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rabbyt's page

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Is there any chance we'll see a Treasure Table for random treasure generation? Possibly akin to the tables in the 3.5 srd ( with some additional tables to include specific magic items/weapons or magical properties for items/weapons?

Dark Archive

Have any of you guys seen Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia? My buddy and I are big fans, and one day after watching the episode "The Nightman Cometh", we tried to do a Pathfinder representation of Dayman, a paladin-monk hybrid (if you listen to the lyrics of the song, you'll see where we were coming from) just for fun. The paladin of Irori PrC should fit this nicely!

On an unrelated note, is there any chance of seeing a new non-magical assassin PrC? Perhaps a Daggermark Assassin? It was stated in a previous discussion that the current Assassin PrC from the Core Rulebook was more suitable for NPCs. Although I like the idea of having these nasty villains be a viable threat to the PCs, I think it would be great to give the PCs this type of option without fluffing up a rogue (who would need to wait until 20th level to get a beefed up "death attack" with master strike or houseruling to allow a rogue to take the Assassinate ninja trick) or through gimping said rogue by having him/her take levels in the current Assassin PrC.

Dark Archive

DISCLAIMER: I did a brief scan through this forum and didn't see anything pertaining to what I'm about to ask. However, I did just get off my midnight shift, so I may have missed something. If that's the case, I apologize ahead of time.
Now that that's out of the way, I was wondering if this is going to be an equivalent campaign book to the Inner Sea World Guide, or can we look forward to another book in a future that details the entire outer sea region?

Dark Archive


One of my PC's has been interested in utilizing the equipment trick feat in our game, but was looking for some help with applying the feat to other pieces of equipment other than the heavy sword scabbard and the shield.

So I was wondering, have any of you had some success with custom equipment tricks? If so, I would love you forever if you could share some of your ideas (as I've kind of hit a wall myself).

Thanks in advance! =)

Dark Archive

AlanM wrote:

yep, but it shares slots with the summoner, so either the summoner can wear two rings, the Eidolon can wear two rings, or each of them can wear one ring. They both cannot have two rings however. And this holds for all of the magic item slots.

Aaaah...ok, that actually makes a lot of sense, considering the bond between the summoner and his eidolon...kind of reinforces "the two are one" feel to them while maintaining the balance among classes/character wealth. Thanks!

Dark Archive

I wanted a clarification on this as well - at least for question #2.

In the APG, it states that the eidolon can't wear armor of any kind. Great. My player's summoned beast can't don a piece of plate mail. I'm completely cool with that. But can it wear other pieces of equipment (other than weapons), such as rings, headbands, etc.?

Dark Archive

Umbral Reaver wrote:
Favoured enemy: Humanoid (Ganondorf)

OOOOH!!! Thats another thing my buddy and I were tryin' to figure out. Exactly what race/class would Ganondorf be...

I was going half-orc (rather, half-orc/half-elf, with dominate genes being in his orcish ancestry...this would compensate for his appearance in like, Ocarina of Time - green skin, pointy, elf-like ears....though I'm not sure what to do about his more...piggy incarnations!). As for class, I'd say Sorceror prestiged into Eldritch Knight because of his affinity to magic and that crazy weapon he tosses around.

Dark Archive

SirUrza wrote:
I'd stick with fighter, you have enough feats to make him an archer if you want. Nothing in the Ranger classes says "Link ability" to me.

Aside from Animal Companion: Horse!!! ;-) But seriously, thats the direction I was thinking as well. At least to me, Link doesn't seem like the "track 'em down/Survivor-man" type...though he's more than capable of holding his own.

Dark Archive

Blayde MacRonan wrote:

Ahh, but lest we forget Link is also an accomplished archer. I would definitely see him written up as a half-elf ranger with the archery combat style. That he uses both sword and shield would just make him a variant form of switch-hitter (to borrow the term from Treatmonk), nothing more.

But do you think that one would consider archery to be his primary fighting style? I've always invisioned him as really shining in melee combat (after all, he does get the nifty powered-up charge attack - i.e. whirlwind attack lol), and being a very competent archer as a secondary offense.

Dark Archive

Umbral Reaver wrote:
Ranger? He has an animal companion (Epona).

Yeah, we tossed around the idea of ranger as well for that specific reason. We also thought the favorite terrain for underground would work with him as well, considering he just LOVES those dungeons! lol. However, his primary fighting style is the sword and shield...which doesn't necessarily have a ranger-y feel to it, ya know? Maybe a multi-class fighter/ranger? I mean, hell, might as well utilize that half-elf heritage to its fullest! I thought a little bit about alchemist too...but that was specifically for the use of bombs =) lol.

Dark Archive

So, my buddy and I were reminiscing about classic video games, when I jokingly said to him, "Hey, I should roll up Link (Legend of Zelda) in the next campaign we run!" Then we got to thinking...exactly how would Link appear if he was in the Pathfinder universe. We thought half-elven fighter with feats/weapon choices focusing on Longsword & shield, Longbow, Boomerang, and some two-handed weapon (for instance, the Sledge and 2H sword he's had in previous incarnations), in addition to some other things, like Skill Focus: Dungeoneering and skill ranks in such things as performing (whether it be an ocarina or a simple baton!).

In any case, how would you bring Link into Pathfinder RPG? =)

Dark Archive

Hello! it appears, my friend and I are the only players interested in playing Pathfinder RPG here in the Big O. This, sadly, causes a little piece of my soul to die on the inside. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and I fear this situation can only be remedied by someone who's running a game in the area and is willing to accept 2 additional players.

Do you like Pathfinder? How about saving souls? Live in Omaha, NE? Then, feel free to help some fellow gamers out and contact me - my emails

Thanks! =)

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