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pluvia33's page

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 433 posts. No reviews. No lists. 4 wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Great, Vic! Thank you! So with the rewording, you can recharge a magic shield to add the magic trait to your combat check. Nice!

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Yeah, Pirate Hunting shortened my solo run of this scenario a bit. I don't think I ever met the villain.

Although it can cut the scenario short, I kind of like the mental image of the heroes returning to the Lady only one day after they set out, soaked through, covered in seaweed and goblin blood, and holding a load of strange loot with a sour look on their faces.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Hosted this one tonight. I wanted to try to run as many of the first six scenarios as I could, but we ended up having a six character party with two brand new players so that ran a little long. We lost the scenario and a bard (Bekah) died. This scenario seems to be especially rough for large groups and can be really hard on wizards and sorcerers with all of the shark summoning.

Everyone except for poor Bekah's player had other commitments after that scenario so the two of us gave the Lone Shark another shot with him trying out the Ranger this time. With Tarlin and Wrathack (a rather unlikely team) we were able to beat the sharks back!

The big group will probably try The Lone Shark again next week and I'll probably go back to my main man Lem. Hopefully we'll be able to get through some other scenarios, too.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

So I had the day off work today and since I'll be trying to run as many of the first six scenarios at my local game store tomorrow, I decided to try Ghosts of the Deep solo, single character style.... Yeah.

So first I tried with Olenjack and man is he bad on his own! Especially with only basic cards. His ability with poison combat wouldn't have been too much help in this scenario due to the undead, but it's impossible for him to even use it right out the box. I played and failed three times after getting to a point where death was imminent if I explored any more, and just conceded (let the Blessing Deck run out). Ended with an Item B, Blessing 1, and Ally B as my upgrades. The most frustrating moment while playing Olenjack was when I encountered a Large Chest barrier, beating it, rolling a 4 on the die to get 4 weapons(!), and then drawing nothing by Weapon B cards.... Yeah, with a d4 Strength, just a d8 Dexterity with no Ranged, no Finesse ability, and no Weapon Proficiency, the B weapons in the Rogue class deck are pretty much crap for Olenjack. Yeah, the Shock Longbow +1 would be awesome as a Weapon B if it didn't have the non-proficient penalty. Never getting a Weapon 1 card during the three plays was a major bummer and that Large Chest was just cruel. The Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 would be SO much help for him! Especially in the first scenario.

After that I gave Agna the ranger a shot. I felt like she would do much better, but she had a tendency to be plagued by bad dice rolls. She ended the first scenario with a concede and didn't receive a single card. Rolled to get a random upgrade card and pulled a Weapon B. Yay! She could now use her Offhand combat power! So then it was on to the second game I played with her. Again, she was having a lot of bad luck. She was getting to the point when she was going to have to concede again, but she went ahead and explored. Man Overboard! She failed the initial Dexterity check and then it was a death sentence. I didn't realize that she only had a d6 Constitution and she didn't have anything to help her. So yeah, my first OP character death. At least it was before she made any real progress. I'll just have to make sure when I play with her little sister (Agna 2), I'll need to be a little more careful and not go alone.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

According to the Press Release, the store just needs to sign up for the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild and they will then receive the free base set.

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
agraham2410 wrote:
The decks are mainly for use in the Organised play senarios.

Actually, that's a common misconception. They're meant just as much to be an accessory to use in home games in any Adventure Path as they are as a requirement for Organized Play.

From the Class Deck "rules" card, side titled "Adding Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Class Decks to Any Set":

Class Decks are designed for use as an accessory for any Pathfinder Adventure Card Game base set and its corresponding Adventure Decks. You may immediately add all of the Class Deck cards that have the letter B in the upper-right corner to the other cards in your base set (see "organizing You Cards" in the rulebook). When you add cards from a new Adventure Deck to the box (see "ending a Scenario, Adventure, or Adventure Path" in the rulebook), you may add all of the Class Deck cards that have the same adventure deck number as the Adventure Deck cards you just added.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Check to Defeat: Constitution, Fortitude 5 Or Wisdom, Survival 6

The difficulty to defeat this barrier is increased by twice the adventure deck number of the current scenario, if any.

If undefeated, draw a number of cards equal to your hand size, then bury that number of cards.

After you act, stash a number of plunder cards equal to your hand size.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

According to the OP Guide, "reporting is very important to the success of Pathfinder Society Organized Play!"

I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I'm thinking it might have something to do with the fact that when you report, you are saying when and where you played the game and the fact that you are participating in OP at all. This might be some of the most important data for organized play. Reporting lets Paizo know how often OP events are taking place and if it is getting more or less popular over time. If the number of events begin to drop, Paizo may not feel the need to support the program as much. If popularity increases, they may increase support.

Another thing that reporting can provide to Paizo is useful play data. Did you win? Did anyone die? Those were two very important questions during the playtest and they can still be useful when gaging the difficulty of the game and OP scenarios in particular. Like, "Wow, a large percentage of characters played this scenario 4 times or more before they succeeded and a larger percentage of characters died during it. Maybe that was a little much."

Just a couple of guesses, but I think it makes sense.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Yep, I just redownloaded all of the character sheet files and they no longer have watermarks. That's nice.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Yes, all is correct except that I don't think any banes (monsters or barriers) have the Finesse trait. The "or is against a card" text is mainly so you can more easily acquire finesse weapons.

For example, Lem from the S&S base set encounters a cool new magic Rapier. Cool! But it has a Strength or Melee 11 to acquire. If it wasn't for his finesse ability and how it interacts with weapons he encounters, he'd be stuck trying to use his d4 Strength to get the card. Not good chances, even if he blows a Blessing and uses his inspiration ability on himself. This was an issue that came up in the playtest and I'm happy with the final version that was used.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
CajunAtx wrote:
How in the world do you get to play Jirelle while playing another character? and then what? you have to give up the character you were playing and start from scratch with Jirelle? I don't get this...

In OP, you can play as many characters as you want. For example, I have all 7 Class Decks now. I can play one character from each deck. I can play one of each of the four characters from each deck. I can even register and play 10 different versions of Lem (S&S) if I wanted to. You just register each character online with a different number (-1001, -1002, etc.). You can then use the Character Sheet/Deck List PDFs and Chronicle Sheets to keep track of what cards, feats, upgrades, and such each character has.

So to answer your question, once you have a character in OP who has completed all 6 scenarios in Adventure 1 of the OP Adventure Path, you can start a new character as Jirelle using the Rogue deck, but you also still get to keep the old character which has already finished the first 6 scenarios.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

The player was using a pregen Lem. That means it was the Lem from that Class Deck which has a spellcasting focus. S&S Lem is the only one with the Finesse ability.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I don't see it that way at all. This is a cooperative game, so saying this like "a distinct advantage over anyone else" just doesn't really fit to me. This isn't a competition.

Because of how the class decks are currently set up, there will already be Class Deck and Character choices that are better off in OP than others. If done correctly, adding expansions to make a better variety of cards available (not better cards in power level) will only balance out characters that rely one specific types of cards.

Another thought to expand on what I'd envision for these card expansions: Don't make any B type cards, or at the very least don't make any Basic B cards. All OP characters will always be on equal footing when they start out, before they get any deck upgrades.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
agraham2410 wrote:
Doing a boon deck for OP would be difficult. The class decks all say what deck they are from so any expansion cards would also have to say that so you can sort out who owns what card after the game. That limits the usefulness of any boon decks.

The way I'd envisioned having expansions would be that either all expansion cards would have the same identifying banner (something like "Neutral Class Deck") and it'd be a free-for-all letting any character pick as many cards from whatever expansion they'd like. Or the expansions would have specific identifiers (like "Melee Expansion", "Ranged Expansion", "Arcane Expansion", "Firearm Expansion", etc.) and the OP rules would state that each character deck can only include one expansion type.

I've said it before, the issue of having players with the same identifier on their cards can already come up. There is nothing in the OP rules that currently limits what class decks each player can use in any given game. Yes, it's recommended that you don't have a table full of Fighter characters, but there is nothing in the rules against it.

I don't think it is too much to ask for players to note the 15-20 cards that are included in their OP decks when people are playing cards from the same source, be they the same class deck or a hypothetical deck expansions.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

No, she is a fighter who likes scrolls. She is never a real spellcaster. She has the skill only for the combat check and no other purpose, so the spell is still banished after she plays it. All the power lets her do is use her d8 Intelligence die with a +2 bonus when she is using arcane attack spells instead of only getting a d4.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
csouth154 wrote:
Hmm. Well, if that is the exact quote, that leads to the question: is there ANY card whose language makes it explicitly clear that it ONLY reduces damage to characters? I think the answer is no. This seems like a case for use of common sense interpretation.

Yes, the exact quote is: "While displayed, damage dealt by that monster is reduced by 1."

Yes, there are cards that make it explicitly clear that it only reduces damage to characters. Pretty much all armor and similar cards say "reduce ... damage dealt to you..." You means your character, not your ship or anything else.

I think the better questions is are there any other cards that have the language "dealt by that monster." I think this is a special case. ANY types of damage dealt by the monster are reduced by 1.

Case, Sea Drake: "After you act, the Sea Drake deals 1 Structural damage to your ship."

The Sea Drake is dealing this damage, so if you used Frostbite against him, it is reduced by 1. The frost weakened him. He isn't strong enough to bust up your ship during the fight.

That's how I see it, anyway.

Edit: ninja'd by Firedale. Hopefully my explanation is still helpful.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

No, you can't use your OP character in the S&S adventure with the same upgrade rules because the base S&S scenarios aren't sanctioned for organized play. The only thing you can do with your OP character to play in S&S is that after every S&S scenario, you'd have to make sure you don't change his deck at all. No rewards, no upgrades, no swapping cards; the only things that can make changes to your OP characters are OP scenarios.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Yeah, Lirianne isn't very useful without guns. I think there are a number of other S&S characters that could be work as unlockable characters like using Jirelle with the Rogue Class Deck after completing Adventure 1.

Ranzak can use a Rogue deck pretty well.
Alahazra can use a Cleric deck, although all the cards used for armor might be a bit of a waste for her.
Oloch can also use the Cleric deck pretty well; his stats are very similar to Tarlin from the Cleric Class Deck.

There are also three other characters from S&S that I think would work well as unlockables, if they let you combine two class decks together when playing them.

Seltyel combining the Wizard and Fighter decks.
Feiya with the Wizard and Ranger decks.
Lini with the Cleric and Ranger decks.

So I think, potentially, all of the characters from S&S could be unlockable in the Season of Shackles other than Lirianne and Damiel due to not having enough firearms and alchemical items in the Class Decks.

Sorry to go on a bit of a tangent.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
LizD wrote:
I had been assuming I couldn't use it with two-handed weapons. But I realized today the power doesn't actually say anything about that.

Yeah, I realized that loophole, too. It's interesting because some of the weapons with the Offhand trait in the Ranger Class Deck also have the 2-handed trait. These are considered double weapons in the RPG with which you can use both ends as if they were two weapons for the purposes of the two-weapon fighting rules, one of the ends being treated as the offhand weapon.

This made me wonder why the Quarterstaff doesn't have the Offhand trait since it is a double weapon in the RPG. If it did, that would help low-level OP Agna since it's a Basic weapon.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

As far as the Card Game goes, the Buckler Gun does not have the Offhand trait, so Agna can't use it for her ability.

As far as the RPG goes, you cannot normally shield bash with bucklers. A shield usually must be classified as a light or heavy shield in order to make shield bash attack. The Thunderstriker fighter archetype is the only thing that I know of that can give you the ability to bash with a buckler.

So a buckler not have the Offhand trait makes perfect sense for the Card Game and Agna's ability.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Andrew K wrote:
I'm pretty sure the theme of it is that she is a two-weapon ranger. So, most likely, "a card" should be "a weapon".

The thing is that a shield bash is a common offhand weapon when two-weapon fighting in the RPG. Improved Shield Bash is one of the bonus feat options at second level for a ranger who takes the two-weapon combat style. So far, shields are the only non-weapon cards that I have seen with the Offhand trait, so maybe that trait is specifically meant to mean it's a card that can be used as an offhand weapon.

Now letting a shield add the bonus damage, but not add the traits of the card is actually supported by the RPG as well. If you have a shield with a magic bonus to defense (which most magic shields are out of the box), this bonus does not help you in any way when using the shield to shield bash. You have to either have the shield enchanted separately as a magic weapon, give it the magic Bashing special ability, or have the Shield Master feat which has some pretty hefty prerequisites.

However, even though the power does make sense to me, the wording just feels a little off with it first talking about any card and then specifically talking about a weapon with nothing to indicate the switch (it feels the the power thinks the two terms are interchangeable, like of course the card you recharged was a weapon, right?), so I wanted to confirm intent from the developers and see what other players think about the ability.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I picked up my copy of the Ranger Class Deck today along with the Sorcerer and Wizard decks to complete my set of seven (yay!). I originally wanted my first Ranger character to be the Class Deck version of Harsk, but I've gotten more and more interested in Agna the more I read the Ranger character sheets. Now one of Agna's starting abilities is:

"You may recharge a card that has the Offhand trait to add 1d6 (□+1) and that weapon’s traits to your combat check." (emphasis mine)

So I assembled my starting Agna deck and realized that she starts with 4 weapons and there are only 4 Basic B weapons in the Ranger deck. And sadly, none of them have the Offhand trait. But then I later realized that shields (non-buckler types) have the Offhand trait! And Wooden Shield in the Ranger deck is a Basic B card!!

I re-read the ability to make sure it wasn't restricted to just weapons. I see it say "a card that has the Offhand trait" but then I also see the part of ability that it adds "that weapon's traits to your combat check."

So now I'm a little confused. Can Anga recharge shields to use this ability? If so, can she add the shield's traits to the combat check (such as if the shield is magical)? Right now, as it is written, it looks like yes, she can recharge a shield to get the d6, but no, since it's not a weapon it doesn't add the shield's traits to the check. Is this the intent?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Lem S&S for me, pretty much for the reason you stated. Self boosting is huge to me, and all those free d4 dice against non-combat bane checks? Yeah, sign me up! Also, I like being able to pick Weapon as my favored card type and with the spell selection in the Bard Class Deck, I'm okay with only four spells.

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I definitely support the idea of Class Deck Expansions, although I'd prefer they be geared to a specific purpose/theme and be 55 card decks instead of the full 110 pack. There'd be one card explaining how the expansion is used with the other 54 cards being the boons, which I think will be plenty. That'd be 7-8 cards per deck level (B through 6). Some examples of what I'm thinking:

Ranged Combat Class Deck Expansion:
-Primary focus would be having a good deal of ranged based weapons, probably about 5 per deck level, with about an even mix of bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons.
-Secondary cards would include a few armor cards that help with ranged combat (maybe 2-4 in the whole deck), a few items like Archer's Bracers (maybe 3-6 total), some allies like Archer, Black Arrow Ranger and Elven Sharpshooter (again, about 3-6 total), and a couple of Blessings of Erastil to round things out.
-Used to supplement ranged weapon heavy characters like Harsk, or characters that just happen to have a better dexterity than strength, but don't get many weapon options in their class deck.

Melee Combat Class Deck Expansion:
-See Ranged Expansion, replacing range focus with melee focus.
-Have a good mix of different types of weapons (finesse, 2-handed, offhand, polearm, piercing, slashing, and bludgeoning); that's actually a lot of types to cover, so maybe have fewer other cards than described in the Ranged Expansion.
-Used to supplement characters that don't get enough of specific types of weapons in their class deck like Tontelizi, Vika, and finesse bards.

Arcane Magic Class Deck Expansion:
-Primary focus would be arcane type spells with a mix of arcane staples and fancy new stuff, also a mix of ones that have that also have the divine trait and those that are arcane exclusive.
-Secondary cards would include a few armor cards that aren't entirely stupid for dedicated magic users, some cool arcane items like wands and staves, a few good allies and blessings to round things out.
-Used to give Zarlova, Flenta, and bards more arcane options and a little more variety to sorcerers and wizards.

Firearm Class Deck Expansion:
-Primary focus would be on firearm weapons.
-Secondary cards would include some items Powder Horn and other kinds of support cards.
-Used for any player who enjoys how firearms work and want to use them with their ranged characters, or Lem (S&S - Freebooter).

Now, I really hope Paizo is considering something like this, but even if they are thinking about it right now we will likely not see them until the next set of Class Decks start rolling out in, what, February? In the mean time, I think being able to "multiclass" you deck would be a very good solution for now.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Well, in that same thread, it looks like Mike at least is well aware of the issue.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I was kind of curious if it might have been the intent for some of the ship "discard a blessing from the blessing deck" abilities to be limited to once per turn. I started using the ship that lets you recharge a random card from your discard pile in my solo Damiel game and it makes me feel pretty invincible since in most normal scenarios I have nearly half the Blessing Deck left over at the end anyway.

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Yeah, people were talking about the issue of only having 110 cards (only 97 boons) to support 4 distinct characters per class deck in this thread. Someone threw out an idea of multiclassing the decks. I think it'd be a nice OP reward if it's possible. Maybe something as a reward at the end of Adventure 2 or Adventure 3: "Each player may add the boons from a second Class Deck to their characters' Class Decks."

That can probably be worded better, and if it did become a thing it would probably need to be explained in more detail in the OP Guide, but it could really add a deeper variety to the characters populating the Card Guild world. We could have your Harsk (Arbalist) Ranger/Rogue as well as Zarlova (Theurge) Cleric/Wizard, Flenta (Arcane Pretender) Fighter/Sorcerer, etc.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Hmmm, I should be picking up the Ranger deck from my local store today after work (along with Sorcerer and Wizard so I'll have all seven). Looking over the character sheets over and over, I've begun to lean more towards playing Agna than Harsk. If the ranged options are as underwhelming as you say, that may solidify the choice. I may try playing Harsk as well if I end up creating more than seven characters.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
agraham2410 wrote:
I would just leave the cards in as per normal play and if you draw a basic card durring an OP game discard it and draw another one from the box untill you get a non-basic card.

Yeah, that's pretty much the Purge Basics and Elites on the Fly rule. I read that and never really considered it an option for two reason. First I don't want to do the extra work during game play, extending the play time when it doesn't need to be, double checking every card's deck number and traits to see if it needs to be discarded, then if it does, discard it and draw a new one, then check that one.... It just seems really cumbersome. Second, I'd be concerned that I'd forget to do this or miss some cards that should be removed.

Firedale2002 wrote:

So for the regular game, if you remove all of the cards, it can change the balance of it by making more powerful boons available more easily or by making more powerful banes encountered more often (most likely both at the same time). So that could artificially overpower or underpower your party depending on what they end up encountering the most depending on the scenario and what their current cards are.

And if they do end up being either overpowered or underpowered, it can influence how the players feel about future scenarios (too easy/too hard) and thus cause issues with the enjoyment of the game.

Yeah, this was the only thing I could think of that would happen. I just wasn't sure if the increase in character power and the increase of bane power might balance out. Since I'm the only one playing the home game, I'm not too worried about player enjoyment. Playing Damiel, the game is already pretty easy, so if the game gets more difficult that may be welcomed. I'm not sure if it can get much easier.

Firedale2002 wrote:
Another option would be to go through the box right before the OP version and stick all of the cards still in the regular game that are supposed to be removed from OP in the back of each card type's spot so when you draw cards for locations for OP, you don't end up accidentally getting ones that are supposed to be removed. Then, when your next game is going to be the normal one, just shuffle the cards back together well.

This idea might actually work. I'd probably stick the supposed-to-be-removed cards in the slots meant for character decks since I wouldn't be using them anyway. But now I am kind of more interested in just using the OP rule of removing them all at once just to see how it plays out. Again, since it's just a solo game, I don't really have anything to lose. If to seems like it's making the game too hard or too easy, I'll remember it for future home games, especially if its with other people.

Any other thoughts?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

So due to my wife and friends not having enough time/desire to play through both the basic AP that comes with the game and the organized play scenarios, I've decided to just play through the home version solo (currently with Damiel as a one-man wrecking crew). I'll just play the OP scenarios with everyone else whenever they have time, which is a pretty nice option to have.

This does, however, bring up a bit of a problem. I use my copy of the game to run the OP scenarios. The base home game and OP have two different methods of removing Basic and Elite cards from play. In OP, you just remove all Basic/Elite cards of a specific Adventure number when instructed while in home games you remove the specified type of card individually when you would banish them from play. If, when the time comes, I try to use both different methods in the two types of games I'll be playing then I would potentially have to do a very large amount of book keeping for my home game (keeping notes on which Basic and Elite cards I've removed from that game) and a lot of extra card swapping whenever I'd switch over.

So the simplest solution I can think of is to just use the OP method of Basic/Elite card removal for my home and OP games. That way I'll only need to record what Damiel's deck list is and if each card belongs in the box or out of the box during OP. I'd have minimal switching between game types. Does anyone have any thoughts on this style of play? Any positive or negative impact that it could have on my solo game at home?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Also, it doesn't say how the d20 is utilized in the game. Maybe you don't even use it for checks. Maybe it randomizes something else all together, similar to rolling on the Plunder table. Who knows. And as Vic said, a lot of things have changed since that was written. It may not be likely that the d20 was taken out all together, but it is possible.

I'm a little sad that I wasn't able to playtest this set. It will be the first time my name won't be in the rulebook. But it will be fun to not know what's coming and speculate what the new mechanics will be this time around.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Yes, you are able to create multiple characters for OP. You can play all of the characters from all of the class decks if you want to. You can even play multiples of the same characters like two different versions of Wu Shen. Just make sure you register them separately. Character ID numbers start at 1001, so I guess theoretically you can play up to 8999 characters.

I'm the main coordinator in my area so I plan on playing multiple characters to avoid replaying scenarios too many times with the same character, and eventually not being qualified to play earlier scenarios with my main character when new players come in further down the line. I have the Bard, Cleric, Fighter and Rogue decks right now and just ordered the other three decks from my local store so I should have them this weekend. So far Lem (S&S ver.) is my main character and the only one I've played so far, but I also have the deck built for my cleric Tarlin.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Yeah, I didn't keep Tot Flask until I got my first Card Feat and put it in Items. It's nice to have for things like having Potion of Heroism two turns in a row or getting ready when you know something is coming, but I don't think it's all that required.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I actually remembered all of them except Agna when I read off their names, although I only remembered Qualzar because of the most recent blog post.

I remembered Bekah because Bard is my favorite of the classes that have Class Decks so far, but yeah, she is pretty unremarkable.

Vika is actually the fighter I would definitely choose if it wasn't for S&S Valeros being an option.

And as for Agna, turns out I just didn't know her by name. The more I look at her character sheet, the more I'm considering playing her instead of Harsk.

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I'm pretty sure that isn't what Tanis meant by hardcore mode. Since this is the first scenario of the season, Higher Level Characters don't come into play. I think Tanis was just referring to using a character with Mental-trait powers in a scenario full of undead (undead being immune to the Mental trait), putting the team at a handicap.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I'd really like to tell you what Damiel was like at the end of the playtest, but Mike has asked us nicely not to talk about it. You probably would have found him to be a lot more balanced the way he was, but there was a particular problem that resulted from it. Just a little hint, he didn't automatically recharge the cards, he had to work for it....

As far as burying non-basic, non-elite cards instead of recharging them, that could work, but it could also restrict creativity. I don't know if I'd keep anything but basics and elites of that type if this were the case.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I wonder if there is some kind of way they could "supplement" the class decks without having to release a whole entire new class deck for the same class. Like, could they release a "Spell Deck" and have some way to identify who owns it? Maybe just a space to write your name on it or something. I don't know. But that would be cool.

Yeah, I had suggested something like that before. Personally, I don't think you really need to mark the cards. Just make sure people keep track of the cards they're playing with. Like I said it that thread, there's nothing to prevent a game from having a table full of players all playing the same class. I think I've heard Vic recommend against something like that, but it's not illegal according to the guide. Just remember what cards you have in your deck. Record them on a Deck List if you have to. Mixing cards doesn't happen all that often anyway.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Sorry, but Potion of Flying (3) is on the Skull & Shackles Deck List PDF.

So, yeah, do you need a hug?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

POTION OF FLYING - ITEM 3 (Fighter Class Deck ver.)

Check to Acquire: Intelligence or Craft 10

Powers: Banish this card and choose a character at your location. That character may move; if it's that character's turn, he may explore his location. Any movement restrictions still apply.


Yep, that's pretty nice. I called into work today and just started my solo run with Damiel. I'm about to start Cat and Mouse (Adventure 1, Scenario 2) and this is my current deck:

Weapon: Heavy Crossbow
Spells: Aid, Cure
Armor: Magic Chain Shirt
Items: Alchemist's Fire, Noxious Bomb, Potion of Glibness, Potion of Healing, Sapphire of Intelligence, Thieves' Tools
Ally: Cabin Boy
Blessings: Achaekek, Abadar, Erastil, Gozreh

And yeah, I haven't really had much trouble yet. For my skill feats I've put one in Dexterity and one in Intelligence.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I'm still working on drumming up interest for the Card Guild, so it was just me and a friend playing the scenario on Sunday. I used my old buddy Lem (S&S Ver.) while he used Tontelizi (gnome fighter). We stuck together pretty much the whole time, boosting each others' rolls. We were in control of the situation the whole time and it was a relatively easy win for us. It helped that I didn't fail a single spell recharge the whole game, so we always had a Cure when we needed it. We had a lot of fun. It was a good change from us both dying horribly twice on the first and second scenario of the base set adventure path.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Oh yeah, monsters that summon other monsters. Those things can just be annoying to no end. Merisiel is a good person to have run into the Owlbeartross.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Andrew K wrote:
I suppose that's a scenario where I would use it. However, I could probably count on two hands how many summoned monsters I personally had to encounter in the whole RotR path with my 4-man group.

Have you seen Shark Island? Yeah, Merisiel says, "Sharks? What sharks? *grin*"

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Greyhawke115 wrote:
Exactly. The deck doesn't remember the upgrade, why should it be expected to remember the banished card(s)?

I'm not exactly sure if you're agreeing with me here or making a counterargument....

Greyhawke115 wrote:
This works in home play because everyone is part of the same group. Everyone wants you to get the best card for your character, because they are going to be playing with you in the next scenario and want you at your best. In OP, they may not ever play with your character again. That deck 2 weapon you picked up could be very useful to them in the next scenario, at least as much or maybe more so than for you.

I'd hate to sound like a jerk, but maybe they should have acquired their own weapons? Or protected the plunder better? Why should the bard not have first dibs at the cards that he earned? If the fighter makes a reasonable case, maybe he would consider giving it up to him, but I think he should not be forced to.

Greyhawke115 wrote:
My suggestion would be to embrace the cooperative play and allow multiple people to choose the same upgrade. This will completely eliminate any argument and encourage people to help others acquire things during play. In the example above both fighters

That's definitely an interesting suggestion. It would eliminate arguments for sure, but I don't know if that might be a little too good. Characters would likely then get their desired upgrades much faster than the designers may have intended. That would be nice, though, if it's something that they would consider implementing. But something to think about, what would happen if there is only one new boon gained throughout the scenario? Does everyone have to share that one possible upgrade or do you still roll the die to have at least a number of boons equal to the number of players?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I'd also really like to see the upgrade rules clarified and/or revised.

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
In the link I posted with Vic's response, it seemed like if you banish an Armor 1 card during the game and at the end of the game there was an Armor 1 card in the pile of plunder and cards obtained during play, you could regain an Armor 1 card from your class deck. If there wasn't, you had to follow the rebuild rules.

I was thinking the same thing. It kind of makes sense that if you gained an armor with an adventure number equal to or greater than the number of an upgrade that you had gained but lost, you should be able to pick a card of that type to fill in the spot. For instance, if you have a Spell 2 upgrade on your Chronicle sheet and you lost the spell that was filling that slot. At the end of the scenario, there is a Spell 3 that no one needs (there are other Spell 3 cards or there are some 4s or something), so you use that card to let you select a spell of 2 or lower from your class deck to fill your empty spell slot since you lost it during the scenario.

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
But then in the other post he says you can't rebuild based on history. i.e. Your deck doesn't remember that it had an Armor 1 card so you can't replace the banished card with another Armor 1 card.

Your deck may not remember, but your Chronicle sheet definitely does. If you can't refile your deck upgrade slots, what is the point in keeping them on your Chronicle sheet after you banish the card you had filling that upgrade? If this is the intent, you should be required to remove/line through the upgrade after the corresponding card got banished.

One of the things I'd really like to see changed is how deck upgrades work is in the very first step. Get rid of "sorting all newly acquired cards by card type and place them in the center of the play area" right away. Before you do this, all of the players should have the opportunity to utilize the cards that their characters gained during play just like in the base game. The bard acquired a Spell 2, Weapon 1, Item 1, and two Blessing B cards? If the upgrade he wants is within these 5 cards, he can take it right away without having to share and potentially fight over it with the other players. So he goes ahead and takes Spell 2 as an upgrade. Then, if he banished a Weapon 2 card during the scenario, he can then use the Weapon 1 card to at least fill that weapon slot with a Weapon 1 type card instead of just a Weapon B (Basic). That's all he needs/all he can use, so he puts the Item and Blessings in the center of the play area for everyone else to choose from. If it was a five player game and no one else gained any cards and they didn't end the scenario with any plunder, they would then roll the die to add one more card so that there is one upgrade available for each remaining character, since the bard already got his upgrade. Then it would proceed on to the rules as they are now for the remaining characters.

That's more along the lines of what I would like to see, anyway.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Orbis Orboros wrote:

I just wanted to celebrate the fact that my gamestore had all the class decks, the character add-on deck, and AP2 when I went Friday.

That is all.

Nice! But the million dollar question: Did they have any promo cards? Many stores, including my local store, seem to be having trouble getting the promos. Now I really don't regret that I decided to subscribe.

In other news, a friend and I played our first OP scenario last night as a two character team. We had played the base game a couple times before, first with Damiel and Lini, then with Damiel and Feiya. The first game we both died on the first scenario (Lini First, then my Damiel). Second game we won the first scenario, but both died during the second (first my Damiel, then Feiya). Lots of bad luck and I didn't build my Damiel with Potion of Glibness (I won't be making that mistake again!).

Anyway, I'm happy to report that we won our first OP scenario with the shorty duo of my Lem (halfling bard, S&S) and his Tontelizi (gnome fighter). I was amazed at how wonderfully I was recharging my spells. I don't think I failed a single recharge check. Big difference from when I was playing Damiel. I couldn't recharge a spell to save my life! I mean literally, the fact that I couldn't recharge my Cure spell got us killed. Anyway, we both had a great deal of fun and I went ahead and had my local store order three more class decks for me so I'll have all seven come next weekend! Now I'll just have to work a little harder at generating more interest in the game.

I think I'm going to just focus on playing OP scenarios with other people, playing as many different characters as I can. I'll just solo the base game's adventure path, with Damiel of course (complete with Potion of Glibness). Should be fun. Hopefully I don't die.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
RedDogMT wrote:
The cards certainly cannot make up for that price difference...and for those of us who have not invested in the PACG, the cards will not offer any incentive.

You could always try selling just the cards on eBay. As there are minis fans that aren't into the card game, there are likely card game players that aren't into minis.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Alright, thank you, Mike. That's good to know. So I'm assuming that you also can't use the Rum Bottle against the summoned ship or monster? Since you finish one thing before you start another, cards have no memory, etc, etc?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Right, that's my entire bases behind why I'd rule the way I stated. It has a valid Check to Defeat, so the Rum Bottle is an automatic success if you choose to banish it. You're never told to summon and encounter a card because you never get that far. Again, that's how I see it. I'd agree that the Check to Defeat should be changed to "None" or "Check to Defeat: See Below" should be defined in the rules as a check that you cannot auto-succeed at with the help of powers if that is the intent.

A related question then would be, if it is intended for Rum Bottle to be able to defeat Pirate Hunting outright, what about Thieves' Tools which auto-succeed against barriers which have a highest difficulty to defeat of 11 or lower? Would "See Below" be considered 0 or infinity for that purpose?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

It brings all the pirates to the yarrrrd....


I'm assuming you mean the power: "Banish this card to defeat a barrier that has the Task trait."

Well, I don't know if this is how it's supposed to be played, but since it does technically have a "Check to Defeat" which just happens to be a special condition, I would think that Rum Bottle just defeats the barrier outright. No need to summon and defeat anything. If that's wrong, I'm sure I'll be corrected, but it makes sense to me.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Wow, three hours? Is that all in play time? I hope that was with a few relatively new players. I don't think a game every clocked in at much longer than 90 minutes with my 6-player playtest group.

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