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pursuingperegrine's page

1 post. Alias of Kyle Gallagher.


The Exchange

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We Be Goblins:

The PCs fought and killed the giant spider and decided that, since Lotsalegs was so scary, they would try to "hollow out" the carcass and use it to scare off any random encounters in the swamp.

Of course, they decided that they needed to be more "spidery", so they constantly twitched the carcass's legs and yelled, "GRRAARR! I'm a spider!" as they traveled through the swamp. When they got to the fence around Vorka's ship, they had a big IC argument about whether spiders can open gates or if they should just try to climb over the fence in a "spidery" fashion.

Needless to say, Vorka was not at all surprised by the party.

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