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qutoes's page

264 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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I want the slayer build... level and gear.

I think you are better off just taking levels in crimson assassin at 7 th level on. sabre fighting and their spell list is pretty strong. it is well worth taking weapon focus and upping your chr. to 12

bump for someone to get a slayer guide going

Walrus would be great Pirate pet.

Someone need to write guides for Mounted Combat and Combat Maneuvers!! I would but I suck at stuff like that and I know there is always post with questions about those areas of the game.

Here we go again. LOL

so how many cold spells do witches really get ?

Way back in 2ed. We had younger kid that was friend of a family thing that wanted to play with us.(we were in our mid 20s and he was 16 or so) He played a Halfling thief and stole from the party. I was playing a Bugbear Fighter that saw him take the item. I told him to give me the item and he lied and said he did not steal it. So my bugbear killed him and took the item back. Being a Bugbear my thought was he was there to find traps for the party... So I tied his body to a 10' pole and use it to open doors and pushed it a long the hallways in front of me to trip traps. He ending up being a pretty good friend of mine over the years and we still laugh over it to the day.

Wow please never let me be on a jury with you guys. Everyone is going to die of old age. BBT sometime you have to just step back and see where everyone stands. Forget I said anything and go back to the pointless back and forth. Please make sure to add the same points over and over again. At this point no one is going to change anyone ones view. /shrug

We have 10 page of debate. Lets get a head count on what people think. Its not that hard to type one word. LOL.

LOL Graystone... dude one word no Qualifiers.

I have totally forgot who is on what side... How about we just have a straight up vote to see who is winning this bar brawl. simple one word post.

Does Sacred Fist AC Bonus stack with Monks AC Bonus ?

My Vote


Try building out a slayer 6 level crimson assassin x level. Seems to fit books wetboy mold. Assassins that use magic to help them fight and hide. Sawtooth sabers ftw BTW. You can use the ranger style to keep you Dex down and str higher chr. Only needs to be 13 to cast up to 3rd level spells. Crim. Assassins spell list is pretty good .

Remake these guys v5748dmtyww9l

did the search for you some can link it I guess

so you are looking to stat out Drizzt in pathfinder? I'm sure someone on these boards has done it already

6 level ranger x level crimson assassin. Sawtooth sabers ftw. Crimson spell list is pretty strong. You get leadblades 2 favored enemies 1 terrain. You can keep a lower Dex because of twf combat sytle. Its a little mad but it would make a great NPC villain.

blah blah healing not healing. The most important thing in this post is "The Treantmonk" sighting!!!!

Good to see a Legend posting!

Thank you for the guides that set the standard and format of all to follow!

wow you dug deep for this thread LOL

yea that item list seems to have gotten worst LOL. I remember it being better. l

Someone can link it for me.

Antimagic field for 30 years has effected everything in it. Magic items, spells and the casting of spells. No matter what anyone is going to say is going to convince you otherwise. You have it in your head that you have found some spell hack that no one in 30 years has seen.

Play it as you and your GM wants to.

Switch his Dex and str and go with 6th level ranger(two weapon fighting) 9 the level crimson assassin. You get 2 favored enemy ,1 favored terrain, 2 weapon feats and all sawtooth saber goodness plus a good spell list.

Wow people... Let him have his fun. Lol

Horagon the half orc 4cleric/15assassin way back in 1ed d&d.. Was the most fun a had playing a char.

I have a ranger 6 / Crimson assassin 10 I really want to try out

This thread is not what I thought it was about /wink

yes Rynjin thank you. I was not thinking mask when trying to look it up.

Hmm I swear in Curse of the Crimson Throne it was a item that gave rounds of things like see invis. dark vision and something else.

I can't seem to find this item on the PRD...My search skills are lacking today I guess. Anyone help me out with a link ?

Wood makes a pretty good switch hitter bow/spear or archer support.
I'm pretty sure you can't use shillelagh on a spear though.

Metal is WAY better melee.

Just my 2 cents.

The group I'm playing with now switched from rolling to 1d3+3=d6 , 1d4+4=d8 , 1d5+5=d10, 1d6+6=d12

2 people marked this as a favorite.

yes... Just show them the book to read it for themselves.

Gloves of Elvenkind

If you are going to do it, go all out.
Reach weapon combat reflexes and roll with it.

You power attack everything. Something hits you and you go flying and you aoo them as they run back at you.

If you don't want to go the crit shocking grasp thing I would try a different archetype. Try staff magus or use a whip and try being battle field controler . true strike plus a trip or disarm means you are going pull it off. Enlarge person plus whip means you can trip or disarm it a big area protecting everyone around you.

Lances have reach... Even without a lance you attack from the sq. Next to some thing so you pick a path that moves you by your target not through it.

I want to play a goblin monk that flurry with his bite and uses roll with it feat plus a reach weapon.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Ki throw ftw

Lord Foul II wrote:

I'm going to second champion of Iori, this goes triple for a Gestalt Campaign

but even in a non gestalt it's still awesome

Dragon diciple XlF8/mobilebasic?pli=1

Feel free to add to the list for all classes.

Yes because teaching someone new a system they have to look things up in two different rule sets that they can never be sure which games rules cover their question. Lets also added a big layer of house rules that no one seems to write down to cram those systems together.

The Surprise Spells class feature allows the Arcane Trickster to add his sneak attack dice to spells that deal damage that target flat-footed foes. This damage is only applied once per spell. In the case of fireball this means it affects all targets in the area, with each getting a save to halve the damage (including the sneak attack damage). In the case of magic missile, the extra damage is only added once to one missile, chosen by the caster when the spell is cast.

You can't flurry so you are going to need to take twf feats or monk dip (better choice)

You can use a Bag of Devouring as a porta potty !

The Crusader wrote:
I've always thought it would be fun to play with a group of four mop-topped bards, who get into all kinds of crazy situations and nutty hijinks. Then close out the adventure with a cheery, upbeat rock song.

Hey, hey, we're the Barkees

And people say we monkey around.
But we're too busy singing
To put anybody down

The god guide to all things Magus .

Time Lords can go back in time and kill your mom so you were never born. They do the most damage! zoom! ;)

Having played a Arcane Archer and a Magus I don't think they work well together. If you want to be a Archer that has some magic go 1wiz/6levels fighter//Arcane Archer. Get Gravity Bow then fighter levels to 7th

gloves of Elven kind as soon as you can get them. That +5 makes it easy.

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