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Allow me to mention my experience with Carnival of Tears.


It was memorable. It created memories.

It was wonderful. It provoked wonder.
It was fantastic. It created fantasies.
It was glamorous. It projected glamour.
It was enchanting. It weaved enchantment.
It was terrific. It beget terror.
The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes, look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.
No-one ever said the Carnival was nice.
That carnaval was bad. </Pratchett>

I introduced it without changes a few months after founding the kingdom. Since the module is designed for level 5 characters, the insertion must be done quite near the beggining of Kingmaker 2.

The Capital city was rather small (every campaing will have between 200 and 500 inhabitants, depending in how the players manage the improvements the first couple of months available). Then, this Carnival arrives. The adventure unfolds and the tragedy begins. My players were excited at the beggining of the adventure (they thought it was going to be a murder/detective adventure involving evil clowns or something similar). Now, a year later in-game, they refer to the events as "the Carnival of cannibal Carnage", or "the cruent and cruel carnival" both in English and Spanish (our mothertongue).
It's plain mean to involve a nascent city with such a deadly adventure, knowing that a large percentage of the population will die even in the best case scenario. In order to diminish the impact, you have to change most of the key scenes, or change death for maiming...
It's not a bad module, and I don't regret using it; but I know that if I had thought it deeper, I wouldn't have chosen this particular module.

On the other hand, now the Stagfall city, capital of the Prozor Kingdom, has Gradzaal "Raúl" the Minotaur as the Executioner, the rogue got Whisper and Shadow, the Summoner got Wyvernsting and the party could apply their newfound knowledge about quicklings (Rigg Gargadilly) in order to capture, imprison and execute a jumpy Prig.


Name: Gyatso
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Hungry Ghost Monk lvl1
Adventure: Stolen Land
Location: Thorp River Camp
Catalyst: After capturing, torturing and killing Happs (yes, they are not a LG party... you should see how they are carrying the kingdom now), they novice party decided to attack Kressle Camp before they knew there were new contestants around. Soon after, they were retreating being chased by Kressle, having killed a few bandits.
Kressle successfully ambushed the party, and got into melee with Chester the Wizard. Mithras, the Gnome Summoner decided his wolf-eilodon was in serious danger of dying, son he didn't send him, which forced Gyatso the Monk to charge and then make a flurry of Disarms to get this lady to stop hurting his friend. At Kressle turn, armed with only one handaxe, she decided to attack the most dangerous looking enemy, scoring a critical hit (which she wouldn't have confirmed if she was dual-wielding both handaxes). Then a lvl1 human received a critical handaxe hit (×3) made by a ranger with humans as a favored enemy.
Two levels after, the party allied with the Sootscale tribe to spam the forest with low quality traps, decimating the bandist's hitpoints and will to live, and Makaan the Figther (Gyatso's spiritual succesor) killed mostly unaided the remaining bandits. Kressle managed to escape, only to be briefly seen at the hot springs of the Frog Pond.

Name: Duro! (Exclamation sign not compelling but usual)
Race: Half Orc
Classes/levels: Barbarian lvl 3
Adventure: Stolen Land
Location: The Old Sycamore, Centipede Chasm
Catalyst: After spending his Orc Ferocity to quaff a healing potion (he charged Tickleback before the party Alchemist threw his bombs), Duro the Barbarian, Chester the Wizard, Makaan the Figther and Kelendor the Alchemist got together at the War Room (R5) to decide how to continue. They didn't see or hear the mites nor the kobolds from the Common Room (R6) and only knew that there were two possible ways; crossing the chasm or going back and around. Duro, a man orc that would never go backwards, decided to cross the chasm despite his comrades suggestions not to, and the DM clearly mentioning how dark and ominous the chasm was. The Centiped got a critical bite.
Nowadays, everytime something ominous is described, the players know that blood will run. They even ask if their actions seem ominous, as a way of doublechecking bad decisions.


Pinky's Brain wrote:
Deadmoon wrote:
And make all your natural attacks secondary.

Who said you'd use it in your full attack sequence?

BTW where is the rule that you get more than 1/2 strength on an AoO attack with a secondary natural attack? I guess if you only had slams you'd get 1x strength, but that would be a phenomenally inefficient build.

Even if I missed a rule and it does get 1x strength bonus on an AoO it would still generally not be the best AoO natural attack though ... the 2x bite at 1 1/2 strength is almost always going to be better even with the smaller damage dice.

So in short, it's a complete and utter trap option.

AFAIK, it's better to have many primary attacks rather than a weapon and many secondary attacks.

If we consider, let's say, a lvl7 Eilodon with a +14/+14/+14/+14 attack with full STR bonus damage versus a +14/+9/+9/+9/+9/+9/ with half STR bonus to damage (and a Greataxe).

I looked for the differences between investing Evolution points in

  • Extra Limbs(arms) & Martial Weapons training
  • 3 different Energy Attacks
and both builds sharing +4 to Str, Bite, Slam and Reach(Slam) (13 Evolution points; getting as much as free evolutions possible and being a HalfElf focused in getting that juicy 1/4 Evolution point for each class level)

The damage per turn is consistently better with the primary natural attacks (ranging from no difference against AC16 to 15 more points of damage per turn vs AC29).
Of course, attacking Very High ACs means only hitting it with natural 20s, but then, you are facing a AC34 monster and dealing 5 hitpoints per turn. If you have a Greataxe, you can make two additional attacks, dealing a single additional hitpoint (average) per turn... drop the axe and flee, man!


As far as I understand, if I have an Eilodon with the following evolutions:
* Limbs (arms)
* Claws (1d4 each)
* Bite (1d6)
* Sting (1d4)
* Slam (1d8)
* Gore (1d6)
Then the Eildon would have every attack (capped by the Max. Attacks per level) at full BAB + Str bonus (since all ar Primary attacks).
More if he gets Haste ;)

If the eilodon wields a weapon, he foregoes a claw attack (or both, if he is using a two-handed weapon), attacking with it at full BAB + Str (and possibly receiving additional attacks due to high BAB) but reducing every natural attack to secondary (usually -5 to BAB and 1/2 Str bonus).

You can also enhance all the natural Attacks at the same time with any amount of Energy Attacks; there's no limit besides Evolution points.

Note to minimaxers: focusing solely on offensive powers renders your Eilodon a Glass Cannon. Don't.


Here's my campaign. EpicWorld's Prozor Maker

The kingdom of my kingmaker campaign is called Prozor -Prozor means "Window" in croatian, since while describing Nettle's Crossing, I mentioned a window and somehow omitted the rest of the ruined house; thus my players declared to see a floating window...

The campaign main languaje is Spanish, but strongly lean in English, has a healthy collection of NPCs (from the AP and homebrew) and quite a few local traditions documented in the wiki.

For example, one of the national holidays is "The day of the biscuits (El día del Bizcocho)", where every prozonian remembers the first months of citybuilding when they fed solely in (increasingly stale) biscuits.


At my campaign, the magic items are a touchy subject. The rules we are using are the following:

1) There's a 100% of having an available non-magic item below the settlement Base Value.
2) There's a 75% chance of having an available magic item below the settlement Base Value.
3) The Vacant Magic Item Slots of any given settlement are refilled once per month per settlement disregarding the Base Value. However, they must be empty
4) In order to empty a Magic Item Slot (Once emptied, there's a 50-50 chance of refilling), they can:
a) Buy it
b) Make a successful Economy Check (DC varies in the type of Item)
c) Force its circulation (they get an Economy check, but risking a permanent -1 to Economy if it fails).

5) There's a 0% (zero, none, nil, the nada, void) chance of having an available magic item above the settlement Base Value.

One of characters -2nd lvl Arcane trickster- is burning his feats into item creation ones; he can create quite intresting Wondrous Items. Since they make them very specific (to lower the price), the items won't sell to the masses, due to their particular requirements.

The intresting bit is that, needing enchanted weapons and armor, they sent the money and commisioned a sword from Varnhold, after reading that it was way closer than Restov or Pitax. Heh...


At the uncommon Races main page, in the Racial Archetypes subsection, there's a mistake at the svirfneblin Deep Bomber's link.
Oddly, it's not a mispell, it's a plural

Svirfneblin: Deep bomber (alchemist) ---> lin.html#_deep-bomber-(alchemist)

Should be lins.html#_deep-bomber-(alchemist)


Golden Needle of Unavoidable Reaction
Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Slot — ; Price 1,050 gp; Weight
This ornated needle has a sharp point that gives off its painful nature.
With a touch attack, it can be used to prick through the armor of a sleeping character (or up to six friends as a full-round action), who will be subject to a rude awakening, taking 1 point of damage but awakening instantly.
Also as a touch attack, it can be used to prick a prone character in order to force him to stand up as a swift action, taking 1 point of damage and provoking attacks of opportunity.
Any use of the Golden Needle of Unavoidable Reaction carries a cumulative -1 miff penalty to every kind of social interaction with the subject of its use, even if the use actually helped the victim. The miff penalties keep going on through the rest of the day.
Requirements Create Wondrous Items, inflict light wounds, jump, creator must have 5 ranks in the Heal skill; Cost 2,100 gp

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