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Enga Keckvia

ralantar's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 195 posts (397 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.

I am trying to figure out how you would craft an encounter involving a stampede of say 40-100 large herd animals.
I'm thinking some sort of adaption of the swarm rules would make the most sense. It would just sweep through the area doing damage to anything in its path.
Has anyone crafted or come up with rules for something like this?

As a replacement for the fighting defensively rule.
You can sacrifice any number of your attacks to attempt to block/parry an incoming attack.
You roll an opposed attack roll and if you tie or beat the incoming attack you successfully block/parry the attack and take:
no damage?
transfer the damage from the attack to your weapon or shield.

If you use a shield to block the attack you receive a bonus on the opposed attack roll equal to the shield bonus.

Ex. Bob the fighter squares off against Omar the Ogre.
Bob is badly wounded while Omar is looking peppy. But help is incoming.
Bob goes first, but rather then try to hit Omar and give him another booboo, and then risk getting pasted, he decides to spend his attack to try and block Omar's incoming attacks until help arrives. (or if Omar went first. Bob uses his attack for the round to try and block. then when it is Bob's turn he only has a move action left for the round)
Omar goes and hits Ac-18 and rolls 14 damage Bob rolls an opposed roll as if he were attacking Omar and scores a 19! success!
Bob takes no damage and lives another round.
Bobs sword takes 4 damage, (14 dmg - 10 hardness = 4 dmg to the sword)

Thoughts? Would you just negate the attack or do damage to the item used?

He's a twist on the classic Labyrinth talking door puzzle. I want to make sure my logic is solid.
Which door leads to what?

You come to a room with three doors along one wall. Each depicts a Knight in plate mail holding an item: A wide gargoyle like face is carved above them. A voice booms from the gargoyle:

Harken now! and take note as, each door doth speak its quote. One path to safety and one to doom and one to either wealth or tomb. Now two doth speak in naught but lies, but from one, ye may, the truth surmise.

From each door them comes a different voice:
Knight with Shield thus doth spake, Beyond me lies a path to forsake

Knight with Sword in stance most gracious, my path is safe the Lance fallacious

Knight with Lance in tone most vicious your path I guard, the shield’s fictitious

Scenario: Pc tosses a rope and grapple up and over a 15' castle wall and climbs said rope.
He uses his turn to climb the rope and gets to the top of the rope and peeks over the crenelated wall. Where a monster is waiting.
The monster uses his move action to move to the pc and then wants to try and knock the pc off the rope.
Is this possible? Is their and action that would cover this? Bull Rush?
What rules would resolve this?

Is the caster level of an item a prerequisite for crafting the item?

Say for example an item needs the spell Bear's Endurance
A 2nd level spell, you can cast at 3rd level as a wizard.

But the item's caster level is listed as 8th level
Can you make this item before you are an 8th level wizard?

In actual practice, how do you Gm's find your group's use of light.
Do they even bother with torches and lanterns? Do they just rely on the light spell all the time, since it is 0 level?

If they do use torches and lamps how do they do on tracking the supplies? do you trust them to track it themselves OR do you just hand wave it all away and not worry about the supply costs?

I've been toying with the idea of bumping light back up to a 1st level spell so that mundane light sources become more attractive.

Hey all,
Our group is looking for some dedicated mature players to join us for a weekly Pathfinder based game.
Our group is older professional types. (ie.. married, kids, steady jobs, etc.)
But we are stuck here on the Eastern shore of Maryland where there is a serious gamer drought. So if you live in the area, or are attending SU, and are looking for a group or just want more information drop me a PM or post below.
Thanks! :)

A Maptools campaign is a possible option as well, but we prefer in person gaming.

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Look... this post is a rant. I realize that. You've been warned.

This article here
5th edition wizards pretty much guarantees I will not touch 5th edition.

rant on:

I am sick and tired of these developers telling me that for the past 20 years I have been doing it wrong, not been having fun and that they know better then all of the developers that came before them. That only the players who played wizards at my table had fun in my games and that fighters and rogues cried themselves to sleep at night over the injustice of it all.

I am sick to death of this fighter fan base that was beat up by a wizard in kindergarten and has dedicated their life to getting revenge by nerfing(to use an mmo phrase) wizards into the ground.

It annoys me to no end that this mentality has crept into pathfinder (by the way blasting spells have suffered) to some extent and is proselytized on the boards here almost daily.

I'm tired of it. It's called resource management. Wizards spells are the most powerful in the game and should do more damage then melee attacks because they are limited in resource. Letting your players get away with 15 minute adventuring days so the melee characters never shine means you're doing it wrong as a DM NOT that the system is flawed.
But no one ever looks at it this way, oh no, it's all the big bad wizard's fault. The class must be OP.

But it's this mentality that has led to 4th level archers in pathfinder doing 30+ points of damage per round, every round, all day while a 4th level wizard is lucky if he can pull off a 15 point damage spell 2 or 3 times the entire day.

This entire article is nothing but a massive nerf to wizards.
Scrolls should require a spell slot to use? So lets reduce the 15 minute adventure day to 10 minutes.

Reduced number of spell slots.. spells don't scale with level..BUT hey you can cast cantrips all day!!
This is like saying.. okay Mr. Fighter.. you can have 4 swings of your greatsword per day but then you have to switch to your dagger.

Haste is for fighters.. anyone else with a haste spell shouldn't get as many attacks as an unbuffed fighter... WTH... why does this sounds like SUMMMON FIGHTER I-IX should be the most powerful spell in the game?

The article has more examples of this.. grease to help the rogue. web to entangle the villain's horse but not the villain himself. Heaven forbid the wizard actually do something to win the encounter. That's everyone else's job. You should be happy we let you cast light. Not that it was necessary. The fighter just used a power and can see in the dark now silly wizard.

I grow weary of this. Leave the wizard alone or they aren't going to be worthy of the name for much longer!


Personally I feel that the bonus feat humans get at first level is too powerful a racial perk. Specifically because there are too many feat chains that have some sort of feat tax. That extra feat is just too appealing if you are trying to make your pc fit a concept.
For example: Technically no one but a human or a fighter can use a ranged weapon reliably in combat before 3rd level.

So, if the extra feat wasn't a human racial, what could Humans gain in return to keep them appealing as a choice?

Okay so last warning.. this post contains what some would call spoilers.

Just ran the opening act of Haunting at Harrowstone and peasants/villagers died at the funeral.
2 to be exact cut down by one of the pcs. Okay more then cut down. 18 points of damage to one, and a cleave crit to the other for 32 pts.
These guys had 4 hp.
The rest of the peasants ran screaming. A few stuck around for one more round to take a couple shots at the attacking pc but then fled when their attacks were ineffectual.

How on earth do I have the town authorities react.
I know what damage has been done behind the scenes.
But I'm thinking the sheriff shouldn't let this go.
On the other hand he may even be intimidated by this.
How would you all handle the offending pc/party?

The party has gotten through the will reading and are investigating the journal and other books. I figured it would take some time for the town to mobilize and or alert the sheriff to what has happened.
I played the Father as in shock himself over the brutality of it all.

I'm currently prepping to run the Carrion Crown adventure path and looking at the stat block for Ravengro.
Which core book has the definitions on how to interpret the city's stat block?
and/or is the info in the SRD?

Specifically I'm talking about the stuff in the stat block like
Corruption +0, Law +1. Are there detailed descriptions somewhere on what these stats mean?

I feel I have seen this brought up before but a quick search of this forum didn't pop anything out at me.
I'm not a big fan of house rules. And try to keep them at a minimum but I wanted to get feedback on the following idea.

Precise shot and Point blank:
Remove the Prerequisite for Precise Shot.
Everything else for Precise Shot stays the same.

Point Blank: add "Your Ranged attacks no longer provoke attacks of Opportunity."


Here's the scenario I am writing out.
The party is going to enter a small ravine cut into the side of a cliff by the sea. They will enter at the base of the ravine just above the water line. Across the way, 5' above the water is a ledge with another tunnel. The surf is surging in and out with the waves.
The cliffs rise roughly 25' above and are slick with sea spray So I am assuming the party will try to cross the water.
I'm trying to decide which would be better. Should pcs make strength checks to cross the water to avoid being tripped and then bull rushed by the surging waves. Or should I give the waves a CMB and pit that against the pc's CMD.
On one hand they get to make the rolls themselves. on the other I would be as the "Attacking" waves.

As a follow up I'm curious what sort of xp would you award for this if you did.

Hey there, I'm looking for a quick hand filling in some details for my campaign this evening if anyone is willing.
The setup... lumber colony in a remote coastal location. This is the 2nd colony started by the consortium. The first colony's inhabitants all disappeared without a trace.The pcs have been out on an adventure for the past week and a half. Having returned to town they have found people in the beginnings of a panic. Over the last 6-8 days 18 people have vanished. Considering the past history the colonists are getting scared and now one of the lumber camps out in the woods have stopped responding. The party will be asked to investigate since they have made a bit of a name for themselves. (just reached 2nd level)

at the camp they will find dead lumberjacks and fend off a group of wolves feeding. while investigating the camp i plan on them finding one of the attackers dead in the brush. It's one of the colonists but his hands have transformed into scaly claws and he has gills.

This is where i need a hand. I need to get from this point in the story to the next part where they pcs track down the transforming colonists (both new and the old that are fully transformed into Skum). The fish cult is operating out of an unused cabin off in the woods from the previous colony. from there I have the story fleshed out. But I'm having trouble figuring out how to link them from the body at the lumber camp to tracking to the cabin. I want to stretch it out a bit and not just have a direct path in the story. I'm thinking an encounter at the mans house with another half transformed family member. But that's where I get stuck.

Soo any takers? :)

Recently this has come up in the current campaign I am running and I would like to hear how other DMs deal with this sort of thing.

We have a druid with a bear, and a cavalier with his horse.

The dungeon entrance was under the surf along a beach. So the cavalier elected to leave his horse outside. The druid brought his bear along and has been having some difficulty.

I tend to like including skill challenges in my adventures(especially at the lower levels or in wilderness settings).
Specifically acrobatics(walk across a slippery narrow stone causeway), climbing(the cave ends in a 15' wall that seems to have an opening at the top), gap jumping.. etc.

Anyway... the druid player was getting frustrated with trying to come up with ways for his bear to surmount these obstacles. How do you normally handle this type of situation where an animal companion is almost a hindrance.

My apologies, I looked through 3 pages of posts on Eidolons before I gave up. The APG says the act of summoning the Eidolon is a ritual that takes 1 minute.. so 10 rounds of combat.
Let's say the summoner knows something is coming and begins to summon his Eidolon. He gets part way through the ritual and combat breaks out.
What sort of DC would be required to continue the ritual when threatened?
I am assuming it would be a spellcraft based concentration check.
Something along the lines of a DC 15+ spell level. But what spell level would the ritual be considered? 1st? since the ability is gained at 1st level?
Also I assume if the summoner takes damage he would need to make a second check on top of the check to avoid provoking an AoO while casting?
Basically this is a retarded thing to do but one of my players did.

Historically (1st, 2nd ed.) the druid armor limitations have been portrayed as an ethical choice. (They shun metal works) At least that's the vibe i've always gotten.
The question came up in my campaign.. specifically a halfling druid with a riding dog for her companion... if there is a limitation on what kind of material a druid can use for barding on their animal companion.

Is there? rule wise?
The idea of a druid that refuses to wear metal armor decking her mount out in chain mail seems kind of silly to me. The player thinks so too, but i don't want to put restrictions on her unnecessarily

Lesser Hag:
Hd-3d8+6 Hp-30
AC-16 +2 dex, +3 Natural, +1 Dodge
Darkvision 60’ Mv: 30’
S: 20 D:14 C:15 I:16 W:10 Chr:12
F: +5 R: +3 W: +3
DR 3/magic
SR 14
Base Attack +2
2 Claws +7 1d4+5
bite +2 1d4+2 + Poison (Medium Spider venom: DC-14 1d2 str 1/round for 4 rounds)
Feats: Dodge, Mobility.
Grab +4 CMB to grapple
SA: Mount - on a successful grapple check the Hag will mount the victims back. Each round she maintains her hold the victim will take Str damage 2.
Also the victim suffers as if under a heavy load. [Max dex +1, -6 AR check, 20’ movement]
A mounted Hag loses her Dex and Dodge bonus to AC. But gains a +2 shield bonus from her Victim. Attacks that miss the hag by 2 or less strike the victim.
A mounted hag can only attack with her Bite.
She can also force the victim to move 10’ per round in any direction.
Fearsome Visage: Cone 15’ Will Save DC-16 or Shaken. Save each round. 1 save renders the victim immune to this Hag’s visage for 1 day.
CMB +7(+11grapple)
CMD +19
Climb +11
Swim +11
Percep +6
Stealth +8
Acrobatics +9

Okay so rather then hijack this thread
I figured I would create a new one when I started thinking and got on a roll.. I'm still coming up with more but here are the first few for your dissection

Glaive of Air
School Evocation; Level Druid 1, Sorcerer/wizard 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, DF/F ( A Quarter Staff )
Range Touch
Effect: A blade of Air
Duration10 minutes/level (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
You cause the very air around you to coalesce on the end of your staff into the shape of a blade.
The damage type of your staff changes to slashing. The damage increases to 1d10
You are considered proficient with this weapon while the spell is in effect.

Armor of Earth
School Abjuration; Level Druid 1, Sorcerer/wizard 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, DF/F Contact with the ground
Range Self
Effect: Earth moves to protect you
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
The very ground moves to protect you. A form fitting shell of earth and rock slides up around you that shifts to absorb blows.
While in contact with the ground you gain Damage Reduction 5/-

Whip of Water
School Evocation; Level Druid 2, Sorcerer/wizard 2
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, DF
Range 0 ft
Effect: Whip of Liquid
Duration 1 minutes/level (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
A whip of water springs from your hand. The whip can be conjured to be either 5’, 10’ or 15’ to provide reach when the spell is cast. Changing the length of the whip after the initial casting is a move action. The whip only threatens squares at its end.
The water forms a razor like edge that deals 1d6 slashing damage +1 point per level (max +10)..
The whip can be used to make trip attacks or disarms.
If released the water of the whip evaporates instantly.

Orb of Travel
School Conjuration; Level Druid 2, Sorcerer/wizard 2
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, DF
Range directly beneath the caster
Effect: A swirling orb of air that buoys the caster above the ground
Duration concentration to a max of 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
The caster is lifted 2’ above the ground providing protection from any harmful material there such as lava, water, quicksand, caltrops, entanglement spells.. etc.
The orb will skim across any surface and boosts the casters movement rate by 10’ plus an additional 10’ per 5 levels.
If the orb is ridden off a cliff or ledge it dissipates into a feather fall spell targeted on the caster.

Hey random question here. Which book from pathfinder introduced these "traits" I am seeing? They read like feats but aren't called that soo...
Are they still taken by using a feat? or is there some other mechanic for them?

Hey all,
I am working on a classic (Knight/Knave/Spy)door riddle for my campaign. The party will enter a cave and be faced with three doors. Each bears the image of a Knight in plate mail. One bears a shield, One a lance and the third a sword.
The following will be read to them:
Harken now and take note as each door doth speak its quote.
One to safety and one to doom and one to either wealth or tomb.
Knight with Shield thus doth spake, Beyond me lies a path most safe
Knight with Lance towards the roof, then does utter: "The shield speaks truth!"
Knight with Sword in stance most bold,your path I guard the truth be told.

Which path would you choose? To ambiguous? any flaws in the logic?

I should add, the safe path leads out of the mountain and back to the where the pcs came from. The doom path... well you can guess, and the third path (of wealth or tomb) provides access to the dungeon.

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