pm central EU time (UCT+1) we will have Foxglove presenting Gearing Up; how to get beter gear and use it too. This class will provide an intro on crafting Tier 1 +2 gear, and Foxglove will help you make your own! We are going to provide some supplies but are always interested in donations to the university of gear and raw/salvage/refined goods.

Hi all,

my class tonight is bascially for anyone who ever wants to use better gear, but those still in starter gear are especially encouraged. Crafting your own is just one of the options you have.

No crafting skill (or combat skills) required, but anyone wanting to craft their own T1 gear will get a boost from us.

Donations welcome, especially stacks of steel plate +2.

-looking forward to see you

Goblin Squad Member

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it's not thread necro if it hasn't bled out.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Alrighty then. Sorry for the confusion. All this is hard to wrap my head around, but I think I've got it now.

I'd recommend you to skip +1 gear and move straight to +2 if you can (both for T1 and for T2).

My summary of keywords:

For weapons: Railroaded
You can't use an attack with the wrong weapon.
Attack levels 1-6 match (T1+0, T1+1, T1+2, T2+2, T2+3, T3+3)
Damage scales as 45,50,55,75,80,100.

Takehome messages: Tier matters more than pluses, and doubly so due to using a better d200 (equivalent to +50 attack bonus) with T2 weapon proficiency. Attack rank 4 is the big one (but you won't be seeing much T2+2 weapons the next month since we can't make them yet).

For armors: Complicated.
You can mix and match armors and feats, and the keywords are often the same but come at different times.

Again, what matters is number of keywords matched, where 'Masterwork' (and the major T3 keywords) counts as 4 keywords. You have to check the actual feats and armor, or you can find guides listing the optimal armors for each armor feat at each level.

Takehome message: tier is more important than pluses - and doubly so because of the +50 defense bonus from T2 armor proficiency.

other stuff
Each plus for your spellbook/implement allows to to hold another level spell/expendable. There is some more math with how class feature keywords interact with these. If you really want to know, ask cheatle.

Each plus for your wondrous items is supposed to increase the effect (or duration) of your utilities, but i'm not sure that is implemented yet.

Goblin Squad Member

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Savage Grace wrote:

95% of the playerbase has fewer kills than Ryan. :-)

Actually, some stats would be interesting.

While a "pvp leaderboard" might sound like a good thing, it would promote unmotivated ganking.

[insert invitation for Bluddwolf to argue that the wording 'unmotivated ganking' is erroneous and getting on the leaderbord is a valid motivation].

That said, some random stats would be fun indeed. Anything from what weapon training is most popular, to percentage of players who customize their clothing colours, to how many rock vs trash nodes harvested last 7 days. We're suckers for statistics. We like it almost as much as math.

Goblin Squad Member

2 people marked this as a favorite.

1) 'useful tip' rather than favourite: selecting a stack and putting it back in the same window doubles it. Extremely useful for refiners/bankbots with huge stacks of raw materials.

2) the crafting system. Not just the interdependence, but the occasional 'aha' moments you get when analysing it deeper and the ability to vary recipes to use more/less of certain key materials.

Example: making small cloth pack +2: with a weaver4 it takes 11.23 wool and 1 essence per pack - with a weaver6 it takes 5.63 wool and 0.16 essences. Or you can spend 2 extra wool to save 0.28 pelts.

Goblin Squad Member

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Foxglove innocently wipes her ink-stained fingers on her footpad's leathers:

"Theodum, I hear you are interested in.. um.. mysterious scribbled scrolls. I mean book fragments. Lost pages and stuff. Anyway: I got some here I can absolutely guarantee nobody else has in their collections yet. Unknown origin but remarkably good condition - almost as new. Amazing what tricks the ancient mages knew, really."

"Could be yours for the right price. I might even know where to get more. Interested?"

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Lord Snow wrote:
Paladins are not prone to fall from glory, so I would go with no.

But fallen paladins are generally prone to all sorts of things, so I say yes.

Goblin Squad Member

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stealth to hide your icon from the minimap,
bluff or disguise to appear friendlier on the minimap,
- I like that idea.

Bluff would be countered by sense motive though, so that it would be a huge risk to try to bluff your way through any large group...

As for when the chaos of melee erupts: I will probably regret this, but so far I like the idea of no names unless you target them. If you want to identify your team, color coordinate. If the foes don same color to confuse you, that's a legit tactic - you can still use the minimap or target them and read their name.

Company tag. Yes I absolutely like that too, but adding a "right click to see all my (public) company tags and titles"-function would cover all noncombat needs without removing fog-of-war and subterfuge aspects.

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There should eventually be a map showing who lives in the monster home hexes (the ones with a lion icon on the map). But someone has to get around to making it first. Expect most settlements to know their ownneighbourhood monsters but not what lives 12 hexes away.


Nightdrifter's calculators are teh best. For best value, you should have some kind of plan first and use the calculator to check prerequisites and costs. The list of available feats at any given time is huge.

Of course, the trainers in-game give you a list of available and unavailable feats that they can train. I find that the unavailable feats tab is great for planning the next step.

hmm... would it be a good idea to make a graphical "tech tree"? Sort feats by type, achievements and stats... any volunteers?

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sspitfire1 wrote:

Diminishing returns to population growth is basically what I am asking for (see my graph in the original post).

Not exactly what you ask for, but there is certainly a point where the same population would be (economically) better off by founding (or capturing) a second settlement and having twice as many building slots.

Also, the costs of building upgrades may scale exponentially, but that may favour big settlement populations more than small ones.

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Andius the Afflicted wrote:
Ryan Dancey wrote:
Last night I levelled a Fighter to 8th level using nothing but Feats from the Fighter College and the Dreadnaught school.

This statement, while technically true, is highly misleading. What he's not pointing out here is his build is full of skills that contradict eachother.

Well, I disagree. i certainly do not see the ability for a fighter to tank as contradicting the ability to dps melee or ranged. Nor the ability to use one weapon as contradicting the ability to use others. I don't quite see why you rate Archer as particularly useless when longbows was one of his two main weapons. (well, except that he didnt use any armors at all).

Do you see the game currently as having 12 separate classes? Do you plan to just use a single weapon and armor type for all your time in the game and see versatility as useless?

The point Ryan proves is that is you make a well-rounded character (similar to tabletop classes), then you don't need to spend xp on cross-class or crafting skills.

To me, the beauty of the current system is that it doesn't allow you to get ahead by narrowly specializing (and ignoring a big part of your role), yet allows to to meet the gating criteria with whatever combination you want. (I would not describe it as fully classless, but more like having 'fluid' classes instead or rigid ones).

The 'default' for rogues would be to get their wisdom from library skills, but they can replace some of that with scavenging or cleric feats.
The 'default' for fighters would be to get their con from training fighter armor and shield, but they can sacrifice some of that and pick up smelting/tanning/sawyer instead (or cleric armor).

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Hayato Ken wrote:

I´m not gonna send you cupcakes from europe though....

I'm sure Bonny can post a link to a local bakery where you can order online and have it delivered to her (or to GW office)

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sspitfire1 wrote:

The other main things you could note are these:

Tier 1 attacks are very heavily weighted towards the low end, with roughly 90% of your Tier 1 attack rolls coming up less than 100.

Tier 2 attacks are heavily weighted in the middle, with roughly 90% of attacks being between 28 and 174- and the bulk of that really being between 50 and 150.

Tier 3 attacks are heavily weighted in the upper end, with roughly 90% of your Tier 3 attack rolls coming up above 100.

This! (as was first pointed out before Nightdrifter made his first graph).

T1 attack vs 50 is more likely to miss by a low margin, but occasionally exceeds by a large amount. This is good for T1 vs T3, but unless crits have meaningful effects it slightly favours the defender in T1 vs T1

T2 attack vs 100 (well, 100.5) is symmetric, but compared to a straight d200 is less likely to have extreme high or low numbers.

T3 attack vs 150 is the reverse of T1: more likely to exceed but will occasionally fumble badly.


1) IMO it would make more sense to:
a) plot probability densities (non-cumulative) to show the skewness of the distributions and give a better intuitive comparison of tiers.
b) compute the 'miss factor' (square root and all) vs 50/100/150 and plot that.
c) extended: integrate/average to show the average damage done for various scenarios.

Monte carlo is just one way of doing it. I'd probably prefer the brute force in this case - anyway you already have the probabilities, so moot point.

2) Never overestimate the audience (except when posturing at conferences). Imagine we are all journalists and politicians.

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FMS Quietus wrote:

This in reference to the RPG 'Paranoia?'

You win!!

Your prize is (rolls d20)...a frag grenade. Since you are not authorized to remove the pin, that has already been done for you. Have a nice day!

(it was actually one of the first rpgs i played. The GM never explained any rules, just told me stuff like "melee is kinda weak so i'll give you a nuclear warhead grenade too. That's probably the highest damage personal weapon in the whole game". Good, crazy times!)

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TEO Cheatle wrote:

The average 17th Century Galleon could hold 15877.35 Galleons of Espresso, or 1,016,150.4 mg of Caffeine!

I doubt anything in the world could hold 15877 galleons laden with coffee, if only because there were not that many galleons in the 17th century!

Assuming you meant US gallons, that seems to be about 60m^3 cargo hold and 60 tons of espresso only.

A Galleon like the Padre Eterno was 53m long with a displacement weight of 2000 tons. Ok, so that is the biggest one ever and maybe not your "average galleon". But I still think any serious coffe maniac would chuck out the cannons, water, and food to make room for much more than 60m^3 of espresso!

The ceffeine/espresso ratio seems spot on for the americas, but a recent australian study on espresso caffeine shows that their espresso has lots more caffeine than US espresso. Taking their average number of 2500mg/l would mean 1.5 tons of caffeine per 60m^3 cargo hold.

Next, let's consider a supertanker. Here we.. oh, oops, time to go home from work now.

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:

1) Stay alert!

2) Trust no one!
3) Keep your laser handy!

That information is above your security clearance. Please report to nearest termination booth. Thank you and have a nice day!

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Summary: I don't really see it as a problem, at least not in the next 1-2 years. But I tend to interpret 'crafting' as 'anything that involves T2 and T3 materials'.

-The argument potentially extends to 'free alts' working every building.

-'Real' crafters will have to spend xp. 'Free alts' (with say 1 day of xp each) can still crank out low-tier items, but so can any non-crafter who picks up lvl2 in a craft. Tier1 crafting has so low entry barriers that every player can (and should) dabble. No crafting alts needed.

-The value of a 2nd or 3rd crafting queue is great when you are making goods nobody else can (and takes days). It's not competitive against hordes of 'free alts', but doesn't have to be. The real money will be in T3 and T2 resources. To play the T2 game you need to pay more than a month of xp per character, for T3 lots more.

-"every serious guild will have 17 maxed alts". I suspect a lot of them will be mains, though some crafters may well want to invest a bit of xp in non-crafting alts (fighting, gathering and trading across the world while the main minds the store at home) and should not be punished for that.
-In any case the crafters won't be maxed in the first year. By the time this becomes a problem, GW will have introduced new and wonderful ways to solve the issue. Until that time, active crafter mains have a clear edge.

Crafters 2nd class? If a high-level dedicated crafter and a high-level dedicated pvp'er want to leave the game after 12 months, which account do you think the guild would consider buying out?

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