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Headmaster Toff Ornels

pavaan's page

127 posts. Alias of Brian Baird 35.


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For the barrier storm when does a player roll any dice for it. My view is you only roll if you are at the same location as the storm when you start your turn there. My friends view is if you are not at the location roll to see if it moves. Is one of us right is there another solution?

Just a though. so you can only take a number of burn points a day equal to 3+ con mod. each time you take one point of burn you take level in non lethal damage. now comes the change up, if the burn non lethal damage would heal normal both with magic and without. normal healing would be 1 point of non lethal per level per hour. and any magic healing would heal equal amount of non lethal and lethal damage at the same time.

so without magic healing each point of burn takes one hour to heal naturally. but you can still only have a number of burn points per day = 3+con mod.

now given that some games have it be the 15 minuet adventuring day, if natural healing was available it would not matter, if magical healing is possible it would use up some resources from the party be it a cure spell or a aoe healing some resources is used up.

other games have it be hours between fights,(days does not matter for this) so downtime would matter a bit more, each hour would make it that much easier to fight same goes with magic healing. but the thing is you can still only take an amount of burn = to 3+con mod a day.

bottom line if natural healing and magical healing is allowed for burn damage it does not change how many times a day it can be done.

sorry if it seems all over the place, just trying to put in my thoughts on this as best i can.

My group is playing the card game and I asked if they wanted to do the real thing. They said yes. Thing of it is they are three players so I am tossing in Ranzak the goblin as an extra npc to hopefully fill them out. Also doing it because on our second run through of the rise of the runeloards I played the goblin ranzak and one of the players hated him. So giving the player a chance to see him die. I think it will make his day. Ranzak says he is a raider where it says class best fit I could find was rouge.

my mind was on the melee and skill monkey roles, with the barbarian/alchemist, with a bit of casting of sorts. not to overcharge one role, like say a fighter barbarian would be.

also i find the idea of a four armed character fun. most likely archtypes will be alachemist trapbreaker, and barbarian Invulnerable Rager.

I can post as often as is required. i have a job that is just sitting around all night by myself giving me time to post on my phone.

Barbarian alchemist. Have the idea to have two extra arms , barbarian natural attacks and alchemist fareal mutagen for 4 claws 1 bite. But this is only possible if you allow it. And even then while raging and under effects of mutagen

Hmm alchemist barbarian four hands all natural attacks. Don't know what mythic works best for it. Better post later

Thank you for clearing that up, even more so before we run into such problems.

yep i am good where ever you start me out, in what ever wetland hill or flat.

So because at the start we have no army's does the first to post still get extra power. To me it seems like there is no tactical difference between the first and last post.

Mogar (mog)
race goblins (GB)
domains death, slavery.
home wetlands
advancement survival 1


Mogar is the goblin mother. She wishes to see her spawn populate and prosper. She does not care what they do to each other so long as they are the only ones around. to help her children she set out plague and sickness upon what ever world her git are on. from time to time it kills her own. but it kills off more then enough of any other races that might fight her baby's.

All other races should be wiped our or made to serve her little ones. she has gifted them with high reproduction rates to overwhelm any foes they might come to meet. while killing 1 goblin might be easy killing 10 is not so easy a task.

with a new world to be a cradle for her children she will push them hard even though she faces gods and there races. this new world will be hers at all costs.

will make a proper alias when game starts. i have to many alias made for games that i have not been picked for now they are just sitting there....

also i can post every day, am reliable having nothing to do but work, sleep and playing on my computer.

Going with a evil goblin god. More info when I am not on a phone.

The range of the rifle being 80 feet vs muskets 40 feet, and the misfire value being only 1 rather then 1 and 2. and reloading it as a move action, or free with rapid reload or alchemical cartage makes it worth asking.

9 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

I would like to know if this was correct or not for the Techslinger archetype of the gunslinger in the technology guide.

techslinger archetype page wrote:

Techslingers still start play with the black powder blunderbuss, pistol, or rifle granted by the gunsmith class ability
what i call into question is the Rifle, the normal gunslinger starts out with
d20pfsrd wrote:
blunderbuss, musket, or pistol

So does the Techslinger start out with the option to take a gun that is that much better or was that a misprint.

dotting for interest. lots of time on this one, i will think of something fun. from a role playing stand point not just a roll one

also what about the advanced class guide will you allow things from it. it was said that it will be up online for free some time September.

4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 2, 2) = 13 11
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 6, 2) = 17 15
4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 5, 6) = 18 17
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 4, 4) = 12 11
4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 4, 5) = 18 15
4d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 2, 5) = 10 9
4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 5, 6) = 17 16
4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 5, 3) = 15 14

now need to see what i can come up with.

I will also point out that the first book is called snows of summer. ... so no one has a reason to have a cold weather outfit. ...

an aid other masster summoner halfling.

I am interested in making a halfling oracle will have more info soon

some questions that might help, what is the point buy number? when are you closing recruitment? is anything not allowed?

do you know when you want to close recruitment, would it be a time, or a number of interested players?

Goblin Squad Member

2 people marked this as a favorite.

i would say a gnome barbarian wielding two gnome paladins in spiked full plate that are chained to each other, making them gnome chucks. now that would be a scary sight.

I would be interested in joining, going to look at the players guide and build it up. i can post many times a day, but will only post when appropriate and not try to overshadow others with my posts

Goblin Squad Member

I think gnome gninja is the scariest because the g makes them silent. also would a gnome guild be said out loud to be a uild for that same silent g

Goblin Squad Member

It is Kabal

Goblin Squad Member

Wow I am shocked by the quick response. Thank you all for your responses and input. after looking at those that took interest i have made my choice. quick i know, but nothing is set in stone.

Goblin Squad Member

I am a little overwhelmed by the number of company and settlements that i have seen. I don't know who to ask to join. I would like a company or settlement that i could play with. the time that i can play is 11 am -4 pm pacific time. I am thinking of playing a fighter tank and i have fun gathering i have found.

only post like this i will make and i will not bump it.

Goblin Squad Member

pavaan here have not joined anything yet.

So what would be the interaction be between mythic longevity and the spell Threefold Aspect. would the mythic ability make it so you take no penalty's, or would they both work only in the way that is worded, with mythic longevity only applying to real age, and Threefold Aspect does the bounes and penalty regardless of what other ability you might have.

given the cost of the item, and how it talks about things in the price range of 2000, there not being many mundane items in the game, it could be safely thought of that this was meant to craft magical goods what with craft skills being able make magical items. with that in mind things with a final market price of 2000 could be made in 1 hour paying 1000 for the crafting mats.

i think the goal of this item was meant for magical item creation to be done faster and on the road. but just my thoughts on it.

In my game as the dm, the party monk zen archer, has taken on so many higher cr things by himself that just in the last game i tossed a t rex at them and the monk took it out by itself before the rest of the party could act they are level 8 and he took 2 crafting feats. and after that he jumped off the phantom chariot the party was on and ran to the t rex took a tooth from it and ran back hoping on the ride.

7 got your nose - confused.

Too bad for me I live close enough, but I dont have the skills for that job. I hope something i can do will pop up soon.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

you know that someone must be named terry be it npc or player. and some one must make fun of the name. so they will die from dissing terry.

ask yourself, does a small size alchemist do less damage then a medium size one with the bombs?

Goblin Squad Member

ya will be interesting to see players making quests, be it fetch, or kill that guy type. i can see a number of vengeance quests be taken by evil players.

not to bring you guys down. but while this is a nice idea, life happens and i have seen games fall apart in just a week because of that, and in three months or so i would think life would happen for most people making it so they cant play, or not as play as much as they thought.

just food for thought.

so is this going to start any time soon?

got the message, going for a dwarf cleric heirophant that goes into the front lines. information will be up shortly

ya i got into about four pbp around the same time, and most of them, the dm just stopped posting. so while i hope things pick up i am not expecting it, if only from past exerances

i am interested, i will think up something that goes up agenst type but still can work.

I would be up for running a game, let me know what ap you guys would like to play in the most, as a vote or something, also i can easily make or alter some of the characters i have made so far to find into the other games. given a day or so.

the only thing that slows down my posting is when others dont post, otherwise i can easily post every day, but dont want to be annoying with them.

also I would have a rule that if you dont post with in one week then if in combat i would dmpc you, and if out of combat you just had nothing to say at the time and went along with the group. I like to keep a game moving when i can.

but remember that Mythic can be of any level of play, so it would be best not to limit yourself to the high cr monsters

halfing cavalier order of the paw, will change it to match this game

interested, will post more latter

i am thinking of doing an oracle, but a question for you first, what would be point buy or dice rolls be for ability, or the money to start with, well you let people play evil characters, do you have any house rules as well. just some things to think about. I should have a ok amount of info by tomorrow.

So I have an idea for a campaign, where like in the movie groundhog day time goes backward after a set amount of time has passed, in the movie it was just one day, I was thinking of having the time be one month, where the players start the game and then after a month has passed they go back in time, keeping only there knowledge and level but not the gear,

I know there will be problems with this idea for one reason or another, i would like to get any thoughts that all of you have on this idea, and any problems or solutions you might have for it. thank you for your time.

i am thinking tengu, twf, of Abadar, might change gods latter but that is the idea for now. will level up my guy to your game.

to help fill in some of the slots my char idea is on one of the evil lines, Someone that wants all the worlds troubles placed on him, if the people dont want to suffer they make offerings in hopes that it will keep ill fortune away, rather then giving offerings and getting good fortunes like what happens with good gods.

As well as being a multi spell caster, ie wizard cleric or something along those lines, build will vary on what the rules are that would be established.

Line of thinking is there can not truly be good without evil, Blame will always be around not matter what, so by taking the blame for things he will gain power, as well as the prayers would give him power as well.

I have interest in this as well, i am thinking something along the lines of mystic thurge and the like, will think on it more latter, just wanted to show interest is all.

oh just a neat idea, for both sides, if you know you will be gone or unable to post for a few days, start to travel or resource gather or what ever we end up being able to do. so your char is always doing something even if you would not be able to post. true stuff might happen between what you wanted to do and what happens while you would not be able to post, ie monster attacks at your location. but should help smooth the game out. but it is just a players idea so take it as you will.

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