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pluvia33's page

ACG Venture-Lieutenant, New Mexico—Alamogordo. 672 posts. No reviews. No lists. 4 wishlists. 14 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Very nice. I can't wait to see all of the characters and their cohorts in full detail.

As an RPG player, the new Seelah is one of the most interesting characters to me. It still makes me a little sad that her Divine skill is based off of Wisdom instead of Charisma. However, I love that the Divine Grace class ability got translated into the card game!

If the Class Decks were just meant to be Adventure Path Add-Ons, then yes, getting rid of Blessings of the Gods and other Basic cards that would be assumed to be in every single set would be a no-brainer. However, with the goals set forth for the Class Decks as an entry-point for Organized Play, taking out such cards would never work.

A player needs to be able to buy just one Class Deck and be able to participate in Organized Play. All of the characters need to function on their own in this manner. Yes, a number of the characters in the first seven class decks didn't function optimally, but they all still had the ability to function mechanically. If there are other cards that can be added to a deck, like the Owner promo cards or the 55 card "patch" decks that I proposed, they need to be something that's optional to add to a Class Deck for OP, not something that would be required. Also, some people actually like Blessings of the Gods in their OP decks.

This isn't MTG. The structure of deck building games and in relation the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and other games like it is very different from trading card games.

Wow, I really didn't proofread my last post well:

pluvia33 wrote:
As I said here, I think the Wizard Class Deck is all around the worst of deck structurally speaking.

I think the Wizard Class Deck is all around the worst of the decks structurally speaking.

pluvia33 wrote:
Also, Melindra stars out with 4 items on her Cards List (with feats that can bring it up to 7 items) and has a power that interacts with items, but the Wizard Class Deck items really leave something to be desired.

Also, Melindra starts out with 4 items on her Cards List....

pluvia33 wrote:
That's not really want to arguments of adequate support for character roles is all about.

That's not really what the arguments of adequate support for character roles is all about.

First World Bard wrote:
What support does Melindra need? I haven't seen a Wizard class deck yet.

As I said here, I think the Wizard Class Deck is all around the worst of deck structurally speaking. Melindra is a rogue-like character with a great Dexterity and starts out with two weapons on her Cards List. However, there are only 4 total Ranged weapons in the Wizard deck: Sling (B), Allying Dart +1 (1), Light Crossbow +1 (2), Force Sling +3 (5). The Wizard deck also includes a Rapier and a Cutlass +1 which I'm not really sure why they are there as they are melee weapons that require weapon proficiency to use well. My only theory is that at some point in development Melindra was supposed to have weapon proficiency and finesse weapon fighting.

Also, Melindra stars out with 4 items on her Cards List (with feats that can bring it up to 7 items) and has a power that interacts with items, but the Wizard Class Deck items really leave something to be desired. I mean, they're not as bad at the Bard or Cleric items, but they still don't really fit Melindra all that well, in my opinion.

First World Bard wrote:
And i'm guessing you'd like Meliski to have more Gambling cards, and maybe an Amulet of Mighty / Fiery fists.I played Meliski through OP Adventure 1, and found him entirely playable, though I went for Weapon as my first card feat, no question, which seems like something one that intended to go the Brawler route wouldn't want to do.

Right. And I've stated before that all characters in the class decks are playable. That's not really want to arguments of adequate support for character roles is all about. It's about being able to choose any specialization (such as Gambling or unarmed fighting for Meliski) and not being significantly underpowered.

Jason S wrote:

Tarlin: Not enough 2H weapons or good weapons in general and relies on melee to be effective. Gets his first good 2H weapon at Adventure 2 (pitiful staff before that) and has no top end weapons (Greatclub +3 @4 is best).

How many blessings of Iomedae are in the deck?

Maybe I am biased since I rarely use 1H weapons with melee characters in general when 2H weapons are available. It's made worse by the fact that this character was meant to use 2H weapons.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm belittling your complaints, but Tarlin is very far from being one of the worse off Class Deck characters when using the OP format. I'm going to take a wild guess and say you haven't seen and/or have no interest in the Ranger Class Deck because man, if you think Tarlin has a raw deal when it comes to weapons, pretty much every ranger is just as bad or worse off. For your starting deck, every ranger is forced to take at least two melee weapons and two ranged weapons unless you apply your Mini-Chronicle Sheet upgrade to get a better weapon and that actually doesn't even help Harsk since there are only 3 B ranged weapons all together in the Ranger deck and he starts with five weapons.

And again, Tarlin only has one power that uses 2-Handed weapons and it's one that he just ditches it for a heal and can use a blessing as an alternative (and honestly, I generally tend to hate the standard Cleric healing power anyway). Compared to that, Wrathack is in much worse shape. Yes, the Ranger deck actually has a total of 11 2-Handed weapons, but one of those is the old pathetic quarterstaff and 3 of them are longbows. Up through Adventure 3, there are only 5 2-Handed Melee weapons (including the quarterstaff) when Wrathack starts out with five weapon cards. Each set indicator after that has one new 2-Handed Melee weapon for her, so if a Wrathack player wanted to max out her weapon cards to 8 and wanted to use nothing but 2-Handed Melee weapons, she'd have no choice in what weapons to use (again, being stuck with the quarterstaff). Wrathack starts out with a very useful combat boosting ability that can only be used with 2-Handed weapons. I have a Wrathack player who actually used to take the Vindictive Harpoon loot weapon early in the game if no one else needed it just so he would have an extra 2-Handed weapon to recharge even though it was pretty much useless for him otherwise. Then, if you take the Doombringer role, you can even take the usual recharge-instead-of-discard Fighter power, but restricted to 2-Handed weapons, putting those weapons into even higher demand.

Sorry for going on a Ranger tangent, but really, I don't know why you're that hung up on 2-Handed weapons for Tarlin. A 1d8 weapon is pretty solid in my opinion. Although I am kind of curious as to why they didn't include any greatswords and/or bastard swords in the Cleric deck so they could perform double duty for Tarlin and Kyra.

There are three Blessings of Iomedae (as well as three Sarenrae for Kyra and three Cayden Cailean for Heggal) in the Cleric deck which I consider to be perfectly reasonable since in the base game there are only 5 blessings total of each type in the box and specific blessings are usually pretty difficult to acquire. However, touching on Zarlova for a moment, there are only two Blessings of Nethys in the Cleric deck and they're both Adventure 6 cards! Yet another slap in the face for the poor spellcaster.

Yeah, as you can see from my previous post, I totally agree when it comes to Zarlova, although I do see a decent amount of potential for her Arcane skill even without any Arcane-only spells in the deck.

Yes, the issues has been noticed and the developers have taken note saying if you have this issue you should contact customer service to get your missing card.

Edit: Ack! Hawk-ninja'd by 13 seconds!

Just finished my solo Damiel run today. During playtest, after falling in love with the old version of Mogmurch, I decided that when I played the full game I would be Damiel: Friend of Goblin! So I tried to acquire as many goblin cards as possible. I did pretty good. Decided not to go for the Pegleg since I'm not a melee character, but was able to get all of the other Goblin boons (though Vomit Twin was taken as my Adventure 6 card feat acquire so I never had a chance to use it).

Anyway, I had a few rough patches. I had two bucklers for my armor cards going into The Armada and it was pretty much impossible for me. I had to get one of my bucklers banished (yay Crawling Cyclops Hands?) and then replaced it with Eel Skin Armor so I could take the force damage from the villain. Also, the final scenario was rather rough since I had nothing but ranged combat. Two combat 50 checks was rather rough to coordinate.

Anyway, here's my final Damiel:

Character Name: Damiel
Role Card: Grenadier
Skill Feats: Dexterity +4, Intelligence +3
Power Feats: Hand Size 8, Proficient with Weapons, 1d6 (+2), (or Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Mental), (1d12)
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Spell +1, Armor +1, Item +3, Ally +1
Weapons: Enervating Pistol +3, Crossbow of Retribution (Loot)
Spells: Blazing Servant, Cure, Vomit Twin (Promo)
Armors: Eel Skin Armor, Goblin Buckler Gun (Promo)
Items: Bottled Lightning, Fuse Grenade, Potion of Flying, Potion of Glibness, Potion of Healing, Potion of Heroism, Potion of Heroism, Goblin Lockpick (Promo), Impossible Bottle (Loot)
Allies: Haneilius Fitch, Mogmurch (Promo)
Blessings: Blessing of Achaekek, Blessing of Erastil, Blessing of Zogmugot (Promo), Pirate's Favor (Loot)
Your Ship: Abrogail's Fury

skizzerz wrote:
Zarlova also works ok (I run her as my secondary OP character so primarily in a 2p group to catch her up), and if she's the only caster or one of two casters at the table going Theurge makes sense even if there are no Arcane cards in the class deck because a lot of the Arcane spells have good utility for the scenario itself if you encounter them. It's not great, but it's not unplayable :)

ALL of the Class Deck characters out so far are "playable", but Zarlova and a number of others are far below the power curve compared to other characters that don't need specific support. The problem with Zarlova is that other than Blessings, Spell and Item are her most dominant card types. Cleric Class Deck items are just abysmal. And while I understand the utility of having the Arcane skill without Arcane-only spells in the Class Deck, the spells she does get really don't support a primary spellcaster. There are zero damaging Attack spells in the deck from set indicator 1 through 4! Also, a large amount of cards are used on melee weapons which are extremely bad ideas for her.

So yeah, out of the characters in the first seven class decks, I'd say Zarlova is easily within the top five that are in the greatest need of more support. Flenta, Melindra, and Meliski being some of the other contenders for top spots.

Jason S wrote:
Cleric deck doesn't even work for 2 of the characters (Zarlova, Tarlin) in OP and doesn't look like it was tested properly (I also wanted to purchase but won't).

Why doesn't Tarlin work? He works just fine for me. Is it not having enough 2-Handed weapons for his healing power? That's not really a big deal since he can use Blessings instead.

Also, with the character count going down to 3 per deck, hopefully that will help let them be more effective. And I think Tanis has mentioned that she's thinking about ways to fix the issues with older characters and this is what I'm suggesting.

Personally, I'd like the Class Decks to stay on a monthly release schedule. I want my Alchemist Class Deck as soon as possible! Besides, it doesn't seem like it is meant for all of the Class Decks to be collected by the average player. Yes, there are people like me who will want to have all of them, but most people will likely pick and choose the ones they want and the quicker they are released, the more likely the classes people really want will be out when they are thinking about getting into organized play.

For example, when I first began running OP one of the guys I was showing the game to was asking if there was a Paladin or Monk Class Deck or when they will be released. When I told him that they didn't have any dates for them yet, he kind of lost interest in OP in general.

Similarly, if there are people out there really hoping to play a Gunslinger or Magus or Samurai, they may have to wait two more seasons before those are available if the Class Decks start being released bi-monthly.

Andrew L Klein wrote:
I hope it's more than that. That requires people to buy the adventure or find someone else willing to print them a card.

Why would they need to buy the adventure? Do you mean the OP Adventure to get the PDF print out? If there's that much of an issue with coordinators not giving printouts to those who finish the Adventure Path (which would be pretty inconsiderate on their part, in my opinion), I'm sure Paizo would make the image of the ring available for free after the season is over. And if nothing else, coordinators during the Season of the Righteous should keep a copy of the ring on hand for proxy purposes.

Personally, I don't see any more accessible way for an actual quality card to be made available other than via DriveThru. Since the Councilor’s Ring doesn't work like other loot in OP, there would need to be 6 copies of it included in Wrath for that route to work properly all the time. Sending it out with subscriptions would mean you're forcing players to subscribe to get a good copy of the card when you're supposed to only need one Class Deck to participate in OP. Paizo could send a physical pack of the cards to stores participating in OP similar to how Mogmurch was first distributed, but players would be dependent on having access to such a store and the card pack would eventually run out. So either pay $0.50 plus shipping (or less if they do it at-cost or something) for a real copy of the card, or proxy it. I don't really see any other reliable avenue for the ring.

Andrew L Klein wrote:
I believe Tanis said they were looking at it being available through DriveThru, which would make one per set irrelevant as an issue. I certainly don't see them requiring using any payment (outside of a general release product like a base set, adventure, or class deck) to get your card. As an option, sure, but I can't see any reasonable distribution method that doesn't include it being part of a physically released set.

I believe what I remember Tanis and/or Vic saying is that the ring will be part of one of the PDFs. Players can put it in their deck any obvious, appropriate way they can think of. They suggested either cutting out a copy of the card and put in in a sleeve with another card or proxy it (much like we do with villains and henchmen in OP) with a card that could not possibly be in your deck (like maybe one of your class deck's Adventure 6 cards during early levels and a basic B boon from the Wrath box at higher levels).

Andrew L Klein wrote:

Pluvia, I know you and I haven't agreed much on ways to improve OP, but I agree that's the right way to go. A 55 card add on pack would be the right number of cards to really bring each class to a proper power level. Even adding a fifth character, 51 cards (minus 3 for the character, 1 for the explanation card of how to use the pack in OP) should be enough. Of course, it could be hard trying to explain that part of the product.

"So, we know we had too many characters and that meant the cards weren't optimized for them. To fix that, we decided to release this add on pack. However, we thought you might not want just a pack of boons, so we added... another... charac... wait, isn't that what caused this problem in the first place?"

Haha, yeah, I've noticed that we don't agree too often. But hey, maybe the fact that we actually agree on something means it might actually be something that can work? Or it's a sign of the apocalypse. (Apocrypha?)

And yes, it is amusing about adding another character while fixing the problem mainly caused by having too many characters. But I do think it could still work, as long as the total cards are looked at very closely when designing the new character in each deck. With access to 148 boons, I'm sure they can put a new spin on the cards to come up with a character for each class that is both unique and functional.

mlvanbie wrote:
Orbis Orboros wrote:
This is my opinion in general, but especially in the PACG - give me 2d4 over 1d8 ANY day of the week.
Even in the Death Zone? What if you need to roll an 8 no matter what? Or have a pole arm? One nice thing about PACG is that the variety of situations means that the answer isn't always the same.

I would like to add to the Death Zone example by saying that there are a number of cards that have an effect like a failed Ambush which will cause you to have 1 subtracted from each die rolled for your check. In cases like that, you may be better off rolling 1d8 instead of 2d4 or 1d12 instead of 2d6.

Sounds legit....

But seriously, we probably won't know what is until the final Season of the Shackles scenario is released. I'm thinking there will likely be a printable card on that file and an option to have real cards created via DriveThru.

Andrew L Klein wrote:
I could get behind add on packs for only the decks with 4 characters, and only with the cards required to bring those characters to the same level of playability as the new decks. They'd have to be pretty cheap as well, people shouldn't have to pay at all to have decks that truly take advantage of their powers, but obviously free wouldn't happen.

Based on the card products Paizo has released, it seems like they have two main formats: 110 packs and 55 pacts of cards (the 55 card packs usually being used for things like their Face Cards products). Considering that, I'd think $11, 55 card packs would be the best format for Paizo if they were to make Add-On Decks for the first seven Class Decks. However, just introducing these as "patch decks" might not be very marketable, so I would think it would be best to also have one new character in each Add-On. Yes, this would mean that the original seven decks would now have 5 named characters available to their classes compared to only 3 for the rest of the classes, but I don't think that's a big deal.

Anyway, with a new character card, token, and role, and probably a little rule card like what is packed in with the Class Decks, that would leave 51 new boons for each Class Deck. Using the Fighter as an example, I think that would be plenty of cards to provide one or two new polearm and bludgeoning weapons per set indicator (including B) and enough fun spells for Flenta (including Attack spells). Even after that, there should still be room for more than ten other cards that you can use for whatever, like new fun armor or items or cards to support something fun for the new character.

You can do the same thing for the other Class Decks....

Bard: Add more Gambling and unarmed combat supporting itmes and more items in general and maybe a few new weapons, spells, and allies.

Cleric: Add more spells, including maybe some arcane only spells for Zarlova - Theurge support. Also, more items and maybe a few weapons and armor.

Ranger: Add more Ranged, Melee, 2-Handed, and Offhand weapons as well as more shields with the Offhand trait and spells.

Rogue: Actually, from what I've seen the Rogue deck is the only one that doesn't really seem to have any shortcomings. I guess you can add a few more Ranged and Finesse weapons and maybe some more allies or something. I don't know. Maybe the Rogue Add-On Class Deck would just be an opportunity to just do something really crazy with the new character.

Sorcerer: I don't think sorcerer is in that much trouble structurally either, but it's actually my least favorite Class Deck. It can maybe use some more weapons and armor choices and maybe some more items with the Magic/Arcane trait to get more use out of Qualzar's and (Runelords) Seoni's powers.

Wizard: And this is in my opinion the deck that's structurally in the worst shape. An Add-On deck would need some interesting robe-type armor so Darago's 2 pieces of armor aren't quite as bad. There needs to be more Ranged weapons and items to support Melindra. And there needs to be more Mental cards for Radillo.

The Add-On Class Decks would be an all-or-nothing add-in for organized play. You'd either play with just the Fighter Class Deck or the Fighter Class Deck with all Fighter Add-On Class Deck cards. The new characters would require the Add-On to play.

Otherwise, the only other option I could really like to see are character specific Add-On packs, and maybe a few general Class Deck Add-On packs offered through DriveThru, kind of similar to what Hawkmoon is suggesting. Again, it would be all-or-nothing if you want to add a pack, this would be things like a pack of just 15 or so new Polearm weapons for Tontelizi and such.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Sorry for such a long post.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My solo Damiel still has:

Cure: I'm by myself and I want to make sure I don't die and the recharge is pretty reliable.

Potion of Healing: Again, I'm by myself and don't want to die. While the healing isn't as potent as Cure, the recharge is guaranteed. Also, with two good healing cards in the deck, I can more reliably get healing back into my hand. So if I play them back-to-back, I heal, recharge the healing card, then heal with the second healing card. The first healing card is now shuffled into my deck so I can draw it back sooner.

Alchemist’s Fire: If a card is discarded, this is still a very powerful attack, and there is a pretty good chance that I can recharge the discarded card instead of discarding it.

Potion of Glibness: Diplomacy checks still come up and Damiel is still piss-poor at them. It's situational, but since it's an Alchemical card it can always be discarded for a nice attack boost if I don't foresee doing a Diplomacy check.

In the rules, it states that S&S is meant to be compatible with other sets. However, beyond describing how to use characters from different sets it doesn't really go into much detail of how compatible sets are. I think that is intentional. It's your game so in a home environment you can really do whatever you want with your cards. Just know that selectively bringing in too many awesome boons from Runelords could unbalance the game and make it too easy for you and decrease the fun you may have.

Personally, I feel that the most "legit" way to get more boons that you may like to play with in S&S or any other base set from here on out is to add a class deck. Unfortunately the Druid Class Deck isn't set to come out until October, but the Ranger Class Deck does have a good number of animal allies: Crow, Fox, Snow Leopard, Dog, Toad, Saber-Toothed Tiger, Giant Badger, Monkey, and Lizard. Sadly the Bear and Velociraptor are only in the Sorcerer deck. Just remember that the boons in a Class Deck are meant to be added on an all-or-nothing bases, so again if you pick and choose the best boons to add to your game it can be unbalancing. Also, you shouldn't add more class decks than you have characters in the game or you'll likely end up with a very deluded boon pool.

S&S Lini can be rough. When a friend and I were playing a few random games, his Lini ended up dying in one of them. I can't really give you much advance for playing Lini since most of my play is either in organized play (so with no Druid Class Deck yet....) or with Damiel in a solo game. I'm sure some other people on the boards can give you some tips, though. Good luck!

I like monthly with a three month gap. And to specify, this would mean three full extra months in between sets. For example, if the last Adventure Deck of an AP came out in March, there would be no release in April, May, or June, then the new base set would come out in July. I don't know if people would consider that a three or four month gap.

The tracking of completed adventures and scenarios is still a part of the package. They are just a part of the general Deck List files that are part of each adventure now. That way if you're playing Skull & Shackles, print out the S&S Deck List file and it will also have the appropriate scenario tracking. Same thing with Runelords.

Yeah, the change from reveal to display needed to be done on the Cleric powers, not the Swab, to close the loophole.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm starting to warm up to the idea of three characters per deck. The only problem I really have now, especially in relation to organized play, is the simple fact that the change has happened. Having just three characters might help with letting the new decks from here on support those three characters much better, but where does that leave the first seven that have already been released with four characters? This does nothing to help their effectiveness, leaving us with a number of characters that will have far less support compared to the new characters, assuming this strategy does significantly help the new characters.

Basically, I'm hoping that there still might be something down the line to help the old class deck characters get the proper support they need and they don't just get left behind.

Ironvein wrote:

When I do get Class decks, I'd add them only if one of the character's were of that class as to not break the theme too much.

That is mostly a good rule to have, something that I think may have been recommended by the developers at some point. However, there are not a lot of Class Decks out yet. There are only seven, with an eighth coming out around July. As such, there are currently only two arcane casters with a Class Decks: sorcerer and wizard. If you're playing an arcane caster that doesn't have a deck yet (such as the magus, witch, and the upcoming arcanist for Wrath) and you feel that they can use more spell support, adding the sorcerer or wizard deck would be perfectly reasonable. But I would say only add up to one Class Deck per character that's playing in the game, or otherwise you'll really start to delude the pool of boon cards.

Very nice detailed feedback. A general comment about not liking the weapons, spells, or other cards in the set, I think a lot of that has to do with the style of this set. Personally, I would highly recommend getting class decks so you can have some more of the cards you'd like to see. Want awesome melee weapons and heavy duty armor? Mix in the Fighter Deck. Are you playing with an arcane spellcaster or two and really want Augury and Scrying back? Mix in the Wizard Deck. I actually just use my class decks for organized play, but they can be a really nice tool for home games. This can be the case not only for Skull & Shackles, but also if Wrath of the Righteous or future sets down the line are missing specific types of cards that you wish were there or don't properly support a class that you love.

Ironvein wrote:
Ship powers: Other than damage reduction, the powers of ships were largely forgotten. The scenario was either too hard where we needed the extra turns or so easy than those powers were not necessary.

Yeah, I think the discard powers for ships are much more useful when you have a smaller party. They can be absolute lifesavers for a solo game.

Ironvein wrote:
Allies and Swashbuckling for Non-Combat: I don't think I've ever encountered a non-combat check where a Swashbuckling trait was important. Seems like a effect that wasn't thought all the way through.

The primary way that this can come into play is with Jirelle. She can reroll when a check has the Swashbuckling trait. Also, if you play Lem and go Freebooter, there's a power he can learn that adds d12s when he plays blessings on Swashbuckling checks. That might be it though. I'm assuming you weren't playing with Jirelle? And if Lem was in the game he probably went Sea Singer because d4s are amazing.

Ironvein wrote:
Implications of the ‘Make Good’ Scenario: .... The Reward should be better though(probably a skill, power, and/or card feet).

I definitely didn't expect them to put a feat as a reward for an insert scenario. That could potentially throw off your character's power level, especially if they start making more insert scenarios. But I was disappointed by the reward that was included since I really didn't care to have more ships added to my fleet beyond what I already had. Personally, I was really hoping for a cool, unique Loot reward for the scenario.

I play Lem (S&S) in organized play so my deck make-up is going to be a bit different from your party member, but hopefully some of this will still be useful.

The first major difference between our decks is that it looks like he is primarily relying on attack spells for combat. Personally, I like to stay way for spell combat unless I am playing a full caster (wizard, witch, sorcerer, etc.). I consider Lem's d8 dexterity to be plenty sufficient for combat, so I load him up with finesse weapons and max out his dexterity skill as quickly as possible. I see that this may be a bit of an issue with your party as he would be competing with Jirelle, but I tend to hog the Brine's Sting and Aiger's Kiss loot cards in all of the games with my regular group and am also currently sporting a Keen Rapier +3. Again, this can be an issue when you have to compete with Jirelle who needs all of the swashbucking and finesse weapons she can get, but even if he settled for some of the awesome ranged weapons, their reliability can be much better than dealing with spell combat (although in that case he may be competing a bit with Ranzak).

When it comes to spells, my Lem has nothing but support. Sadly, one of his most useful spells, Scrying, is not available in the normal S&S box, but his other three spells are: Cure, Holy Feast, and Raise Dead. There are also some other S&S non-attack spells that could be great for him. Shapechange is just ridiculous (even with dexterity maxed out, 1d12+2 is usually much better than 1d8+3 and giving that to strength and constitution as well for the rest of scenario is an insane improvement!). My home game solo Damiel loves Blazing Servant and had been using little-old Aid well up through Adventure 3 until he got that. Divine Fortune can also be a good choice. Well of Blades and Righteousness can also be really good combat buffs for Lem which should have zero competition from the rest of the party since arcane Seltyiel is the only other caster.

Armor, I never took any and never will. I regret it sometimes, but usually I can deal with it by recharging enough cards off-turn to reduce my hand size and again recharging more during my turn so I almost never take much damage. Then when I do, I'm usually cycling Holy Feast and Cure like crazy, always playing Holy Feast first, hopefully giving heals to other party members, then playing Cure on myself to get Holy Feast back into my deck and recharging (aka shuffling) Cure back into my deck (usually recharging a card to boost the spell's recharge check making it almost guaranteed). So yeah, damage usually isn't a problem.

Items in the bard deck kind of suck, so I never took an Item card feat. Playing with the S&S box, his Lem shouldn't have that problem. He has some solid items, but in the late game as a Sea Singer Lem, I wouldn't rely so much on the Ruby of Charisma anymore. When it comes to non-combat checks, he should be amazing. My Lem's motto is THROW D4s AT IT!! Between having up to 3 extra d4s on noncombat checks to defeat and up to a d4+3 for a recharged card, the Ruby of Charisma starts to feel like dead weight and only retains some of its usefulness when you have a mid-combat or location check with something like wisdom or constitution, but even then the d4+ on a recharge is usually adequate. My Lem usually takes the Impossible Bottle during organized play either to protect the ship or to have a little extra healing power when ship combat isn't very prevalent since he's usually the only one with craft. Since S&S doesn't have Augury or Scrying, the Spyglass is a good choice, although replacing it with a Magic Spyglass (or if he had taken the Farglass loot) would be a good upgrade.

I don't really have any particular advice for allies. The bard deck allies are pretty amazing, but so are a lot of the S&S allies. Old Salt is especially awesome in the late game. I usually like allies that can help with my dexterity combat checks.

And finally, with blessings my Lem still has a Blessing of the Gods (blessings can be really hard to upgrade in OP, but he usually swaps it out for Pirate's Favor), Erastil (dexterity combat, of course), Milani, Achaekek, and Norgorber.

As far as powers go, my Lem has a Hand Size 7, 1d4+2 on a recharge, and 3d4 on non-combat checks to defeat banes. So he is great at dealing with barriers and can usually hold his own against most monsters, especially if he has just a little help.

I hope this is useful for your party member. S&S Lem is one of my favorite characters in the game, so I'm a bit sad to see someone struggling with him.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Adventures are usually released for purchase after all of their scenarios are distributed to OP officers and participating stores, sometimes up to a week after (as it was with Adventure 5). The final Adventure 6 scenario should be out by April 1st, so the Adventure 6 PDF should be out on by April 8th.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
elcoderdude wrote:
zeroth_hour wrote:
Yet, even though I had to fight the Villain twice, it didn't seem that bad. Sure, it's a 35 Combat check, but I'm used to bursting those.
The tough thing about the villain is he recharges 1d4 weapons and Attack spells before you fight him. Unless you get lucky, you're going to be fighting him with your hands. This isn't so bad for Melee types, but rough on everyone else.

It's also not bad for sorcerers. We just sent Seoni after that punk rat.

Well, they usually release the compiled adventure after all of its scenarios are released to OP officers and stores. The scenarios are technically not distributed "a month before" they are released to the public in compiled form. The individual scenarios are released weekly as individual downloads on either Tuesday or Wednesday, so the final part of the adventure is only made available to "some folks" about a week or two sooner than everyone else can buy it.

Scenario 0-6C came out this past Wednesday and there are actually six scenarios in Adventure 6, so the full adventure should be available for purchase no later than a week after April 1st, if past history is an indication.

Nice! I'm thinking Temptation of Big Die is probably a barrier. Kind of a press your luck kind of thing. It could be an item or spell, but promo boons usually have Goblin in the name or are based on actual things in the RPG (for example, Vomit Twin is a goblin spell in the Advanced Race Guide and Fire Sneeze is in Goblins of Golarion).

Now just waiting for the option to start my subscription back up with the Wrath Add-On Deck....

1 person marked this as a favorite.
lonewolf23k wrote:
Basically, Eric, it's a weapon with 50 or so charges at creation, that anyone with the Exotic Weapon Proficiency Spellstaff can use to fire bolts that deal 1d8 against the target's full AC, rather then a touch attack.

Actually, unless I missed something or unless the file changed, a spellstaff initially holds 10 or 8 charges depending on the type. There is a specific +1 magic enhancement that you can add to the weapon to increase the capacity. It takes 6 minutes to recharge each expended charge, or you can use the alternate rules to use ammo for the spellstaff instead, in which case reloading is a full-round action.

When I initially saw the PDF, the first thing I thought of was action-RPG wizards like in Gantlet Legends and such, in which they can endlessly shoot blasts from a staff. It seems like that may have been a big part of the inspiration for this, but the low capacity instead of endless blasts was likely put there for balance. Personally, I'd think that having the proficiency feat tax and making it so they have to hit full AC is enough of a balance for endless shots (it'd basically the same as a wizard with a light crossbow and rapid reload other than not have to buy ammo).

Although it wasn't exactly what I expected, there are a lot of good ideas in the book. I'll see if I can fully digest the book and write a detailed review eventually. Thanks for the file!

skizzerz wrote:
Only 3 characters in this one by the looks of things, which should help address that issue I mentioned in my last post about cards being too generic.

Based on the box art, I don't think that's the case. I know that Liz said the description and image aren't final, but I don't think they'd have four character portraits on the image if they didn't already finalize four total characters. Plus, the description says, "contains 3 new characters," and Seelah is not new. I know it can be confusing that is says "including" Seelah right after the 3 new characters part, but I don't think they means that Seelah is part of those three characters, again because she isn't new.

Personally, I would hate for them to change the format to only three characters. I really don't think it would help much without also making the characters far too similar to each other for my tastes. Also, just having a different format for the future decks in general would irritate me. I would prefer if the character variety vs. card support issue was addressed in a different way.

Nice! Hope this release will be able to consider at least near the start of the Season of the Righteous.

And also hoping that either more class decks will be announce for this date or decks will start coming out monthly.

Samurai632 wrote:

(Advanced Player's Guide)

The Anti-Paladin .... why not?

Because the witch is more important and the anti-paladin is not an iconic.

Jens Kaufmann wrote:

The special benefit of this card is that Sajan can use this weapon together with his normal Monk-recharge blessings-ability.

So essentially it gives him a 1W8+1 bonus in combat, which is not too bad. Remember that Sajan normally cannot use weapons when using his special ability.

Actually, it's just the Dexterity for combat ability that Sajan can't use with a weapon. There is nothing restricting his use of weapons when using the blessing based power. This weapon is just different in that it's a melee weapon that has Dexterity as one of the options for the skill you use with it.

Yes, with the temple sword you add your Dexterity die for a recharged blessing. For Sajan who can play as many blessings as he wants on his combat checks and recharge them instead and would use his Dexterity skill with the temple sword, this isn't much of a boost for his character. There are only a few cases in which this power is helpful for the current version of Sajan and they usually involve when actually playing blessings is bad for you, such as devils that make you banish Divine cards you play. Since you are just recharging the card to activate the sword's power, you are not actually playing the blessing and won't lose it.

Otherwise, in addition to what Andrew said, we should eventually be getting a Monk Class Deck which will have a new version of Sajan and other new monks that may not have the same powers related to blessings (like how none of the class deck sorcerers came with automatic spell recharge right away) so that may make the temple sword's power a little more beneficial for them.

Haha, I was wondering if anyone was going to bring this up. I'm kind of proud of myself for resisting my OCD urges and not being the one to do it.

Iceman wrote:

Speaking of Sajans' weapon - is it just me, or it is only barely helpful that he can treat it as a Basic card?

He won't have a weapon slot available to him until he completes a Card-Feat-rewarding scenario, and can only pick up this one if he a) chooses to check that box (instead of, say, another blessing, item, or ally) and b) doesn't have a weapon sitting in the treasure pile from that scenario (and therefore can follow the 'any Basic card' rebuilding rule).

Yeah, that kind of sucks. But who knows. Maybe Class Deck Sajan will start out with a weapon slot?

Mike Selinker wrote:
Anyway, it's our first promo scenario, and I expect we will continue experimenting with the tech around that if we continue making them.

If I may be so bold, I think it'd be cool if there was a promo scenario that came with a cool piece of promo loot or two. That could be a really cool, nice reward for the scenario without messing with the typical number of feats usually awarded during an AP.

Yeah, it makes me very interested to see how the Arcanist's abilities translated to the card game. It's also nice that we can start with the new character right away in the Season of the Righteous instead of having the finish Adventure 1 with another character first.

Well, instead of changing your hand size, you can always use the spell to turn all of your physical skills into d12+2. For most spellcasters that's bound to be a major upgrade all around.

So with the latest scenario, the "During This Scenario" rules are:

"Cut the prophecy handout into a number of pieces equal to the number of Cryptic Runes henchmen.

When you defeat a Cryptic Runes henchman, put that card in a henchman pile next to this scenario and get a piece of the prophecy handout.

When you encounter the villain Brinebones, you may shuffle it and a henchman from the henchman pile into a random open location to evade Brinebones."


So we can collect the pieces of the prophecy handout, but it looks like it has no real baring on actually winning the scenario. Is this correct? Is it just the standard "corner the villain" scenario, or should there be another line saying something like, "To win this scenario, collect all pieces of the prophecy handout"? Something like that would definitely make the scenario more interesting, but as it is it seems like a pretty easy scenario other than having to eventually beat Brinebones. As long you beat one Cryptic Rune first, you can avoid him and know what location he goes into, prepare, close any locations you need to close, then beat him.

Andrew L Klein wrote:
There is a spell in either 5 or 6 that gives you a few hand sizes to choose from for a turn.

Shapeshift is an Adventure 6 spell and the power you choose to use actually lasts for the rest of the scenario. It's a pretty beefy spell.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:

Thanks for the feedback! I am stoked that people are getting these, as we worked really hard on them to make them as awesome as humanly possible.

They definitely make an awesome upgrade to the card game. If these sell well enough, I hope you can convince WhizKids to do the non-iconic PACCG characters in similar packages.

And I wholeheartedly encourage every PACG player to make sure these sell well enough that Erik can have that conversation with Whiz Kids.

Agreed. I picked my set up at my FLGS and the minis look great and the cards are all very cool. The only problem I have is that the only iconic with a class deck that I really love playing in the card game right now is Lem and not only is he not in the first two sets like the rest of the class deck iconics out so far, but he's not even going to be in set 3. I really hope he's in set 4. If not, please release the Alchemist Class Deck in the next wave and have it out somewhat in time for the Season of the Righteous! Actually, maybe just make new class decks the priority (I'd really like to see what a Monk Class Deck would be like, too). After playing Lem (S&S) as my primary character in Shackles OP and trying at least a few scenarios with all of the other class decks, I'd like to try some new classes.


Please cancel my Pathfinder Card Game Subscription. I will resubscribe once the option to start with the Wrath of the Righteous Character Add-On Deck is made available. Thank you very much and have a great day.

=Aaron Rabold (pluvia33)

I just got my set from my FLGS. I never got any of the other Pathfinder Battles minis or any pre-painted RPG minis for that matter, but these really do look great! I'm glad that the card game promos gave me just enough of a push to start buying these now. I'll probably get all of the sets as the come out, budget willing, and hopefully also get some other Battles minis as well.

I just finished playing this scenario tonight with two of my most dedicated players. We're a party of spell casters with Kyra (CD), Seoni (Runelords), and my Lem (S&S). With each of us having either a Scrying or Augury, this scenario was pretty simple. Since the Shrouded Queen had to be the last card in the deck to beat her anyway, we made sure to scout the crap out of her location after the other location in Group 2 was closed, then put her on the bottom when we found her. Then we all went over to Group 1 to beat that villain and all that was left was slapping around the Queen. It was really nice to not have to deal with her stupid henchman. I'm also playing a solo run of the base game with Damiel and she was pretty frustrating since I don't have Scrying or Augury with him.

So yeah, not too difficult for my group, but it was very interesting. Great job putting it together!

Michael Klaus wrote:
I was looking forward to this product but now I am wondering: Are you supposed to put 1 CD in such a box with a lot of spare room? Are you supposed to fit 2 in there without sleeves?

I'll probably never get one of these, but the way I would use it if I did have it is to hold two decks, mostly without sleeves. When you play will class decks in organized play (assuming that's why you would use them for in this case), you only need to sleeve the cards you are using and have some extra sleeves to put acquired cards in to as you play. Sleeving the entire class deck is pretty much a waste. So yeah, I would just sleeve the active cards in my character decks and hopefully have enough room left over for 20 or so additional sleeves, or I'd just keep extra sleeves in a separate basic deck box.

Dave Riley wrote:
I imagine the "non-combat Constitution" stuff is just hedging against future characters or mechanics who might have nontraditional combat stats. I don't know anything about Pathfinder the RPG, so I don't know if there's, like, an "earth wizard" who uses Constitution as their magic stat.

Not saying that I think they'd ever translate it into the card game, but there is a witch class archetype for orcs in the Advanced Race Guide called Scarred Witch Doctor that has this ability:

Constitution Dependent: A scarred witch doctor uses Constitution instead of Intelligence when determining the highest level of spells she can cast, her spell save DCs, number of spells known at 1st level, and any effects of her hexes normally determined by her Intelligence.

So yeah, there is a precedent for Constitution based spell casting. Whether that concept ever actually comes through in the card game remains to be seen, but when it comes to future proofing, better safe than sorry.

Oh, I just checked something and a more likely possibility of constitution based combat is if the card game ever decides to use the Kineticist class from the upcoming Occult Adventures Pathfinder RPG hardcover book. As long as they don't change it from what it was like in the playtest document, they have a number of attack abilities that are constitution based.

Free copy here too if not too late?

Frencois wrote:
Actually I would rather not have a samurai or ninja for example mixed up with the rest of the PACG. For an old European like me, makes no sense.

Yeah, but East Asian inspired nations exist in Golarion (they actually have their own continent, Tian Xia) and the Pathfinder world is set in Golarion, so it makes perfect sense. Some areas are also heavily influenced by Middle Eastern cultures, with Kyra the Cleric, Sajan the Monk, Alahazra the Oracle, and Zadim the Slayer all having Middle Eastern themed ethnicities. Golarion is a big, diverse world and Paizo seems to think rather strongly about giving equal representation of that diversity.

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